Video tutorial on how to use: copy, paste, cut and delete

I am convinced that many of you will cross-examine this video tutorial title, but think that you were all beginners and did not know how to use the copy, paste, cut or delete commands. This tutorial is part of a series of tutorials for beginners, who have recently taken their computer and have never used a computer in their life. What, they have no right… [Read more...]

funny gallery

We hope that this gallery will become a place where Orcine wants to take or watch funny pictures, and anyone who has funny pictures please send them by email to      [email protected] This gallery with funny pictures does not contain video tutorials but it can relax us after watching a video tutorial and we don't want to learn anymore. Picture gallery… [Read more...]

Nero burning a disk with the 1 (video tutorials)

In this article we will deal with one of the many functions of the NERO software suite. Why the suite? , pdf, and more. In the following tutorials… [Read more...]

Welcome !

Welcome to Our site aims to create a database with tutorials, reviews, tips for those who are now entering the world of IT, but also for advanced people who want to complete their knowledge they already have in the field. it. Our team aims that for all, these courses remain absolutely free and without any [Read more...]