Popcorn Time for Android and iOS, new movies with subtitles

Popcorn Time for Android and iOS, new movies with subtitles

Torrent talked about many times. It is a network / technology that allows users to share files in an efficient manner ,. Unfortunately, if the user is not versed on torrent trackers you can wake up with the infected PC or a pile of nerves and frustration.
Popcorn Time is a perfect buffer between the user network and convenient torrent. You no longer have to search movies without to know what to expect. Simply, I can see the film free to download, stream.
Using VPN, Time Popcorn can be used even in countries that block this application.
The Popcorn Time application, in “Watch It Now” mode, prioritizes the pieces from the video file, from the beginning of the movie, and then quietly downloads the rest.
Subtitles are available in Romanian, in 90% of films; and where I'm not available, one can easily load external subtitle, even in application.
Popcorn Time app is the most civilized implementing a network interface torrent. We have to appreciate how the app was put in place; almost looked as good as Netflix, and must take into account that the source code that underlies Popcorn Time is Open Source application; so if you have ambitions of a programmer, you can do more with this application.
The major advantage of application Popcorn Time, is that it can be used very comfortable with Chromecast, Which makes a dream team. I almost forgot Netflix, which is between us, even now, two months after its launch, it has subtitles in our language.
Popcorn Time How it works?
Popcorn Time is a torrent client with integrated player and several optimizations for streaming video.
When they do share in the Popcorn Time?
Share your in Time Popcorn is made when the application is used.
Popcorn Time How much?
Time Popcorn is free for now.
How many films can I watch?
There is no limit visionaries.
Where download Popcorn Time?
Download Android Popcorn Time (Below)
Download iOS Popcorn Time (Below)
Download Popcorn Time Windows (Below)

Video tutorial - Popcorn Time for Android and iOS, new movies with subtitles

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  1. go on the computer!

  2. Marius Nechifor said

    Thanks for the tutorial. App too. Today I received Chromecast from EMAG. It is on offer at 199 lei. With such applications, the gadget is worth the money. Expect more tutorials, what about Chromecast.

  3. No fuctioneaza on Xiomi MI 4c! ((

  4. View Product said

    This application would be very good for my father as he is always looking for movies on local online movie sites… and it is known that they have as much advertising as it contains (he always gets annoyed, even with adblock plus there are still various little things). He is not very good at searching for the movie on torrents and the appropriate subtitles based on the movie name, quality version (cam, dvdrip, bdrip, etc.) and the ripper name.

    The application looks promising, but from what I noticed in the version for windows there are some problems with subtitles. That is, many times, although in the dropdown menu at the bottom right of the screen the subtitle appears as set in Romanian, it still does not load, you must access the dropdown menu and choose the Romanian subtitle again after the movie starts playing. On the other hand, the font size cannot be changed… although there are 5 size options in the program settings. Whatever option I choose, the size remains the same. The aspect ratio of the image must be changed to make the subtitle appear larger.
    Another minus is lack of different settings audio or video such as YouTube Video player or kmplayer would have. It's pretty simple at this point.

    But it's a start anyway, it's in beta. He is a specialized torrent client and organized in a certain niche. As for the legality… who cares :)). The application is not even in google play and it is easy to understand why.

  5. I probed about 3 months and still no leads me to the Tyxo site once, but I recommend this method. Qbittorrent personal use Download sequential and going great, let him give 5% and then play the show.
    I also don't support HD versions with Chinese subtitles, the fact that you can't customize the subtitles is a disadvantage…

  6. It is legal?

  7. Very good app, Cristi! I discovered a few weeks ago, exactly when you presented Chromecast. At one tutorials Chromecast, someone recommended Popcorn Time on Comments section. A pleasure running your laptop on the TV via Chromecast I put an animation viewing child, while I saw unhindered working on laptop.

  8. decebal12345 said

    Popcorn or Showbox?
    Showbox is even easier to use? Except that it can not be used with Chromecast.

  9. Not working.

  10. I do not find on the iphone?

  11. The version of Windows did not find the download tab for the film. It's available only for Android? So far I have seen movies online, but it would be excellent to operate download for situations where you want to see the movie another time somewhere without Internet connection.

  12. I have been using “http://torrentbutler.eu/” for several years,
    I do not remember where I found it, but it seems ok,
    I prefer to "download" the movie, and then watch it, then /// kept or deleted.
    Once dscarcat in PC, I prefer BSPlayer that provides options subtritare, etc.
    I have to try your option
    SUGGESTIONS ”for movies“ http://torrentbutler.eu/ ”
    pt.player BSPlayer
    for bsplayer subtitles, "http://subtitrari.exsto.ro/"

  13. Cristi hello, thank you and Adrian for tutorials offered

  14. Alexandru Cojocaru said

    We thank Cristi for his interest in teaching us how to use IT technology and operate new communications products. Among your fans are older people, including me. What I learn from your tutorials, I also help the older ones like me and not only. I've been following your "Videotuutorial.ro" site since you were founded (I think you were alone in the beginning). It would have been very difficult for me without your video tutorials, being part of the generation that did not learn English in school. Now it's pretty easy for me to handle my computer and smartphones because of your effort to get us started. Thank you for this cause that you can be proud of with such young people as you.

  15. ion draghici said

    It would be very hard to tell where or how to download this pop corn because the pa tel me in google play is only pop corn and remote else Thank you

  16. ionutvrabie said


  17. if you require VPN, go to settings and uncheck that option

  18. Ervin Szondi said

    And I return to the question of Daros: version for wind no download button. It exists only for android?

  19. Appreciate you coming with additional clarifications related to this application for fans videotutorial.ro.
    In a comment on "Chromecast 2, it makes your TV super smart" I mentioned this application that works very well on Chromecast and has been known to me for over a year. Related to the topic, take a look here "https://getpopcorntime.org/sitemap/" .. Another free application that can make the subject of a new video tutorial is developed by those from "http://strem.io/" with news presented on "https://getpopcorntime.org/news/" ("http://addons.strem.io/") Being presented the topic today, February 21, too many I can not explain, but sure Master Cristian will do it and I even ask him to do it. As a supplement “http://imgur.com/gallery/uzjZDB3”. I leave it to you to comment.
    As I said before, I don't have time to watch movies, my free program is largely related to another hobby… music.
    As such I am so interested on this topic videotutoriale
    I ask the video tutorials to make a video tutorial related to the Russian cloud attached to the mail service. "Https://cloud.mail.ru" (maybe there are interested fans… offers 25GB in cloud free or 1TB for 499 rubles, ie about 6 euros / year). I can also make some comments considering that I have several 1TB free accounts following the promotion from December 2013,… .and I can tell you for sure that it is worth it!

  20. Belgium goes only so few drawings and
    and I ask for their money vpnul
    cristi… some vpn settings for windows 10 ???

  21. Try another application ,,, https: // popco… .io only shows drawings. because the project was canceled

  22. Supeeer, Thanks !!!

  23. Regarding VPN, Cristian can give you clarifications ... for Spotify (which also works on Chromecast) I use the application from “https://www.tunnelbear.com/“… Steps are: Spotyfy stops tunnel tunnelbear starts… Spotify starts … The tunnelbear stops so that not all the 500 mb goes on the water on Saturday and if by chance you still need to restart the spotify if it is relocated you have nowhere to go. The 500MB are renewed every month. I don't know if it works and what are you interested in… ..see what CRISTIAN says. Success!

  24. Cristi you done a tutorial like popcorn and you said it and for tel. and do not say nonsense like ,, ,, probably costing you money in the future for that application is not legal due to lack of license application for that broadcast. Thus so an application could cost anything up would never legalize all still play

  25. Can you help me to popcorn time I set subtitle accented?

  26. Howdy! Will not work on me Chromecast with this application nor on the phone nor laptop, which could be the problem?

  27. I greet you, respect for the work that you do!
    Anu past was in germany, hunting for some movies on the net, I joined a forum and from there I gave a LINC me redirected torrents, I downloaded an episode of a serial 1minut something and I-I woke up as myo income a fine of EUR 500 something, these programs are interesting but we can not a fly by countries like germany?

    • View Product said

      I've heard things like this many times, torrent fines. I sit and think… will it be real or are they just bau bau stories? And if so, can that fine be challenged in court? Arguments would probably be found…

    • You have a receipt? or came from any company Russian net and you thought it was people from Unitymedia.de and have paid the fine. Germans here to ask you to take the net and download whatever you want but the net speed it gives 200Mbit / s 40.

  28. MAXIM VASILE said


  29. GARLIC Bogdan said

    Hail Adrian Gudus. I wrote to you a videotutorial customize the ringtone on your iPhone. You promised me that you will certainly do. Please nice to do because I've tried all sorts of solutions and none worked (only with iTunes I have not tried). From a conversation I deduced that our method does not matter your iOS version or generation iPhone. If you know a method that has the effect pretty please do this videotutorial (if you know another application that is not iTunes that effect would be really good for me if iTunes is OK and so).

  30. Try "https: //ci.popcorn…..sh/". You can do whatever you want with the titration, it's also with diacritics.

  31. Interesting. It's even series "Chuck", I do not believe it! I should have said earlier about this Cristi.

  32. Dorin Romulus said

    Yes. Thank you ! You reminded him (Popcorn) now Chromecast my CPC 2.0!
    If you have any suggestion / recommendation for a Romanian online TV viewing program (for football)…?!; and without many ads or blocking their functional on android and Cromecast… ?! Thank you

  33. Adrian S. said

    Sal, however subtitles where we want to download?

  34. Hello
    Just download information on Popcorn movie while watching it that creates the downloads a file called popcorn movie where you can review later.
    Thank you

  35. For the print goes DLNA?

  36. Hello. From what I read on the net, through the VPN connection is recommended. I tried (not pay) another VPN and Popcorn Time is not working. How exposed are we if we do not have?

  37. ms program is super I think… too bad it didn't last jmecheria with free ”4 £ :))

  38. Alexandru said

    Hello. On android it doesn't read my diacritics when subtitling, it puts some signs on me and sometimes you can't understand much… but on windows everything is perfect. How can I solve this?

  39. bravo guys, you are strong… ..thank you very much

  40. Hello, how can I do to streamuie Popcorn on TV? At Popcorn Time settings I have only variant:
    Play on:
    -Popcorn time
    Saul the same Watch it, I only have the Popcorn time version, it doesn't see VLC or anything else…
    To others and see that the net can stream directly on TV, you explain to me how it works?

  41. Howdy! I do not read diacritics android on the subtitles, I put some signs and sometimes you can not understand much ... but it's all perfect windows. How can I fix this?
    Does anyone know how to solve? thanks

  42. constantin said

    In Germany it is illegal to pay income 815 thousand euro for a movie

    • Bangalau Catalin said

      Hello! I'm Cătălin… I also live in Germany and I used this program, as a result I also chose a hole in my wallet of 900 €. My question is: how did you solve it or what did you do about it?

  43. I tried to install the iPad air2 and goes. The last step gives me a eroare..cod 6009. On PC and android is ok. Is there any solution for iOS. Honestly I would not want to do jailbreak. If you can please mail to [email protected] Thank you !

  44. Aplicatia..functioneaza good android with chromecast ..
    Instead it does not see diacritics at the sub.even if they are loaded in custom mode…
    Nothing in this sense in setting ..
    A man resolved this problem?
    thank you,

  45. Maybe variant is to blame ..
    I 2.8.0-76 version


    draqu what this program has subtitles shit what you have done with this program draq ?????

  47. Hello! Thanks fm for the tutorial. I missed the sites for movies that fucked my nerves with commercials.
    But I have a problem with subtitling. Like it's done with google translation. And it does not synchronize with the voice.
    I downloaded the recommended application on your pc-windows10. Is it a passing problem or do not know how to make the settings?
    If somebody else is lighting me, thank you fm

  48. appvalley.vip find many free applications including popcorntime (IOS).
    The rumble at rom subtitles is the gap, I did not have to set the delay. Can anyone have an idea?

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