USB stick password - portable safety

Password on USB stick

USB stick password - portable safety

USB stick password - portable safety

The need to keep data safe is becoming more and more important, especially in the context of data leakage, unlimited data collection or computer attacks of any kind.

Our data is almost 100% in digital format

People begin to realize (very late) that the data they generate every second goes into the property of other entities every passing day.
From files stored locally on the PC, I migrated to the "unconscious" in the cloud. Now almost all of our data is on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc.

Local files - what's in your hand is not a lie!

I think we still need to keep some files locally, and to be as safe as possible, we need to use encryption methods. The problem is that these encryption systems are either too free and complicated, or simple but expensive. What the world says ... than complicate with this encryption, I'm missing more!

VeraCrypt is an exception, it's super simple

The VeraCrypt application is a cross platform, that is, it goes to any operating system or device. At the same time it is an open source application, ie more than free.

Encrypted USB stick

To make a usb passphrase, or more accurately with a crypto container, it is extremely simple. Even if you are an absolute beginner in PC tiles, VeraCrypt will look extremely easy to use after this tutorial.

Download VeraCrypt (the tutorial software)

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    1. potato chips said

      I use SafeHouse what seems to me simpler, obviously having the same portability options.
      potato chips

    2. Thank you, you are a wonderful man!
      Thank you.
      Happy birthday today today!

    3. Hello Cristi, I own OnePlus 3 and after I made the latest update to it, the camera does not work well. do you have any solution to repair this bag ...?

    4. Hello Cristi,
      What do you think about Windows 10 LTSC?
      Is it worth installing?
      I would really be interested in an answer.
      Sorry because this comment is not very relevant to the tutorial.
      Thank you.

    5. I use AXCRYPT.

    6. BitLocker Drive Encryption from windows is not good? I use that.

    7. I think 2 partitions should have been created: a small one for the program and some files and the second with the rest of the space on the stick, and that PARTIE had to be encrypted

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