Presentation of the new Android KitKat 4.4

Hello friends, in this tutorial we will talk today about the new Android OS reached version codenamed 4.4 KitKat. As you probably already know, the Android OS is developed by Google for smartphonuri and tablets.
With each version of Android, Google has proposed to open new horizons and introduce software technology to offer users a more enjoyable experience when they want to consume multimedia content or use Google services. In Romania Android is the most used platform for gadgets and many choose it for ease of use and flexibility that has fantastic operating system Android. Using Android you can enjoy an extraordinary experience when you watch videos from YouTube platform, you play games, read ebooks or when you listen to music.
Although Android 4.4 was easily KitKat, it was anuntan with the new Nexus smartphone 5 being the first Android device running 4.4 KitKat.
What's new in Android 4.4 KitKat?
Although there are many interface changes have a valuable improvements in terms of stability of the operating system that is optimized for low resource consumption, faster switching between applications, imbunatatri in terms of graphics. Support has been added for smartphones that will inculde an infrared blaster, this will allow developers to build applications that will allow us to control various other gadgets which can be controlled with a remote control such as Smart TVs. All in improving the interface between unrelated and Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) which allows auto cars equipped with Bluetooth to communicate with your Android device for application developers was introduced Chrome Web View meaning that applications using web content display , will do from now on using Chrome.
Improvements have been made on touch-enabled meaning that it is much faster and more accurate in Android 4.4 KitKat and also introduced new touch gestures that application developers can use. Borba is exactly the "double tap" and "double tap and drag"
Regarding Android OS interface 4.4 KitKat we have icons for the phone application (Phone) Settings (Settings). Mobile application enables us to look up phone numbers belonging to companies, local businesses, even if they are not in the phone book.
If you have an active internet connection on your device when you write the name of a fast food pizza in the search box to the Phone application, this will suggest restaurants near you and with a simple tap on the displayed result will appeal to the pizzeria that.
Everything in the phone application is also used Google Caller ID meaning that if you call a number that you do not have it on your calendar, Google will attempt to identify the caller and display your name or company who is calling. Basically Google will see in a few seconds businesses listed in Google Maps and try to identify the number.
Also regarding the interface we see that the icons on the Home Screen and now Drawer (drawer applications) are slightly larger fonts in the operating system are slightly thickened and more pleasing to the eye. The system settings were added two options, "Splash" (Home Screen) and "Printing" (Print). Section Home Screen allows you to easily change between any launch and Printing allows us to easily print documents. To use the Printing section will need to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print
Other news is that: through Hangouts application can send and SMS messaging is practically unficata in a single application, support for emoticons in Google keyboard, Quickoffice allows managing local files in Google Drive account or other accounts cloud.
Functionality to add widgets to the lock screen disabled fosst but it can be reactivated in Settings (Settings)> Security (Security) by checking the box Enable widgets (enable or activate widgets widgets).
It is curious that in Android 4.4 KitKat returned to the old way of adding widgets to Home Screen as they proceed 2.3 Android Gingerbread, they are no longer found in your draw with alicatii (application drawer). For placing a widget on Home Screen will have to tap and hold a free port and reach the Home Screen icon Widgets.
What is Project Svelte and why is it important?
With each version of Android, Google has proposed to optimize and improve the operating system. Perhaps you remember the Project Butter that was born with Jelly Bean android version, the Google project has proposed to optimize system performance in terms of optimizing graphics transition effects from aplicatiee to another, from one home screen to another trying to provide users an experience "smooth" in use.
With the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, Google announce Svelte Project, a project that aims to make the new operating system even weaker devices by reducing the resources that it needs Android can run on weaker devices only 512 MB RAM. Starting from kernel, system, reduced footprint framework that they put on the RAM and have made improvements to how the Android operating system manages, administers or uses RAM.
In conclusion, the new operating system Android interface 4.4 KKitKat is more pleasant, warmer than giving up the blue and black background predominant colors found in many applications. Its interface has become easier and more intuitive and these measures were probably taken as many times publications or competing companies argue that Android as an operating system too complex and too difficult to understand the interface.
I have some days when I use Android 4.4 KitKat and will honestly say that I find it hard to return to a previous version. Once you get used to the new design brighter and warmer 4.4 Android, you will find it difficult to return to an older version that uses the old blue and black color combination.

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  1. Adrian, could you give me a link where I can download Android 4.4 for Samsung Galaxy Y?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Do not mean to be rude but I do not think anyone would bother to build a ROM based on Android 4.4 for this model simply because it is old and has very poor specifications.
      Since Samsung will not tell you for sure that an update to Android 4.4 aft from Google or so, it maintains and provides updates to the latest Android version only Nexus devices (Nexus 4, 5 Nexus, Nexus and Nexus 7 10. Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus will not receive the update to Android 4.4 cycle that topped 18 months, during which Google is committed to providing updates for a device from the Nexus range)
      Basically you are at hand enthusiasts and others on XDA developers or other forums. If anyone dares to build a build based on Android 4.4 remains to be seen! There are currently no custom ROMs based on Android Samsung Galaxy Y 4.4's moving too soon. Do some research and you XDA Developers forum and who knows, maybe in the next few weeks will persuade a developer to build something for the owners of Galaxy Y

  2. Capture software with which you monitor android's interface works very very jerky on Android 4.4 KitKat has a lag imenes and very late, which the country not quite so Jelly Bean ...., You need to find another method of capture or Another somewhat more stable ROM

  3. Hi Adrian. Is there any possibility to follow your tutorials on android tablet? I require flash player.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Install Flash Player. We already have tutorial about how to install Flash Player on Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2.1 you find the search box in the top right.

  4. pop Florin said

    You can install and use WhatsApp Messenger on Android installed on VirtualBox?
    Thank you

  5. All about mobile ....

  6. how to update the operating system Android tablet HD EvoTab Evolio?

  7. How to install the S2 Galaxy or another Android device clean the operating system from Google, which is why vrreau mean, to install it without root, so in short I want to put Android on the Galaxy s4.2 4.3 2 or without doing root without CyanogenMod, no nothing, just like the Google Nexus or 4 5. I want to try to see the differences between Android just with TouchWiz. How to do this, not to spoil tel. the kernels with root not know where I want to flash with Odin uiesc a pure android or 4.2 4.3.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      From what I can tell you're very confused. Every operating system comes with a kernel without him operating the system unworkable. Sure, you can separate plashe another kernel build if you like but most sites (custom ROMs) come bundled as a whole and will include system image, bootloader image, image recovery, kernel and everything.
      Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code and provide everything needed to optimize, customize and create an Android ROM or a custom operating system.
      Often those who build a ROM from AOSP source (again, AOSP source is not an operating system ready in place) they choose to include in their different features and make changes either in the interface or system kernel.
      Rarely happens that developers build of an android AOSP clean ROM with no additional functions or without additions, changes in the kernel. Often the kernel changes must be made or else necessarily result in AOSP ROM will not work on devices for which it is built.
      So if you choose to see what it looks like the pure Android on Nexus comes, will be for some and for others IMOS possible.
      For example, some developers on XDA Developers forum have built an AOSP ROM based on Android Samsung Galaxy S4.3 2 (as well as other smartphones S3) and luckily were not added extra stuff, at least that's what they say on site:
      Unfortunately we do not offer flash ROM via Odin uibil but through ClockworkMod Recovery
      Now, if you root your device or flash a custom recovery uiesti (ClockworkMod Recovery) will be end of the world! Any smartphone can be brought to the factory state if you make a backup before. I can do any smartphone unroot (you can get rid of root, you can remove the root) and i can delete custom recovery image by simply restoring backup (assuming you made one)
      To root your smartphone is not a bad thing! It gives you more control over the system, you can control more, you can change, you can use applications that require root (and they are very numerous)

  8. Tell us know how you installed android 4.4 if all boast both your phone

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not brag about it. He used to mention in video tutorials or sites coomponente different hardware devices that we use for it is important for more technical people concerning our tutorials or want to use the same or similar hardware devices.
      If you do not mention what smartphone I used it I had read as a Nexus 5 already on hand or whatever would be asked many comments that I installed Android smartphone 4.4
      Grow up!

  9. hello, do you know the nexus 7 2012 occur when a software update? Your guess the fish was made official about this watered.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Not even mentioned in the tutorial that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus no longer receives updates from Google, I even explained why.
      Google does not know when releasing updates for devices in range. They just come when they will be available, you will definitely get.

  10. andolis49 said

    Good presentation but call to complain Nexus. Nexus Nexus in top down .... and who is counsel for the many who have already potent enough phones? Let us buy the Nexus? Make Android 4.4 presentation ... so what? Most are in the hands of incompetents who do not give a damn about customers. Instead of making updates to the old system where they can out-performing other phones so money matters. The rest of it is free, that is the best today, that if Nexus is God leaves me cold. Go back down to earth. Make tutorials to help with something else. Good luck!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I did not require anyone anything! All I did was to introduce the operating system and the benefits of a smartphone Nexus range. Who would they buy, who does very well!
      I do not think I said in tutorial buy your Nexus. To you it sounds like a commercial. He can not say anything because the man is automatically advertised. And even complains would be someone put a knife to your throat to buy Nexus?
      Do not be so tense!

  11. Honey, if you want to learn something I will advise you to contact Cristi. Adrian is too smart to share his vast knowledge of ... Possibly may still study Romanian.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It would be good to follow the advice if you tell us in what capacity you give such advice? What entrepreneurs you what you do, what are your projects? If what you do in online or exceeded far beyond what I've done so far. If you are so active in providing video tutorials, explanations, volunteer work to solve other people's problems.

      • I do not think anyone interested in my occupation. All who watch tutorials on your site know that excessive arrogance displayed satisfaction. I do not think anyone force you to do tutorials on the internet and because of this you should do your job for fun and those who follow you to be satisfied with your work. You should not upset a few observations that come from those who express different opinions about what you are doing. That does not mean you will appreciate and at the same time, we value your effort especially for the benefit of those who will follow, and some critics believe they are welcome anytime. But I can say with certainty, once again, Cristi Cismaru is the best developer tutorials in Romania. We all have to learn something from this man and I want to thank for all the tutorials, without arrogance, yet. Bravo!

        • Adrian Gudus said

          I "like" those of your thinking! It is enough to watch two tutorials made by me to figure out whether or not a pleasant person. So if you decide to watch or not watch my tutorials. Only you decide whether to click on the play or not. You have the power to choose and yet, although you do not like, you watch. How is it?
          And as a guy for you in the future. Under the title of the tutorial and top player in red author. So you know who is the creator without having to play the video you. Although you have all these options and all about you, you feel the need to suppress the prompting many comments by others. I think you're a very busy person once knowingly thinking and planning this for someone who starts working, you do not take the bag, you do not ask anything in return

          • Adrian Gudus said

            I apologize for typos but the blame is on Android Keyboard AutoCorrect. Anyway I'm sure you understand why I wanted to send you to the comment above.

          • You know I'm a very busy person but that no one's business. Disturbing is the fact that you can not accept that nobody is perfect, not even you. We follow tutorials for a long time and I can say that the recent ones tend to be somewhat weaker than the oldest. I think I passed the time when you could not tell what you have without problems. If you want to do these tutorials you have to take and criticism. The market can not withstand only the very best, this is clear for everyone. However it should not upset my criticism because they have a constructive and I hope to help you become a better and more tolerant than you. Good luck in the future!

  12. Daniel (Jr.) said

    Again phones ...? I'm tired!. Pa., videotutorial! Forever!

  13. Adrian say that I did give backup restore're sure everything will reset as the custom Recovery I mean to change that after the if and do not change, go to Odin and flash bag uiesc from JB Samsung? That yellow triangle appears that after! and do not know if I can reset the counter.
    As you were saying that it is all in place backup that I did on a HTC or drop the custom Recovery restore from backup just say that's why.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Every tutorial live and we argue and burn it to the "Get bullshit that let you know I better how all those"
      Now we ask how to do, how tinker. It seems that you are not so good as you care to show us every tutorial.
      Solving the counter there for a long time! I've even Odin (Time F.Reset have a box in the application interface) and if I'm not mistaken is also an app called Triangle in Store Play Away.
      The job is very simple, look official images, stock your device (you find no problems on XDA)
      Flashuiesti a recovery as the boys say in the topic to which I gave in response to your comment link above and if you do not like and want to do not have root and recovery. You slapped a double click on the executable downloaded Odin and reflashuiesti stock picture above.
      In my opinion does not deserve explanations for attitude and arrogance that you've had over time on our tutorials section for comments.

  14. Good tutorial! I have a question. How can we backup the operating system android 2.3.6?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You have various options to do this depends on what exactly you want to do backups?
      If you wish to backup the whole system can use a custom recovery (ClockworkMod Recovery) or ADB method. Both methods have been presented and we find the search box in the top right.

  15. Adrian Gudus said

    And all for Anderson, as my colleague said so and I repeatedly. Each device is different. What happens to the HTC and procedures applicable to HTC, it will not happen and will not apply to Samsung or other devices.
    There are great differences and different methods from one model to another of the same manufacturer let alone from one manufacturer to another. I expect you to be stuck in your head all this considering that we throw in each tutorial to know how many you know and that we see each lady stuff ...

    • Anderson said

      I do not know where you remove all of this but you leave me alone please. I do not think I said anything wrong, I just do not think a misfortune asked if 10 often wonder, wonder and 100 times and click once to make sure, why ruin something you can ask, boo .... Do not know where you deduce that I like that I mean, you probably imagine very wrong, just do not understand you. And you wonder if there's any problem 100 times? you just say "if you do not understand something, write in the Comment box" and I was under your words, I did not do anything wrong.
      Yes it's good link which I have given the AOSP site (thank you!), I'll try to see what comes out these days.

      Good evening!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I do not mean that the wonder is not that a problem! When you explicitly say anything in tutorials or comments, always come as a gica counter and we argue, take it in mockery and always said that you know much better than we do about how it works.
        That you do every tutorial: it's not that, like that's different, you know you better, as you have seen better, like you is so that if you do not like yourself then clearly that is not good just as you did not work and so on.
        You're always unhappy.
        No one who has observed your behavior, ignorance and your arrogance, you have been "reprimanded" and repeatedly by other users.

  16. Costelina said

    hello Adrian hope you do not put in account plingaciosii frustrated for some reason and come here probably have nowhere
    are good and phones; videotutorial while it's proven to date in terms of new technology.

    Like it or not (admit I'm not a big fan of mobile) smartphone buni.Asta people behave sites realitatea.Cine has a PC's normal to not sit on a screen so small chiorasca example
    on youtube, but who does not?
    But smart phones can much more (and who knows that it knows)
    if a user knows what is best not rout-eze phone does? Security because that's just like Windows ==== always logged in as an administrator who stand I'll accept as full-fledged applications as
    good or bad
    Again you must know what you're doing! boys from doing this videotutorial teaches (us know) what's wrong with that?

  17. Valentin Toader said

    Adrian, can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505? And if so pretty please can you tell me how?
    Thank you very much!

  18. today I received the HTC Android 4.3 One

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes, we know, HTC has officially released the Android software update for HTC One 4.3. Follow and Samsung Galaxy S4 to receive it soon.

  19. Sal wait long to tell us how things developed with Jalapeno for Bitcoin. It did not work at all or you do not have to tell us more? Thanks

  20. Hi Adrian, where can I download Android for Samsung Galaxy S4.4 4 KitKat I9505?
    Hi Adrian, where can I download Android for Samsung Galaxy S4.4 4 KitKat I9505?
    Hi Adrian, where can I download Android for Samsung Galaxy S4.4 4 KitKat I9505?
    Hi Adrian, where can I download Android for Samsung Galaxy S4.4 4 KitKat I9505?
    Hi Adrian, where can I download Android for Samsung Galaxy S4.4 4 KitKat I9505?

  21. @ Valentin, the same thing I try to explain myself to Mr. Adrian, but can not. So I gave up a comment.
    PS. More tutorials on PC would not hurt ...

  22. good tutorial! A 1.0 WinSetupFromUSB request a tutorial how make a bootable USB containing
    windows xp windows windows 7 8 and Hiren `s version of what I heard Ms 1.0 go far

    • suggestion: try a YUMI.edoar folosesc.merge it.

    • Costelina said

      Well and what to do with usb 1.0 Aline crying beside him as transfer speed is much smaller than the usb 2.0
      The 3.0 not remember for it's incomparable

      • COSTELINI most misunderstood WinSetupFromUSB (version 1,0) allows an usb stik with several operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8, all in one USB 3 systems. you choose what you want to install instalezii ....... I hope I have understood now.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          We have tutorials on this subject, use the search box in the top right to find tutorials.

          • Dan Stefanescu said

            Hi Adrian. Tell me please, I want to send an email to videotutorial and if I click on Contacts, write all the data, and then the security message and does not let me send message. I show that, message was not sent, try again later or try another method of contact, please if you can help me with a valid or, another method of contact, Thanks
            I POSTED THIS COMMENT and other responses of yours, pretty please, if you want to answer me or at least send me an email with an address where I can contact you. Once again, thanks!

  23. He appeared officially 4.4 S II on sammobile? I could I install this android on my phone Sii?

  24. Adriane, if you still use a lot of Englishness in tutorials, even using them correctly. It's very disturbing that "by difult" when he is actually "by difolt" ... Of course, this is not a phonetic transcription but would be good to try to change a little ... Otherwise, the tutorials are very good and are appreciated for the work filed. Have a good day!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Roman or use Englishness just to help some users fully familiarize themselves with some of the terms I itanlnesc on different forums where not explain what's that app drawer, status bar, navigation bar, widgets, quick settings, swipe, tap and so on. Maybe some good English but do not know how as more technical terms used in the world of Android.
      Romanians make tutorials and if an American feels his tongue desecrated, I ask you pronounce pronounce BUCHAREST exactly as we ... just out of curiosity, to see what comes out.

    • Mr. Marius
      I do not know how to speak Romanian, but here we do not learn Romanian language and no English. It is important to understand what it says in the tutorial, and englezismele are inevitable. You probably are an expert in English, congratulations, but here we are on a site that deals with 'altsiceva'.

  25. Adrian.Mi Hello I purchased a Romanian tablet Allview city speed plus slim and I want to make me root on ea.Intrebarea is there a program that can root safe on any tablet?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There are several programs that cover a wide range of devices (one was even presented to us, is called SuperOneClick) but not how to be one that supports any device, it is impossible for the devices that appear and even the recently found market are becoming more sophisticated and with all kinds of protections.
      Manufacturers give themselves more and more with each product launched the user to be more difficult (and if they could, impossible) to root or unlock the boot loader

  26. Super tutorial! but I wanted to ask you what happened you have reduced activity? Before you load one tutorial per day, now one in 2-3 days!

  27. gherghisan.nelu said

    Kindly please. I'm from Galati and managed to "catch more trains favorable" and are in a position to acquire the United Stalele Google Nexus phone 5 at extremely attractive price of $ 349. Before purchasing must find out if the phone is unlocked, if you can use in Romania. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me this information. Thanks a lot.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Even if you have access to google play (perhaps through a proxy or VPN) I suggest you do not purchase!
      If you are less attentive to the details page, there are no deliveries in Romania!
      You must also know that ALL smartphones / tablets Nexus range are brought from Play Store and will always be decoded (free network) can be used on any network.

  28. Adrian Gudus said

    Also for Mr. Gherghisan nelu: Let's be less logical. If delivery is made in Romania, which would have been the reason that users of Romania do not have access to the gadgets where Google makes its product sale?
    Why did you make deliveries in Romania but you did not allow those in that country to access sctiunea gadgets?
    Or conversely, why did you allow users in Romania have access to the gadgets if deliveries are not made here?

  29. Gabriel Vînătoriu said

    Hello own an android samsung galaxy express 4.1 and I must say simply can not see your videotutorialele loading non stop I must say are connected wireless connection so it is not too weak flash player installed I did exactly as told Mr. Adrian in previous tutorials android 2.3 can see immediately what to do without any problems please Thanks

    • yes play the tutorial and then pause then play again. Cristi and Adrian have explained in other reviews that the flash player does not know how to communicate well with their site or something and that would solve the above

  30. gherghisan.nelu said

    Adrian Thank you so much for prompt response but also its contents. All I wanted to know is if you actually bought American 5 nexus operating in Romania. Sorry I was not clear in expression. "Trains favorable" your purchase price of 349 dollars related to getting a friend to the United States to it I buy it personally there (commanding it on Google Play) and I bring him personally here holidays. So ... "A minunaaata the news ..."

  31. Any idea when will the official update to Xcover 4.4 2 example?

  32. I have a nexus on Carel 4 I updated today (26 November) but to me there are few changes, I OK GOOGLE, the top and bottom of the screen is not transparent, the settings do not appear startup screen, I 5 screens and can not do another one, I left with ggogle screen now, etc.
    could be an explanation
    thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes, there is an explanation
      Interface GEL (Google Experience Launcher) with transparent status bar, navigation bar transparent and Google Now in the left plus Google Now with voice recognition enabled the expression "ok google" are exclusive to Nexus GEL 5 but you can install on devices running Android from version 4.1 up. We will make a tutorial about it.

  33. Constantin Meis said

    You have no idea how long will it go to Windows rearm the enterprise 7 90 days? advance for your reply Regards and keep up the good work with the tutorials.

  34. Hello, I someone help me to install the Huawei g510 kitkat nice please? Contact me on messenger allex.doros ms more!

  35. How can I see the display on the laptop android.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      we already have a tutorial on this topic. Write in the search box top right: Androidscreencast, press enter and you will find the tutorial

  36. ok ms I searched but did not know what to write

  37. Cristian said

    Want to help me or someone clarify me on a S4 common problem after I installed The update of the android kit kat ... so: after installation do not appear to me that I gave hide applications, and the option "show disable apps "I can not access! nor can give hide the application you no longer use so in conclusion this option is no longer available! What should I do?

  38. hello I could put android on samnsung notes 4.4 2

    • You. With a custom rom that you find on XDA Developers in notes section devoted to android developent 2. See that here on site in mobile os box are tutotoriale about uirea flash a rom. Look carefully and documents in order that these procedures are more sensitive but you will succeed if you document

  39. 4.4.2 android careful about not advise sal kit kat download the enormous increases battery consumption while I am with him .... well not in romania is not satisfactory android 4.4.2 kit kat cam 68% of people are disturbed by the new kit -kat ... do you 4.4.2 battery locks are riinitiaza, lose color, etc.. Now try it on his own responsibility each .. but I say it's a shame ptr. Google

  40. Alexander Bendris said

    Hello Adrian how do you synchronize my phone number on the card in the phone lg nexus that fail nicum 5

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not synchronize SIM contacts but you can copy them to your phone (Google account). Synchronization is not the same child!
      Go to the Contacts application and touch the menu button (the small squares 3 one below another, lower right) and touch the option Import / Export

  41. Hi,
    I tried to download the Adobe Flash Player and receive the error:
    "Sorry. You can not access this document because it violates the Terms of Service.
    Learn more about this Google Help Center Drive. "
    Could you tell me please what should I set ptr. to install Adobe?
    Thank you.

  42. hello, I recently purchased a HTC One Max, android 4.4, but not Romanian, I gave him to make and upgrade and still has not, what can I do?

  43. Mihaela Blenche said

    Good day. We updated Android 4.4.2 and no longer can zoom Photo double click. Could you tell me the reason? Thanks in advance

  44. Constantin said

    Hello I can install Adroid 4.4 5.0 or a tablet Seriox GoTab 970
    leave a link aicea tablet hope not bother anyone:

    http ://

    Currently running Android 4.0 want to know if you can upgrade the operating system upgrade system I tried getting "Network error" wi-fi going ok so I have no problems with the connection.

    Thank you in advance

  45. Hello,
    I have a samsung tablet android pro 12.2 4.4
    1 how to read information on flash drive
    2.pot to connect to a screen for great info see?
    3. i can connect a dongle with sim to use it as a phone?
    thank you

  46. Nelu Hiris said

    I have a s5 when the battery is under 10% and playing a battery is depleted faster data traffic starts wifi sua why? Thank you

  47. hello I have a lenovo s860 and made updates to the system, and now most applications are written in Chinese, I tried to get the Romanian language settings but does not go Maybe you can help me.

  48. constantin said

    How can I change the display of contacts in a raw core samsung android 4.4.4.Nu have the option to replace find and I'm so ugly this display, it is not even on a black background or something.

  49. Florin said

    I would like a link to download a software Qilive has 4.4.2 android platform, software broke down and I need a new one, I hope you know any link ...

  50. Adrian said

    I'm a little disappointed. I reached this article looking for a way to change the background color white, the system is very nice but I miss the black background from older systems. A date for that are photosensitive and bother me (and if you reduce the brightness of everything not only reduce the background) and the second time for that consumes more battery. Otherwise the system is cool.

  51. Hi, I have a question I have a vodafone smart phone and has andorid KitKat 6 first I want to tell me where I can download a program undede Can I download photos to and contacts on your computer?

  52. Hi, I know I come with a question quite late on the Android 4.4.2 but do not understand something.
    On my phone, I 2 options, where the phone memory is installed applications giga 2.
    And the rest, that is where I got the phone memory pool patio giga 11.9.
    If we managed to install up to 2 giga apply, I say I do not have free space, though I 11.9 giga.
    How can I change his settings SalI make available more memory on the other 11.9?
    My phone has 16 2 giga giga RAM Allview E3 with sig.
    All you can do is to install only applications 2 giga ...

    • Maybe you how to install a ROM that allows you to use more internal storage.
      A few years ago, when applications were up 20 Android-30MB it was not big problem. Now, however, are games that need additional file storage.
      You can try to manually insert additional files in internal Monera and somehow forcing the game to install.
      Unfortunately I have such a phone, do tests, and tell you exactly.

  53. marius bosul said

    Hello, I have a tablet sirius4.4.4 who reads my keyboard and I do not look all programs are factory set even if you give the formatting can I do?


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