Problems with Windows 10 and solving netul

Windows 10 is a stable operating system, but we sometimes pose problems, which is quite strange in 2016. We would have expected that by now, Microsoft to focus more on stability; But it seems more important is the work of collecting data from users.
On my working PC, I have Windows 10 with all the updates up to date. From time to time there is a problem with the net, a red "X" and the message that there is no connection. The network card is Intel, meaning not a third-hand manufacturer, Intel nene! However, the problem with "Offline" "No connections available" persists. It's pretty weird, because you feel like you've made a mistake and you're starting to pull cables through the back of the unit or around the router, disrupt the router, call the network provider, and so on.

Problems with the net Windows 10 - description

This problem with the net on Windows 10 does not always appear, but only at certain times, as long as it takes us out of the watermelon. We notice that with a few restarts the problem disappears, but once again, we are in 2016…
The good news part!
I found a temporary solution, by scanning for hardware changes in the "device manager". This fix must be applied every time the problem occurs, because I repeat, it is a temporary solution.
On another occasion we find solutions for problems with the wi-fi net on Windows 10. Please write me in the comments box, what kind of trouble you with netul wi-fi or wired into Windows 10, and I'll try to include it in the next and this tutorial.
For those with the "Limited connection" problem, I invite you to watch dedicated tutorial.

Video Tutorial - Problems with the Windows 10 Net

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  1. solution is: right click Update Driver Browse my computer select from a list of devices and there you 2 drivers, you choose the bottom one next issue resolved definitively and vuala

  2. Hello,
    I 10 all windows and all connecting wired internet I have another problem ..
    I give I download something from the net or watching a video..pica netul and have to figure troubleshoot or give Disable / Enable Ethernet as their revina..Si do that quite des..Pentru a file 1gb 4-5 falls ori..avand in mind that download with 10 mb / s

    Thank you!

  3. Hello Cristi, and I have the same problem but the wifi must go out again leptop to have wifi, it appears with red x on wifi.

    • I acknowledge and I will include it in the tutorial that I will make with wi-fi problems on Windows 10.

      • Hello. Fixed same problem. 10 on wifi and win, lose connection and other connections but sees very strange that it was not connected until the restart, then everything returns to normal.

        • experiencing the exact same problem and I lose wifi connection and sees the rest only one that was not. Although a loss so his head from time to time if I just give a torrent down a loose instantly every time

        • Come on with the wi-fi connection tutorial, that I've been struggling for a month, and I'm not screwed up:

  4. Cristina58 said

    The Bluetooth settings, I found: Generic Bluetooth Adapter Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator.Am EVENTS clicked and I found the above results
    USB device \ VID_0930 & PID_0219 \ Alaska_Day_2006 requires further installation.
    Device BTH \ MS_BTHBRB \ 7 & 1f4af6c6 & 1 & 1 requires further installation.

    I tried to connect my cable box and USB.Inainte installing any device, with folders C and D show a pop-up telling me that I have a new device, could I click, choose what and fac.Am a bluetooth stick, with which I was doing in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
    It's very complicated because I don't know the ABC of this profession. I thought that a 3,5 jack cable would solve the problem, but what about the laptop's bluetooth with which, if I think about it… ..I always had problems. I can either handle the data cable, or transfer the files to Dropbox and that's it. Now, it also asks me for Dropbox upgrade and how I have enough there… ..woe to me bitter. Thank you and I look forward to your advice.

  5. Hello! I have a problem, spades constant wireless laptop. The laptop is a Lenovo Windows G585 10. Even use a wireless adapter TP-LINK wireless card for the laptop or the driver disconnects constantly. Wait your suggestions, possibly a videotutorial. Thank you in advance.

  6. Excellent! Congratulations for your hard work! I really wanted to write you about this issue! Thanks, Cristi! I have a problem and I know that only you can give me a correct answer. I have an Acer One Win 10 10 that comes with pre-installed. I fail to boot from the stick with android on it in any form. I searched everywhere but found too little info on this problem. If you want to get involved than give you all the details, even to know if you can or not. Even if I want to put another operating system can not. BIOS settings are surprisingly limited. Thank you in advance!

    • From the bios (uefi), disable "secure boot" and change the boot mode from "UEFI" to "Legacy", if you have a stick for Legacy.

      • Hello ! It is this model: Laptop 2 in 1 ACER One 10, Intel® Atom ™ Z3735F up to 1.83GHz, 10.1 ″ Touch, 2GB, eMMC 32GB, Intel® HD Graphics, Windows 10.
        Know that I took on all sides and we have not managed to do anything. Please if you get to such a model button, try to boot Android on it. Win 10 for me it seems too skinny though is excellent for office. It was super if you manage to put Android. Waiting for the next response from you, I'm curious if you'll be able to give him the end. Thanks for attention.

        • You have to put the supervisor password in the BIOS (in Security, you can deactivate it later if you want), so you will have access to several settings; you can disable "secure boot" as Cristi advised)

    • The tablet comes with a locked bootloader unlock bootloaderul..multe di fabrica.trebuie to beat cap.daca Snapdragon processor has something to do with architecture or Intel's ARM..daca give no chance ..

      • And I think that's how it comes from the factory. It's like saying… .single use. It has the image of Win and you can reinstall it indefinitely but with all the buttons in the bios I didn't succeed in anything. I also updated the bios directly from them but it doesn't work.

    • sergiu said

      I wrote again last night and the answer did not appear. I'll try again! You can boot from what you want, you have to put your supervisor password in the BIOS and the settings you need will be unlocked. You will have several boot options and / or disable "secure boot".

  7. I have encountered similar problems on several computers with windows xp, 7, 8.1, at 10 I did not meet because I tried it twice and gave up, problems: I had to redo the connection to rds, to restart at pc, to stay on the router, to disconnect the network card and connect it - eneble - LAN-… I didn't have to do them all at once but 2-1 solutions from what I said we tried until the net started, now I don't want to say that windows it's a disaster, nothing is perfect. I have been using Ubuntu for about 2-2 months and on mozilla it suddenly didn't work properly until I closed it and reopened it, the first time I thought it was from the net or router then I put chromium and it was permanently solved

  8. Nicolae said

    And I have a problem that I think is related to all of your Internet connection on Windows 10 namely for example if you listen to music online (youtube, radio, etc.) skips jerky and say we drivers to the sound card to date and I met a problem that in 3 10 different computers all with windows.

  9. Maybe you will also discuss the issue with partitions, with the rights to partitions. I know that there is a problem and I can't understand it, sometimes everything works ok, sometimes you have to run as an administrator to work or follow all kinds of methods. I do not understand what the problem is and I meet it in some games, for example, which work perfectly in Windows 7 and I am sure it is the fault of these rights from the partitions

  10. Hi Cristi,

    The wifi encountered the following problem:
    - many times when I open the computer (windows 10) it does not automatically connect to the wireless network. I mention that I have a wireless adapter from tplink. I have to manually disconnect and connect it.


    • Romică said

      Good evening! Solving, in my case, was: 1. I downloaded the latest driver from the manufacturer's website; 2. I uninstalled the existing driver with IObit Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller; 3. I installed the new driver; 4. I've configured the connection adapter and connected; 5. I rebooted the PC to check if the connection is. CAUTION TO FIREWALL! Connection must be set HOME (HOME) PUBLIC there. Security suites require installing AC choose which connection type, as described above. Now a possible cause of downtime adapter is old driver who is not compatible with W10.

    • So I did and I ,, connect and reconnect to get tired. I thought it routeru or those from the cable, I walked with dicks everywhere. until I realize that all were when we went 10 win.

  11. For those with wi-fi problems on laptops, stay on the windows that will not cause problems. The problem is not solved when switching to another windows, because there are many incompatibilities with the drivers. This can also happen in windows xp,… etc. Windows is not to blame but your tools. Go to the service and give 25 RON on a compatible board if you want to taste windows 10. And then, Windows 10 has nothing more than windows 7. I mean a windows 7, makes you relaxed, while windows 10 can give you headaches. The resources consumed are approximately the same, Cortana is not in Romania, we are only in Romania and the Romanian language is confused with "Romanians" and they do not have a translator at MS) .Conclusion: Windows 10 works OK on compatible systems!

  12. "This can also happen in windows xp,… etc. It is not the windows that are to blame but your tools. Go to the service and pay 25 RON on a compatible board if you want to taste windows 10"

    I understand that after ordering 2 "tools" from the store with windows installed with a license, I have to go to the service to change the network card ???

  13. Grigor Danut said

    Hi i Cristi Louise Ireland and I had the same problem a few months after I installed Windows 10 (initially we had windows 8). Intro-day laptop when I started I saw that no longer connect to the wireless router I tried to connect wired and so I could not connect to the Internet. I entered the site from Dell and I downloaded two drivers by relating the internet connection and it seems that the problem is resolved because I had trouble connecting to the internet when I downloaded two drivers.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial.

  14. Grigor Danut said

    Cristi Hello I live in Ireland and I had the same problem a few months after I installed Windows 10 (initially we had windows 8). Intro-day laptop when I started I saw that no longer connect to the wireless router I tried to connect wired and so I could not connect to the Internet. I entered the site from Dell and I downloaded two drivers by relating the internet connection and it seems that the problem is resolved because I had trouble connecting to the internet when I downloaded two drivers.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial.

  15. Usually when it breaks me wi-fi connection and shows me a red X in the bottom left of the monitor I go into Airplane mode and then disconnect it and I connect to the network

  16. Gideon said

    Solution: Windows 7

  17. Corneliu I. said

    Win 10 generates a lot of pb.!…: On wi-fi (ASUS) download 97Mb, upload 57Mb, direct: 267 Mb, Download, 7,6Mb Upload !!! .. Explanation of those from RDS: “Win.10 ″ e of guilt! .On their laptop with Wiin 7 were: 297Mb Download and 176 Mb Upload !, This on my cable! left… etc.… Must be restarted each time. He no longer wants to do a restore point… etc..My opinion: Win 10 is free because it is not .. "finalized": .. They use us (through direct connection with Microsoft) and improve it on the skin "Probably that after it reaches the" end ", we will receive a" warning "that it was a trial and, from… .. it must be paid!

  18. Dell 15 3521, disconnects from the wi-fi every 40-45 minutes, I tried all the drivers from the manufacturer's website, including Windows 8.1

  19. Hello
    10 on wifi and win, lose your connection, you have to give up everything returns leptop restart normal or close and reopen wifi .I a new Lenovo leptop .Crezi you can find a solution. Thank you

    • Hi ! Have you tried to cancel Power management?
      That is> enter Device manager> right click on the wifi device (for me it is Intel Wireless Wifilink 4965AGN)> properties> Power management tab> uncheck Allow The computer to turn off this device to save power.
      I did this when I no longer have problems.

  20. yeah great kkt windows. I always see to comment when tutorial windows. only windows are the most problems. I linux goes smoothly and without nerves etc. I dual boot and win gives me trouble I've had no net or I and I and I UEFI cv. just can not make any 2 1.60 months UEFI update and appears to do is give and to restart and update that always occurs. if no response expected resolution

  21. antimicrocost said

    Grand Microcost has bugs! Kkt the bone lot of money, bathrooms brothers did not have enough money to give something that creates problems? You have to be masochistic to install something! Anyway LINUX IS and always will be MOCA THAT IS NO MONEY!

  22. Hello,

    Having an issue with right click on the start bar. No menu always appears to be close open windows. Do you have a solution for that !?

    Thank you!

  23. Hello,

    Follow tutorials for a long time that we do and we have not seen much a tutorial linked to a camera to take pictures decent for someone who is passionate about photography to take pictures only needs occasional.
    I know that answer the easiest way is to have a smartphone and have solved the problem, but I think everything is better apparatus.

    And if you can drift a bit of an idea topic for another tutorial as Lytro Light Field Illum it seems something more advanced than what is canon, sony, panasonic and others.

    Thank you!

  24. I hope that the problem with the net does not exist at all because without the net you cannot solve other problems. A stick with Ubuntu takes you out of the problem 🙂 you can configure a router, you can check if you have a net….

  25. to me it's a strange thing, ie if you put the hide setting for netul wireless router at each session disconnects and must hand bag SSID and password; if there's visibly put no problem; wired've met many a fall and not only 7 10; Thank Cristi information.

  26. On Windows 8 I had this problem, I tried everything I could try (updated drivers installed uninstalled off various processes in the system) I gave it up and moved to w7. I used w7 up appeared 10 and I installed it just to see how it goes and I noticed that goes smoothly, I did not never had problems, I have an older laptop on windows 8 not going all drivers and stuffing CD drivers laptop instead on Windows 10 have all the drivers installed by default Windows does not know what the problem was but I think the drivers from the cd affecting Addicted, try not to install any drivers or give updates to the Windows drivers

  27. Mara study said

    It is good to know! thank you!

  28. I have another problem: if I open a new tab, on the new page I receive a message that there are problems related to the internet or dns… etc I don't remember exactly how it is written !!! And this only happens if I have the bitcometer open and download something .After reinstalling (w10 x64) I noticed that the problem did not disappear (I reinstalled for other reasons). I used other browsers and I also suffer when I open new tab!

  29. AST is the error: Can not Be Reached This site's DNS server address Could not be found.
    Reloading the page
    Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration

  30. I discovered something else: the problem persists only if I leave the download speed at maximum… if I give the lower download (about half) EVERYTHING GOES OK.

  31. silviu said

    I also found myself these problems, but at some point no longer sees any wi-fi and no network card, the beginning of reinstalling Windows does not know how many times, and after a while no longer sees wi-fi and do not even connecting to the network cable, I went to operations in tutorial, and says he can not install findca is not connection, but we solved otherwise and see that it works, every time disappears wi-fi, out everything we USB, give restart and go

  32. Hello, I look forward 10 win solution for connecting to the router every time you open your computer. I made the connection wi-fi router and netul works. But periodically I open my laptop over the icon shows a star connection saying that there is no network available. The only solution is to close it pushed the button and reopen it. I win 10 licensed and updates daily. What could I do it becomes annoying situation. I think until they fix the bug by Microsoft you can find a solution. I tried to look for updates to drivers, but in Device Manager tells me that last are installed. This does not happen in previous versions of win.

  33. Horatio said

    Cristian Hello! The problem is wifi throughout a Win10, fall ba, ba go very hard, wifi ba gotta close it to open it, ba not see the connection. This problem appeared a few days. Until now the work was going well. Thanks!

  34. The same happens to me for example… very often the connection is lost when I open the utorrent and it is very difficult to download from the torrent…. I have the problem on the wire and wireless and I don't know how to solve it.

  35. Thanks to wi-fi windows 10. Simple resolved. Congratulations ptr. Romanian ingenuity.

  36. Hello!
    Please help me and I do not know how to network and see wuindows 10 three horse are met office thank you

  37. Hey, please help me too, my net is working very hard, I tried an antivirus, but it doesn't even find a virus for me, I don't think it's because of the speed, it downloads me with 2-5 Mb / s…. The laptop is working well, the problem is internal

  38. Hello,

    I also have a problem with the wifi connection to the laptop. I connected to a wireless network with my laptop and it went on for a few days and then suddenly I can no longer connect to that network with my laptop (with my phone and tablet I can connect to that network). I also went to a friend and he went to connect to his wifi without problems, I get "No internet secured" on my network. I tried to delete the network and log in again but it doesn't work.
    What can I do?

    Thank you

  39. Cristi Hello!
    1.Driverul installed Microsoft is a generic signature?
    2. Is the option from the driver settings, to Power Management, "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" activated?
    3.Ai verified services: RPC, RPC Endpoint Mapper, Windows Conection Manager, etc?

  40. Cristian said

    Hello! 10 I have Windows installed on your PC, but fail to connect with smartphone (via data cable). Does anyone know how I can do? I tried with tutorials, but I still managed. Thank you!!!

  41. sal, I have a problem, a little strange to say, I try to put him to look for updates for Windows tells me it can not connect to the Internet, I did not give a net and I eroare0 * 8019001
    I 10 way windows

  42. I need the solution for wifi, it's really frustrating, on all other devices my router appears, for all my friends it only appears on my laptop, not nu.

  43. I did welcome upgrade from the 7 win10 wifi does not work and tell you what's below this after we reconfigured the router settings wifi
    “You have not chosen to connect to any of the available wireless networks”

  44. I have a problem. It disappeared wifi connection. Wirelles does not find a network. Not only appears to settings Flight. Wirelles not appear at all. Can someone help me?

  45. I solved the problem, from the device manager I had to enable it on the wirelles board. But now I have another problem, find the router, I have a full signal but no net page works. At Internet options, change home page for the internet always appears "about: blank". In vain I change the page on, nothing happens.

  46. I have a problem with the net, I have a router and it writes to my PC that I am connected but I may not be able to access the internet. I have a triangle with the exclamation mark on the settings icon. He writes to me to reset the network configuration, said and done twice more… That it still didn't work. I get an icon with Airplane Mode from time to time but I can't open it or anything… I have windows 2. What can I do?

  47. Hi, wifi driver for Lenovo IdeaPad 110 where I can get it?

  48. Hello, I have the same problem with Windows Internet 10. Wifi connection is on, and after some time the user disconnects from the Internet and I disappear my network. Sees all networks in the neighborhood, except mine. In device manager appears to me not the slightest error. What do you advise me to do?
    Thank you in advance

  49. Hello, I have a problem on Windows 10..uneori sitting on laptop and after some time simply disconnects if I try to reconnect merge..dupa not a reboot everything returns to normal..Cauze? ??

  50. and I a problem with windows wireless 10 when I hit the wireless is enabled and you press the button on the HP Pavilion g6 Flight activates instead of wireless, somehow you know what can be done? Thank you

  51. I have a hp x360 notebook with touchscreen display. Are drivers lost if they upgrade to windows 10? Is it possible that the touchscreen does not work after upgrading? Thank you in advance.

  52. cristian said

    hello cristi I also have a big problem I have a windows 10 I feel like breaking my laptop… my problem is that it doesn't work to play games on the network in any way do you know how I can fix this?

  53. cristian said

    hello cristi I also have a big problem I have a windows 10 I feel like breaking my laptop… my problem is that it doesn't work to play games on the network in any way do you know how I can fix this? I use wifi

  54. I have a problem. It disappeared wifi connection. Wirelles does not find a network. Not only appears to settings Flight. Wirelles not appear at all. Can someone help me?

  55. Good morning Ctisti. My problem is that I can not connect to the net on my pc in the rds network, gives me the 813 error, which shows this error, with English I do not have it and how can it be solved?
    I mention that I have woidows 10 pro and the network connection rds is on a wire without a router, the thread coming in and out of a small plastic box. Thank you with respect,

  56. I think I have a laptop and net from romtelecom when I connect with cable does not see the higher speed of 100mbps with the same laptop at the same net company sees me the speed of 1gb you have ideas a solving thank you very much

  57. Hello
    I connect via wi-fi to my laptop and for some time I can no longer connect on skype giving me the following error: "Skype could not connect" "Unable to connect. This wi-fi network is not responding correctly. Try connecting to another network. "
    Please help me to solve this problem.
    Thank you

  58. razvan1980 said

    cristi welcome
    until recently I mean about 2 weeks my laptop a lenovo 100 15bybd worked perfectly connected via wifi to the router rented from rds… since then i can't figure out the next problem… sees the wifi networks but when i connect it says network available without internet … Also valid with the wire connected to rj45… any other device goes without problems to the wifi network. I mention that on lenovo I have win 10.
    can you help me?

  59. Hello, I'm using win 10, upgraded to gigabit network card from realtek, connection from rds gigabit 1gb, router from them zte, on win 7 or 8 can download at higher speed than 10MB / s instead on Win 10 does not go more than 10MB / s, regardless of whether it is downloaded to hard or ssd. Can you solve somehow ?!

  60. But if I do not have the updated druver, is there a problem?

  61. ION DONICI said

    THE yellow triangle appears with the exclamation mark on wi-fi but the net is…

  62. Hello! I have a big problem with WIFI. The laptop does not "read" the Wireless card, just as the Wireless Adapter does not appear on the Network Adapters. Does the laptop behave as if it doesn't have Wireless, has it happened to anyone? Thank you in advance.

  63. I'm no longer on the board and is stuck in the plane mode, the airplane mode button is inactive. what can I do?

  64. good morning when I download something after 10 minutes wifi falls from the laptop I close it and I have wifi again for another 10 minutes… and I am still waiting for a suggestion on [email protected] thank you

  65. I have a pc with the aorus b360 gaming 3 motherboard, and when I install Win when I get to the side with a network, finds nothing and makes me create an offline Microsoft account. How can I find my network then to log in to my Microsoft online account because I won the email enabled.

  66. MIRCEA POPA said

    who can samideaosolutiede restart of the net for the laptop with cable goes my facebook without cable do not now lingsaaruter and not send signal only with delegation cable

  67. Howdy. I have windows 10 and my internet, which is connected directly by cable, shuts down automatically when I download something at high speed and use the browser at the same time, The same thing happens when I download two large files at the same time. Do you think it's a problem with speed limitation, is there a setting I need to change?

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