LG G3 presentation, mortal enemy of S5

Hi friends, today I will present perhaps the most interesting smartphone right now is LG G3 that comes with a lot of functions and features that come to us and let us improve experianta ease of use.
The phone I received for testing at EvoMag.roWho right now have a consistent reduction for LG G3. If you walk through the online store and LG G3 seems to be too much for your budget, you will surely find other offers in Mobile Phones category.
Specifications of LG G3 are simply breathtaking, the manufacturer nor able to put more technology in screen superb the way, it has a resolution equal to 4 screens Nexus 4, that 2560 x 1440 known as Quad HD or QHD, not confused with qHD resolution which is much smaller.

Processor - Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 801, 4 core krait 400 at 2.5 GHz
Adreno Graphics-330
RAM - 2 or 3 GB for models with 16 or 32 GB of internal storage
Storage - 16-32 GB, MicroSD slot (up to 2TB), USB OTG
Screen - 5.5 ″ Quad HD (2560 X 1440) IPS (534 pixels per inch)
Operating System - 4.4.2 KitKat (for now)

Photos / Videos:
1/3 ”BSI sensor, facial detection, HDR
Back- room 13MP optical stabilization + laser auto focus and dual tone flash
2.1 face- MP Camera function to eliminate pimples / blemishes on the face
Video shooting - 2160p (4k), 1080p (full hd), 720p (hd) all at 30 frames per second.


Baterie- 3000 mAh (replaceable)
Wireless charging (standard QI)

ULP Bluetooth4.0
Slim HDMI port through an adapter
Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G (all)
Wi-Fi B, G, N and AC dual band (2.4 and 5 Ghz)
Wi-Fi Direct
FM radio

Today I just made a short presentation in a few days I will come with a full review where we see that knows how to make this jewel. We will see how to take pictures, shoot this movie, how it behaves in synthetic tests, in gaming and so on.
Stay tuned and do not forget, I want your views on comantarii box.
To you what phone you like:
Samsung Galaxy S5?
LG G3?
Sony Xperia Z2?
Aasteptam your answer in the comments!
LG tablet G3 + Gift

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  1. 4 "relolutions" of nexus 4 meaning 720p = QHD then you said 4 times FHD meaning 1080p or 4 = QHD, not 720p or 4 = qHD and 1080p or 4 = QHD, what did I write you mean?
    How you got the tests you asked or been offered? I myself store gives you everything you need and give tests and Ramna prize and to you too if you like or money

    • From what I understand Christ said that the resolution of LG G3 (Quad HD) is often rezulutia Nexus 4 4 (HD). Then he brought up the fact that filming G3 4K (the 4 times Full HD). 4 rezulutii N4 = Quad HD, Full HD resolution 4 = 4K or UHD. It is the difference between 4K (Ultra High defenition) and Quad HD. At least so I understand. Sorry if I'm wrong. You do not have to have the same screen resolution as the video. Note 3 4K filming but has Full HD screen of what I know.
      HD 1280 × 720
      Full HD-1920 × 1080
      QHD-2560 × 1440
      4K-3840 × 2160

      • Much the backfill and clear. Cristi asked in text tutorial you prefer, I for one smartphone with decent features friend's pocket and then quickly icarece to a larger screen rather then a laptop and tablet so far

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Bravo Alex, looks like you were paying attention! That's exactly what it was!

      • You understand Alex, the first time I referred to the screen resolution on the LG G3 (2560 × 1440), then I referred to the resolution at which the LG G3 shoots (3840 × 2160). I also referred to the problems that can be encountered when running 4k content.

  2. congratulated for working with Evomag. I think I'll follow the other products shown and reviewed. and Linksys as good WRT1900AC presented with real power in the wireless and gigabit speed.

  3. Cristian said

    Cristi and I want to buy me this phone, but I like someone giving me head and I ciordeste it.
    A solution to this problem you know?

    And another thing, when shell Quick Circle appears in Romania?

  4. It is a good start in the future if you do go collaboration reviews and tablets making test calls them. There seems to be a new trend on the internet.

  5. Anderson said

    Hi Cristi, ooo we have modernized we present LG G3 - bravo. But this review is a bit late, but it's good anyway, very good. But now for those who don't know, this phone was also presented by Mr. George Buhnici (iLikeIT) on his blog. Primadata I thought you got your G3, already nexus 4 you can sell it Cristi is outdated, not another, but then no one buys it because everyone asks for new phones.

    • Andi `s said

      all the time man you have something to comment on… nothing positive everything seems to be out of "envy"

      • Anderson said

        Yes, and what's your problem? I say what needs to be said… and good thing I have to comment, what do you have to do…?

  6. Anderson said

    I come back, you said that G3 didn't work for Knock On, that's what it's called, not "Double Tap" from the first time you have to move it, it's not true I have G2 and I keep it on its box and right now 1 min I went to it and knocked it directly on the box and it worked, I don't have to move it to work or maybe that's how it is on the G3, but I don't think so. Yours was a united demo anyway, wasn't it?

  7. Cristi no offense to present next time please phone (mobile) in portrait but not landscape that stand head neck hurts a look parte.Cat phone is a gem, it is hard to choose between so many premium models need to think Why do you need so many functions and here I think his ability to shoot 4K. I for one do not buy just let ptr. null can be used at maximum capacity, we have no money (at least I) TV 4K with some high prices and we telef.care 4k filming what's good? worth it.? upsurge think too quickly or too high technologies.'m not saying no but must be in step with market TV sets (application) ptr. Also enjoying resolutions. And then you think it's right to endow a cell with high technology when dedicated cameras that can do much more on the camera right course .. We completely reviewed.
    Continued success ..

  8. Maybe a tutorial to explain how it works really at Addicted with sim cards, you 4g exmplu and 50 MB traffic Towards the end it immediately

    • Even I thought 2 days ago such a tutorial. I'll definitely do it.

      • you could write in the text or say 4g = x MB download and x MB upload and what helps 4g, 3g, what is the purpose of 4g, what does 4g mean, that is to get a 4g phone if you don't have a net. If you go after commercials and you have no idea you have unlimited net anywhere etc, you realize… .. there are and will appear smartphones, tablets etc with more and more high-performance network cards but netu is a problem, on wire and wi-fi is good. And the netu phase from digi, what's the point if you only have devices that don't support more than 10 MB to have the largest subscription. Depending on the needs, a subscription is made, in my opinion. See you soon!

  9. George Manta said

    Here's a tutorial topic (related to mobile phone):
    Those from Avast did a test: 10 bought second-hand phones that could recover many personal photos and not only (on the card), GPS history, information on facebook etc (everything with a soft Basic data-recovery).

    What we can find solutions to protect us? Suppose I want to sell my phone. How can I be sure that the new owner can not recover data that I've wiped the phone or card?
    That goes for any device I: phone, memory card, flash drive, etc..

    I look forward to such a tutorial.
    Good luck!

  10. Let's face it what we really need 4k?
    Until recently, I used and was happy 480p resolutions, resolutions 720p afterwards appeared, after that 1080p, and I Amai away.
    Come to Make a calculation in recent years should have 6 4 TVs exchange to be in trend with the resolutions.
    I'm happy with 1080p one and do not feel the need for more regardless of what use, phone, tablet, laptop, smart tv.
    As phones, what to say, everyone has preferences leui level hardware and design. I would not give Sony Xperia Z1 Honami on LG G3, Galaxy S5, iPhone or HTC 5S M8.

  11. Ovidiu Iancu said

    hi, I just want to say when hell to finish these tennis paddles.'ve tried one and covers half of my face, which is borderline g2 naiba.LG 5 inches, we have huge hands, say hello!

  12. myname vetalik said

    Ii OnePlus One very good price and quality. Nexus 5 can still compete.

  13. I like what I see, I'm glad you started with unboxing and reviews sites and let's not be mischievous (ba it's late, it's too big ba etc.) Deastea have many options on the market for everyone's taste. I own an iPhone and are very pleased 5S my needs. I hope to have some of these videos and tutorials in Romanian.

  14. Please make a tutorial about Dsploit is very cool…

  15. Valentin said

    Bravo guys! I look forward to these tutorials.

  16. Hello!'d Like and I necessarily a tutorial on how to use the emulator DOSBox for older games in MS-DOS we played when we were younger jen: DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, Supaplex, Warcraft 2 and altele.Am need a tutorial like this

  17. Motion, a guide and detailed explanations about SSDs, no matter how long is the tutorial and other components. When phones are more manufacturers of processors me one I'm interested to know about everything and especially depsre remaining components to the screen

  18. Valentin said

    Cristi, you promised some time ago a tutorial on DSLR Lenses. You crave.
    Thank you !

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