Update Driver Nvidia video card and video tutorial overclok

In this video tutorial, we will show you in the first part how we can download the latest driver for a video card from nvidia. Often just installing the latest driver can give us an unexpected increase in performance in games or other applications. Think that you bought a video card today but maybe it stayed on the store shelf for 2-3 months in conclusion we will [Read more...]

Rss feed means and how to use video tutorial snarfer

Until now we were on the net, now the net comes to us with the help of RSS technology (real simple syndication). From now on we can direct all news and updates from the internet directly to our computer without lifting a finger. This video tutorial shows the installation of snarfer, its setting and how to create RSS feeds, of course to be… [Read more...]

How to install Windows XP operating system -Video tutorial sp3

Everyone is good at politics, football and installing windows xp or vista but most do not know how to install windows xp correctly and after two or three unsuccessful attempts ask their colleagues or friends "how to install a windows xp?". That's why I set out to make a series of video tutorials with the installation of xp and vista that are easy to install but still [Read more...]

How to increase download speed on the internet with xp-antispy - video tutorial

We often notice that our internet speed decreases at certain moments, when we download something from torrents or with odc from hubs. This is due to the fact that either we do not have a high enough internet speed or the one we are shooting from does not have a decent upload speed, these are causes that we cannot control but it is still a reason why… [Read more...]

How to install and set up skype - video tutorial

in this video tutorial we will present all the steps we will go through: (download program, installation, create skype account, program setting.) Skype is a program similar to messenger, in fact it is a worldwide telephone network that is based on internet infrastructure. Now let me tell you what the skype program would have compared to the messenger or what are the qualities of this program… [Read more...]

The player can read all formats? (GOM Player) video -tutorial

In this video tutorial we present a video player, very powerful that can compete without problems in front of those already established. GOM PLAYER can open video and audio files such as (AVI, DAT, MPEG, DIVX, OGM, MP3 and others) without the need for codecs installed, it has everything it needs. It can open corrupt or downloading video files [Read more...]

Install and set black essentials - video tutorial

Nero is a very popular dvd cd burning software suite in Romania and beyond. It seems that lately the German software company has started to introduce more and more applications in this suite. However, the optical media recording module has remained the spearhead of the company, the other software inside the suite remaining in the shadows… [Read more...]

How to recover data or lost files from a hard disk video -tutorial

The hard disk is one of the most sensitive components in the computer. For the safety of data or files on the PC (pictures, movies, music, games, documents, etc.) we recommend that you keep important files on two hard drives or save them on cd, dvd, usb stick or external hard disk. In case you did not do these things and still due to an error they disappeared or you no longer have… [Read more...]

How to set up and how to install multi messenger - tutorial

Yahoo messenger is a very popular chat program in Romania, being located in popularity, in front of skype which enjoys a great success at present a world. From time immemorial, people who use yahoo messenger have wanted to be able to enter online on several ids simultaneously, this being impossible until recently, when a small and interesting software was [Read more...]

Installation and setup apex dc (dc stong similar software and ODC) -tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present how to install and how to set the apex dc program. We could also talk about other programs such as odc or strong dc but apex dc as a program is clearly superior to the two programs due to the filtering options, security , file control, file preview and TTH (tiger tree hash). At apex dc we also have a facility like… [Read more...]