10 new Windows Presentation Technical Preview

Hey friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the new Windows 10 found currently in Technical Preview stage or a stage that Romanian Windows 10 is in development and testing is offered for enthusiasts and technical people that they help Microsoft bring the operating system in a final stage for consumers.
For windows and 8 8.1 not enjoyed so successful as expected Microsoft, it decided to develop a new operating system called Windows 10. A new operating system that aims to unite the two interfaces Modern desktop and Metro UI or IU in one. Although Windows 8 8.1 and there was nothing wrong in terms of performance and functionality, Microsoft realized that two different interfaces (desktop and Metro UI or Modern UI) do nothing but confuse ordinary users.
In windows 8 8.1 and run an application when you were thrown Desktop Desktop interface when running a Metro UI app or Modern UI through a transition effect, were quickly switched into another interface designed for that environment.
Windows 10 has proposed to eliminate this confusion and bring both environments (Desktop and Metro or Modern UI) into one. Also for Windows 10 brings back and old Windows Start menu 7 with minor changes but with the same design features.
Another very useful new 10 is introduced in Windows Task switcher and ability to add virtual desktops as we can do on Linux for a long time.
So far, in previous versions of Windows virtual desktops could get unless you install third-party applications, however, nothing compares to a native.
In the end remind you that Windows 10 ese in Technical Preview stage and it is recommended that it be used as the main operating system for everyday computer use. The final version is to be Lanza Windows 10 in late spring or summer 2015 if you want to test this version you can do so by going to http://windows.microsoft.com/ro-ro/windows/preview
You can test Windows 10 Technical Preview in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox or VMware Player as mentioned in our tutorials on this subject which you can find using the search box at the top right of our website or if you have a computer / laptop to test Windows 10 can download the ISO image and then you can make a bootable DVD or USB stick with this proceeding in the same way as Windows 7, windows or 8 8.1

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  1. This is more a preview windows windows 8.1.2

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Apparently / visual seams like those from Microsoft say that it's a new system built from the bottom to the top designed to ease developers' work and the emphasis is on integration with the cloud and the Enterprise

    • Or rather Windows 8.2…

  2. Alin Lucian said

    Hello Adrian.
    I have a question that I posted in the tutorial "All original versions of Windows 7 and 8 for download". If somehow you have time to read it, because I don't want to post it here in vain, please answer me from the bottom of my heart, if something can be done or not.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Chearu Marco-Cristian said

    After being given the Vista bar and then managed to Windows7 now after 8 10 with them it will be perfectly safe.

  4. Costelina said

    super this Windows
    what I'd like it ===== I wish that when the desktop appears press start when installed software list (and base) and appear near the Modern UI (Metro), is to be able to detach list those
    the Modern UI (Metro) separately and therefore always remain my desktop (of course can be
    and resized or half screen or smaller) desktop so I displayed in real time
    all apps sites, as was the Windows Vista desktop that bar time clock etc but can
    be moved and resized
    if the final version will be integrated in Windows so it would be very hard as far (as now)
    the best operating system
    thanks Adrian

    • Costelina said

      and another thing
      do not know why in Windows and Windows 8 8.1 pray to quit were replaced themes in Windows 7
      especially Aero (transparent) was great finesse, she was very beautiful
      I want to be integrated back would be great

  5. Hello, I've installed this build 9841 goes well, quickly can I say, I have problems with my drivers or programs. But the biggest problem I have with connecting to the internet rds. This morning was failing. After starting: Error 813 yellow, I started a second attempt to connect, they first run. His first stop and try again. NOT GO ANY HOW !!!. Nor 8.1 8.1.1 and I connect automatically, as in windows and 7 8. But at least I can connect manually. Now write the 8 that even after one day, I had to uninstall the windows 10. Waiting for the final version, but I much fear that any of that will not get lucky, and you have to buy a router.
    A good day.

    • Make a BAT file extension that said this:
      rasdial [network name] [RDS username] [password RDS]
      Of course, without brackets and put it in the Startup folder. You will automatically connect.

      • @Paul B, thanks for the advice, I tried it more and it didn't work. I did it now in several ways: rds, rcs-rds, rds.ro… but that's what happens with this .bat, that the wide stripe appears on the right, where you still have to click on broadband connection, connect and then connects. I also did a shortcut in the startup, but not like that. From many comments I read, I deduced that not all rds subscribers have this problem. " Only those with fiber ”was answered from the rds operator.?!?. It seems to be missing for we or something explains the face, the part with dial up where you can check Connect Automatically.

  6. I hope even optimize it so well that bit version 64 to need 1GB Ram and have support drivers for Win 7 created.

  7. By the way, where is Crotana?

  8. It seems like windows is also a mongrel 10 every moment with a choice between Desktop and Metro modes or Modern UI.
    Much better would have been if they could choose only one way, and only if you want to work in / with both.
    Otherwise it seems that there are many problems (problems that were not w7 the preview has been welcomed by users).

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It seems that you have not understood the presentation, by default, after installation go straight Desktop interface when run Metro applications run them all Desktop interface. Do you have a single working environment (Desktop) and common applications that run modern applications and UI. As stated in the presentation, you can activate only if you like how Metro (or the Windows Start page and 8 8.1)

  9. "The tree of praise do not go with big sack" (the tree being praised Microsoft)

    • I'm curious why you'd want you to have the new Windows 10 the final release. Stuff you need and you do not already have Windows.

      • Nea Cismaru them away from me the thought of quarrel. 1- looks like a kindergarten play. 2-To be made a little effort, even as those from Ubuntu, and have made an installer multilincv. (But not "oha" with 4sau 5 languages) Even if it were a novelty. Otherwise much "blah, blah". As counselors had. (Sorry, counselors).

    • Costelina said

      Get your yourself a decent PC; not a bag and see that there's nothing Microsoft boasted tree
      Well if you stay with some flea 300 years how to run new software.
      you know that word neither new wine in old bellows - nor old wine in new bellows
      all make sense

  10. Michael T. said

    Hello Cristi, if you have Palit GTX 560 can do a tutorial on how to change thermal compound?

    Thank you

    • Unfortunately I do not own the video card.
      Regarding the case, my advice is to not change the thermal compound will not have any effect. Thermal paste does not hurt anymore.
      The problem is with the power and cooler design. If you have good source, VRM sites on the video card will overload and ultimately will warm every time there is demand (gaming, video, CAD, etc.). Another problem is the design of cooler, which can not dissipate heat outside the enclosure, combining this with a poorly ventilated housing, you'll get a shell in which you can cook pizza.

      • Michael T. said

        As a source I have a Sirtec of 500w, the case is a Master Cooler elite 372 with 4 winds on it, one that beats directly in the video card…
        However, the board still reaches 74 degrees in games…
        I would like to invest in a new board and not to attach a cooler 200 ron would not want.

        I might be able to do something in this case?

        • It's normal to get hot when you play, watch HD movies - BluRay… etc. For me, the video card does not fall below 40 degrees in idle even in winter, in summer it stays at 50 degrees idle - 75 - 80 in range. What, do you want it to be 20 degrees when you play? The more it is required, the more it heats up. One is to play CS 1.6 and another is to play TitanFall or Crysis (graphics games).

  11. Cipriiulian98 said

    Very loud

  12. Daniel Maxim said

    I tried to install and I Tehnical Preview this but I hit the following problem:
    'You cannot install Windows Technical Preview because your processor does not support NX.'
    I came to find out more details here:
    Windows 8.1
    If you want to run Windows 8.1 on your PC, here's what it takes:
    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2 (more info)
    RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
    Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
    Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX graphics device with WDDM driver 9
    I couldn't set the bios "NX", the processor is an intel pentium b960. So I understood from all this that I can't run this Technical Preview, because I don't meet the necessary conditions to run Windows 8.1, although so far I had it installed and it moved quite well. What would be the solution?

  13. View Product said

    Good thing Microsoft's minds came to mind. They put too much emphasis on the touch interface with windows 8 and 8.1. Removing the start button was a big nonsense. Honestly, I don't really remember when I last used that "sugar" interface called metro or modern ui. I put classic shell and ready. However, it is not normal to install a third party application to regain functionality that should normally have existed by default. The home button is simply more practical and faster than that modern interface when looking for an already installed application. As for the applications specially designed for modern ui, such as weather, internet explorer, music, photos, reader, sports, etc., I really don't see the point. If I want to see the weather I open a firefox or a google chrome and look for a site like this… I'm a bunch. The same goes for "sports". Internet explorer for the touch interface leaves me cold… I don't have a touch screen. Music, photos, reader do not make sense because I have enough equivalent applications in the desktop interface.
    Suppose I had a monitor with a touch interface on my desktop. Honestly, I wouldn't really see its usefulness. Sitting with my hands on the monitor all day would be quite awkward. There are many things that are done faster with the mouse and keyboard. Let's say a touch-screen display would be more useful for a laptop. But even in this case I do not know how many users would change their way of working in such a way as to spend more time with their hands on the screen than to use the mouse and keyboard.
    Speaking of tablets, smartphones is a different fish dishes. As pop-up windows that 10 that relates to hybrid laptop when the keyboard is removed or added, is welcome.

    Ideal for windows 8 were to be dedicated ISO images specially designed for each device separately. For desktops and laptops (without touch), Windows 8 not be built on modern interface ui. For the architecture x86 tablets or laptops x64 or hybrid, or any other device with touch, windows 8 be as it is now.

    Through windows 10, microsoft is trying to reconcile both goat and cabbage. It will probably be a success. That's how it is at Microsoft… a popular operating system, another unpopular, one hot, another cold.

    As for the "Fast Startup" option, I think it should exist, but be inactive by default in windows 10. This option, although it considerably shortens the boot time, it generates long-term errors. Especially when there are many third party applications installed on that computer. For example, when I had windows 8 and the "Fast Startup" option was enabled, sometimes the operating system remained locked at startup, just before the desktop appeared on the screen. When I installed windows 8.1 and the "Fast Startup" option was activated, sometimes at shut down, the computer crashed in the shutdown phase and so remained… in a stage without any response. I had to force the shutdown by using the source button or holding down the power button for a few seconds. For example, if I deactivated avast antivirus until restart, shut down the pc ("Fast Startup" option activated), and after some time I started the pc, avast remained in exactly the same state… that is deactivated, it had to be activated manually. For example, if you have a dual boot with a linux distribution (linux lies in my case), then there are small things when it comes to mounting a partition in windows. That partition is considered to be in a hibernation stage.

    • Costelina said

      like to write
      have argued something good there; but you forget one basic thing (which is basically Microsoft)
      Windows 8, 8.1 are designed to run on any device (whether it is or not the touch screen
      s desktop; tablet; laptop; phone)

      • Costelina said

        and for carcotasii who say Lord spying:
        you are offered a free operating system tray which is still in testing (their work)
        Now if you are passionate about IT and want to test you try, you like to choose what suits you
        you agree to the terms and conditions or
        choose (as in MATRIX

  14. With the new interface (referring to the division of the desktop into 4 windows and virtual desktops) they copied KDE from linux, how original

  15. Bullfight said

    The question is: What gives you Windows and offers the Windows 7 8; 8.1; 10.Daca Windows 7 works perfectly on any decent system, why put my Windows to advertise a product touchscreen.Daca logic someone sees us her share and noua.Multumesc!

    • If you try a Windows tablet and you immediately realize that Windows 8 or 8.1 is a natural choice.
      Windows 8 bua's collaboration with UEFI and can have a much faster start.
      Windows 8 / 8.1 know to run from a SSD better.
      Windows 8 / 8.1 running fluent on weaker hardware. I've done it to go well with 4 pentium512 You ddr1 and graphics very old Windows 7 impossible thing.
      There are many technical reasons that make Windows 8 a step higher than 7.
      Windows users are generally very conservative, tend to reject new deployments. Vs XP vs Vista or 7 8 are clear examples.
      ROMAN get the wrong idea about their Windows systems because it uses illegally downloaded versions unstable versions are stuffed with cracks that do not run as clean versions, users liceente use preinstalled versions of laptop manufacturer that is armored with bloatware.

      • Cristian Cismaru will run Windows 8 / 8.1 now running Windows Home Premium 7 X86 on:
        - AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+
        - 1 Gb DDR2 RAM
        - ATI Radeon X1050
        Waiting for a response from you!

        • For that right?
          Cristi says above: 'Windows 8 / 8.1 runs smoothly and on weaker hardware. I made it work well on pentium4 with 512 ddr1 and very old Ati graphics, impossible with Windows 7. ”
          Besides I did run on a PC with AMD Sempron 1100, 1GB RAM and ATI Radeon x1550.

          • Alex On the configuration that you run how it behaves? Do you think it will run much better on such a configuration to Windows 7?

          • Corneliu said

            I do not know how you did it go, I on a Dell (P IV, 2ghz 2 gb ddr ram and did not want to install, say a processor should have know not ,,, cells).

          • Corneliu said

            By the way, on the same laptop, runs good win f Scores 7. What upsets me, I can not find the original driver for the video card.

    • Windows 7's best king ever created by Microsoft for desktop performance for the king, in professional games gaming xp his time

  16. Inspector Gadget said

    And install Windows 10 and quit Windows 8.1 you advise me?

    • I advise you to test it first in a virtual machine or dual boot to see if you thank the state is now. To see if you encounter errors, how serious are etc. This is only a test version on enthusiasts to test and give feedback to Microsoft about some eroro and what should be improved

  17. Greuceanu said

    Anyone read the news on that new Windows 10 TP, has an integrated keylogger that monitors all computer activity about having access to all data including cam webcam?
    And all this achieved by ticking agree to terms and conditions of installation!
    Hard not ?!

    • Greuceanu said
    • Adrian Gudus said

      Stop listening to all the "news" written by the "enlightened minds" who do not know the difference between a final version and a very immature system that is NOT in the final stage but in a very early stage of development.
      You must understand that this system is not for everyone in the stage where it is at present.
      For sistemu is in a phase of development is entirely normal and natural for such software exist that the company can produce as any problems can measure how they use most of the computer users know where to repair, that at improving the what to remove, what to add.
      Did you know that fixed the same thing happens with you and all when browsing the internet? Administrators of any site you know your IP, the browser you use, the resolution of the monitor, you click on what operating system you use, whether it's on or 32 64 bit, you stay on site, sit as an article of what city / region you are, what you internet provider
      Not everything that is written on Arenas's material quality, accurate information. I think it is so easy to develop an operating system?
      In short: Microsoft to make a better system, which you love, you have to know how you use it, how, what, why

      • Greuceanu said

        I just asked a question, and I have read the conditions for installation of a final version of such terms.
        Of course there are other sites that do the same thing, I never doubted not, but that does nothing warms me knowing that Microsoft may access my data including some strictly confidential, that can easily misused in optimal development name their operating system.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Windows 10 Technical Preview is NOT the final phase!

          • Greuceanu said

            Totally agree!
            What relevantta has ?? Now test new Technical Preview version, this means that now we can spy the abuse of those date.Stiu, you tell me that our risk is not a final version, but I continue to say there is normal.
            I am part of those who hold to intimmitate and confidentiality and are not part of inapoiatii who say we can spy computer, cell phone, etc., so long as you did not do anything wrong that I find a theory called life idioata.Se personal, private and confidential data that is in this way that is intimate and confidential and not be made pubilce or known by others (without being illegal things).
            I hope I make myself clear!

          • Greuceanu said

            And what is the relevance? Simply obey test if you knowingly risk to your personal and confidential data be read by Microsoft, which is very bad!

        • What does it mean to you strictly condidentiale data.
          I'm thinking that working at SRI and you thought it clears all working archive system partition.
          This version is not final and can easily install it in virtual, so get rid of all the paranoia.
          However, on the Windows team 10 not interested in anything other than how their system works on varied hardware and various users.
          Believe me, among other companies, Microsoft is really common sense when it comes to collecting personal data from users.

          • Greuceanu said

            Virtual machine is really only convenient solution, but just the idea that a typical installation anyone can access my personal information I find unacceptable even if it's a brand seriously as it really is Microsoft.

  18. Hello, Cristian and Adrian, I can lamurii and me with a problem please?? Can I use the same Windows license on multiple computers with the same windows? Please, help me.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If one OEM license is not. Most likely you have an OEM license if you found it written on the stickers on the back of your laptop.

  19. Active News said

    Very helpful tutorials!

  20. Sorin The configuration that I run was fine, we had a problem. I think it was just a little nimble as 7. I do not know how well you run on your configuration (which is very similar to mine). It depends on the expectations you have. I can only tell you that in the worst case will run exactly as 7 but not below.
    Corneliu, I put on a stick I entered the BIOS I set the boot path and then follow the wizard. What does exactly that error when you appear?

    • Alex, what version of Win 8.1 (Core or Pro) would run better on such configuration?

      • I used Windows 8.1 Enterprise trial version on Technet. But logic tells me that for a computer weaker version indicated as Core if you're willing to give up BitLocker and Remote Desktop

  21. Before installing Windows 10 Technical Preview read well agree to terms and conditions.

  22. I installed this version and so far I'm doing very well, no errors, responds well to commands, the internet is moving fast ..:

  23. Cristi Hi Adrian, I would be grateful if you could help me understand ceva.Am from a previous comment that Dell, Asus, Acer, Gigabyte etc. are OEM brands, but QUESTION is whether these firms can call it that are only laptops and computers ??? or ?? I saw some right there when I click on my computer and properties appears somewhere right company said in June, but nothing appears to me, I want to know why ?? I must say once again that I do not laptop.Si next computer you can use Fields is the same Windows license on multiple computers with same-simultaneous windows ?? like I said I would be grateful if you would answer me ?? Thanks

    • Most manufacturers list you only produce laptops. Like Dell assembles and PCs, and Gigabyte motherboards do.
      As explained in a previous comment Adrian license for Windows comes preinstalled on laptops called OEM license. You if you have a PC that came with Windows preinstalled there is sense to not have the emblem of the manufacturer in My Computer
      OEM license can only be used on the same laptop on the same version of Windows that came. If you buy a retail license you can use on a single PC. You can use it on another PC if you remove Windows from the first. At least that I understand the terms of the Microsoft EULA for Windows

  24. Careful!
    It has a built-keylogger!
    Read good acceptance of the terms and conditions!

    • I can not help but say ESIT dust keylog cica =)) does not have one original micirosoft no operating system has. is written in terms and conditions is different and that you spying or however else collects information about. yes no steal your passwords or accounts

      • Greuceanu said

        Dude you're more dust, it says clearly that you type you have access to webcam etc, so it is very easy and to listen and collect data easily.
        It remains only to trust in fairness to Microsoft, but I did not I would not count on it, or you are running only in a virtual machine!

  25. Hello! I watched with pleasure videotutorialul this, I learned more about the win 10
    (Last used windows me is win 7) and I have a problem. I went to Start / PC
    -setings / Pc and devices / PC info and I changed the PC name. I was asked to restart,
    and when he returned to the user name that the min 23.54 I put my password and not a
    recognize. To get into the Windows password 10 after bag and I write that user dissatisfaction
    and the password are wrong I click on ok, I left user picture appears
    arrow and then I click on it I see two identical pictures user and I
    should I click on the first left to bag my password then Windows starts
    My .Intrebarea: What should I do / I set so I can get in windows like the first
    time? I mean do not each time the steps above.
    Ps: -I installed Windows from scratch as 10 mainly C after formatting. Thanks

  26. Greuceanu - if you have the impression that only installing windows 10 sees you bill gates you are wrong, bitter but very bitter. There are guys who enter your godmother severely and in your PC aren't you? You're kidding. I'm very afraid that one night they will rape me , not that I don't see what I have in the pc. with an update it solved you, or one above average for pc knowledge, it also takes your monitor from the table. stay gentle. once you type a letter on the goagal, you are theirs, you know who. we, some, live with the impression that a firewall and an antivirus is ok, yes but not for them. sleep peacefully and watch over us.

    • Greuceanu said

      You're right, except that in this case it's kind girl!

    • You're absolutely right as long as you have an active connection is virtually impossible not to be able to walk in calc.Dar you fear not, for we do not have the drak steal, steal from the poor it on us? You leave without antivirus and still not complicate anyone to steal my data on it.

  27. Current stealing and stalling

  28. I can put in dual boot with Windows 8.1? Thanks

  29. The final version will be released only at the end of 2015. I hope it will be as the world expects. The "this pc" thing needs to be changed to "computer" (in my opinion).

  30. I tried it only appears there after you install Windows 8 10 not proffesional and would be ok only I had sound and the manufacturer's website is not driver for windows 8: ((
    Maybe later when they will be available more drivers and applications for it will be better than Windows 7 but for now she'll pass :))

  31. I use win 10 3 weeks about the main operating system and I like how running has enough good parts but small gaps that are likely to be resolved. I wish I had that win 7 Romanian language and can not wait to show the final version.

  32. HELLO please help me out I have a big problem I can not solve. When I want to install Windows-7 APPEARS ON PC REAL INI EMS ENABLED WINDOWS SETUP HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM thanks.

  33. Are you deleting your previous version of windows? Please answer….

  34. Hello,
    I followed the steps for download that videotutorial and I can not install, it asks inset write CD and brown when I give the call for installation. Someone tell me what happens?
    Thank you

    • Wait. Where you try to install the operating system? On a real PC or a virtual machine? If you want to install it on a real PC after you downloaded the ISO image must put it on a DVD or USB stick as shown in this Then enter tutorial DVD / USB into the computer and follow the installation steps here
      If you try to install it in a virtual machine must mount the ISO image as here or here

  35. To help Microsoft to make profits of billions of dollars that have not arrived though as I have gained so acum.Pai not see that releasing new operating systems in a short time practically forces you to change the computer? And to think that I the calc. win xp and some laugh mine.Plus that are software that do not work either Drake superior.De me a saint can not see them 5000 launch systems a year.

  36. George said

    make a tutorial preview Build Windows 10 10074 insider that is newer see what's new or corrected what bugs etc.

  37. George said
  38. Daniel Radu said

    I'd like a tutorial showing how to delete messages from my friend on my copy facebook.NU His children

  39. Hi Adrian,
    I hit 3 problems in my attempt to test Windows Tehnical Preview:
    1. to boot off the stick I met an error, something that Sitem not find partitions or could not upload them [I could not get over it]
    2. installing from a DVD I stuck to the end [when there is just a moment] pt. it took a lot. Well after reset the Windows button to open ok.
    3. how to solve problem x the network? [I hit this thing and w8 and w8.1 and although network driver seemed ok I had recognized net access.

  40. Hello! Mi.am installed a few wks ago i.am final 10 did all windows and installed tote update.urile available drivers and are very pleased with how it goes. The problem is: I installed FIFA 2015 and fail sa.l open (this issue we intalnit.o and other programs / games on a Windows 8.1) Is it the fault of the updates made by Microsoft that blocks me pirated software or my PC?

  41. I have a problem with the functioning of a laptotp ASUS x550ldv after you install Windows 10 Enterprise, watch very long tutorials on this site, we and sought something about my problem, but nothing, so I ask myself, telling myself someone who is buba: Install Windows 10 Ex64, all well and good, and installs and drivers via the Internet (I tried with drivers downloaded / saved and installed manually from the ASUS website, but the problem appears to close the laptop, I stay on lights Wi-Fi / battery (that's not the problem, I indicate that I put the charger) and light is shown by the shape of a bulb, this problem happens balanced, ie, once closes normal and perfect and those LEDs are extinguished, another time closes the laptop, but those lights stay on, does anybody know why ?!

  42. hello I want to change Windows 7 and I think I clicked somewhere wrong and show me some ems enabled windows can not do anything

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