PCs Worse Over Nights - Resolve Meltdown Update

Why PCs are weaker overnight - RESOLVATE update meltdown
Poor PCs overnight - RESOLVATE update meltdown
How do things with Meltdown, Specter, and PC performance?
A few days ago I told you about the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities, resulting in Windows and Linux updates.
System updates can only solve the Meltdown vulnerability, with manufacturers of motherboards, systems, or laptops providing users with BIOS updates that will resolve Specter vulnerability.

Loss of performance quite important!
Intel's older 4 (Haswell) generation processors may suffer significant performance losses.
To me (Ivy Bridge) it feels extremely losing performance. if until yesterday some web pages opened in 2 seconds, now the same pages are over 5 seconds to load.

How do we solve the loss of performance?
We have two solutions, and in both we will lose the "protection" for Meltdown. Why did I put it in quotes? Because talking on the net like this with Meltdown and Specter is an extremely small issue that has been exploited to influence the market.

1. The uninstall solution for KB4056892 (instructions in the tutorial)
2. Disable and enable protection when we want performance with InSpectre (tutorial instructions)

Download InSpectre

Theories of the Intel AMD conspiracy:

    1. Intel and AMD Multiple Shareholders + (Intel and AMD produced in collaboration)

  • -If you look at Nasdaq, the Intel and AMD shareholders, you will notice that the major shareholders are quite similar in both companies.
  • - In the past, Intel's AMD collaboration has been stronger than ever, culminating in the launch of a Intel Core Processor and AMD Graphics.
  • 2. The slowing of "moral aging" (to be a bigger difference between the old and the new processors launched) on the iPhone model

  • -If the product is still good, you just have to get an update to make it unused, which is done by Apple, Samsung, LG, and so on. Until now only Apple has been caught.

PCs MORE WEAKNESSES NIGHT - RESOLVATE update Meltdown - video tutorial

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  1. "Https://www.facebook.com/dragonuroshu/videos/1672997409389531/"

    How do I fix it?

  2. Fuck Meltdown, Specter. No one feels it. You got paranoid, or you do not have any more subjects. Maybe with age you go to the church more often! Do not you go with your family to the church?

    • Come on, Fanica, do not mind telling you, but you're a little miss. This man has been doing free tutorials for the community for years. Tutorials are usually made as a result of our requests and are of great help to each of us. You, if you do not respect this site, are invited to go to your world and get scared there. Your opinion is insignificant for those who do something, instead of beating out of useless ...

    • And I regret that there are people like Fănică!
      Cristi knows how much to appreciate and useful so that he does not bother with all the frustration and frustration.
      All respect and consideration for Cristi and his colleagues.

    • Jonson Dave said

      Fanica, are you idiot, what are you doing here?

    • You spoke the site. Come on, brother.

    • adrian Pavel said

      Fanica if you're so smart that you do not need to learn anything, why the hell do not you go to my mummy ... stupid, in Silicon Valley?

  3. Nea Fanica, let us our paranoid ones and run away to some knees or footsteps of pedophiles with cubs. Light some candles and give them a clue and anxiety not to approach the unclean and your computer. Pray a great deal, do matanii and donate to BORit limited and draconic ...
    Cheers !…

  4. I have the installed KB4056892 update and my performance looks good. (i5 4440)


  5. scavenger said

    Very good tutorials and keep it like that, do not care what some say if they were so clever they were also doing interesting tutorials. What's interesting with the DiscoveryTool.GUI utility that you put in the first tutorial showed me that my system was not vulnerable with and without that update and with this utility now showing me to be vulnerable. I've also searched for all sorts of solutions on the internet, and in order not to install that update that slows down the system, I found a utility on the Microsoft website with which you can hide certain updates. You can search for this (wushowhide) without brackets and enter the Microsoft page where you see it writes ( https://support.microsoft.com/... or search for (Show or hide updates) and somewhere below find the utility with which you can hide that update. Next, stop installing updates from windows as Cristi showed you after uninstalling that update and asking for a restart on your PC. After restarting, use that utility and hide that update, reboot your pc again, then you can start updating your windows again, and you'll see that that update will not appear even if you're looking for new updates. Another solution is to install this KB4073290 update that is also found on the Microsoft website. You can install this KB4073290 even if you have installed this KB4056892 update that slows down the pc or as it did not work with Asus suite 2. Simply install it will require a restart after which you will see that this KB4056892 update will no longer appear in the list as if it were installed if you look in the control panel for the installed updates. This initial KB4073290 update is for AMD processors but it has gone on Intel and now it is running my Asus suite 2. Maybe he did not install himself first to me so he did but I tried again and went. Who wants to succeed.

  6. Manastireanu said

    Hello Cristi,
    If I run the "DiscoveryTool.GUI" program from the first tutorial on this topic, it shows me that I'm vulnerable even though I have the update done.
    If I run the program presented today, I'm OK about Meltdown and the performance is: GOOD.

    Am I vulnerable or not?
    Which program do I trust?

    Good luck!

    • I have the same situation as Manastireanu! So how's Cristi? Which application is correct? Are we or are not protected?

  7. I'm betting that from one series to the next, starting with 3 and 4, they have not brought anything extra to a8 generation, or if they brought they did it under 5%!
    What they did they went to commit the other processors in the previous series and made them look weaker to sell new generations!
    They have come to the impasse with technology, even if they have gradually dropped architecture they have not gained anything in the CPI chapter but have just won something mhz in addition due to the reduced architecture.
    I am curious when 7 will arrive at the nanometers they will do, 7 nm being the maximum expected ... who knows
    However, intel and AMD are no longer competing, but rather partners with common shareholders!
    We are stupid to throw the money on the same performance just at a double price just by the so-called upgrade!

  8. The above application is ... poor (not to say otherwise). What does it do? Detects whether you have those updates installed. Unlike the intel application that tells me, for example, that I'm not vulnerable, it tells me that I am. So ...

  9. the chief accountant said

    And I think this is a big chase from Microsoft, Intel and Amd with this vulnerability. How long have not you said anything? The problem is older and the faces have now discovered this vulnerability. And I think the problem is rather how to make those who have Intel and Amd processors and processors older than a few years and who still work to change them. Otherwise, they do not sell anything anymore, I'm staying with them in stock, and all those who have thought about it, let's put that on my neck with vulnerability. The faces have made them a patch that solves the problem, but with the goal that your pc will not work well to make you buy another one. We are small and big games are made between them and often try to even fool us. I'm one of those who tend to believe that Intel and Amd's jammers in collaboration with Microsoft are doing this trying to sell their products that the "poor" have no money and what or thoughts let's put that on the neck with the vulnerability . Let's be serious, if this is so with this vulnerability and the faces are the oldest problem, he has not found a smart boy so far to take advantage of this problem. Tomorrow tomorrow he knows what else he's got to find. Anyway, I like the tutorials the boys do are interesting and you even learn something.

  10. Ionel Manea said

    First for our boyfriend >>> Fanicaaa, let us father we do need ....
    Good tutorial, I watched your video twice .... It worked with me, with an older Lenovo, Intel processor, and Windows 7. Good luck

  11. My opinion is that it is not about a vulnerability but a masked marketing, it makes it dumb and we change our PCs that only those have the expectations to buy electronic like bread every day, I have I5 of 8 years and I am still thank you and what is now on the market is no different, only the series on it is different as the performance there is, they are desperate to sell nonstop, it's interest not to break with performance.

  12. Pavel Marius said

    I'm sorry to tell you, but this inspecting application does not work ok. I checked with her after I read your article and said I was vulnerable to both "chapters"; I made a forced update to the licensed W10x64 operating system, said they were no longer vulnerable; after some 2 hours, another set of updates came from the micro-pin, I installed them, I checked again with this inspiration and said: Meltdown: no / spectre: yes / performance: good! This is where Intel-SA-00086-console, the vulnerability verification tool created by Intel itself, gives the result: "Status: This system is not vulnerable."
    How do you understand the whole situation?

  13. Florin Daniel said

    If I wind 8.1 goes?

  14. With and without that update, everything runs the same.

  15. I have the ASUS .O board, so how proud I was writing in the board book that it has support for linux ... yes ,,, pips
    I installed linux and could not install the group and there was no sound, no Internet or I could not move the mouse but after the first update the folders disappeared .. today I went into bios and I think in the boot section I was closed the usb, and we have closed any possibility to install anything other than windos. looking in bios is a setting with two windows options and 'other os'
    Ps if you want linux installed correctly and good to use change from windows to other os ... else the beef will be a chin

  16. Daniel P. said

    https://i.imgur.com/p6fagnD.png -> tells me that I'm not vulnerable to meltdown, that performance is good and that I'm vulnerable to Specter .. so what do I think? :) I have an i3 7100 2.4ghz so I do not expect the rocket to go, but after updating inteadevar it moves a bit harder .. I do not know what to say

  17. Nicu Gagea said

    What program can you recommend to retrieve deleted photos from hdd.
    I've tried a few free programs but no results
    I'd like a better program.
    Thank you.

  18. Sal Cristi! I downloaded the Spectre program shows me the meltdown vulnerabilities and the "no" perfforms spectra is good, but it shows me the delete button (as if executed), "disable meltdown protection" can not execute it that is the problem?

  19. Good tutorial with congratulations!
    clear only for those who want a solution. Personally, I have W10 Home, unfortunately with the 1709 update automatically done without any explanation in advance. My problem, Mr Crist, is that I DO NOT KNOW to uninstall that K- ... ..892 update on my Al-In-All-Acer PC, because from All Settings / Security Updates / Advanced Options only I have the bot disable those 30 .of days. And then what do I do? I would enjoy the answer and once again "down the hat" for tutorials

  20. I've learned to install some programs because of tutors here, and one gets up like Fănică and talks idiot ... ..

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