Pokemon GO on the couch, fictitious locations with joystick

Pokemon GO on the couch, fictitious locations with joystick

In today's tutorial I will show how you can use Pokemon Go, do not leave home. It is a combination of fictitious locations and a joystick, all using Xposed.
Pokemon Go is the phenomenon that has taken everyone by surprise technology. Never an application is not popular in a short time. In just one week of release, Pokemon GO exceeded downloads and usage time, all applications from Play Store and App Store.
To take advantage of the popularity of Pokemon GO, many developers have hastily made even tick applications, which have the word "Pokemon" in their name; The goal is for users in whose countries Pokemon GO is not available to download the "lie" application.
As you realize how big Pokemon GO, think that Apple will earn only 3 billion purchase virtual currency in Pokemon GO app in the next year.
Perhaps you think, where Nintendo win, if the app is free? Simple in-app purchases, when users want to buy balls, incense sites, incubators, etc.
About accidents that occurred after Pokémon hunters do not want to talk; I think it is a dramatization of the press, centralizing cases worldwide in a TV show in a short story of a few seconds. I think the fault lies with the users; As well anything can happen and if you look on youtube, or sit chatting while walking down a street or while you're driving.
How to play Pokemon GO in the house?
To go all Trabant, we need:
1. Android phone one root oneplus
2. Exposed installed (zip site and APK)
3. Mock Mock Locations modules and Pokemon GO controlls (the application Xposed)
4. "Device only" location.
5. Enable Mock locations in developer options
This method is for those who can not travel or for those living in a rural area, where there Pokémon. Excessive use of the method or driving long distances in a short time can bring banned from Nintendo servers.
Video Tutorial - Pokemon GO on the couch, fictional locations with joystick

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  1. You can make a videotutorial about installing Xposed Installer? I heard it's good for selfiestick sites does not work on some phones, ie with the help of software settings can walk to the room. Thank you !

  2. The idea was to explain to us how to correctly installed and which version to take I mean there are more and sdk 22 23 / that for coming. like to see it installed ready for what's ok but do not know they are more

    • You had to read the instructions in the job.
      "Must BE flashed with a custom recovery (eg TWRP) to install the framework.
      Android is SDK21 5.0 (Lollipop), Android is SDK22 5.1 (also Lollipop) and SDK23 Android is 6.0 (Marshmallow).
      I only support the latest version Xposed!

      • f tota not everyone knows English well. why I said myself a tutorial how to put that for what it is. I eventually installed after an external tutorial. many do not read or understand English worse than me.

  3. Go if you play Pokemon nothing like that. Pokemon Go means walking, socializing with other trainers in town!

  4. Karolin said

    A lady desperately with each game everywhere he speaks. My dear to me your ages and even now does not chase girls Pokémon. :)))

  5. sparrow said

    They began to die from the world of Pokemon that can go do a game on my never telefonu

    • if I go and do not watch that crap and go. I'm one game to give the time when I walk and watch the road not only in tel :))

  6. Hello, I followed the tutorial and was able to play. Not that I would kill him, and now it's actually the first time I install the game on your phone (like everything I read in the press about him lately).
    The problem is that I have the same phone as the tutorial, for about two years, but it never happened to me to heat up so loud in 5 minutes and the battery fell from 80% to 3 7% in minutes. So much so that I removed the back cover of fear (I had seen on youtube how to do, when I saw this myself battery
    I uninstalled! Good luck !

  7. Could you please do a tutorial for complete installation. Exposed please !! Not many are good so you fine.I help a lot if you make one !!!

  8. Ionut Simion said

    a crazy game world with this shit!

  9. Cristi Linux you forget everything? Probably will pay good guys from MICROCOST? By the way Android's Linux unaware ptr!

  10. Cristi, all praise for all you do. Because of knowledge in all areas, please explain these eyes of cats, which are known to us in Transylvania Matthew.
    Thank you!

  11. Cristi ask why is my phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 do not support the installation of Pokemon? If I would root the system steps and I respect you, did it go?

  12. Well you must be Android 4.4
    As above procesurii application to solve your problem, I do not know what to say. That's falsifying location. I do not think it would help. I know that if you had root file build.prop could change so your phone to be seen as another model applications and thus incompatible with your phone applications can be run, but just do not know what to say.

  13. Hello! Can you give some advice how can I install myself Exposed, that fail! Thank you!

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