Free photo editing program and easy to use tutorial video

In this video tutorial we present a free photo editing program Magic Photo Editor.

With this program we can play and experience fun combinations like.

-Has framed a photo

-To two pictures together

-And give him a flower or a cartoon photo

Now do not expect that it will you compare with Adobe Photoshop as I said is a free and easy to use.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. Hello. You are extraordinary, thanks to you I learned a lot of things that I didn't even know needed to be done on a system and now my PC clock is working, thank you from the bottom of my heart. learned computer science, you caught my full attention, even my five-year-old child repeats through the house "Hello, I'm BOBY" or "Hello, I'm Cristi".

  2. PS and my child loves to play and make this program as desired because it has pictures of cartoon images animate.Va thank his behalf.

  3. Thank you very much for appreciation LACRA.
    Your comments moved us….

  4. Also for LACRA, we have scheduled some tutorials related to "parental control" and methods to monitor and control children's access to computers, I hope you like.

  5. I look forward to these "parental control" tutorials and something like this to help me control my child over the computer. Thank you for being loved.

  6. seara.Va good beseech be kind and lamuritima with a problem: I downloaded on December 3 this program worked flawlessly until tonight aceasta.dorind been done something with this program tonight May mia not allowed telling I following: 30-time-trial over! Please register it.For best and sp what happened and what can be loved fac.Va thank anticipat.Sa

  7. Hello Cristi and Bobi I recently found your site and is very useful not only for beginners.
    What I mean nice and education fascinat.Super PC.
    Now that we are around the holidays, I wish all your wishes to you and your families and the traditional "Happy Birthday" come true!
    I wish you success in everything you do and we expect videotutoriale.
    Thank you.

  8. Good Lacra.In First you need to tell the difference between a program and free.Un software free trial version is a free version and butter rial is a valid program between 1 and 30 days. If you want to continue program uses will need to buy it but you do not have to worry about to have heard of REVO.
    Uninstall it with revo in "Advanced" mode and then install it again and you will extend its validity every time.

  9. Hi dear. Thanks ptr effort to return my intrebare.Am you tried this trick in Revolutionary times I installed the software again but still it does not let me have one more folosesc.Si queries: the tutorial you said it is a free photo editing, how is it that now I ask for money? we got it wrong? related to specific uninstall correctly I did exactly as I learned from the tutorial content to be healthy. was be loved.

  10. Thank you very much ptr mail wish you well. Fare are some cute love

  11. bravo guys work hard to make a good honor to you tinetio all know that everyone will say so just say what I feel but I channeled as many programs

  12. coryna We are glad that you like yourself expect on this website and we did not mind if you suggest or tell us what you want to do a tutorial?

  13. I have a question that is not related to this program. I want a program to edit photographers, in the sense… I mean I want an obese person to make me thin or vice versa I once had a program like that! .. dci for those who think they know how to tell me will rooog 🙂 a program other than phtoshop because I do not know where the option is (on youtube it does not look clear) .. I want something simpler.

  14. @andreea:
    Whatever you can find only in complex software, you can have a simple application but also to do complex things.
    Try Gimp can you love and help you.

  15. First of all I want to thank you for everything that faceti.Am I installed the program but after a month I went through the same problems; lacra, meaning I uninstalled REVO n times and did not work. Please if you can help me and me. Thanks in advance.

  16. @Nicholas: Sorry but we can't help you because we don't know how you uninstalled, you should know that with revo you can make mistakes when uninstalling a program! We don't know how you proceeded how you uninstalled how you used revo !!! Some programs when you uninstall them with revo after the program says that the uninstallation was successful, it asks you to restart and if you restart it everything goes wrong, and in vain you used revo… you don't have to restart when it asks! but you have to say "no" and continue the wizard with revo further!

  17. I uninstalled it as you explained in videotutorial and I did not restart. Thank you.

  18. Hi… ..I have a problem… (scz if I posted here but the page with quick comm is very difficult to load).
    When I want to enter your site with internet explorer, this window appears ""
    I posted the link scz
    I hope you help me….
    Thank you! ! ! !

  19. @ionutz:
    Yes and something happens to me, I had no time to check, I click OK and move on.
    Hope you solve the problem when changing server these days.
    I think the majority happens when the server is busy, traffic skyrocketed lately and we've moved more slowly to changing server.

  20. The thing is ok if I do not have that option on the site with categories and that pisses me off rauu
    Nush what had

  21. @ionutz: I can't believe you're still using the Internet Explorer shit I consider a browser junk !!! Use Firefox or Opera or Google Chrome… if you don't know how you see tutorials about Firefox and Opera… type up search Firefox or Opera and you'll find them… Internet Explorer is cabbage and as a safe browser, it doesn't block popups is slow to navigate, not compatible with many web pages! and the display on the page is affected, or some scripts are not supported… You do as you please but Internet Explorer is long overdue by other browsers, it is the most pathetic browser.

  22. pit_bull said

    so i just want to see a video editing program as the pictures are the village yes i can't find it on google plm i will give you the mess id to contact me pls i need something like that pls

  23. unfortunately, it doesn't work to take more than 30 pictures: (… ​​can you find a variant that is not limited? thank you very much!

  24. Hello! I would like to take and edit pictures but the program tell me how to buy b.

    Thank you very much

  25. @Flory: He started the site a number of tutorials on the most famous Gimp photo editor and above Free! Write up the Search in the right GIMP hit enter and you'll find top 2 tutorials about this program, if you stay with us and others will follow!

  26. How do you download?????????????????

  27. Flory: Where do you download?????????????????

    when you want to download a program Yorkers need to do the following steps
    Open a browser be it opera, internet explorer, mozilla firefox, etc.
    We type in google or what search engine we use and we write what is the name of the program we are looking for, in our case “magic photo editor”, enter
    And click on the second result and from there it can download.ezi
    I did not take more than 40 seconds to find this program and download it ez
    Use Google.

  28. Hello!
    4 months ago I installed Magic Photo Editor on your computer, and a after a month I have never opened, I tried to install it again but will not let me and tell me tb to buy it (I did I had free) Indeed the program is very good and I liked me very much.
    My request is (if you can help me) to install it again for free.

    Thank you very much,
    Sincerely Flory

  29. The program will not beat him bun.dar head as you 30 not free to use, or to get along 30 free photo, so much cost a dolarI.Daca 30 and find something let me know and I will free myself ok and boys are amazing really did not know this program

  30. Yes… there is no point in bringing criticism, on the contrary ... I congratulate you too. what you do. Personally I work with children of different ages at a club of students in Arad County and both in the training of graphic activities and others in the field of IT are of real use to me. There are things that even if they seem simple (especially after you have dissected them on the video tutorial!) are of real use… It is easier to go from simple to complex, things connect better and so you get to photoshop, gimp.Xara, corel.d … Etc. But some things can be done easily and simply, without costing anything, with less complex programs and easy to apply obtaining similar effects with very expensive programs (photosh.) And which we patch as we can and will not It never works as with the license… but everyone does it as best they can. Personally, I would choose if possible a tutorial related to PaintNET v3.5 many utilities. I wish you good luck and good work!

  31. I do not Plack photos if nus changed.

  32. Where can I loa and the programmed edit pictures if siti who will astai menu id ceraselaclementina

    • eu: Where can I loa and programmers to edit pozedaca siti who will astai menu id ceraselaclementina  

      See the video tutorial above you in showing how to use the software, where to download, how to install, click on Close to play then click the play button (that triangle)

  33. very interesting, thank you very much for your presentation more waiting and other tutorials will follow, thank again.

  34. I would like the program for free… please… .I took it from somewhere and I can't use it anymore… I have to buy it… .if anyone has it please… can you send it to me?
    thank you
    ps: my email is "[email protected]"

  35. Please be kind and lamuritima soul of a problem: I downloaded on December 3 this program worked flawlessly until tonight aceasta.dorind been done something with this program tonight May mia not allowed telling me the following: 30-time-trial over! Please register it.For best and sp what happened and what can be loved fac.Va thank anticipat.Sa

  36. It means that the trial period has expired 30 days of the program and that it can use to still have him: buy or get hold of a serial or try uninstalling the program with Revo Uninstaller and install it hoping that the new will work! Success!

  37. Andrew said

    I used the program about 2-3 days and now I buy it make me can you help me

  38. It's pretty good for a start…

  39. Ciprian Iosub said

    The program is free, after days 30 should buy it if you want someone, you should specify this thing
    Congratulations for the job you are doing .. much respect

    • Ciprian Iosub: Hello
      The program is free, after days 30 should buy it if you want someone, you should specify this thing
      Congratulations for the job you are doing .. much respect  

      Hi Ciprian!
      You know them all!

  40. catalyn said

    not mijto k goes downloaded

  41. beautiful this

  42. Anonymous said

    Very useful! Myself I downloaded this video!

  43. Pavelynoo said

    Bravo guys, very much the program

  44. Ciprian Iosub said

    Hi Ciprian!
    You know them all!

    Hi ANCA..I don't know them all, but I say it's good to mention this..Know that I'm really sorry that you made an impression from that that I would know them all..It would be nice to know them all together…

  45. costelpescar said

    Începători.Mulţumesc fun and useful.

  46. cosa George said

    how you download that shows me 30 trial, can put the background picture but can not put

  47. Hi, I also want to ask you for help. Earlier I had a program called "photo" and there was something else, but Photoshop didn't have many functions. if you know what it's about, help me because I don't know what it's called anymore

  48. Olga Vuscan said

    If you want a picture editing program easy to use and free (not trial), you can download Photoscape on - It is intuitive, easy to use and allows you to make many more changes than this program. Google also has an editing program, just as easy and free, called Picasa.

  49. Lavinia said

    Hi, please tell me a program through which I can modify the pictures as ok as possible, how do I use photos to modify the pictures to put more special effects (to put on make-up, to get rid of wrinkles… etc) pls I need urgently mssss: *: *

  50. CRISTINA said

    FRT is good and whenever I need know where to look!

  51. Militaru said

    how to download it I need it urgently please help me
    Download: / f.php

  52. ise mirela said

    I also want the free program dak se maybe I only used it a few shots .. after kre it didn't work anymore ..! can you help me? I like the program so much..because it has those animations and's very dear to me! [email protected] Thank you!

  53. hard

  54. I downloaded the photo editing program, but since then on any search engine I see "22find". How can I get rid of this thing? Thank you.

    • search the net * adwcleaner *, it's freeware, install it and clean your computer of unwanted people. I had a similar problem and that's how I solved it. For details, enter ………………….

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