Steam gaming platform now and for Linux - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about famous gaming platform called Steam that is not very long and the general public is available on Linux. In the first phase Steam for Linux was a good period in beta yet few users may enter the test program and test to use Steam for Linux.
Recently, Steam Beta program is public and anyone can download the Steam client for Linux Beta. Steam coming to Linux that is the biggest news of the year 2012 and this can only make us happy. Is commendable and appreciated that the company Valve has finally decided to support and Linux. There flawless distributions already on the market that can be installed and used on PC or personal laptop as your main operating system. Let's not forget that many manufacturers have chosen to distribute laptops with Ubuntu operating system pre-installed on them.
Linux is no longer a long-time operating system that leave you indifferent given that it can perform the same tasks that fulfills a Windows. Steam came that Linux is great thing and that will provide great advantages to the Linux community in the future. Thanks to Valve's decision supports the Linux operating system and other software developing companies may decide in the near future to develop products for this operating system.
For a start, Valve decided to make a good home with Ubuntu distribution and launch Steam for this operating system. Why Ubuntu? Because it is the most popular distribution in the world, it is easy to use, they have a huge community behind them, discussion forums, support. If we are "blaming" someone for the level of Linux today, it is Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Even if some harshly criticize the fact that wrong decisions have been made lately for Ubuntu, we must admit that much of the fame and level that the Linux operating system has reached today, is due to Canonical and Ubuntu distribution.
In today's tutorial we will see where we can download Steam for Linux Beta, such install, modify settings of where and how the client Steam. It should be noted that we find 42 currently supported games of Steam for Linux.
Here are some titles of games that can be played on Steam for Linux:
The Journey Down, Killing Floor, Unity of Command, The Book of Unwritten Tales, iBomber Attack, Faster Than Light, Splice, Dynamite Jack, Superbrothers, Waveform, Cubemen, iBomber Defense Pacific, Trine 2, Serious Sam 3, The Clockwork Man Space Pirates and Zombies, Dungeons of Dredmor, Solar 2, Frozen Synapse, Steel Storm, SpaceChem, The Polynomial, Amnesia, eversion, Galcon Fusion, Cogs, and Yet it Moves, Penumbra Overture, Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition, Harvest, Aquaria, World of Goo, Team Fortress 2, DEFCON, Uplink, Red Orchestra, Darwinia.
Please note that Steam for Linux is still in Beta stage of development will be added in the future games that will be played in Linux. That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial and we welcome's Steam on Linux!

Download Steam for Linux:

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  1. Sorin Chiran said


  2. eMyGaming said

    Steam thought to make a version for Linux for porting Windows 8 have seemed too complicated.

  3. Hello!
    Please kindly help me, I know that is not related to the tutorial, but it's urgent! Got a alcatel ot 991, root and wanted to install using the clocworkmod recoveriului a theme! Instead of installing the theme I installed a theme for alcatel ot 990 and now no longer boots (think it's a boot loop). PLEASE HEART to help me Thanks read my comment! By the way the best tutorials IN ROMANIAN!

  4. eMyGaming:
    Steam thought to make a version for Linux for porting Windows 8 have seemed too complicated.

    Why would the Windows8 more complicated?

  5. andolis49 said

    Hi Adrian! For several weeks I put in dual boot with Ubuntu 12.10 7 win a laptop. I still have a problem with the video card driver installation Nvidia GeForce GT 520 MX (with Nvidia Optimus graphics to juggle image of processor i3). After I installed one on the official website does not see the bars on the desktop (right-icons and upper) so it can not work normally. I dug the net but I found how to fix it. If you have knowledge about how to resolve this job please teach me and me. I have a problem with the resolution (although it is at maximum and tried all resolutions supported). May pixelated characters are seen. The general appearance of the icons are blurry, I do not know how to say. Is it the fact that nvidia card does not work? Thanks in advance!

  6. eMyGaming:
    For that would have to integrate into the Metro interface Ui (or such longer call them later) and to do it better than they turned to linux.

    I do not know anything about Metro and why should Steam integrated in the interface (not going Steam simply installed as a any other program?) But I think porting Steam platform in the Metro interface is inconsequential compared to porting games itself in Linux.
    What I mean is that in this way have committed a much larger task.

    I think rather Steam are Sictir intent Microsoft to create their own platform games (do not know where I read it) and also want to create a solid foothold in Linux, as they did in Poppy. Gaming in Linux seems to gain ground lately (see, among other Unity3D + Linux).
    In any case I do not see any prospects Steam abandoning Windows Linux or Mac, too much money out there.

  7. I installed steam on Lubuntu 12.10 and it works perfectly, too bad it's just one free game to play Team Fortress 2. The game is a 12 GB online multiplayer shooter… hopefully soon we will find more games for the linux platform.

  8. To install Steam to play one free game? I do not think they do.

  9. julius:
    To install Steam to play one free game? I do not think they do.

    No I do not ask anyone.
    Distributing games for nothing was never an objective Steam, even throw here and there each game free.

  10. Phenomenal said

    Who has SAMP
    HostName: • Stunt Gaming Moldova • - New Updates! •
    Address: 7777
    Players: 21 / 50
    Ping: 43
    Mode: Romania / Moldova, Stunt, Race, DM
    Map: Romania / Stunt / Race / Dm / Jumps / PK

  11. Please make a nice tutorial download and install linux system Meego.
    I've tried to install and does not work, I when I bought the Acer 5749Z have installed Linux MeeGo.

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