Free photo editing program (picasa) - video tutorial

In this video tutorial will present a free program that can EDTA photos and more such as:

-You can create collages

Remove red-eye effect


-Retouching photos

-Creation Slide show

-Create a text (watermarks) photo

3 Picasa is a program that can do quite a lot of applications and is easy to use program.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

Get the Flash Player to see the video.

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  1. are very much

  2. yes, I was looking for the fish program, and I didn't know what kind of program it could have been. Are you strong?

  3. Boca Stefan Marius said

    For me it is a much sought extraordinar.Este something timp.Multumesc videotutorial.Sunteti team from true professionals.

  4. Super program and simple, is very explicit and videoturorialul Dummies, thank you.

  5. I've been using picassa for a long time, but I didn't know much, following this tutorial I discovered many …… thx

  6. I have used picasa but it has so styam.

  7. hear not mind how I save and make movies dak k give the file and save as incerk to figure looks like the background goes white and I can not click :( :( :( :(

  8. Congratulations… that's all I can say.

  9. beb3_mykk said

    yeah good to know ke modified GOOD pictures? F GOOD I recommend it to all

  10. beb3_mykk said

    AND FOR BEGINNERS… .modify thousands of pictures 😀

  11. marian teach said

    3 use Picasa but not my mind he could do many thanks chestii.Va

  12. OK .. and after you made a video .. you can also print a CD to be seen on DVD ??? or how to proceed ?????? thanks a lot…..

  13. @cosmin:
    You must do it in bed for DVDs with nero or other software made DVDs.

  14. Thanks a lot……..

  15. I have a question that the program can loa a per out of a photo and move it to another? wait shaving email please

  16. I hope this is what I am looking for a long time! MERCI!

  17. very nice program I really want to install

  18. how to save Vidio??

  19. @par: Before you ask these questions, you should read the rules of the site.

  20. corrynutza said

    how to do sal download???

  21. Adrian said

    @corrynutza: showed in tutorial, watch it carefully and do not run! Write in google picasa you enter and you'll find what's so hard?

  22. Andreea said

    Thank you very much Adrian, I found the tutorial with "Picasa3", as you can see I posted the comm right here, but for now I just watched it, tomorrow I will download the program and try to do something with it. And yet I would like to know if a film can be made that includes several videos or a few of the videos made with a dam or a tel and even interspersed with pictures… I think I want a lot at this time. I'd better go to sleep because tomorrow I'll wake up to go to sv.

    Thank you once Inc. and tie Adrian, and Boby that created the tutorial and I wish good night!

  23. cosmin said

    yo do all CEMI adik say that k dak stage I gave pictures and I do not want and all I k appears

  24. ff ms long are the hottest

  25. Madalina said

    Super …… the nicest program… .. congratulations to the one who did it.

  26. Shadow_Killer said

    I recommend Adobe Photoshop CS for editing photos / cs2 / cs3
    and Adobe After Effects for editing movies are great but rare

  27. anonymous said

    but how can I copy it too?

  28. @anonymous: If you mean how you can download this tutorial Yorkers we can not help you because we do not agree with this.
    If you want to download it Yorkers are free to do so but you risk being BANAT, but you can use a soft capture gender Camtasia, Snagit and then CamStudio or not to strip unnecessary eating.
    The decision is yours

  29. Lorraine said

    Ms Bobby you are the coolest… it's a great program and it's easy to "handle" !!!!: d

  30. Alexandra said

    As software download

  31. Alexandra: How software download

    Look at the tutorial without having to rewind to show how to download, install and work with him! Yes play and watch the tutorial!

  32. cool

  33. super cool program
    thank you.

  34. Superprogram. Thank you!
    I have a problem. We uploaded pictures and audio file 11.50 minutes.
    The film came to 11.50 minutes but sound disappears after 3.40 min. Do not know why. I tried several times. Please help me!
    Thank you!

  35. Although editors have happened too. I changed the audio file. Wma in. Mp3 and fix the problem! Strangely, though.
    Why this?

  36. Ana Maria Catalina said

    Earlier work with excited Picasa.Sunt program.
    But now I see a problem and do not know how to fix it.
    I posted videos, public. Fail to even open them until now it is no problem.
    Be due to the fact that I recently reinstalled Windows?
    Is there a need to install another program necessar to see my own movies? I note, Movies posted by others can open.
    Please someone help me…

  37. I like and what to vote, because they can not see the tutorial. every time I ask to install a new plug-in. Install assembly until?
    I know how to follow a tutorial, Photoshop have no idea but I worked pretty I know more.
    When I click here << >> I am asked to install the plug-in. Next, what should I do ?????????????

    • Lennon: I like and what to vote, because they can not see the tutorial. every time I ask to install a new plug-in. Install assembly until?
      I know how to follow a tutorial, Photoshop have no idea but I worked pretty I know more.
      When I click here << >> I am asked to install the plug-in. Next, what should I do ?????????????  

      To see a film you need a player, right?
      To us is the same, you need to install Flash Player if you do not have flash player you can watch tutorials.
      Perhaps you did not read the screen when you installed the player, must download it is on the Adobe website, then you have to stop the browser and install it, see do not forget to download the browser window open That is all browser.
      From 7000 and some people who come here every day but you have such a problem, be more careful.

  38. When I opened the program I gave it to search all the pictures from the computer (all formats). After it found them, I "played" a bit with the program. After I got bored, I uninstalled it . Now I have almost half of the pictures on my PC converted to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer format. Is it possible that the transformed ones are posted on the Internet ??? PS: I didn't come up with any option to put my pictures on the net!

    Please reply asap!
    Thank you!

  39. Now I looked in more detail the pictures on the computer and noticed that the photos processed in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer format are only JPEG.

  40. 10:04 “xxx's Documents” =))

    • clau: 10: 04 "xxx's Documents" =))  

      And so? Forget it more carefully, isn't it a username? XXX is the username, this does not mean that it is a XXX movie folder !!! you can give what name you want to your pc, for example I have zdrelea`s Documents he has xxx`s Documents because that's how he put the name of the pc when he installed Windows, that's the username! And even if it were an xxx folder with xxx movies, everyone has porn on their PC, so… .what`s the point?

  41. Mno… tell me sh mie kum to take it?… Or edit pictures?: ((

    • Me ...: MNO ... sh me kum ziceti'mi'll take it? ... Or edit pictures?: ((  

      Yes Play the video above, and watch the tutorial, there to show how to download, install and edit photos with the help of

  42. cristina said

    I also have a problem… when I enter the retouch I select how big the “brush size” should be and when I go out with the mouse on the picture I don't see that circle but only a “glove” and I practically can't replace anything. do i have to do

  43. Scuzama cristi but a boy who does not know how to make a server for counter-strike.Am need of a videotutorial that show me how to face.Am Internet from Romtelecom (100MB / s) and ask to make teas a videotutorial about it but please tell sami on YMail faci.MULTUMESC and wait when I answer! ! !

  44. andreea said

    nice prog

  45. to me I do not know why not go to download programs ..

  46. How can I get and I program

    • How can I get and I program  

      You look at the video tutorial, and you do exactly that there, in the tutorial it was shown how to do it, where to download and how to install, above everything under the red title of the article and under the presentation text you have a "clip" vdeo da play and forget !!!

  47. I subscribed to videotutorial. Good tutorial for Picasa. The program: you use Picasa's time 2. From the tutorial I learned something new.
    A question: how can save your tutorial, DownloadHelper does not work in Mozilla Firefox?

    • I subscribed to videotutorial. Good tutorial for Picasa. The program: you use Picasa's time 2. From the tutorial I learned something new.
      A question: how can save your tutorial, DownloadHelper does not work in Mozilla Firefox?  

      We are not and have never been agreed with downloading video tutorials on this site, if someone downloads something on this site, against our will, that means stealing.
      Why try to steal from us? We try to help you and to help everyone.
      No need to fear, will not close never, never will charge any fee for entering this site.
      Anyone can enter, anyone at any time to watch any tutorial on
      Resepectati our work and we respect you as you providing you with quality information in an easily digestible format.
      Finish with newfound mindset of communism, when people tend to fear and burdusasca refrigerator, you will no longer find food in the store the next day.
      Those days have passed, we have to be more relaxed now.
      DO NOT WORRY, will be open as long as people will need us.
      We do not sell site!
      Not close the site!
      We will not charge!
      Will be open non-stop!
      You can watch video tutorials anytime!

  48. daffodil maria said

    super cool! I think Sami is a help! pwp, pwp, pwp,!

  49. silviu said

    good tutorial on making others wait and slideshow
    thank you

  50. Gabriela cimpean said

    Congratulations! Thanks for the clear explanation. Good luck in everything you do!

  51. Success continues! MIA was very helpful

  52. So I put the program on win 7 and out of the program when I try to make a video tutorial I did all that .. so I do not see what the problem is please help if you can give me an answer

  53. costelpescar said

    Simple and distractiv.Mulţumesc.

  54. You can change the background of a picture eg mountain and put me on a beach background, can it?

    • Bianca:
      You can change the background of a picture eg mountain and put me on a beach background, can it?

      It can be anything. Everything to know how to do it and you have to scuffing neurons or pay him another (who knows) to do it.

  55. Hello… .I also installed Picasa… I haven't tried it yet. I'm a little worried… if I edit my pictures with this program they will appear on the internet… ??? I'm waiting for an answer as soon as possible… maybe I'll calm down a bit… .because I don't want the pictures on my pc to be published… .thanks!: *

  56. It is very interesting program, easy to use. But can make a videotutorial on how to join two videos together.

  57. ise mirela said

    I made a collage, but I don't know how to copy it to the computer, I want to make a picture of someone… but I can't copy it… I would like an urgent answer…! Thanks in advance!

  58. I want to make a movie with Picasa, and put it on a website. How can I do this? I followed the steps, but when I made the video I saved on the desktop I could not even open it with Windows Media Player and not with bs player.

    Basically, I want to do this movie and on the front page of the site as an overview of what the NGO aims of the site owner. Finally, at the arrangement and creation of got me, but how do you put it on the site.

    Waiting for your reply as soon as possible Thank you very much

  59. I want to make a presentation picasa, as now shown in the tutorial, and put on a website. How do you stay?
    I followed the steps in the movie, I made the presentation, but when I try to open the save where I did not find any program to run (not run nor bs player or in wm player).
    So how can I make this presentation to run on a popular program and put it on the site?

  60. why not go to download Picasa3? rather not show me button or free dowland dowlwnd what to do? mil want on your computer!

  61. Nicole Sirbu said

    Can I change the background once more group photos?

  62. I like and everything you do, but this tutorial is the most unsuccessful of all so far…
    The one who tries to explain, has a rather poor vocabulary… hardly finds the words necessary to explain the way of working with picasa 3, and the "tactical" explanations are also difficult to understand… are made very quickly.

  63. hard

  64. You can help me… .I put the program, and it loaded all the pictures from my pc and then I deleted them. Then I noticed that they were deleted from the folders where they were. I restored the pc nimic and nothing. Can you help me get my pictures back ?! 🙁

    • This program automatically uploads them to your google account if you log in. If you deleted them from the PC and you didn't empty the trash, you can restore them from there. If you have emptied it you can use a recovery software. You have more tutorials on this topic here on the site. Type in the search box at the top right: "PC Inspector File Recovery, recover accidentally deleted data or from formatted drives"

  65. I get an error when I create Create Movie, can you help me please that video is important to me! ! 🙁

  66. I want a program that can load a collage (consisting of 5 songs - for example) - to be able to save each one separately…, ms

  67. 1. the problem with this program is that your computer walk-in where he wants to and reveals pictures you want to keep them only in pc; eg pictures from a funeral in the family.

    2. when you delete a picture thinking I only remove the archive from Google or already assembled, you have the unpleasant surprise to find that a delete it from your PC.

    3. copying of this program in your PC you allowed someone to whom you can not do than watch piece by piece? Well then the easiest is to use the old e-mail.

    I hope these comments are just personal use of software errors.

  68. Solomon Mirela said

    Hello! I have an urgent problem that I need help, please!
    I made a movie for. son to school and do not have slides. I need not print the images and do not know how to do that?
    Please help me very much !!!! I need those images listed. How can I achieve this?
    Thank you!

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