Premiere for Microsoft, Windows 8 comes with preinstalled antivirus - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we'll talk about the antivirus that comes preinstalled on Windows 8, yes you heard right, the first time Microsoft put in Windows antivirus.
8 antivirus Windows Defender is called and you will find it all seemed familiar, I assure you it is not the old Defender, which was actually a spyware. This is a realtime antivirus protection and antispyware protection, it is actually a simplified version of Microsoft Security Essentials, which we did a tutorial.
The interface is simple, maybe too simple for some but this is a good thing, we should not waste our time with settings and understanding the interface. Defender in Windows 8 is an antivirus that you learn instantly, even the most. inexperienced user will know what to do. We would like more software to have such a clean and intuitive interface.
As I looked through the settings I noticed that something is missing, missing most important setting for those with entry level PCs, it's about limiting access to CPU during scans. Would that in the final version Windows 8 to have this setting.
All in all I can say that it was a pleasant surprise to see that we finally have an antivirus on Windows 8 since installation, Microsoft Security Essentials around which Defender was made "reloaded" is a good antivirus with realtime protection, no I see why Defender would be better.
For users who do not venture through dangerous areas that should provide sufficient antivirus protection, but browsing through the hazardous areas and download everything that passes in front of the eyes must arm themselves better.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. sailorriver said

    Thanks for the tutorial, but my ambiguity is related to the start button, where did it come from? It doesn't look like what I saw in a previous tutorial.

  2. I tried to run the tutorial and the Plugin appears cracked… .why?

  3. Good tutorial but didn't you tell us what you think about the detection of this new Defender…? You probably tested it before doing this tutorial… so what do you think about its real-time detection and disinfection power…? I would be grateful if you would answer me, I haven't answered a question for a very long time… ..

    • Use the same engine as Microsoft Security Essentials. It is ok for normal use. If you're more Strider torrents, xxx and stuff sucks, then you should arm yourself better.
      For me, this antivirus is all I need, but not all people are the same….

      • nelu Gherghisan said

        Xxx websites but do not get the daily download filelist. I installed Norton Internet Security. I would have liked to stay with Windows Defender in Windows 8. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. cristi said

    I don't know what premiere you see in this antivirus that comes with windows 8. It's very weak to enter viruses like cheese…

  5. Cristi's tutorial is very good. I can't wait for you to do a tutorial on the "Magic Button", Windows, which appeared on your bone. I hope it will come as soon as possible. More tutorials!

  6. Using Microsoft Security Essentials from the first version that not babbling I expressed an opinion of mine about this virus but it does not mean that if I said it will use poor people do not, everyone is free to use any antivirus that exist. :)

  7. Hi, I'm using windows 7 ultimate and I already have this antivirus "Windows Defender" so I don't know what they added to windows 8… probably some updates to windows Defender 😛… so Windows 7 remains no. 1 😀

  8. Videotutorial Hello, thank you very much for what you do
    How could I focus on 2 windows in Windows Explorer in Windows XP (Windows 2 to have activity simultaneously) can that be? How? Could you please make a videotutorial something more.

    Good luck!

  9. Hello Cristi and I want to ask you something

  10. Cristi, finally Microsoft put pre-installed antivirus on win8, it was also normal, if it would put in the future 2010 or 2012 if it appeared, it would be an operating system ("for brands"), so I tell them. Well, that would mean that it will be a "pre-installed Windows 8" to have antivirus and something to write, meaning Office, it would be OK for me. (As it is with Fujitsu-Siemens alu with Twinload Windows XP Pro Sp3 has like this: Office 2007 OEM, Adobe Reader 7.0, Norton Internet Security 2007, Nero 7 essentials, NET.Framework 2.0 and Drivers [ATI, Nvidia, Realtek network, sound)], etc.

  11. In fact, if you were honest, it would have to create a function that, after installation imediar user to have a table or something from which to choose which antivirus to install (even with all versions have freeware) .
    Then, with one click to be safe.
    I do not think it is rocket science stuff, you should only deal with manufacturers of security solutions that a universal link to provide the latest version of antivirus.
    And it would be true for browsers :).
    Otherwise, this antivirus is nothing like the Windows Defender Christ. I do not see what you see common to them is Microsoft Security Essentials 100%.

  12. Hi Cristi, I have a small problem, it doesn't allow me to enter windows defender, it says something about "windows defender has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer"
    a request if you can of course what the program can convert from dvd to avi divx past I tried your tutorials about converting but I blurred out footage and original footage on the DVD is obvious, I will follow the 2008 honest and learned many things in tutorials

  13. I forgot to mention that I have Windows re-elected 8 Officials downloaded from their website that I avast antivirus free be it from him to not allow me to get Windows Defender
    I know I put two antiviruses odd indicated a good evening

  14. AdrianGudus said

    I forgot to mention that I have Windows re-elected 8 Officials downloaded from their website that I avast antivirus free be it from him to not allow me to get Windows Defender
    I know I put two antiviruses odd indicated a good evening

    Regarding the answer to the question about antivirus, you gave yourself the answer! Windows Deender remains active only until an antivirus is installed. When installing a security solution, Windows Defender has the "common sense" to take its own footing and go into hibernation…

  15. nice tutorial! When you and a tutorial on the author in German if possible! all due respect to site

  16. Hey thanks for the reply
    I realized that I was not sure but I asked you a good day and I wish you all the best

  17. However, if we want total protection we must consider installing a firewall protection suite and this for two reasons: 1. Microsoft is behind in terms of real-time protection should be used only for devirus (my personal opinion), 2. Being an antivirus developed especially for the new Windows 8 operating system, there are certainly problems with this until Microsoft learns to make secure software like Apple, we are still not 100% sure that Microsoft has advanced the lesson of its two-money system "Windows Vista "

  18. Cristi said

    Hello! I installed win 8 64 and it works perfectly, the only problem is when viewing the photos in the photo viewer… that is, it doesn't see them at all, I get a purple image and that's it…. Any ideas?

  19. Csabaxb said

    Hi all, I have this Windows 8 close 2 week goes well, it is much faster as 7, almost everything I can do with it what I did with 7. Regarding the defense, is Microsoft Security Essentials, it updates, but it is weak, I use and recommend: Comodo Internet Security free. 's Firewall is no. 1. I tested with EICAR and leaktest, and my PC is clean. I can say that (aproape!!) And www. of the Month! I walked (smiley face), but I was not infected, although I was attacked! Good tutorial to many guys.

  20. my pc doesn't turn off anymore! neither from the start button nor from windows <if you have any idea write to me by email. respect for all the tutorials are OK!

  21. likeastar20 said

    Windows defender or Microsoft Security Essentials this thing. Cannot be called antivirus…

  22. when I installed the beta version of windows 8 my hard drive burned (I don't know why….), now I found the "full" version on filelist (although I heard that the full version appears on August 15) and I tried again install and it's ok
    anyway i don't know if my hard drive with the beta version burned… simply during the installation when it restarted it got stuck in that image that advertises on the pc (and i couldn't enter the bios… i couldn't do anything) , I removed each component from the pc and I saw that I can enter the bios only if I remove the hard drive (so the problem was the hard drive) I still don't know what it has, it's in service (luckily I have a warranty :)), my parts always break after a few days after the warranty expires….
    the phase is that on that hard drive I had a bachelor's thesis and I don't know if I can recover it (when I went to them they put that phase in: we do anything to recover your data… yes he said it in force, as if it was registered and baga caseta….)

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