PDF Creator, print server and virtual printer in one free software - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present PDF Creator is a virtual printer PDF (portable document format) and beyond.

This software contains, among other things, a print server that will be useful when we need to offer the printer in the network (print sharing), this can be done only in the internal LAN or with a slightly more advanced VPN connection.

PDF Creator help us temporarily replace a real printer by storing a database of all files sent to print, PDF Creator keeps those prints sent to us until we decide what to do with them, when we decided to have them give order and will start working, apart from storing and managing it prints can join multiple documents into one PDF, we mean 20 of documents sent to print, the software can unite them all in a single PDF file which can then be printed on a printer and easier real anytime.

Can convert to pdf everything from text and word documents and photos up to web pages, you press Ctrl + P and PDF PDF Creator them.

Perhaps some of you do not always have a printer available, in this case PDF Creator is very appropriate, I will send the PDF Creator print and store them until the time they decide to make them PDFs or print them on a printer true.

Another option that has PDF Creator is sending emails with PDF or PDFs created, this option is good in any situation quickly send documents to any email, the procedure is as follows: chicken eyes on what you want to print, press Ctrl + P and PDF Creator memorized, then right click on the document table and send it by mail, nothing so simple.

The application has an interface too bling-bling, but what we need is very good, anyway option to use them rarely because you do not have this set too soft, comes home pretty well set and did not have anything special in that sense.

All in one software, very useful in any situation, I currently use Cute PDF virtual printer, but I think I'll go to PDF Creator because it is more tender and moving over extremely well.

I wish you pleasant viewing.

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Sal Cristi, iam sent malu, Adrian, with video tutorialu My, give me your idul or add you to bos2008_bos2008, videotutoiral want to get into the team, and how much it cost me? Could I go, I discussed corrleone and are good . luck continued, and partly from Corleone if you have him, I do not want Sami make a site, I would like to be in the team with you, you are the sort of team that I really like to mention

  2. Thank you

  3. Could you advised me what program I could make the size of a folder or file LESSER: eg repack

  4. Specifically compress

  5. good tutorial ..

  6. COSTEL said

    Thanks also for this program. Thank you for being with us and helping us with all PC issues. You said you would teach us to work with Camtasia. Or other software. I am interested in synchronizing a slide show with the lyrics of a song. I would also like to learn to compose electronic music. Thank you! I hope I didn't upset you. Good health and strength, may you continue to help us! I would like a donation account. The variant that is "Donate" I do not know how to use. There is also the risk that may arise. Is it more secure with an account?

  7. @Paul: Please do not approach issues like this in the comments box, this place is for discussion related to the topic or additions to the tutorial.
    If you pass me something you can do by mail.
    If you make things happen like spam and delete your comment.
    I don't know what you are asking about "how much does it cost", no one joined the team with money, they only enter here if you know something about IT.
    Corrleone not a part of our team.
    You can're good, do not deny it, but you can come as you want, wherever you want, this is not a game, we do serious things here.
    From what you wrote above leave the impression that you want to play, too.
    … .I want it too, I want it too plizzzzzzzzz.
    Try to be serious, not only now, all the time.
    With this infantilism do not think you can go where you intend.
    If in the future you have something to pass on to me or a member of my team please use e-mail, leave comments box free of course if you wish to comment on the tutorials are free to do.

  8. @Jak: You can compress files: WinRAR 7Zip, WinZip.
    We also have a tutorial WinRar.

  9. @COSTEL: PayPal is a very secure method of transfer.
    This company has not been involved in any financial scandal and has not been trashed by hackers.
    PayPal is the safest way to pay online.
    For those who want to make a payment via PayPal donations to open an account where they can transfer the amount they wish to donate to.
    Tutorial with Camtasia Studio is the project for the days ahead.

  10. Thank you so guys waiting long TO DO ANOTHER TUTORIAL complicated installation of a video game if possible

  11. jak you can find here how to install a correct game – https: //www.videotutorial.ro/? page_id = 74, what can be so complicated to install a game at that link you can also find how to install a game correctly

  12. JAK I forgot to look in specific playlist you find there and how dowlowadeaza and how to install games

  13. dan bravo very good, I have a small sample, the tracing dak knows CNV, hardu began to squeak louder especially when opening any large application, and I'm afraid of being in the lead, I could ii do cv, to have to buy another one? plzz what I do, I defragmented, I tried HD Tune to see how many problems are but looks like it has nothing.

  14. pardon, excuse cristi not dan

  15. @admin: It is normal to age components, especially hard drive is built with many mechanical parts.
    As this occurs automatically and mechanical wear.
    I do not think anyone can say for sure how your hard drive.
    He knows that the hard drives desktop site MTBF (mean time between errors) is somewhere around 750.000 hours.
    In hard disk drives increases the MTBF enterprise almost 2.000.000 hours, this is due to the materials used for the mechanical and platters.
    If your hard drive makes noise does not necessarily mean it will spoil soon, nor will you still like 2 years.
    Do the few tests, see that there is a BIOS option that is called SMART that can help you to feel when the day comes black, and of course you have some software that will work with your SMART.
    It is best to have backups of important files stored on another hard drive or the external environment.

  16. I pc a year and resume, however I do not think it would be due to wear, that did not work long, considering that we have only one year is a Maxtor HDD stm316o215AS of 160 GB maybe the fact that it's old and not so quiet could be the cause? I thought about this job

  17. Viorel said

    Thanks, good tutorial.

  18. HELLO:) ! the program is interesting… I have a question (not related to this video tutorial): what is a VPN connection? From what I realize (maybe I'm wrong) it's like a kind of LAN but with computers at greater distances, connected only to the internet… I saw on "Teamviwer" that such a connection can be made but I did not figured out how you could explain to me in more detail what a VPN connection is and how it can be done (not necessarily with "Teamviwer"). 🙂 Thank you in advance for any answer or tutorial.

  19. crs1993Hi :)! is interesting little program ... I have a question (not related to this videotutorial): What is a VPN? From what I can tell (maybe wrong) is like a computer LAN but at greater distances, related only to the internet ... I saw the "Teamviwer" that can make such a connection but I I realized how ... could you explain in more detail what it is that a VPN connection and maiales how to do (not necessarily the "Teamviwer"). Thank you in advance for possible response or tutorial.

    Virtual Private Network - virtual private network.

    An example of an application for the VPN

    Company X has three offices in three major cities in Romania. It is necessary for these locations LANs to be connected to Peter interlocking information, secure communication and for e-mail services, VoIP and Internet access to be managed centrally. The first solution can be achieve physical networks between these locations, but it involves huge costs related to infrastructure (hundreds of kilometers of cables, equipment, maintenance, etc). A second solution is that all locations to connect to an existing network (the national network of a telecom operator) and using specialized equipment to emulate a private network for the company. This is the VPN solution and it is always worthwhile option.

  20. I understand :), thank you very much Adrian!… BAFTA!

  21. How do I connect two computers hear about in two bedrooms to one printer?
    I can teach you and me anyone?

    Thank you !

  22. I and I keep wondering, how can I install a lexmark printer on Ubuntu 2650?? though I can ajuta.multumesc

  23. Very well explained and very good program. Congratulations to the author! Good thing there are people who want to give their soul and to others what they have done not with little effort.
    I want to Make a collection videotutoriale. Would you give me a program that can descsrca videotutorialul (or shown somewhere in a tutorial older). Much anticipated and as videotutoriale interesting!

  24. Florian Potâng said

    Hello Cristi.
    First of all I want to thank you for "NAVIGON"
    In the second I would still tell me how to pass him on the phone, because
    I could not under any circumstances install it. I turned to someone more skilled, but not
    .A managed neither he tried his phone and went, but mine could not
    install it. From here waiting to help all of you. Thank you in advance.
    PS.Vreau to say that I too advanced knowledge regarding
    calculatorul.Ce I work with and I caught him playing me.


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