Microsoft Office 2013 presentation, official and free for download - video tutorial

Hello friends, today tutoralul will talk about the new office suite Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Preview. This release codenamed Office 15 was released recently and can be downloaded and tested free of any Windows user or Windows 7 8 Release Preview for only these two operating systems can support the latest version of Microsoft Office 2013. This version will come preinstalled on the range of Surface tablets and future smartphones will come with Windows Phone 8. A powerful suite for creating and editing Word, PowerPoint, Excel can be used by home users as well as by those in the business environment. Microsoft Office 2013 comes with a much more user friendly, clear, very little colored Ribbon menu (with a slight tint to white / black) what we can do to better focus on the document you create, read or Editor. In Microsoft Office 2013 will meet and a module that allows you to enable or disable support for touch displays and how Read Mode that allows reading Word documents easily with a simple swipe gesture (for touch displays) as we do in real life when we read a magazine, a file and want to go to the next page. Functions were integrated into Outlook Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks, application we can easily synchronize contacts, calendar and emalurile Google or Hotmail account. Also Microsoft Office suite 2013 comes to us very interesting templates for PowerPoint especially 2013, Publisher and Excel 2013 2013.
That said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see exactly what's new in the new Microsoft Office 2013 how to install and where you can download free office suite Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Preview.

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Enjoy !


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  1. alex008 said

    I would be interested if introduced transition effects and power point templete sites. I know that chia 2010 introduced some interesting effects.

  2. sailorriver said

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Cristi, you check and see that it's only the mobile version of your site, you get on the phone. net on my desktop appears, i can only choose between Desktop Version, and Mobile Version.

    • If you look closely you will realize that version "desktop" is actually a version of "responsive".
      From now adapts to any resolution indiferebt that come from your desktop or mobile tablet, adapts as an "accordion".
      Even when changing from portrait Lanscape feels.

      We are waiting for your opinions regarding the new “videotutorial accordion” interface 🙂

      • I'm glad there are people who greatly improved their code, site speed, and many other issues that users, even if they do not notice this.

        And by the way, this theme can be translated as "you have a responsive web design" in Romanian with "you have a web design that interacts / responds to the user".
        There are not many sites in Romania that have implemented html5 really.

        Self Zendy.

  4. AdrianGudus said

    I would be interested if introduced transition effects and power point templete sites. I know that chia 2010 introduced some interesting effects.

    Do not run the tutorial and I know these things

  5. KodeJust said

    If you look closely you will realize that version "desktop" is actually a version of "responsive".
    From now adapts to any resolution indiferebt that come from your desktop or mobile tablet, adapts as an "accordion".
    Even when changing from portrait Lanscape feels.

    Looking forward to your views on the new interface "videotutorial accordion"

    You have implemented the new "accordion" very well.
    When you go on your smartphone site that appears on the left side bar of the site to share on Google, Facebook, Twitter. This bar me uncomfortable when I read the text tutorials.

  6. Well to my Galaxy S2 site looks weird commercials are among tutorials, your tutorials do not go, you do not work full screen, just go normal standard, so as I said 1 weeks ago. was how it was before my choice down desktop, now go straight desktop, and I say this as I did a factory reset the phone. I did not like how it moves with the 2 S2.3.4 after I gave I gave google appears as flash PC are all so far 1 week. even 2 was gray I had no flash so just text appear in the quadrants each title tutorial, now appears SlideBar guy running the latest tutorials and under it there is a complaint from Google Smart TV and after your tutorials, but is as was now 2 weeks each in their box. Too bad I did not picture to show you only say that VB sucks, and from how it looks now.

  7. It seems to me or are the videos going harder ??… as if the site is moving hard for me too.

    • You're right, I think this is due to the weak PCs we have - very weak - or the net. I entered a few minutes from a laptop with i5 processor with 4 gb ram video card no larger than 1GB and everything worked very well plus it was connected to the net by stick and I do not believe it had a speed higher than 300kb / s - that is more less than half of 1 MB

  8. Do something with the microphone, the sound quality worse sin tutorial.

  9. I see no 7 enterprise Windows can not install the new office.

  10. Cornelius Padurariu said

    F Good tutorialu currently not interested in such an office, go further with 2003 and I pulled off very well for what I need too. For those who say it does not go well the tutorial or do they have figures of framing what not, I think you and your browser. So I was doing to me and were preinstalled on the Mozilla browser. Now we Delphin hd and go razor. I s1 galaxy. Have a good day.

  11. View Product said

    Hi everyone,

    Very interesting tutorials that you make, I congratulate you for your efforts. I have a question, which I found an answer yet.
    How long I can use without problems W8 preview release, and this version of Office, too preview release? At launch ofiiciale'll have to buy them, necessarily? Or you can use and where?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    • At the same time, press the "windows and R" key. In the Run box type "winver". Click on winver.exe and in the pop-up you will see that it is valid until January 2013. The office is set for free preview only 60 days .

  12. AdrianGudus said

    I see no 7 enterprise Windows can not install the new office.

    Yes, I have Windows 7 Enterprise as my main operating system and I use this version of Office without any problems. As you (maybe) noticed in the tutorial, even on Windows 8 the executable gave a small failure. All I did was run the executable again and everything went "smoothly"…
    No matter which version of Windows you as long as it's Windows or Windows 7 8

  13. Lawrence C. said

    You can do a tutorial on wi-fi directly between an Android phone and win7. I tried to make the connection and we did not like. Please help me, even with an answer. Thank you. Goodbye!

  14. dragonuroshu:

    Probably because it's Enterprise windows 7, but I don't think so. Try again as Adrian said. It should work normally, so see what resources Office 2013 requires and see if YES or NO. Good luck with that !

  15. Dorian said

    pretty good but the office 2013 60 trial days, and impaled with Windows 8 valid until January 2013 required license

  16. Hello

    I downloaded OFFICE 2013, I have simply installed. It is a problem of the trial version / demo 60 days as free use OFFICE2013 package without buying it?

    a boy came to me and mia 2010 installed windows and do not know how it was activated.

    Thank you

  17. Hello to all who can help me and me into trouble. By mistake I deleted the account on and I registered again with the same e-mail and password but unfortunately wiped me from what I imbox and archived there. I would like to know if someone could help me and tell me if there possibility can recover some of imbox. Thank you and wish you the best day possible.
    PS I would like to receive e-mail [email protected]

  18. Hello, congratulations for the work that you do. I have a problem with watching tutorials or hard charging or not charging at all like in this case? what to do? speed is the 24

  19. Thanks a lot for your team tutorials. Congratulations!
    I want to download free trial 2013 office but unfortunately now require a credit card, otherwise you can download.

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