Accurate weather forecasts for planning a successful vacation - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a weather service, AccuWeather and it is called is appreciated by everyone because of its accuracy, is present on almost all mobile phones with latest weather widgets which more interesting today we present services on mobile devices, desktop weather will bring.
There are other services on the market but AccuWeather is more robust and accurate than other services forecast, no nothing major device manufacturers seek services AcuuWeather in number of increasingly higher.
Whether on vacation or just to the beach, we want to know how will be the weather, if possible every hour, AccuWeather weather gives us depth for a successful holiday, with no surprises.
In this tutorial I imagined that I leave the Romanian seaside, in some resort to what I call the service from the constant AccuWeather for weather, I got all sorts of details from the weather forecast hours to a detailed 15 week or even days.
With AccuWeather our vacation can be a success with beautiful weather in the summer and / or winter snow galore.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. I really question is: Does the site with ads about the weather is the safest, and the answer came to me from you. Thanks a lot, it remains now to test myself to see how much is safe and accurate.

  2. Hello Cristi I have a question to ask is there any desktop gaget accuwether?

  3. Cool tutorial
    I have no words!

  4. For Mozilla Firefox there is the "Forecastfox" extension that presents the weather from AccuWeather.

  5. I have been using AccuWeather for a long time and it has been very useful to me. He even recognizes villages in Romania that other sites do not give. But… for about a few months he changed his "coat" and I don't like it anymore. It started to give forecasts in American model: xx% probability of rain and the like… And it started to give a bit of a chix to the forecasts on the locations that interest me, so I will look for another site… ..

  6. Fredreick said

    A gadget for Windows XP. With AccuWeather there?

  7. vlad cuckoo said

    I followed the tutorial WinToFlash but it goes without stick??

  8. Is there any possibility to download the video myself this?

    • traian: Is there any possibility to download the video myself this?  

      We do not agree with downloading tutorials. This site is free and you can get any time to look at it, it does not cost any money to see our tutorials. There's nothing to download!

  9. Yes, you're right but I wanted to have some handy tutorials .. nothing anyway .. thanks for the response

  10. Fredreick said

    I installed the gadget.
    The site writes that are 28 degrees in my pc now and write that are 23.
    What is this?

  11. costel08_78 said

    Very good tutorial for this site.Multumesc Mr. Cristi

  12. paulgrojdi said

    The gadget is useless if you use over and messed mozilla.Ramane! Forecastfox is much better than an additional gadget especially that you can customize to your liking. You can download other icons or you can put the firefox about where vrei.Eu 3 using it for a year and 7 windows xp and no problems.

  13. I don't understand any change F "to C" and when I let the weather tell me in a city the degrees tell me in F ". Why?

    • shimmy: I do not understand some parts F "in C" and give you time to tell me in a city they call my grades in F. "Why?  

      You point and click Save or Apply after you have made these settings?

  14. I see no Save or Apply.

  15. There was once an application for windows called "accuweather desktop". Have you heard of it? Still exists? I used it for a while… it was something very interesting for me, I still had to go online to see what the weather was like, I set the application to open once the PC was opened on the desktop. What I liked was that it didn't appear on my entire desktop, but only in a small blue window where I could see almost everything I was interested in. And besides, the forecast was really very accurate. great, but for any locality existing in Romania! And yes there were differences between one locality and another even just a few km away. The problem is that it started giving me errors at some point in February, as if, and since then I haven't stopped this program. Do you know anything about him?

  16. This site does not give temp. real, e.g. now in Bacau they are -2.5 C, checked with Yahoo Wheather, the thermometer in the car (board) and the forecast on tv / radio, and on AccuWheather -8 C, so I'm sorry… .pt them.


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