Setup and cleaning maintenance program for windows xp and vista Ashampoo win optimizer 6 - video tutorial

The following video tutorial will show how to maintain, clean and set Windows, be it XP or Vista, lightweight application 6 Ashampoo win optimizer that is very easy to use and has a lot of useful features and handy to anyone all in a sleek interface intuitive and very easy to use.

Using the settings is intuitive basic rule by which the program was designed, all options and having a level one wizard for beginners but also advanced for the most demanding users.

Ashampoo win optimizer 6 has a collection of very useful functions, which include: registry optimizer, one-click optimizer, defrag 3, internet tuner, anty spy, file wiper, file encrypter and decrypter file, tweaking tools, system information, system benchmark , file recovery, flie file splitter and joiner and more.

Among the multitude of settings, I was struck by the "file encrypter and file decrypter" that will help you make an executable that is password, from a folder or from any file, this way we can easily password a file (confidential or not) and we can protect him from some curious looks.

I invite you to watch this video tutorial Ashampoo Win Optimizer 6, (honestly liked me) that is part of a longer series of video tutorials about maintenance and setup Windows XP or Vista that you can find on by using the search engine of the site.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Cristi're the best thanks a lot

  2. Cristi, thank you very much, but there was no need, I don't want to be big and loud or praised, I want my true value and yours to be seen by someone else, I want to see your value, not someone else to praise you! I'm an avid fan, but not to receive awards or to be praised, or to put myself under your skin (like a syringe as Sergiu said) or others! I simply appreciate your work, I am very pleased with yours and I want to help you as you help me and others! Very nice tutorial but I'm a little tired of these programs that still optimize your PC! There are so many Gods… that you don't even know which one to put on, which one is better, which one does its job better. Don't show them that you are driving people crazy and they don't know what to choose =)) (I was joking of course) you know better what tutorials to do! It's very good to have alternatives to choose from, but often it's hard when there are too many and you don't know where to stop!

  3. Cristi you do not have to thank us but we new you, Boby and other collaborators yours, because I think every visitor to this site has learned (more or less) from you and is more easy to handle with program settings after you watched the tutorial, even if you know lb.engleza.
    The fact that devote time and money to some people who did not know and who did not have any material demands in today, big deal and worthy of praise.
    So thanks for that exist.

  4. boby_admin said

    Thank you for your kind words and we are glad you appreciate our work and if you would not have what we did not exist.
    Your messages make us be more icrezatori and give us the strength to continue

  5. If you bag your email address and can subscribe to receive daily email tutorials??

  6. Radu81.
    You first tutorials new mail box, just like when you make a magazine subscription.
    The only difference is that in our country everything is free and you do not even bother postman!

  7. Radu81.
    And if somehow you can cancel your subscription tired us as easily as you did.
    I want to be a nuisance to anyone, right?

  8. thanks for the tutorial ……… .you don't have to thank us but we thank you. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hello thousand tutorialu liked about Ashampoo wait and tutorials on PC, especially one who helps, thank Exis are the best !!!

  10. Thanks a lot my first time in this program find the hottest sunte.ti

  11. You're right, Cristi, and I'm desperate for those who, being Romanians, sometimes attract you, or sometimes attract my attention because you see, God, I didn't pronounce the term correctly, the English word. .We are English-speaking, American-speaking, we are funny about the song from Taxi =))

  12. in the U.S. we can give them but they pronounce them as we never

  13. Hi… I have a question I have an Intel Pentium 4 processor with a frequency of 2.40 GHz and the question would be: about where is this processor: is it weak or medium; is it good or not good? Thank you in advance!

  14. Andrei it's hard to say, because we don't know what your expectations are, what you expect from a processor that you do with a PC, or that you would like to do with a PC, for example if you just want to listen to music and you're not a gamer, and you watch a movie from time to time… my opinion is that you gave your money for nothing… you could do that with a slightly weaker processor even with a 1G one. So… you know best what you want from a PC we can't know what you do with your PC or what expectations you have to tell you if it's good or not…

  15. Andrew.
    Perhaps his time was good, but now saracu is a bit of time and mostly exceeded current requirements.
    Stay tuned as we launch some tutorials to overclock and maybe make something of it in the end, it's a shame to give that p4 were very successful, especially top variants.

  16. Andrew.
    Let the butter get it out of him!
    Are we a champion of old man!

  17. What are you saying Cristi? I have pentum 3 and it's 800MHz =)), and I don't see anything in it, nonsense… it works it's functional, I just can't enjoy VirtualBox because I have too little RAM… 384… otherwise… I don't see the problem ! and his is 2,40G well, if I had his processor very happy I would have believed me… but if the boy was a dangerous gamer… who only plays those 3D ones..and he wants… state-of-the-art games, then sorry… it's not good it's really outdated. as I said it depends on your expectations… I'm not a speed maniac, I don't want it to "squeak" to put millions in it and keep it on the desk just to play something or to listen to music… To be stable, and to go well both I want and I would like. I don't like to play games

  18. Ms for info. And no! Not a gamer! I like to play fifa Bn but not an avid gamer. Furthermore I like to test the software or make new programs etc. So it's pretty good processor, this means that I can rely on it long enough. And even overclock it now, I want to see what I can out of it. MS!

  19. Adrian.
    If you feel like moving a 2 duo core or quad core you'll understand what I mean.
    New "hd, bluray" content cannot be managed with an older process.
    If a user can proc oldest is smart move to make the system better, but other editing software: photo, video, audio harder.

  20. Cristi… I don't have anything to do with mine, even if the "king of overclocking" comes, I don't even go for frequencies (in the BIOS)… my creca is the dumbest and most "broken" system which has never existed on earth. I can't wait to change it… .but it's not money at the moment… or maybe I don't know what to do… I also did overclock research but I didn't find anything to help me, to be useful to me… and I look forward to the overclock series

  21. hello cristi and boby I am very happy that I discovered the site. very good and very practical. ashampoo is very good I use ashampoo burhing studio 7. "at ease" it surpasses nero (it also has Romanian language) pdf much higher in speed etc..those from adobe. — archivist-converter-encryptor etc-IZARC-soft free… surpasses all winzip win rarely 7zip a bunch has them included .converts nrg images, iso.bin, etc makes many …… .in a single packet and is free.and another program-cell phone manager -to those who have mobile to put various on tel.and most importantly to those who have from rds-huawei

  22. Elijah Varzaru said

    From HD hello .. good you are and flour watch for a while, when I sit for up to two hours, so to coment / / / retroactively and in advance thank you anyway.

  23. You are the coolest invention of the last 20 years in Romania, you go forward,.

  24. Please help me with something beautiful: what to do on a computer pentium 2 when I unplug it always appears error that must be entered time and date. I always appear if you pull the plug. Computer is not mine but a friend asked me to ask what she can do. Thank you.

  25. @costel: You can not do anything! And you don't have to worry! It is normal to ask for your date and time… because you left it without power and it can no longer keep track of the date and time, just like on a mobile phone if you remove the battery you have to set the date and time… The computer does not unplug! it just stops at the button and that's it! Why take it out of the socket? Put it in the socket, hold on to it while you wait and then to close it press left click on start from the left corner then turn off, a window opens in the middle of the screen from which you click left all on turn off and ready… it shuts down… you close the monitor at the button… the computer will shut itself down! it must not be unplugged… as it is not a washing machine or mixer! If it is closed and plugged in, do not consume!

  26. Thanks for the reply. Calculator that some kids use it to land problem was when a power failure (that is also happening and so in Romania) do not know how to set it. I wrote a paper on how to set it but thought that there is another method. Anyway thank you.

  27. @costel: take it yourself logically… what goes without power? nothing… if it is not powered and has no current it is normal to lose the record on the watch… a solution would be but the method is too expensive just not to set the clock manually! one method would be to have internet on that PC and when you turn it on automatically it will take its exact time via the internet!

  28. I 256ram salut.daca can set virtual memory that is 768 3 or ram or conteaza.mersi respect for all you do

  29. Please help me with advice when I open a certain partition and I can not get an error. I can only give right click and explore partition and only then can enter the partitions.
    I reinstalled Windows and the same happens to me.
    I'm trying to show you what the mistake is to see if I can put it here:… I don't know how to occupy here but I will write it.
    Windows cannot find' '. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click Start button, and then click Search.

  30. @costel: this is because your passions are not both NTFS formatted! reinstall your system and format both partitions as NTFS, when reinstalling windows choose simple NTFS not fat quic nor simple fat nor ntfs quic but NTFS, after you install the windos go to my computer and at the 2nd partition right click on it if format… choose all NTFS!

  31. I'll try thanks.

  32. thanks for the help. you are especially helpful for the novices and I personally don't mind sitting in front of the PC for 50-70 minutes as long as I learn something useful for me.

  33. I accidentally discovered VAM computer 2 years and now that I found you can install almost all programs in your tutorials so I m now paying subscriber so I expect news

  34. pretty good software

  35. I want and some professional px key for windows service pak 2 dak can help me????

  36. @Andrew: We do not provide serials, cracks Keys for any software operating system for it is illegal, find in store windows or on torrents. Not insist, do not ask for that PT it is illegal!

  37. I do not know, I fear that I ashampoo not delete anything from windows and as I happened to crack it with another program, I can take it quietly? Way, do a good job.

  38. Thanks a lot for this site SAL advice that we give in general for beginners and those trying to learn something from this site is great tinetio so on and have continued success with drag ADY

  39. I have a problem at one time I install Windows again (XP) and I installed gta 4 and do not want to get into it until now I m doing very well, and suddenly not enter him, I installed a game, just do not go into it, what can I do???

  40. Which app is better, Ashampoo or TuneUp Utilities?

  41. @Oana:
    The best program is the one with which you get along the best, I like more than TuneUp Utilities.

  42. georgel said


  43. l.robi said

    Miiiiiiiiii Thanks!

    I found your site by accident site a week ago, I was amazed that in Romania there is so such people.

    Congratulations and good luck further.

  44. DanyMax said

    Very good tutorial. The same program. I did and get the full version. Who wants key can give the messenger maxx_l1k add to adr. I suspect that it is prohibited to publish it here.

  45. Adrian said

    @DanyMax: It is forbidden to publish srriale site!

  46. cornel said

    A few days ago I gave the word Ashampoo google search because I saw in your tutorial and I was curious to see what I find there, especially if you have something free.Mare was surprised to find there an announcement about Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009 that program is a CD / DVD and Blu-ray disc provided free of charge, all you do is send your email address and receive free license with approved contractors saw email.Am programs from Ashampoo's why I posted this comment and I think you could make a videotutorial and of course if you think this program is welcome (would replace the successful NERO).

  47. Very cool site, greeting one who had the idea and that makes

  48. congratulations for this tutorial!

  49. As deinstalez WIND media player

  50. crys: How deinstalez WIND media player

    Windows Media Player does not work uninstalled but disabled, showed that in a video tutorial, you can track it by clicking HERE

  51. I have a problem with my calculus and where I "walked", I did not find an answer or only half an answer. From time to time, it freezes, the image goes out and after 2 seconds it recovers. I'm looking for something on the net or I'm in a program, or I open the mail… I hit the mouse wheel up or down and at some point it doesn't do anything, the image goes out (not the unit) and in 2 seconds it recovers . Why?
    I apologize if I don't express myself exactly "read" but…. I'm a beginner.
    And… ..on my word that in my searches on the net, I really did not find sites where you can be given such clear and especially complete explanations. People like you really deserve all the respect in the world. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  52. maria:
    I have a problem with my heel and the way we "walked", I found the answer or just half raspuns.Din occasionally, crashes, dies after 2 seconds and imagine revine.De their ex. find something on the net or in a program or open mail ... give the mouse wheel up or down and at some point no longer anything goes image (not drive) and second in rebounds 2 . What for I apologize if I did not express very "readable" but .... are incepatoare.Si ..... on my word in my search on the net, even I found sites where you give explanations so complete.Oamenii clear, especially as you really deserve all the respect in lume.FELICITARI!

    Well what happens to you can be of several motice.Adica:

    1.Fie you down and kicks computer, without you, the cable that connects the computer monitor.

    2.Fie of faulty video card or monitor is figures.

    But as I wrote above these types of defects occur for various reasons, and to discover the defect you must check the computer by the so-called "removal" method. That is, check by replacing each part of the computer until it is discovered which components, or component, it does not work properly.

  53. Thanks a lot for raspuns.Calcul webdan sit on the desk, I got him last year and about two months after purchase started doing so. But it can also be due to a mouse? ie:
    - I noticed that it does so only when I turn the wheel to raise or lower the page. It is on batteries and I understood that they can create some problems.
    how good it would be for him to be guilty otherwise …… what to do… let's see who I'm talking to for changing parts.
    Thanks so much everyone!

  54. maria:
    Thanks a lot for raspuns.Calcul webdan sit on the desk, I got him last year and about two months after purchase started doing so. But it can also be due to a mouse? ie:
    - I noticed that it does so only when I turn the wheel to raise or lower the page. It is on batteries and I understood that they can create some problems. how good it would be for him to be guilty otherwise …… what to do… let's see who I'm talking to for changing parts.
    Thanks so much everyone!

    I don't know if the battery mouse can cause such problems, but it's not ruled out. As I wrote for you in a previous comment, check with another mouse to see if your computer still does that. the mouse connects to the computer on a USB port, then try another USB port to see if the monitor behaves the same way. In a way you can't be sure because of the mouse, because it is connected to the motherboard. Check with another mouse if it does the same, but better (and if possible - of course) put the mouse in question on another computer. If on another computer the whole problem with turning off the monitor appears, then it means that the mouse has a problem.

  55. Webdan Thanks a lot!
    I'll take months to work and I'll let 2 3-home days and I'll put the wire to see what happens. Will keep you posted.

  56. crisan danut said

    Thank you for. tutorials and made them noua.Sima and respect for your time!

  57. Ptr. webdan:

    I did what you said, I applied the elimination method and…. I changed the monitor, the result: for now I see that he didn't do it like that, I hope he was lucky from the first one (the beginner's).

    Thanks so much everyone!!

    ps-are even unique! long life and much, much continued success!

  58. Congratulations Cristi and congratulations on everything you do there, good luck and good luck. I learned a lot of chitibus with you and I thought I knew enough; but it is clear that I am in 'diapers' to you and I'm glad you -I found out. Once again, good luck and keep it up. PS: How can I ask you some problems when I encounter them on my PC. without everyone seeing what I write. Thank you you are strong BRAVOOO.

  59. very good tutorial! looking for a program long!

  60. Hello Manum costel and are ditrun a little known county (Botosani} is the first time you get pa videotutorial Casata My mouth I found here is super cool. May acasta videotutorial. I was to pick up all hope to have time in a row imabtinesc not here (a little joke) Vador as many videotutoriale. papapa

  61. Hi I have windows vista and it is in Greek, for they are in gr. How can I give windosw site in Romanian? Pt. subtitles off when I change most literelorsi torrents can not see any movie! rest tutorials

  62. CelCuFrunza said

    vasea: Welcome windows vista and it is in Greek, for they are in gr. How can I give windosw site in Romanian? Pt. subtitles off when I change most literelorsi torrents can not see any movie! rest tutorials

    Pt's can change your windows' in Romanian language you need so Note the following: “Windows Vista users must meet the Microsoft Original Validation Requirements to enable certain product features and obtain security-related updates and support from Microsoft. For more information, go to the Windows Genuine Advantage FAQ. ” It should also be noted that this is not the solution to see correctly the Romanian characters in the subtitles you download. to solve the problem with the "strange" characters in the subtitles, open your favorite player with which you watch the movies (it was good if you specify which one) press Ctrl + P (ie the player's preferences), look for the subtitle settings and from there set the color, font size , position..and what interests you> subtitle coding <which must be "central European". Press "aply" .. "ok" .. and you will then notice that the subtitles will be displayed with fonts specific to the Romanian language (including diacritics)
    PS: if you do not understand, please say even what player you use to set forth more clar.Sanatate.

  63. very loud and very interesting presentation

  64. the best site

  65. hello I need your help with something.
    I walk on sytul you and want to see a videotutorial
    I see a triangle! inside.
    this with firefox
    But when I say go with IE access is restricted for you, this decision was most likely made for violation of the rules!
    I did not understand anything bad k
    I really like videotutorialele made by you but unfortunately I can not longer watch because of this problem
    I hope you help me I would be very happy
    expect an answer you soon

  66. super cargo mat tutorial thank them helped erase everything im not i have the computer :))

  67. hello you lot for that Leat videotutorialele made and I learned many things interesante.toate well and good until I realized that Miata blocked access to them thanks to how much helped me out in this problem, I do not understand why or how it came to be blocking videotutorialelordar not matter, and may not have time to take a step mine.mati helped but now I got greeting incec encoded.

  68. mihaileon said

    Thanks for the tutorials made from whom I learned a lot.

  69. very nicely explained, you are good

  70. it was an advertisement on a TV station like me in front of you..down the hat… I watch a lot of tutorials I don't have a specific target they are really important f many of them ,, bravo to you I thank you for what you do for us ,,, namely I mean to myself that I don't know very well but slowly you open your head..ok BRAVO

  71. Hi all I followed this tutorial carefully and think it is a very useful program.
    That is why we make available (Ashampoo WinOptimize 2010 + Licence)
    The product is scanned toward your benefit 3 different antivirus contains no errors or other disorders.

    Access the link per dow
    Password to open file: Crytek

    (I apologize if I am not allowed to post links to download prosusul is bought me and I want his help others to not download it every 10 day trial) Please delete if an admin is not allowed sal

  72. you are the coolest guys I really like your tutorials but especially those of Christ are brother and others are hard to explain but Cristi calumea anyway I thank the whole team keep up the good luck

  73. Beda Venerabilis said

    Congratulations and thanks for. great idea that you had when you created this site!
    We track over a year (I'm a subscriber) and I can say that your videotutorialele are extremely useful for. anyone who wants to learn new things and understand how to use a PC.
    I have two suggestions:
    I don't think it would be bad to try to announce certain free promotions for some applications that normally cost money. I "hunt" them and that's how I got KIS 2010, Avira suite, Zone Alarm Pro, some Ashampoo products, Dr. Web AV 6, Everest Ultimate and others. Even at Winoptimizer 6 there was such a promotion at the beginning of the month and from Friday to Sunday there will be a promotion for Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 Advanced.

    Maybe in the future you could make a forum organized on various topics, in which we discuss more fully in us, to ask and receive raspunsuri.E just an idea, I realize how great it would be for. will.

    Thank you and again, congratulations and new successes!

  74. No one program to clean and repair registry not good, these programs do more harm than good.
    Better left as it is, do not walk in the registry.

  75. costelpescar said

    Useful and complet.Mulţumesc.

  76. millers sorin said

    I saw we were defeated thanks a lot

  77. Very good tutorial, I watched him throughout. Thanks a lot.

  78. laurentiu said

    I have a question: if leeching Ratu this program and I stick a license on the net that is something I have to pay it and if you have a bag full license make it, platescc something?

  79. I liked


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