Problems with touch-site Lenovo Miix2 8 solved

Tablet Lenovo Miix2 8 is an engineering marvelA thin tablet with a screen 8 inch can run well Windows 8.1.
This tablet I recommended it and I in the dedicated tutorial. Unfortunately I met quite troublesome problem which luckily I managed to fix quite easily, although it took some time until I found the solution ultimately resolved.
The problem is related to the touch screen, the main input path, this is manifested by the lack of response to touch or by the introduction of invalid touches. In Romanian, "it doesn't work when you touch the screen with your finger".
At first glance I thought it was a fault of the driver but the assumption was shattered when I entered the bios and saw that there either did not respond to touch, while we use only the mouse and keyboard (awkwardly on a tablet 8 inch).
Eventually I found the solution on some forums in korea (live google translate).
The problem with the defective touch comes from some hoses that are not well placed in sockets, meaning it is a hardware problem, namely the factory did not pay enough attention jacks. This thing could be solved by modifying the design and adding small sponges to keep cables in place.
After fixing the problem I fell in love again excellent tablet that moves and now, after several months of use. I had come to hate her and I felt guilty toward those who bought it at my recommendation.
Lenovo Miix2 8 price
I have never recommended anything that I would not buy!

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  1. Hello,
    Interesting tutorial. I haven't had any problems with mine so far, I hope I don't, but if it still happens, I know where to "come" for a solution. Why do I hit myself instead there are problems with Bluetooth, in the sense that my wireless fails if I want to connect two peripherals at once via bluetooth. I use the mouse and the bluetooth keyboard for it, but it doesn't work unless I pair them with the disabled wireless and even so, after about 5-10 minutes I lose the bluetooth connection with the keyboard for no reason. Have you ever experienced something like this with your tablet?

  2. Cristi, this tutorial is efoarte good and well explained. You are right.
    I have a question for you and I hope I can help elucidate the same time.
    I have to say a problem with my phone Samsung Galaxy S5. The problem regarding the battery.
    You wonder, is normal battery percentage 1 4,5 minute decrease in brightness to automatically -5 the wifi on and facebook? Basically at night drops 1 maximum battery percentage but maximum 2. I have to go to warranty or to call where I got to give it back or wsa cumapr a new battery?
    If you watch by setting a percentage drops to 4,5 minutes on battery brightness having tea as I said above.

    • I think it is very normal. In normal use the battery keeps you from morning until evening?

    • You either don't have them at all, yes, you don't, or you make them cool… It's ultra mega normal, especially as it is possible to have kept it without the energy saving mode and with wifi and on Facebook, and at night it could decrease by 5% and everything normal was ..

  3. Cristi R. said
  4. Mihai1307 said

    Hi Cristi, interesting tutorial, you correctly pointed out that that FLEX cable deteriorates extremely easily. Contacts can be cleaned at home with isopropyl alcohol or contact spray (I recommend I worked in the field, service it & c: D)

  5. hello Cristi. I say the next time someone recommend some more time to test at least one month for the second and then to recommend nah it's not your fault but still nah people 'directly after your recommendations. otherwise felicatari for this tutorial

  6. Costelina said

    Cristi welcome
    do not you quit until you've opened it and on it
    tutorial is interesting, when I've seen it looks like a tablet unfolded (but be and functional)
    I had one but I have not opened it so I can give it away
    see it means to love
    even if you're still risking stick
    the only way we learn
    thank you

    • Costelina said

      now and I little to brag
      I opened myself a laptop (Samsung) a strange pattern; yet we have never seen other models
      I wanted to do:
      I wanted to get to the fan that cools the processor
      that was the problem: dusty straw normal, and was no longer cooling properly and restart the machine assembly
      why do I say "a strange model"? Well, to get to the fan I had to untie it from all wrists
      (Operation uncomfortable and very hard not to mention risky for we know well what are fragile and piled
      the components)
      warned all users that want to purchase their laptops to look and back cover ==== must be great and helpful when they have to clean the fan
      no matter how you coddle it all is dust sooner or later and when problems arise
      yet something great care in cleaning the fan is fragile and worse not found in trade
      for a possible replacement

    • I undo everything that catch. I'm doing since I was a child. At that time nor interest me too much outside, I wanted to see what is inside and how it works electronics.

      • Cristi congratulations for all your work submitted on this site, thank you for sharing with us and expose your knowledge in writing and doing tutorials, I know that the site of a lot of time, and although IT work as an electrical engineer, I learned a many of you are very good and the hardware and software are shown as small iT world, always appear new things and have something to learn in the field, as technology advances, once again congratulations.

  7. Hello Cristi,
    Thanks for the tutorial and tablet because my (same model) do sometimes these problems.
    But I want to ask you if you know: Why do not you go play store?
    For two weeks no longer works and I do not know if the problem is software or not.

  8. [email protected] Normal use keeps me the battery but if I leave the screen lit + wifi on 4,5 minutes it drops a percentage on the battery. For example I used the normal screen I talked 1: 15 minutes I made some pictures yesterday and short films and now I have the 63% battery, the phone I loaded the lunch marsh. Who has S5 or S4, is it so much to you at 5 minutes will drop one percent?
    [email protected] I do not make it cool at all, my 2 percent battery decreases. Anyway they say they stand by you till 390 for hours. I do not know how true it is.
    Maybe Cristi would say that it is not normal and that Treu I change the battery or go to the service.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You understand that you have a smartphone, a real pocket calculator and not a simple monochrome screen phone like Nokia 3310.
      Your phone does many things in the background that you do not even see them. the largest consumer battery is the display. Try to keep the brightness as low as possible when you are at home or in dark places, the house I was holding on zero (disable auto mode and give the brightness slider to the maximum to left)
      If you have an AMOLED display uses a full black background as wallpaper because smartphones using such a display is not lit at all pixels to display black (hence save energy) Avoid wallpapers live (that move and have all kinds of animations touch)
      Galaxy S4 me with economy mode enabled and set to the minimum brightness is not holding me 1 day, barely accumulate on 3 hours of screen time (cumulative time the display was lit) which is why I sold. Before you sell it I bought a new battery and got the same result unsatisfactory.
      When producers say on sstand by concerns that disable 3G (mobile data), WiFi, Bluetooth, do not call and do not give sms. In such conditions, any smartphone will keep you lot but in vain smartphone if you have Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, stopped 3G

      • Hi Adrian, Thanks for the reply and explanations. So you're saying it is natural to fall at a rate 5 minutes. I must not scare me and went to take drastic measures to buy ab service or new Terios.
        Anyway my phone is produced in Vietnam, I thought I'd be problems like this since it is not produced in Vietnam and his mother in South Korea. And yes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F battery is manufactured in Korea and assembled in Vietnam. I notice that occur phones break in Vietnam. I put the problem in this way. I thought about the fact that the battery can be produced in the factory to be badly damaged factory

  9. Hi Cristi, you can make a tutorial in which you can tell us how to get rid of those ads from google, from IKEA, from I don't know where, etc. because on older systems it loads WEB pages.
    Even the most we still sometimes hampers especially YouTube. A good day !

    • Internet ads keep updated. No commercials you never find content on the Internet, because publishers would have nothing to eat.
      If you want a rich internet content, you must accept and advertisements.
      What I would have to cut an entire forest because I can no sun in the house.
      Try to understand, how it works, that just will not die.
      I think it's better than paying out of pocket sites (like magazines).

      • Adrian Gudus said

        So are our Romanians. Ignorant, it is interested only sacrifice their own interest or not and how many sacrifices are others like him have free access to information, in Romanian, in a video format easily digested.
        He does not care where the information comes, who is the one who gives it. It hurts elbow just wants the problem to be repaired. Too bad we have evolved to such harmful habits!

        • I can't anymore, because there are ads everywhere, look, I'm ANTI-ADVERTISEMENTS, when you're looking for some ads, I'm tired of them, I want to load the content clean, without other nonsense. What interests me about ads "I'm looking for car springs" or "I'm looking for a VPN server", there must be something.
          PS: Adriane, my father leaves unnecessary comments, you know how to criticize all day, Cristi said what he had to say, you also run into the discussion. Please, when you stop responding to the comments I write once every 5 months, and I don't know when your name is Cristi, please… you are a smaller admin, but your name is not Cristi. Evet!

        • VasileTrying said

          Remember that and you were just the beginning, not just us Romans so, worldwide
          if the opportunity arises all try to take advantage as much

      • VasileTrying said

        To avoid looking g ads play adaway application and then you might be hit with advertisements.
        I do not know why you responded so sarcastic, because even the author of this video tutorial presented the following day an approach on how to get rid of ads on the Internet innavigare Android and even Windows.
        It may ignore or give you a concrete answer.
        The problem is that he eats from those ads, more or less!

        Last night as good as possible and "NO ADS"

        • I was not being sarcastic, I tried to explain how things are.
          I also don't agree with aggressive advertising, like "pop-up" "mouse over" "roll over" "in content link" or other devils. As proof that here on we only have clean ads, without traps.
          You should understand that we can not provide quality content without funding.
          We have back media trusts, companies are not sponsored, we have no hidden agendas, are independent and want to remain so.
          We love it when we get products for review and suggest how we should sound the review. There are plenty of sites like that and do not want to join them. We prefer to buy the product with our money than to make a liar review.
          Between you and us must be a relationship of understanding. Advertising is needed, that ensure independence.
          When you find any site without ads, you should put a big question mark.

  10. mihai ionescu said

    I also bought such a tablet, so far it has not made me any "figure".
    I have another issue not know how to install GPS on ea.Poate someone help me? thank you in advance!
    Videotutorialul is perfect, good, thank you Dear all.

  11. Hello! anyone can tell me if it's worth taking a tablet Allview Wi7?
    PS: I intend to take especially for web browsing and Windows interface

  12. I do not go on a tablet vonino Shut Orin hd. what can I do ?

    • If you do not touch the works, it's good to go tablet service. A frequent problem is to break the tablets flex connectors. If it is not loosen guarantee you home, go with her to the service.

  13. cosmin said

    Good evening and me someone help me? I have a problem with a smartphone namely lenovoa328 problem lies in the following way if you start tel functoineaza normal and right now it's sore when I put on standby and call me or want to get into phone can not I do not operates touch-ull just simple battery remains locked up out of he reintroduced back and work are fair and optimally but when you press stand by the same problem repeats
    thank you

  14. Salut.Am myself a problems with lenovo tablets .. For example, watch a video and once half of the screen, the long, black device device in black and the other half open to dark gray. I hear sound but can not do anything to the screen, not up close and reopen the power tableta.uneori tremble bad image. Can someone help me?

  15. Sandu teofil said

    Ecranu not go to a lenovo

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