Presentation Nexus 4, most cost Android smartphone

Hi friends, after a few days I made a visit to Emag to buy me a new Android device, I was initially turned on 7 Nexus is the best tablet Android market right now. I decided that it is better to throw an eye before you make the final decision and tried multiple devices: 7 Nexus, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Nexus S4 and 4. Of all I fell in love with 4 nexus, that's because it moves great and looks almost better (after Htc One). In my judgment it weighed heavy price, performance (real) and finishes. Htc One would have chosen if it was not so expensive, almost double the price. S4 not impress me at all, usually the top smartphones from Samsung Super AMOLED screen draw with saturated colors, but I had AMOLED know their advantages and disadvantages. Now I can say I prefer IPS screens. We will discuss screens and technologies used elsewhere.
Finally I had to choose, I chose Nexus 4 and I do not feel bad at all, I have left some money in your pocket and even after a week of using the device simply flies. Do not say you have 4 nuclei, the park has 44 cores. Usually any Android device starts "coughing" after several days of intensive use, Nexus 4 like new, I just like out of the box, it is amazing how well this phone is moving. Of course performance is due and 4.3 Jelly Bean version that comes with a lot of improvements.
One complaint I have is about the use of glass across the room tempered glass which induce unpleasant reflections at pictures of light ahead.
Apart from that I have no problem with the device. I have problems with touch-site reception, as we heard from other users. The truth is that the device does my part of the series Nexus 4 revised two pads on the bottom (like legs on plastic bezel), these little legs prevent coverage loudspeaker and location of the back (which is glass) directly on the table .
This presentation is only an introduction, I will return the test results for the processor, graphics and battery. so far I can say that you're battery without any problems all day (evening to evening).
Nexus 4 benefits do not meet other Android smartphones:
1. Android updates faster, a few days after launch.
2. Coil integrated for QI wireless charging.
3. NFC phone for quick payments, imperehere and file exchange.
4. Maximum Compatible with any Android application and service.
5. Pure Android experience without any bloatware or unnecessary stuff.
6. The fastest Android phone.
7. Support TRIM to maintain performance.
8. SlimPort, kind of MHL Wireless USB supply.
9. Wireless Display Miracast technology.
10. Very low price, Google does not seek to make profit with Nexus.
Those who want a smart phone in this period, I recommend Nexus 4 but should you rush, it is unknown how long will find on the market already 8 GB version there is not much finds nowhere.

Mobile Google Nexus 4, 16GB, Black 62476 -
(Price in Romania)

LG Google Nexus 4 Black Sim Free Smartphone 8GB (Cheapest on

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  1. I want tutorials ROMs and kernels for this phone!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll buy myself a nexus 4

  3. I own a Nexus since March 4 appeared on online stores from us and give behaved now. Well, it came with Android 4.2.1 and what it liked, besides the use of daily updates coming very quickly and their installation is hassle free (4.3 5 came days after the official release). The battery is ok, depends how you use it, I did I do to maintain and 5-6 days but using it just as a phone and too little multimedia to a more intense you about a day and a half with saving tips the energy that we have found here.

  4. Cristi, you give money for nothing did not have Galaxy Note which is much better than it already LG Nexus 4 has lag you do not obeservat the Notifications there when you gave the answer hard to Comenda, so it's not the best phone as you say you, there is no good phone market than both Apple and Samsung in top times will be Apple, HTC, Samsung. Cristi and it does not have the Nexus 4 FM Radio, which is the most important thing, when you're in the car on the mountain you do ??? If you have not 3G on tel net to listen, but what do you eat MB for radio can be built-in FM radio. Phone that does not do anything with it, it's your goal to keep it at home, you can not move it, plus it exceeded Snapdragon 800 appeared that all praises. How you gave money on such a phone and you have nothing on him, how did you do that? I thought they and you an LG or HTC One G2 something something, Nexus: P.

  5. the tutorial is good, Cristi sought to present some advantages, however Cristi phone you see if after you have found many applications installed may result if say you can install any 300; you can really see his speed, so any phone over 300 euro moves rapidly when new, and with nothing installed
    indeed has a big disadvantage as FM radio and a slot for the card, I passed from 16gb 32gb and now I am the fastest card 64gb from Samsung, I can say that I feel the difference in many aspects
    Apple related, why even give 600 or 500 euros on a phone that only 200 euros worth?

    • A large number of applications but do not require storage processor. It feels the need for order in the filesystem and seriousness higher storage management. 4 Nexus has a flash controller that supports trim on the fly, that means can clean background with no CPU load the miseries left.
      If a look at the way Android OS works, we see that the store is the "Achilles heel".
      Ineffective management system of files in a fast and precise lead to clogging of the entire system. Then the user thinks that the processor is not good enough, actually has quality storage.
      Look how it moves any OS on a fast SSD compared to a hard disk, that regardless of the processor used.
      There are things that Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, etc will not ever put on the table. They want to sell, not to do things. TRIM's absence thus far has sold very well ...

      • "A large number of applications but do not require storage processor." Cristi wrong here, there are many applications like yahoo or facebook running in the background even if they are closed, hence the various conflicts and "slowdown" of the operating system (whatever be it). a large number of applications and processes brings diverse background so you can see what and how can that telefon.probabil that any 5 years will already be 1000 phones that can run applications simultaneously without problems.
        For example TuneIn runs wirelessly with other applications such 2 make a copy of the PC in your file explorer, file 5gb a usb and simultaneously watch a movie 2gb stick with it! if you can run in the background and facebook and yahoo messenger; precisely at this time enter the menu and navigate through the phone, you notice?!?
        can develop the idea, this performance really means, I know anyway phone clean runs over 50 and 150 process or in the background, it is not without installing anything, he moves really well with propiu browser, player, etc.
        anyway what do you test it and see the difference I said, it's possible that some applications to fail (forced shutdown) see how many such applications can run simultaneously and if you do, please let me know because I want to know.
        try selecting different domains, ie one that to use the internet, other data cable, another video processor, the other ... etc

  6. Maximum appears next in 2 months same price.
    Good choice, recommend to others.

  7. A faster processor does not mean a faster phone.
    The user does not use direct processor, the processor uses software and if the software is cumbersome will move all your hard no matter what processor has.
    The shocking truth is that when it moves Nexus 4 better than S4 Galaxy or HTC One. If the two synthetic tests scores better mobile user but in hand is faster Nexus 4. Certainly TRIM implementation of JB 4.3 has a great contribution.

  8. Adrian Gudus said

    Anderson and shows a lack of information!
    The phone has no lag at all as long as you know how the Android operating system.
    Why have not noticed you (because, I repeat, do not know how the Android) is that Android knows short tap (touch short) or tap and hold (touch and hold) functions used in many applications to access various menus.
    Christ was a little confus tutorial and instead make simple tap (short tap or touch short) Notifications made there to "tap and hold" option that is touched and held long on it (which should not be done)
    As soon as Cristi and remembered that he'd actually be a short tap tap and hold option and not the operating system has done its job in an instant displaying appropriate options.
    How can you say that has no lag when well not reached the Chrome icon and it opens instantly not to mention the breathtaking speed with which he loaded our site with just a dash wireless signal.
    No comment is the first time and show us how you are misinformed.
    How can you say that you notes Galaxy Nexus is better than 4? Maybe good for you but in terms of technical specifications, the Galaxy Note is far below Nexus 4 man!
    Galaxy Note was released in September 2011 and Nexus was launched in October 4 2012. Gizas, Wake Up mane!

  9. What do you think about LG Optimus E975 G, 32GB, I want to buy Cristi What do you recommend? I shoot very good phone and is priced to 1700 lei. So ...

  10. I read in a magazine that Google has arranged a clearance sale for Nexus 4 to make room for the Nexus 5, specifically in the United States, the variant 16 GB sells and 200 $ (this means 670 lei + 300 lei = emag might sell 1000 million).
    Certainly will drop prices for Nexus 4.

  11. Cristi Hi I have a question we just bought Sony Xperia J (ST26i) and would like to know how you feel about him

  12. The gadget came with foil factory to put you put one third?

  13. Adrian nexus of what you put on it's first 4 is but has no sd card and FM radio, no phone does not have this, I'm not stupid to spend my minutes from vodafone for internet radio. They give a penny more and I sd card and radio. Yes lag daia has given both options simply tap and tap and held down daia responded quickly. In addition nexus 4 I would not ever take better take Htc One with Beats headphones and FM radio also has built-in.Nu think those who collaborate with google could not make radio and laso card hell. Better take notes 3 galaxy and is much better filming and 4k. I would not throw money on such tel nexus is old already 4 2014 go in and he's done 2012.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Not interested fm radio, listening to radio anyone? I for one do not, everyone has favorite music on the phone, made a nice playlist of your favorite songs, I'm not willing to listen to radio and listening to several minutes of advertising pieces that can do not like.
      I own a Galaxy Nexus which also has 16 GB internal memory and does not feel the need for more although we have installed a lot of applications, I made a few shots and a few pictures. I have come so far to fill the empty space although I am at the end of winter.
      If you take your smartphone to use it as a desktop PC, to store it all on your hard drive with movies, music folder then all will not reach storage. A smartphone that every object has its role. A smartphone does not replace your tablet, you place the laptop does not replace the TV, the PC desktop.
      You want movies? I do not think it's unpleasant to bunchisesti a 5 inch display to watch a movie, open your nice plasma TV or attach (if you have) on your PC and watch movies. It is much more pleasant than to bother with a smartphone!
      We, Romanians have a strange mentality when it comes to appliances, we ask too much from a device that has a completely different role. We want a tunning cheaply to give 10 million but not strumming a maid old who have motor quiet, ABS, air conditioning, wings if they want to fly with him and possibly a small kitchen instead of trunk.

      • Yes after 16gb has storage space, and after I have 11gb right? after 4 bag gb music and I am left with 7gb enough right? and after more bag and any applications 10, 5 who papa games bushy at least 500MB of internal storage and are left with no 4 gb so and what I do with 4gb 3 minutes while shooting HD or Full HD Iara went hell 500MB dintr- fire and so much remains to 2gb and what I do with 2gb want to go on vacation and 2gb what to do with them, not least so we think? That's not true zero 16gb what to do nothing than not to store pictures. Do not tell me cloud storage that do not even hear it I do not trust it.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          For me, filming 1080 from 3: 27 240 handle MB.
          I bet if you go on vacation and take your laptop with you and then, after shooting a nice laptop download and delete footage from the smartphone, as well as with photos. Anyway you put them at a time on your PC because you wanted to see big, beautiful, can do a slide show with them, but they do keep the phone on your PC or laptop, as well as with videos.
          Nothing excuses, smartphones no radio and no SD card are not as you think, so evil and sinful. You repeat, I never got to fill the internal memory although I am good uni.
          Oh, and another thing, if you want to play games invests in a console! Or buy a gaming PC Mini Android (presented by us more tutorials, it's very cheap) you to use it only for games with a joystick bluetooth leery.
          As I've said before, each device has its role.

          • Yes Adriane my car laptop for me on vacation has heard, have you thought that maybe I have the car and just go with CFR ee eh ... yes I download them when you get home PC and if you are 2 weeks what I do with 16gb? Zero 16gb not help anything, that's smartphone business to keep home or at work, so ... I do not know why you do not understand me, if I speak Turkish and if you want you talking in Turkish :)) If you have at least pff 32gb at least give you walked or 64gb but 16gb but buy it anyway.

        • Who says you have to use your smartphone to take pictures? Photo aparatre there for those so friendly and supports memory cards. In my view it is a smartphone to browse the Internet, some games boredom, talked on the phone for possibly GPS, music and pictures or filming occasionally, possibly if you want to upload them on facebook because a camera does not poti.Cum said Adrian smartphone does not mean that if you have to replace all other gadgets in the home. As radio does not seem a strong argument since most do not use if you take your radio with batteries one pocket.

          • Yes I get pocket radio as you want, let not him praise you it's not the best phone as I say all, no longer praise so yes occasionally straw then only take the phone and take a laptop 1kg and that's if you say it's a phone occasionally. Yes sure there are cameras memory card like I did not know haha. Occur a goal from HTC or whether HTC's tablets out and take one / one. If I do not take nice Apple that go very well with iOS 7 that everything appeared ready. I never give money on such a device Nexus 4 that it's not a good investment, it's just classic haha. Better give some extra money and get something from Apple that is much better than Android's. Discussion closed !!!

          • You do not take into account the value for money ... I do not think that everyone has buged for Apple Iphone 5 ... not to mention the 5s who recently appeared ... for a phone 1300-1500 ron ... is best invested ... what my ... .and in addition to Apple we have to 1300 ron?! ... ?? .. iphone 3gs already exceeded 4 generations ...

      • Coolest comment :)))) but it's perfectly true.

  14. Please, if you can, show us how we can make a custom ROM for each smartphone platform. I have a Allview a4all me and I'd like his replacement and there is little android roms for this tell.

    PS if anyone knows please anuntatima a ROM.

  15. Hello Cristi ... How cool that phone and I'm owner of a Nexus 4 of 16GB and go exceptional ... we do not comparable with anything (can S4) I have not had the opportunity to play too much on a S4 ... I expect you to make a review the charger Wireless (like we heard from you that you got one) because I want and I get my pretty ... and not know what to choose. I saw most of nokia does not work with Google Nexus 4. Thanks to subdue him healthy and telefonu (I have him for about a month)

    • S4 has moments when each block a second, unacceptable, especially as cores were pushed to the max, this happens if you are on some of crap invented by them. (Smart stay, scrool air, air shit, smart ass ....)
      And Samsung and LG are crazy about bling-bling sites with software.
      Nexus One rom 4 has 150MB and the last official notes rum has almost 600 MB, I think this says it all. Exactly how would you install Windows 7 from 10 2.4 GB instead.
      A Galaxy S4 IPS screen without so much crap software would be great.
      AMOLED screens have some small problems banding, especially in dark scenes video, accentuated the problem Exynos SOC sites. This technology is the future but now need to mature.

  16. I do not think it's a good time now 4 acquired nexus. The well is expected to officially announce the nexus 5 complete with prices and thus its price will drop significantly nexus 4.

  17. Andrey Vlad said

    Hello! Sorry to post this comment here because there is not much about the subject but I tutorial please make a tutorial on how to change the background of a video. . . in other words if I sit and talk in front of a camera and behind me you can see the sofa (for example) how can I put another imigine background video, which you can a customized according to my liking ?!
    Thank you in advance !!

  18. I bought my HTC One
    but if ZTE was the best of the RCS.

    • Htc One is a gorgeous and powerful phone, unfortunately Nexus 4 was more balanced performance and price and so I winked.
      The comparison between ZTE and HTC One can not be done are in another league. ZTE has not said anything yet to overcome the HTC One. If you mean the price, ZTE sure is tempting.

      • Cristi, I am referring to ZTE 101. A phone that I use just to talk. Hello, yes good bye. Water them with HTC One is a waste of time. I sleep at night 2, I bought applications that not much I can do with them, etc.

        Until now that is interesting to me is an Android phone app Splashtop. Seeking a job application on the remote site I found the tutorial made by Cristi about Splashtop. I installed it, I bought it and I Porm play the Windows version running bluray movie deja vu, VC-1 at 25Mbps. I could watch the movie on your phone without having to convert the file using the phone and the router 802.11ac. Due to advertising that you did it to Emag in a previous tutorial, today I bought from Emag two SSDs. 840 Raidr PRO Series and Asus Express. Both SSDs to each 240GB each. I wanted to ask about a referral forum about SSDs but when I saw that there are some contradictory that you've got your Nexus 4 performance and not to see girlfriend and friends, I have not asked anything. I used GIYF and I chose what I think I need to use your usenet, QuickPar and Winrar.

        a question, how do I disable Internet Explorer 11 option to see highlighted words? will that change the words as I write like an old phone that used for SMS option T9.

  19. why only only Samsung, HTC, LG. Lenovo a820 a quad core to what has 840 ron? A firm and not have to cost about 2000 of roni certainly good.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Not what this is about. Me and my colleague are more technical people passionate about IT and we want some device's with a rich development. Unfortunately Lenovo enjoys a vast territory ROMs and magnificent as enjoy Nexus devices in range.
      Range Nexus is the most flexible platform currently with Samsung, if you are fond of Android customization, tricks, rum sites then you will not fail and you will not get bored very quickly a smartphone Nexus or Samsung (even and Samsung, but some models are popular among developers)
      If you want to be first (as we want) that receives the latest version of Android directly from Google without blotware and other crap meant to you kneel smartphone then choose Nexus will always run Android-Pure (AOSP)
      That's the mistake that make it very moving users buy their unpopular models for which there is little interest from developers but then they claim they can do and what others can do with the Nexus or S2, S3 times S4. That is not possible, you get what you buy! Did you get a low end device with 512 800 MHz RAM and processor? Then it sucks, you can not stay in step with the "fashion" regarding past applications and tweaks that are able to make them owners 4 Nexus, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2 or S3. I will pray to the Holy Virgin Mary to deliver your Lenovo (the holy expected) an update to the latest version of Android, which often does not happen!
      Worth to buy a low end device Galaxy Gio kind or another noname if you're not interested to run the "ultimate vantage" in terms of operating system, if you're not interested in root customization of custom ROMs.
      Facebook received hundreds of messages from users who have taken all kinds of cheap tablets whose name I've heard in my life and they claim to do what others do with a Galaxy Tab or Nexus 7. Unfortunately each device is unique and if a community does not shake hands to build or port "tricks" possible traces brands that Android's path, then you stick with what you get!

    • adi, Lenovo is a good company but not bring their products through Romania. I remember years past when we receive info on email about the first smart phones were Motorola, LG and Lenovo. I I bought the Lenovo IdeaCentre A730. The screen is touch, too bad you do not work through the HDMI port to connect your phone can be used directly on the screen 27inc.

  20. "Better make some extra money and get something from Apple that is much better than Android's. Locked! '"

    Give me safe, get like that has card slot and radio :)) I do not see that you contradict yourself?

    • If you are interested take 64gb or 128gb DA ahaha what to say and you neighbor talking. And if you want to know do not take it outside of Romania, and take a lot cheaper, but I know that the card has no need to explain that you know better what to do. Poems dastea heard a lot you do not know you for you. I see that answer questions that you know, you do not know and will give leading experts.
      PS: I asked myself the question earlier a bitter differences between Quad-Core A5-A7-A9 and A15 there a tutorial so informative, but if you do not read, read all comm say that, I do not.

      • Good and radio you do?

        • With radio and listening to music and I listen to one another news, jokes, etc. Without radio's like your chicken to play non-stop music and me the same bores me, and ask daia radio and still say, and you want to listen eg Radio ZU, ProFM something as you listen to? or even if you're somewhere on the mountain and there you do not have to listen online net as you do? you think you are to fill your songs ... When you know that nothing you do indeed use netul phone and listen, but where you can listen to radio frequency why not listen to boo and not consumer MB on the radio, maybe that and I use them occasionally for facebook so you do not have wi-fi net. And I do not stand to bag ECO songs tel me muddle, a story of where you want them, a weather condition.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            For your smartphones have short strip (I hope you know what I mean when I say short tape)
            I had enough smartphones with fm radio and you are hereby notified that you could hear a post flawlessly only if you were in a very populated area (urban area or meaning your on / city) Once out of town and you headphones listening to radio, you'll have an experience very eplacuta so if you plan to go in eggplant mountain, I'm afraid your smartphone (whatever it is) with radio fm will let pond and will show impotence.
            Have not you wondered why many manufacturers are beginning to drop slightly easier on the radio fm? It does not pay! The radio is a marketing begin to take increasingly less to the world.
            As I said above, a radio is a radio and a smartphone is a smartphone with different directions each. Sure, the market there will always be "miracles" that will promise they can do everything but in all promised only a few will be really good!

          • I refer to the fact that although you were very surprised that there's no radio nexus of apple does not say anything even if he does not. About what you say is absurd if you're somewhere in the mountains and you have no signal / mobile internet, few chances to catch and fm radio.
            I do not deny the usefulness of a radio but in this case does not seem an important criterion in choosing a smartphone.

          • Well I did not say anything Apple because yes I know it does not have radio fm whatever it tel / tab but I know that giving extra money and we storage even if we fm radio, a 32 / 64 / 128gb deserve but 16gb and not filled in 3 minutes extra quality makes Apple when it comes to iOS, iOS is I saw a friend moves extraordinarily quickly to any application, any game, any settings all. Nexus when it comes to Android are not happy with the performance of a tab has a certain score, another has another, and so on, and we have already started about bypass lately Android software for that one as it FREE but is perfectly integrated perfectly like iOS, iOS've seen on any device and works perfectly only mention Apple MacOS PC dedicated seen and moves without any "abstinence", clicked on Facebook for example. immediately opened to iOS, Android stand after picture appears black banner appears after Dabei FB and FB appears completely initialized. Android's has to learn a lot to get to the performance of Apple.
            PS: By the way when are you tutorials on Hackintosh were ready were those tutorials?

  21. Christ, what studies rely when asked, "listen to radio anyone?" So I see you the Cosmo you recommend us to purchase a separate battery-powered radio. Cosmo ever been on the mountain when he said "" is absurd if you're somewhere in the mountains and did not signal / mobile internet, few chances to catch and FM radio. " God forbid you're doing if you're under the rubble in a disaster (earthquake)? Listen to music from your phone or get interesting if the survivors and rescuers look at the block where you're sequestered. You say "Nexus 4 moves better than Galaxy or HTC S4 One". I say you do not believe in that emanated Emag aberration in order to get rid of the stock Nexus 4. This phone does not support expansion of storage capacity by SD card. I use this phone if Emag would give me free but to stick on it and bills of 100 lei. But naaaa, "Each commodity has its bad" as my grandmother said 90 years. I forgot to say that this phone back cover is made of glass and thus to escape from hand phone pooc! tanadari is

    • Good "Santa" if you go Nexus 4 lightning on me one 'I do not care, do not waste my money on tel guy who I do not give confidence if it and see how it starts to show lags after a few games bushy installed and gives his spirit, and after I have to do reset factory and so, let each with his opinion who wants to take Nexus 4 already is old there's a little appears 5 with Snapdragon 600 or 800 after ala look it's the oldest and he comes with a screen much better than Nexus 4 after you look at it it's old and it did change how the P500 and Adrian took P500 Nexus that was old. Better get something on iOS consuming and less as Android's and ready pietenu mine has iPAD 4 and have 75% battery and listen to music, made mutitasking and tot75% have battery if they take a tab of Android in 3 hours is already 30% battery. If I had to pick something IPAD take 5 when it occurs. Only take anything from Android as not worth giving money, but worth every penny after.

      • Zippy the Chimp Anderson! You dereptate perfect, you better get something on iOS for-like, consume less, provided you do not remove it from the box, just like once a year, not below 75% battery. As your friend with iPAD 4, I can tell you that I saw with my own eyes how he beat nails and battery still have to 75%, even if previously has two tires inflated with him, scooter service while listening to music, watch a sexy hologram screen and cut firewood, model Woodcutter-Supe-soups-gorilla-glass, electric generator beech wood specifically for the iPAD 4 battery ... and if something else on iOS. For this latter I am not so sure, that still have battery-over 500% and NOx levels still low in maximum signal-load while towing two logs with it.
        These are tools Tool Man, you guys all a bullshit people with Nexus 4, 15, 12, 7 the mother of the nexus. It knows how to cut wood, to break nuts, make pancakes and wash. As the battery!?, Do not stay 500% 200 days no incarct scale, as those of you know us, are always more than 75% ... !!!! peasants Sir, I know these guys

        • Let that already start talking only fooling me her me to "not get it out of the box than once a year" let's be serious, you talk if you can not see yourself the nexus Your there not to make brick mistake: D, telling me 500% of battery you do not see her as an unpaved road, you do not look you write as you type just stupid. Alas I have seen this people, you tell them the truth or reason they are trying to say that ladies see "you know nothing, you are not documented" so they say nothing to learn. Login all "1 meter below the knob" and her talk show off. Daia all VIPs have iPhone and iPad do not's best boo, go with Android site that is full of malware you stick antivirus some apps look like they have viruses and all the blocks smartphone, daia iOS works very fine and is bought at least 80% of the world of Android and it kinda goes around the world. I still iOS Dabei expect iPAD 5 as I and got neither me watch Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, to take who wants, I go into the hands of Steve Jobs, he made iOS only discovered reading and all Android site has still learned a lot.

          • Halal argument :)) VIPs are atehnice and most people just choose to design it anyway in america majority iphone / iDevice sites, it's not fashion buys for how good it is.
            Jobs to be honest I do not think even wrote a line of code to any version of iOS.

            Stick to your iphone that you worship desperately but you do not have it I guess.

    • Yes I was in the mountains and I can tell you that in areas where there is no signal nuu manage to catch FM radio, especially with the phone, but perhaps you do not know the difference between AM and FM.
      If you are trapped under rubble to be honest, do you really think you'll have headphones you can connect to them on the phone? Besides helping you anyway just listen if rescuers come or not your block. Ideally, you should call the phone 112 if all you genius! But what to ask, apple users who find it as android creaky, but do not see that ios android 7 begin copying. As idevice sites is natural to be a tad more stable since they are few, while the android are thousands / tens of thousands, it is difficult to optimize an operating system for all.
      As comparison s4 / htc nexus one and Cristi referred to the fact that it moves more easily because the nexus android comes not all unnecessary applications from Samsung, plus it's also cheaper. It is natural to be better performing s4 since appeared after nexus 4 and is more expensive, not thinking and not affirm ass shit. Just because you like Apple has versions of gb 32 64 and although it is much more limited than an android device and more expensive? very well stick with apple

      • Under the rubble of the plurality of positions, there is a likelihood of catching and listen to a radio station to a phone that does not require helmets (I have a Nokia dual sim X2) but can not catch 112 due to lack of signal. Who is the genius?

  22. Roberjumbo said

    And I'd winks nexus 4 but I seem to have small screen, I got a note 1 I do not think I'd like a screen 4,7 if nexus 5 would 5 inches maybe I would but I'd rather take one 5,7 - 6 inches. Congratulations tutorial, very well done.

    • I believe you do not know what you're saying, before you buy a phone with big screen so it's good to see him and then to make the acquisition.
      4 can say that Nexus is big enough even for me, Galaxy Note owner for two years.
      Unless you have very large hands, you do not even think about the larger screens of 4,5 or 5 inch. Simply are uncomfortable.

  23. I got a Nexus 4 just do not find it Slimport HDMI. I found a company but it does not have it. He is just "advertising". Where can I find here in Romania this slimport?

  24. Hello Cristi! I am new to android and I confruntcu owner problem: I have a lg 4xhd with jelibean 4.1.2 do not break the online video buffering on youtube nor practically to any videos online .. on ios do if I pause it .. tinetio thank you and so on!

  25. I tend to disagree with you own a Galaxy Nexus and lam jegosii taken from Vodafone, and is locked to Vodafone.

  26. Hi, can you tell me what you think of this app?

  27. Hello Cristi at NEXUS 4 possible to change the battery anyway 3ani take over 4-consuming and working out like a new one ... for eg. over the years read will want to sell it so then the battery is important to be good ...???

  28. What's cheaper-_-. prieteneee, we get tired much your profitability?, low-cost, mobile to cheat, it's just a dream for most visitors here.

  29. a tutorial on how to install Android on LG nexus4.4.2 4 KitKat do not Cristi? Thanks much and happy holidays!

  30. 4 own this nexus came with android 4.4.2 and also more problems.
    Restarts suddenly, sometimes without calling to ask her that, and another great dissatisfaction related ese using Skype. After maximum 10 min phone goes off, problems with microphone conversation almost forgot ......... aaa and battery (you day half the average use (not button all day and all sorts of stuff turned on it).
    I read on the forums .... etc etc, including those from google confirmed some causal crashuri find the software (do not deny that in the future with some updates to solve these problems).
    Personally I am a prairie ff good, I will definitely return. I did mention that reset factors and the problems remained the same
    I appreciate your tutorials, I can say that my phone has left a good impression (except those mentioned), have other smartphones do not believe that to some as rambling in my comment.

  31. Cristi would like more tutorial about various tests 4 nexus battery and other drawbacks to this phone ajunsuri

  32. I do not know what to say. Who to listen to: the Christ who is in the IT field for some time and knows what he's talking or peasants who heard her, aifon, from vecinu rich guy who shoved cable? Choosing everyone.
    Not take into account Cristi, you rock!

  33. Dragonu said

    Cristi hello ... I have a nexus 4 8 Gb version .. you know how to increase the memory.? but without the cup as Dropbox, etc. G Drive. I heard it is a method that wonder ... if you can help me do any reviews on this topic.

  34. Hello Cristi.Iti seek help with advice. I got a Nexus 4 and suddenly capacitive buttons at the bottom of atelefonului does not work (dead) .Culmea is that if you put the device as a land translate these buttons on the right side of the phone and it works perfectly. I ransacked netul after a solution ... I am in a fog. Pretty please, turn to understanding and documenting your daily and give me some advice. Thanks and I responded.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You did root, what applications you installed last?
      In your place I would give factory reset or reflas-ui rom the stock. There is already tutorial about it. You find using the search box top right. You writing: return to stock the Nexus, press the Enter key and you'll find tutorial


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