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10 Windows is an operating system that comes at a time when Microsoft is looking with one eye on Android and other iOS (iPhone, iPad). It is true that sales of PCs have never gone so well that in years past giant Microsoft was forced to give out personal cam. But even so it's not too late for Windows 10, a system that wants to reconcile them all.
Windows 10 is the operating system that should theoretically put the "flagship" back on the waterline; It is a new system that aims to keep loyal customers and expand into the mobile market. Moving with Metro UI from Windows 8 upset users, who remained in large numbers on Windows 7, refusing to update to Windows 8. Now, with Windows 10, Microsoft apologizes and gives them the start menu back .
But how it got in this situation, Google and Apple to monopolize the market, like Microsoft was gone on vacation any 5 years. Only Microsoft mobile OS was before Google or Apple to even dream about it.
How it works on the furniture?
In 2007 when Apple released the iPhone, Microsoft had Windows Mobile, an operating system that was superior; However an iPhone was easier to use and in addition was a fashion accessory, along with iPod.
In Microsoft released Windows Mobile 2009 6.5, unfortunately, despite the home screen's attractive, it was hard to operate with your finger more advanced settings.
In 2010 Microsoft released Windows Phone, the mobile operating system was a new and fast. Unfortunately Windows Phone does not have a brightness customizabilitatea one iPhone or Android; It was a spartan system that story did not say no, as a German machine, good but boring. Besides design and interface, Windows Phone struggling with lack of applications or applications ghost, who posed as famous applications.
Hopefully Windows 10 and the furniture will bring something new, something that both Google and Apple have a unified operating system for desktop / laptop / tablet / phone.
If Windows will not confirm 10 on the furniture, will be a great pity!
How it works on PC / Laptop?
On the desktop, Microsoft still is king; This is due to the fact that other companies are not interested seriously in this segment, being in slight decline. Now mobiles are the concern of all, for here comes Banu group.
When the market is saturated on the mobile side, everyone will covet the "cake" that Microsoft is eating almost alone now…
Servers how it works?
Here quietly Linux makes the law, and does it very well. We have the example CentOS Linux servers and go non stop for about 3 years, I think that not bad.
Why is not Linux and Mobile?
Android is a Linux distribution and has 80% of the market; So Linux drive on the server and on the mobile.
Why Linux is more active on the desktop?
Because preinstalled with Windows. Ceam bulk of PCs are shipped with Windows pre-installed, in years the world has got used to Windows and continue to use it.
Now we will see; Overall, everyone is doing well. Apple sells well, Android sells well, Linux "sells" well, and Microsoft continues to sell well on the desktop and at "Governments."
So much is Windows operating systems 10 and condition today. I invite you to watch this presentation with Windows 10; Enjoy!
How to get free Windows 10? (Tutorial Adrian)

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  1. Bravo and congratulations to all faceti.Va follow almost 10 years and learned all of you had .I need to know how to install Windows XP sp3 so I can get rid of some guys who taxau me every month due to installation .Da, windows 10 is super and I tested it from the 10041 build-up to the Pro version .I now one question: Do you think we will be able to change the reception to update, that is not automatic? that's all I have to say you look noutati.RESPECT !!!

    • Updates are in the background and will not interfere with anything.
      If you have a mobile connection with limited traffic, you can activate the "metered connection" and updates will not be downloaded unless you connect over Wi-Fi or cable.

  2. Yes . I will still wait for the final version. I'm not going to be the microsoft guinea pig even though I have that free "license"… it would be the culmination to be a guinea pig and still have to pay.
    I know that these versions of windows 10 where "free" licenses are given will always receive trial updates. if something goes wrong, that option still appears so I can send error data to microsoft. after a few months when I send many guinea pigs, notifications about problems are fixed and it comes as a final update on the stable versions with purchased licenses.
    so… that license is not really free, it is to be shot with all kinds of errors and microsoft figures.
    I'm not saying it goes well, I give myself one missing

  3. Dorinel said

    I watch for a while and I like each video you climb.
    And I want to start on youtube what are you doing here, I want to work.
    If you see the message give me a reply by email, I'd love to collaborate.

    Thank you in advance.
    Good luck continued.

  4. mugurel said

    very interesting… but a question, you can't see the cursor in the tutorial… .what's going on ???

    • Scorpionel said

      Stay calm… This is a setting from Camtasia, the program you are filming with and it seems to have activated this setting.
      However in this kind of video I think it is recommended to display the cursor.

  5. Hi, interesting presentation. I tried and I win 10240 (park) and I encountered one problem, as we did not drive to install the video card (gtx650tibost). trying and right-click Properties- version compatibilitate- win 7, 8,, 8,1. Please advice if possible. Thank You

  6. Hello, I have problems with Windows activation 10
    I enrolled in the program insider, I downloaded the ISO image, I copied and put specific key to download build community.
    The next day withdrew ISO images for PC.
    I installed Windows cleaner that picture I put the key and mail it with your insider but are not activates windoswul.
    Windows is not activated but I got TH1 update, the download has been installed, restart called after that went through the steps without any problems.
    At the end of that version insider disappeared bottom right on the desktop.
    In Windows properties shows me 10 10 Pro Windows logo but I say that windows down is not activated.
    Windows behaves excellent but it is not enabled activat.Cum receives no key, I give the button activation occurs Error code: 0x8007232B
    I have a chance to activate?

    • Bogdan said

      They blocked discharges, so I think and licenses. They said approaching launch, can you just take it for phone

  7. Ciprian said

    I participated in the Windows Insider Preview program with a Microsoft account that had an e-mail address from Google, will I receive an update or a license? On the Windows 7 laptop with the active updates, the booking icon did not appear on the right…

  8. LucianGL said

    It supports video resolution 8k?

    • Yes. Windows 10 for PCs and 2 in 1 devices will run at a minimum resolution of 800 × 600. It will run supports 4k on 8 ”+ devices and will support 8k on 27” + screens
      "= Inch
      Source: (Page 17)

  9. Florin said

    In connection with the Insider program. I understand that if they agreed to be beta tester for them ie guinea pig, gives me license for Windows 10 which is valid until the next Windows?
    And if that's what happens if I give updates or disable the netbook does not connect to the internet?
    Does it detect that I have disabled updates and revoked my license or…?

    • See Microsoft license does not say anywhere! Do not give any licenses, stay in Insider can not stop the updates in home version and pro version, you can only procrastinate less. Insiders will be activated, but in no event license!

      • Ok, I understand but if you stop updates or simply do not connect the netbook to the Internet than the first time to activate it after those that happened? this I do not understand.
        Remain active? I assume that Microsoft has thought this thing and I stop activation.
        I ask because owning a netbook Asus EEE oldest type even weaker and do not plan to connect to the internet than every 100 the years to speak or not at all.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          As I submitted in the tutorial referred to by my colleague Cristi and to which you have a link in the text of this tutorial (written in red), if you do not make the updates, it will expire. The "License" is renewed with each Update you make and will be valid until the next Update.

          • Thanks for the response. Honestly I saw your tutorial but honestly I do not remember if you said if you did not license expires updates. I repeat do not remember, that does not mean you did not say.
            Once again thank you response.

  10. To activate Windows 10 run in Command Promt (Admin) the following commands, if you have Windows
    slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
    slmgr / SKMS
    slmgr / ato
    Windows 10 Enterprise – NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43B8YKP-D69TJ
    Windows 10 Home – TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
    Windows 10 Professional - W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

  11. AlexDEV said

    Happy new build I put myself to download images iso..o draw stick with rufus, restart, next next, accept and get to the partitioning. I deleted 2 first partitions (one win and one with the data), all without problems until they reach the 100mb..recovery. Dau delete sits 7 minutes and they give restart..stau standing, I see not start, go to a friend mergea..hdd not fully functional hdd western digital. I opened that .. nothing scratched his hand. PCB not to damage at first sight (chips burned etc.)

  12. It's not true at all "So Linux runs on the server side"…

  13. nick5roo said

    Cristian, I had the Win10 are installed insider, a few days ago I uninstalled win10 preview version due to incompatibility with some new games like Wolfenstein The Old Blood, Far Cry 4 etc. Simply saying that do not fit certain dll in DirectX. There are incompatibilities now? You tried? Knowing that I set and compatibility in win7, 8, 8.1.

    • There are further problems with drivers. Especially those from AMD, Nvidia did not pronounce me, I tried. Also, with drivers from the monitor. Not in compatibility mode can not be installed correctly. In virtual mode, the guys from Virtual boxing, they have somehow solved with additional Guest, who installs and monitor their graphics drivers. (By slaughtering the native resolution).

    • Fuck DirectX 9 for older games.

  14. Costelina said

    Well how to function Cortana and most software have support in our language when he was conference / (years ago) between manufacturers and developers Romanian developers will have missed not interested!

  15. Luciangl said

    Cristi or Adrian or why not Boby .Stiti somehow if default has support for Windows 10 8K video resolution or will be soon?
    I had read that it works to be built by default by Microsoft, as I have not tested win10 prefer to ask May intai.Multumesc

    • But why are you asking? 8K many shots you made with your room as not invented yet and you can not watch on TV 8K is not on the market yet?
      Oh, I heard that in Romania will skip 4K and 8K directly to 11K.
      Sound will be extremely no-balls but those of 7.1 256.36.1 Super Mega Giga Terra Petta Dolby THX.

      Who knows!
      4K = 8 megapixels per frame
      8K = 33 megapixels per frame
      11K = 74 megapixels per frame

      Every second graphics card must move up at least pixels from 24 times per second.
      At the moment, gaming and video editing are extremely difficult even at 4K. Not to mention 8K… or video codecs.

  16. caisinDonici said

    10 win is very nice, by the way visitors you read now?

    • The question is rather vague; However I will try to answer you.
      If you mean that visitors from the moment there are about 233 unique visitors per site (even now as I write).
      On the day we have between 12.000 and 23.000 unique depends on the day, season and subjects.
      For more information about our traffic, onto science and technology category.

  17. Cristi, can you tell me please, what you build is the version you installed it?
    Thank you.

  18. Florian said

    After last upgarde final version at the 10166, they appeared in my Windows partition that windows.old. How to get rid of it? In win7 I know but do not know it. Thanks. GG

  19. And what's with the Xbox menu, it's not big cheese I tell you, I was expecting more…

  20. Cat C partition occupies the windows 10 X64 installed?

  21. Luciangl said

    Cristi, if you remember, a short time ago I remembered a laptop that I bought in the meantime. As is normal, I wanted and want to test it to the maximum, and as it says that it runs fluently 4K (and it really runs) I said to go further to see how it behaves at 8K, only that on the "market" there is still no video codec to install on windows and run 8K. is working to incorporate in default in windows 10 a player or driver or a "something" (I don't know exactly what it specifies) through which you can play videos at 8K resolution.
    Once I saw that you already have installed win10 I said to ask (nicely) if you can see a sample of runs smoothly or not the video resolution.
    If you have no technical possibility to do this, please also specify.
    Look at videotutorialul please with computer gaming you do with any 2 weeks urma.Acolo I said and put links to your laptop talking about.

  22. Luciangl said

    Cristi are in Romania for some time, tied tvs know they are running 8k
    Not interested TVs but strictly a yes or no to my question

    • TVs (experimental) 8K signal receiving less compressed and it is easier to run the content. When it comes to video files are highly compressed carer with complex formulas, it requires a very high processing power, which is available now on the market for consumers.
      8K TV is like a cake ready to eat and video files are the ingredients you need to prepare cake and eat it only then.
      Only in some Asian countries they have made 8K tests, but in Europe not at all.
      They can say what will those from Microsoft, as not just mouth; 8K is not something tangible right now.

  23. gabrie said

    Good evening. I just have a question, do not want to lengthen it, tell me if I say something stupid. Can I install Windows in dual boot Insider 10 7 Windows that I have now?
    Thank you in advance !

    • Florin said

      Yes of course but must be installed on another partition / another drive or SSD. And the older version of Windows must be installed before the new versions of Windows. I mean if you install Windows XP and Win 7 say in dual boot; Windows XP to be installed before Win 7. Not vice versa. Course work and vice versa but it is not indicated and accomplices're nothing.
      In your case 10 install Windows on another partition or another hard drive / SSD.

  24. Ami Cristi and I installed Windows 10 yesterday, today I also received the final version, I did not perform well were few problems yesterday but minor mistakes, now if I want to format my PC as it install the final version? Need to install first time aces technical preview version and after he makes one final upgrade to version ??

    • Well this is the final version. No need to reinstall anything when it will officially launch.
      Installation phase is now available for those who want to make WIndows 8 and 10 free upgrade.

  25. I tried to create another account today at 20 pm and it can't be finished with the microsoft insider program… Is it possible to install on 2 PCs windows 10 with the same key?

  26. I installed win 10 pro. so all remained difference is that a combination made in 7 8's win at Zorin Linux interface somewhat, and well Tutor changes mentioned in all the linux remain, I learned arch linux and make it as I want to either. and now if you go-activated version will appear only as written and can not be activated costumize.

    • Caline a question if you can .If you are on linux I want to know if I can run on linux Photoshop and Lightroom, of course .Mulţumesc in good condition.

      • for this pretty good free alternatives exist. but if you really want to put photoshop you to emulate and will work 90% or chicken is a must dual boot and you gotta check out the windows. I dual boot just when is a must get. however the role of the questions is to emphasize that linux is not good. but it is not. so it's not good linux romanu if games go or not to go x schedule :))). I think in the near viitoru will go 98% of the programs and games that are and for winows. but are alternative programs anyway. and games are enough and for linux. app as I said in other comenturi of almost 2 3 years and some use linux

        • Thank you very much for your reply .I earlier Caline I used linux and I tried all I can say about most versions but I used Ubuntu and Mint .Da can say that if it goes on linux Photoshop and Lightroom am and last place on Linux but unfortunately does not go through emulation and perform well .I are not too photographer and I need Lr Ps and I used Gimp and Rawtherapee but lean towards programs from Adobe .In the rest linux is exceptionally Maybe once will change things.

  27. Hello! I have an Acer Aspire ONe D255 laptop Intel Atom N450 1.6 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, Intel GMA 3150 video card and I tried several versions of Windows 10, respectively Windows 10 Pro build 10240 (ie the RTM), Windows 10 build 10166 and Windows 10 Enterprise build 10074 from the official Microsoft website, but for each of them I had the following error before the partitioning the HDD: A device driver is missing…., After which I tried various methods to give Browse to the folder with drivers and see if it finds a driver compatible with the hardware that has the laptop. I mention that I have a Toshiba HDD 160 GB SATA. Chipset Device Software version and no success, I took each one. Should I try another build of Windows 10 until 29.07.2015? Does it still make sense or stay with Windows 7?

  28. We want a tutorial that shows how to download Windows 10 if I did not like to Join the Windows Insiders !!

  29. Hello, I have a question and I can't find an answer… I also installed win 10, everything is ok, it's just that everything became a nightmare when I connected my video card to a geforce 8800 gt zotac! He doesn't want to start either as' only in safe mode 'in normal mode he doesn't want to stay frozen on the logo and a kind of streaks appear on the monitor' I don't even know how to tell them .. if anyone has an idea what it's about? Thank you in advance .

    PS: In bios is set everything right, I tried everything I knew eg the latest drivers, reinstall again, check Components (except the video card) I have no place to check now.

    • Costelina said

      Maybe that's not the reason, but you're trying — mount another power supply and see if it does

      • Thanks for your attention, did you know that I was seriously thinking that the video card was burned ?! but then it wouldn't go into safe mode right? connected pci in bios ?! more than likely the source does not cope 'it's a cheap pan .. I'll try to see what I can do. Thank you

  30. Salut.Am and I probably an awkward question.
    How did you get the ThisPc icon on your desktop without a shortcut? I turned the settings upside down and I didn't find it. It's not like w8… anymore.

  31. Mr Cristian I installed Windows 10 10130 build and I have not received any update. We all started but I have not received any update. When do I give update tells me: your device is up to date. Last checked: today. What set? Or what should I do?

  32. zame77 said

    Fixed the issue. Last night did TH1 update 10240, after which he made did upgrade and then update the Intel driver. Thank you for tutorials and if you can wait, tutorials and optimization settings of the operating system. thank you!

  33. However, there is no viable reason to install the new operating system Windows 7 SP1 damage.
    probably it is slightly faster (unnoticeable for the ordinary user) and probably has some extra features, especially for touch-screen environments, but definitely tips the balance toward abject interface 7 windows. They gathered more than 98 Windows icons than those miseries.

  34. It can run in optimal conditions, windows 10 / 8.1 on a PC motherboard (socket AM2) download section has only drivers to Windows 7? At the moment that PC running Windows 7.

  35. TibySchmal said

    Hey! I have a windows license 7 ultimate PC and a laptop 8.1 enterprise license, I received notification that I have my upgrade, but I want to install on both clan. my question is where do I get a license, I did 10 pro..iso windows, but where key take?
    I just received notification pS PC with Windows 7 the ultimate, the one with win 8.1 did not receive anything, should I do anything?
    thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      To enable Windows Update to install updates and expect to receive and updating to 10 as you get on Windows 7.
      You can not get a license only if not buy. Microsoft gives you a free update not only a clean install ISO image!
      However if you are less clever, Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 as Windows has some advanced settings in the Settings app that we have presented. Of those settings you can speculate a clean install after you made the update to Windows 10.
      Search using the search box in the upper right: "Custom Refresh PC or how to restore Windows 8 and applications to basic settings" or "Advanced boot options menu, the new boot menu in Windows 8"

  36. Ionica Popescu said

    Beloved please help me with a problem I can not handle that.
    I installed Windows Pro program 10 insider and now I can not play or write DVD optical drives ajutorl although until installation win.10 functioned perfect.In Device Manager is displayed but when you insert the disc into the unit sounds how it works but nothing appears on the display, even lamurire.Va error or something I can do please return to normal.Va thank midwife.

  37. Ionica Popescu said

    anyone? thank you.

  38. Wool costin forest said

    Use DVDs sony dvd-r 120minutes / 4.7gb enter my computer and when working double click on the optical drive or right click and open it if it thinks and gives error means that the DVD cannot be read and written that is, it is defective

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