Free audio and mp3 player very good media monkey - video tutorial

We are pleased to introduce one of my favorite applications, namely media monkey free (free), a multimedia player, but it is primarily a music player and mp3.

This program is very easy to use and on top of that it is also free, of course there is a "gold" version, meaning money.

Using a soft free media monkey, we should not take all day to listen to music folders or we struggle to do all sorts of listuri play with monkey free media have an integrated file browser and easy to use.

We also listen to podcasts or radio stations on the net.

He was to watch has a way of burning CDs or audio format either directly mp3 audio systems that have this option.

Everything is packed in a nice and easy to use interface.

But you better leave him Christ to tell us about his favorite player (media monkey free) in the following video tutorial.

by Cristian Cismaru


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. you are your strengths

  2. I can not actually install it instalez..dar when I want to block the desktop and the only solution is restart;))) .. why?

  3. Media Monkey does not charge nothing, I think the problem is your windows or some sort of setting that you did it wrong.

  4. sorry..I did exactly in the video..but every time it crashes on my desk… finally..I have enough players ..

  5. Sorry Serge, but honestly have not seen your problem before.
    There is a cause, you could try to change some newer codecs.
    It's a shame that Media Monkey is a super strong player, I use it exclusively for listening to music.

  6. dap it's good, but i don't know where the volume disappeared …… .pls help

  7. Maaaan as volume disappeared?

  8. ms for the tutorial is pretty cute

  9. it's very much flour playeru.Ma help with all the things that I discovered last prezentati.Zilele fortunately site and I tell them and altii.Sunteti countries tinetio all asa.Am have a question: after all you I gain from all this? Thanks a lot pt.tot. Julian of Botosani. welcome

  10. nikcy. : D said

    I shi `ash wants it. , ;): D

  11. can make a tutorial about foobar 2000? anyway I learned a lot from voi.multumesc for all

  12. @s: foobar is basically a very trivial player, easy to use and boring, it has a GUI (graphical user interface) very trivial, boring, good… it's good but for me one doesn't satisfy me… you don't have much to talk about it in a tutorial ...

  13. I stay at winamp, I got used to it…

  14. I apologize for my insolence, but fetitii name and how old is he? Let me live!

  15. hello… .I watched the tutorial… ..I installed exactly as you said, but I have the same problem… .after installation, when I want to open it it crashes… .it doesn't work on any command… I uninstalled it and I pulled from elsewhere, another version and it's the same… it crashes… I'm sorry, I wanted to see what it's about ……

  16. … .I wasted my time with this media monkey… ..I installed it at least 6 times… .the same lock… opens at the beginning and after that I get out of it with ctrl another delete… .I stopped the antivirus, I restarted… nothing… ..where to go?

  17. I have a question when I make a tutorial on how to do a live radio and say give dedications?

  18. haosss said

    @ Elena:
    if you don't pay AUDIO-VISUAL taxes… .. it's illegal to own a radio station… .. anyway I don't think any admin or anyone else will dare to tell you because I said it's ILLEGAL….

  19. someone answer my question

  20. I do not need anyway mrs I did get a prog and made

  21. It lacks a Romanian language pack for Media Monkey

  22. HELLO 🙂! (why should I get bored: P… if you didn't want to see the tutorial I wasn't obliged) and I like this program I didn't know about it until now but it's very interesting… I discovered with it nice songs that not even the most I had no idea that I had them in my computer 😀… BAFTA!

  23. today I tried to listen to you !!!!! I consulted you…, indirectly, on probation, which I had
    but that I have convinced
    thank you and I wish you …… achievements in your career
    no you do not you get indications and other evidence in private!
    but I'm also interested to hear muizca TODAY
    to hear my favorite songs .. "good"
    You don't want to know who they are bine .well .. I only say one…. "you still know" played by maria buza
    but you rogggg… to cd use “which”
    with love, for what you do, diana

  24. does not matter said

    for gold

    ........................... ..

    • does not matter: For gold .............................  

      I do not think anyone asked you seriously, do not know why I give you to put serious?
      Thanks for the effort but please do not put things like that on, this is not the place for that.

  25. drshomeboy said

    I've used in the past, but very little. It's cool that you do not have to stick with playlists.

  26. Very good player in your description but I remain to AIMP2

  27. brother to me, however, it seems thousands of times better windowsu you find the song with winamp much faster so on monkey astaaa cautiii …… .. :( :(

  28. you rock!!

    Continue all the way

  29. Why MAUZ you and you Cristian, you do very well anyway tutorials

  30. mostwanted said

    flour music, AIMP I use a free player and also very good.

  31. f good… yes so good I laughed =))))

  32. Hello :) I would like, if possible, a player's free videotutorial MP3 Player Morpher AV settings and functions is better than winamp :) consume fewer resources. Thanks


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