Cheap gaming PC based on AMD and Nvidia

Inexpensive PC gaming configuration based on AMD and Nvidia

For today we have prepared a system that you have requested for a long time, an AMD based system. The system is very affordable and is great for gaming, configured think of players with limited budget.
Not everyone can afford the latest and most advanced components, so we did AMD and Nvidia-based system, and that almost everyone can afford.


It is a quad core AMD Athlon X4 845 model, which is good enough for gaming.
Here is a simple plate with basic facilities, which gives us essential, given the limited budget with which we must work.


I chose to put giga 8 because it is the perfect amount. 4 giga would have been too little, 16 giga would have been too much. I went to Kingston to attend basic DDR3 to avoid compatibility problems with the motherboard.

SSD storage.

Even if we have an inexpensive PC gaming, we can not abandon the SSD which gives working speed that we need. Optionally you can mount a hard drive to where you store multimedia, ISO images and games installed. SSD is only for the system.

Video card:

ASUS GeForce® GTX 1050 Expedition is a video card with high frequency easily on the graphic chip for better performance. Not by chance that we chose this board; I wanted a board with two fans, to get a relatively quiet system.


It is a relatively cheap source of 400w (enough) with large fan and PCIe connector.


I chose a simple and cheap housing, is nothing special, it is a choice for keeping prices low. If your budget allows you can choose any housing that will winks.
The components used for this inexpensive PC gaming:
AMD Athlon X4 845,3800MHz, 2MB, Socket FM2 + Quiet Cooler, Box
MSI A68HM-P33 V2, Socket FM2 +
Kingston memory 4GB, DDR3, 1333MHz, Non-ECC, CL9, 1.5V, LowProfile
Solid State Drive (SSD) Samsung 750 EVO, 120GB, 2.5 ", SATA III
ASUS GeForce® GTX video card Expedition 1050, 2GB GDDR5, 128-bit
Delux housing DC610, ATX Mid Tower Black
Source Deepcool DE530, 400W, V2.31 ATX, Black

Optional storage:

Toshiba HDD DT01ACA 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB cache, SATA III

Video tutorial - cheap gaming PC based on AMD and Nvidia

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  1. Hello Cristi, that hard put to you is dust. Better put a Seagate these new or WDC are better than Toshiba. Toshiba that is weak and ill. Many no longer recommend. Not very resistant to tumble as Seagate and WDC.

    • If you have OS on the SSD, not really matter what you drive fence.
      I had something 2 Toshiba for years and have not had any problems. In contrast with Seagate and Western Digital we have had some problems over time.
      I also have a Hitachi, which is great.
      The fact is that when using SSD for the operating system, I have not encountered any problems with any hard disk.

      • I had 3 3 Hitachi and Toshiba, all 6 made pending Current and clattering sector, clanc, clanc + reallocation of sectors 355 Warning! Current and pending 736.

  2. ddr3 on 1333 mhz?
    I personally tested fm2 1333, 1600 and 2133 and sees an important difference to running programs (with an AMD a10-5800k) also with integrated GPU with dedicated gpu ..
    here i've found poor processor bottleneck plate perfectly lean (too little chispet capabilities) and memory that (is most unsatisfactory frequency).

  3. PCU's ok. yes bronze certificate if the source is not about nothing. I do not know if it indeed offers you write. but at this price it's ok. when nau budget for the 5 6 million higher

  4. Ice Alinutza said

    An interesting system. For those who have had "problems" with certain components I would draw attention to the source used which is often neglected by choosing "cheap products" - I'm not saying that all the "uncertified" are "bad" or vice versa ! . Personally, I recommend choosing a "certified" source that offers confirmed protection because you do not choose the source for "a year or two" so to speak. The biggest enemy of computer components is “current fluctuation” and the source if it is of quality can take over a part but only a part of these fluctuations…

  5. Ice Alinutza said

    Regarding system consumption… Are you sure that the TDP represents the power consumption of the processor? I do not! I read here (see the link below) that the recommended power for the source only for the video card is 300W. It is true that on another site I read that the same model but with 4GB (Ti model) consumed in the benchmark about 125W when the video card was used to the maximum. So I wonder if your estimated consumption (200W on average) is not a bit optimistic… (in the link below you have information about TDP):

    • 1050 1050 both normal and TI if they do not pin socket 6 consume extra power for maximum 75W. It is the maximum current that can offer any motherboard PCI-E slot

  6. Cristi, you can help me I have a nelarurire I'd like to install Windows 7 but when I get to create my partitions C and D do not know which format to give to both or only to D.

    • Format where you saved all your personal files! Check partitions, how are they made? Videotutorial find here an older site (but excellent) by Cristi made with reference to the correct partition HDD. Success!

  7. Daniel Radu said

    You will make a tutorial about Open Broadcaster Software?

  8. Can you please recommend us some good ,, ,, mouse?

  9. Veronica said

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    and all connoisseurs in the field,
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    Thank you.

    • Let's say you want to make a political or economic blog comments where you do significant revelations.
      Any platform (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, etc.) has tools through which, at "a sign", I can make your blog irrelevant or even unusable.
      The only way to avoid partial censorship is to your home site hosting, but here you're not 100% safe.

      • Thank you for the answer. You're right, day by day nor amaratele not buy those newspapers that nobody can comment freely. It's funny, there are blogs and websites with all kind of masking prohibited, violence, swearing and prosteli for frail but not closed on the contrary seem to be encouraged and more.
        Method hosting home web ui would be good but beyond my knowledge in linux pc plus they also require investment in computer devices.
        If a "free and independent" blogging platform appears in the future, please make a video tutorial.
        All the best.

  10. 10 minutes ago I heard on CNN that the Samsung phones 7 batteries caught fire, the cause was routing with PingPong Root. Is it really true?

  11. A very simple and complete guide for those who want to buy a desktop or laptop PC future how how performance can be found here:

  12. Howdy,
    How can we speak on the phone from the computer with free internet line Romtelecom with various mobile operators in Romania?

  13. Howdy,
    How can we speak on the phone from the computer with free internet line Romtelecom with various mobile operators in Romania?
    The people did not want to call them Skype, do not have computers or laptops. They are elderly.

  14. For better performance for gaming recommend these components, what I have in computer

    Mars Middle Gaming is not a cover MC416 really special but it is ok.
    Platinum Corsair SODIMM DDR4 PC4-19200, 2.400 Mhz RAM 16GB Emori
    MP800 800W or an HX Series ™ HX750 - 750 Watt 80 PLUS® Platinum SOURCE
    Intel Core i7-5820K 3,3 GHz Processor Socket 2011v3
    Asus MAXIMUS VIII Extreme, Intel Z170 Mainboard - Socket 1151 Motherboard
    Asus GeForce GTX Gaming 1060G STRIX 6, 6144 MB video card GDDR5
    Seagate Barracuda, SATA 6G, 7200RPM, 3,5 Inches - 3 TB HDD

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