Panasonic G7, 4K quality at good price

4K for everyone! We 4K TVs, but we can not see them filming your moments with Panasonic Lumix 4K G7, which is a type mirrorless camera, greatly inclined toward video recorders 4K quality at good price. And if we do not have TVs 4K what? We will have, and then we are glad we filmed 4K.
Until now filming 4K quality was reserved for machines over 1000 euros. Panasonic Lumix G7 democratize video quality and features at a very affordable price. Basically G7 is cheaper than entry level DSLRs, and offers much more.
When it comes to photos, Lumix G7 do a good job, but can not compare with the best DSLR's. Resolution and JPEG algorithms does not help too much. However, generated G7 pictures are pretty good, and only an expert eye can distinguish. That is understandable given the somewhat smaller sensor (APS-C than or Full Frame).
But it does not matter if 4K photos when we dream, and I do not mean just the resolution. I mean the color, detail, dynamic range, etc.
Peak sensor on G7 is better than the one on GH4 (his older brother), costing twice as much. In low light Lumix G7 has 1 stop over GH4.
I also did some filming with the Panasonic Lumix G7. The first frames turned my back on me, and I don't even have a monitor or 4K TV; The details are incredible, the colors are perfect and the beach is dynamic….
When I compared it to the Nikon D5200, I couldn't believe it, like the Nikon was made in 1990; It's like watching a wedding filmed on VHS, and I thought these DSLRs were the core…

Panasonic G7, 4K quality at good price

Some opinions…
Auto focus:
It's like a DSLR with double cross type phase detection, all over the frame, no matter how fast it moves. At first I had the impression that it doesn't even focus, that it's cool…
The technology patented by Panasonic is called DFD, meaning "depth from defocus". It is basically a set of formulas that the camera applies depending on the focal length, the characteristics of the lens and the defocused area in front and behind the subject. Who knows how it works, it certainly works, and it works very well even in the dark.
Manual control
In a word excellent. Everything is at your fingertips and you can usually rebook buton on almost any device.
Photo quality
If D5200 Nikon's i'd give 9 note, Panasonic's Lumix G7 I would give a 8-8.5 because JPEG files could be better. With RAW does not have problems, but the JPEG could be better.
A camera can take the coolest pictures or movies in the world, if you don't feel good about it, in vain, "where love is not". Fortunately, the Panasonic G7 is a comfortable and easy to use device. Maybe if some buttons were a little bigger, it was perfect.
Great, almost 2 hours of video 4k. What can you want more?
Filming 4K
With this money… At any normal budget, this quality is incredible. On youtube you can find comparisons between GH4 / G7 and professional cinema cameras, Red Epic, Arri Alexa, etc. Of course, now you can't say it's a professional camera, but the image quality is unbeatable in the consumer segment.
Full HD 24 / 50 / 60 fps
I almost forgot, this room shooting and full HD. Perhaps most interesting is the 50 hfr site fps for us in Europe, if you slow down, slow motion you can get a very good quality. For that do not forget, you have 1 / 100 Shuter speed.
I put aside many functions to quickly remind you:
4K photo with pre burst, start / stop and burst 30 4K pictures per second of which one you choose.
Snap video, video 8 seconds to rack focus.
Facial recognition up to 6 sides (go well)
Post Focus, Focus snap the picture and after.
Focus on eye nearest automatically
Time lapse several consecutive photos mounted in a video
Stop animation, the guild's Gopo
HDR images unreal
Multiple exposure for pictures with ghosts.
Profile picture complex (CinelikeD and CinelikeV)
Zebra for warning about over exposed areas
Focus peaking, manual focusing aid
If you want to know details about this room, please email me the reviews, do not want to bore people.
Panasonic Lumix kit lens G7 14-42mm (at f64)

Video Review - Panasonic G7, 4K quality at a good price

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  1. I use a Panasonic Lumix Camera GH3. Can I shoot about two hours with one battery charge. It displeases me that I can not shoot more than 30 minutes continuously. Is there any way to escape this restriction? The model you submitted Cristian has also limited set? Thank you and good day.

    • About all cameras sold in Europe have this limitation, because taxes cameras. If shooting over 30 minutes, it means that the camera is extra and is charged.
      I think 30 minutes is sufficient.
      If you get used to the camera, you know go around this problem.

  2. Where did you buy it for 2000 lei? I only find it around 4000….

  3. Hi, I have a request to you, give me some advice. I will organize a baptism and speaking with the photographer suggested to me that the whole shooting to go on a HDD (for quality) and do not use DVDs.
    Of course the DVDs are scratched and kind of given up… .. What should I do? Thank you

    • I think the photographer is good recommendation. But if the hard drive breaks that would be helpful to have a backup DVDs. The DVDs will be copied to the new HDD then shooting baptism. It remains to be seen filming size and the possibility of fragmentation on DVDs.

  4. Hi, you didn't say anything about focus… did you do manual-auto focus?

  5. Panasonic g7 can be used on video events?

  6. Bogdan Bezi said

    Think Panasonic G7 with a steadycam is a good choice? I mean that it has no image stabilization, image stabilization and the next model from Panasonic appears to late August in Romania.Voi 80% of the time using the camera on a tripod in the house and outside will use a steady cam.Ce do you think? I could make a better choice?

  7. Hey! I need some advice… I want a compact camera to take some high quality pictures and videos and to use them on holidays, important events. I don't know what to choose between Canon G7X Mark 2 and the device presented by you. What choice should I make? I would be grateful if you would help me.

  8. I have G7 of 2 years, Canon does not know it, but it's a compact one, another class - than G7 that's not compact, it's mirrorless (it has a much bigger sensor - among others)
    My opinion: if you like to learn and do not bother to tap the water to get perfect pictures / videos, take G7; if you want something to take pictures / videos of good quality without headaches, take the Canon.


    Howdy! I am going to buy this camera… I found two kit offers… g7 with 14-42 at 2000 lei or 12-60 at 2300 lei. Which do you think is better?

    • The 12-60mm kit is better, it's worth the difference. On the G7 as on other micro 4/3 devices, in the video you crop, and at 14mm with the crop you don't have such a wide angle, so 12-60mm makes your hair look better.

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