Spybot Search Destroy antispyware program tutorial video

In this video tutorial will present an antispyware program that can prevent and get rid of Spyware, Ad-Aware, and we can protect keylogger spy software.

The novel is crazy and sick spy likes to know what is neighbors, friends, fiancee, but he does not like when he's spying on someone.

Maybe you also have a program on your computer right now (keylogger) and you are being spied on by a "friend", who just took your pin from the card.

The program that we will download and install together is called Spybot Search & Destroy and it can protect us from many unpleasant things.

Before installing the antispyware program, ie Spybot Search & Destroy, we recommend that you make a backup and if you do not know how to do it acst on our site you will find many tutorials about the subject.

by Bogdan Pelu

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  1. Hi "Snow White" ..I am one of the "7 dwarfs" :))
    What can I say .. I had this little program .. and not much I uninstalled it .. For that became too annoying with so many banners .. as you see, I find both issues and blah blah. . My guess is that it's only good against keyloogerelor the more you stress the rest .. ..
    1 question though ..
    If you have Zone Alarm installed, what are the chances that someone could hurt me (I sent out to flood sites .. etc) ..?

  2. Even Sergius could die if you hung a crystal called Kryptonite around his neck! And if you are gabor, you can make mistakes, abuse power, you can be killed! Absolutely nothing on earth does not guarantee maximum safety or the fact that you will never have problems, troubles, enemies! Draw the conclusion yourself…

  3. all adware remains the best guild to zik asha

  4. malwarebites pretty good if yo use it to write ;))

  5. This program is very good even discovered a thousand thanks boby sters.iti Keyloger and for tutorial!!

  6. But what do you think of superantispyware? I would say it is better than spybot search & destroy… plus it has a daily update and spybot once a week

  7. I use superantispyware free… can this also detect keyloggers ???

  8. And to tell you something Fart although TOT respectful Did I mention that you make tutorials PTR lately BUT there are a lot of softwares ALL JENA not to say something nasty that you ARE TOO esteemed IN OF YOUR TUTORIALS examples nero office 2007 7 win win optimizer optimizer which is identical to the same things you do and TuneUp Utilites a good intradevr soft and I highly recommend you refer to the tuneup, so that's about it, but grudgingly ultimu tell me in time unfortunately are pretty disappointed putzin software industry, but now I'm good and software and software so good, others some Procar

  9. I use SUPERAntiSpyware Radu81 and now i do not want to advertise but it's pretty good I think. How about the fact that you can detect read this: Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, keyloggers, hijackers, Parasites , Rootkits and Many other types of threats.

  10. bl I'm Superman do you believe me? Let's not put "boticu" to what is written in the specification of a software! and let us try to put it to the test ourselves to make our own rewiuri! Research it yourself, see how it moves if you like it.

  11. Adrian I use, I know that any software (antivirus, firewall, adware, spyware) what you want is not God, but I just use it on it for several months and are multumuit of el.Acum and I'm more more attention to what sites you access and clicked so lately antivirus, firewall and occasionally this SUPERAntiSpyware do not have job.

  12. sall boys. I congratulate you for your tutorials, continuare.as successful and I would like to ask you if you can make a tutorial about Symantec's Norton products since I am on the computer so I give the impression that you do not quite el.poate Is it because the settings but still do not know sigur.succes

  13. Viorel my opinion is that Norton is shit! Even their latest product is cabbage and many resources Pope and do not know if you deserve! I also had a Norton Antivirus and it seemed even worse as nod32.E just my opinion, I consider poor!

  14. I thought it was good but now I have learned here that is jalnic.ms of parere.poti to recommend me a good one. never mind that eating its resources where we give pape.ar be preferable to an internet security.

  15. Viorel, if you really want something of quality and very good, I recommend Kaspersky internet security or Avira internet security, but the best is without a doubt Kaspersky Internet Security !! But none of the 2 mentioned are free! But you can take, download the trial, and when it expires uninstall with revo uninstaller, and you can reuse it indefinitely, the trial expires uninstall and install again and so on… But you can only do this if you uninstall with Revo, to see the tutorial with Revo you I recommend searching with the help of the search engine on our site, at the top right of the page !! Success!

  16. show the settings at node32 2,70,39 or newer 3… mrs

  17. ms much do you think I said, I take Kaspersky.ms for help and continued success ..

  18. Viorel I'm glad I've been helpful, Good luck to you and stop expecting the site Videotutorial.ro

  19. Ion Iliescu said

    Where to Download tutorials?

  20. boby_admin said

    For ioniliescu
    If we all start to download the tutorials on the site goes to hell and trust me I do not know if I'll like how to move.
    Novel about what's in your hand does not lie
    Is not it enough that we can see tutorials for FREE without any obligation!!!
    Do you agree that the site you to come in when you want and watch any tutorial or would be better if I ask to pay
    Dude you can learn a lot of stuff without giving a dime
    If you're going to start to download tutorials means you do not respect others as visitors to eat a lot of bandwidth and website will move worst
    If you respect our work, please ask questions as not downloading tutorials

  21. Sall
    .adrian ms a lot.I installed Kaspersky internet security and I found enough viruses in the pc somewhere on the order of thousands.I didn't expect it to be so good.bv kaspersky and bv videotutoriale.ro .congratulations and success on as many shows as possible…

  22. brothers, I recommend you for a home user avira-classic free set in expert mode clearly superior to kaspersky, node 32.biddefender versions without firewall-and which all cost "look at the site av-comparatives and others for example and I bet give me an online scan with other antiviruses (after a while) and tell me swear at me if you find anything when you have avira. what do you need to fill your trash with security prog to vil impopotonati. and for those who want a firewall, I recommend JETICO -free. good and healthy

  23. off if I tell you briefly you are a little amazed that I no longer had antivirus and someone gave me the link to install avira after I installed avira and gave me this with spy bot… but the thing is that when I gave it solve the problems didn't find anything for me and yet a window jumped out of the spy before I opened the mess as if someone was spying on my mess a certain paul colins: A coincidence makes exactly the paul to be called the one who - gave the antivirus and this spy program the window jumped about 3 days every time we open the mess now it's over I enter without any warning just that I had a virus a long time ago so says the world that simply does not let me open control panel gives me error someone told me to try with restore system just it didn't work now I would ask you something else how to do the backup? and if I have a problem with the open control panel can I do something and something else if you want to help me I understand that there is a windows that installs itself is true? I do not know anyone to install me and if there is and you want to tell me how can i do it thank you very much for helping me

  24. @ioana: I assure you that there is no Windows to install itself, it actually installs itself… but it is from time to time your help to set the path, the options you want to have… is not so difficult to install a windows! You just have to be a little careful, and if you know a little English everything is ok! I advise you to reinstall windows as soon as possible and in the future you will not accept anyone, and click on anything you receive from the mess, even pictures! We have a tutorial on how to install a windows xp sp3 operating system you can watch it here => https://www.videotutorial.ro/?p=425 Whether you sp2 or sp3 installation steps are the same as in the tutorial video.Succes!

  25. Thank you very much and I have words of praise for you to respond quickly and even help you to get satisfaction Thanks} {

  26. I was wrong I only wanted to write words of praise for you are the hottest

  27. @ioana: Do not worry, you have nothing wrong, we thank you and stop waiting for videotutorial.ro We're glad that we could be of service!

  28. I need help again :)
    spybot search & destroy has detected an important registry entry that has been changed.
    Category: System Startup user entry
    Change: Value Changed
    Entry: yahoo pager
    Old time: C / program.files.yahoo messenger
    New data: C program “1 \ yahoo \ messen \ yahoo
    Spybot S&D Resident-Starup entry database
    Database status: Typically nor required
    Vaule: Yahoo! Pager
    Filename: Ypager.exe
    Description: Yahoo! Messenger allow you to send instant mesages.
    Available via start ->: programs
    Source: Paul Collins Startup list
    🙁 I do not know what this idea is and you can explain to me, thank you very much

  29. @ioana:
    You would need to reinstall your messenger again, uninstall it with Revo Uninstaller which we have a tutorial and then install it again.
    But the most important is to know that uninstalling, should be done properly and deeply, which is why I recommend Revo Uninstaller.
    Search with the search engine of the site write "revo" and enter, the search engine can be found in the upper right.

  30. hello - I have a test, I tried to install the SPYBOT but windows does not let me, it asks me for administrator rights. (I have windows vista) HOW CAN I DISABLE THIS OPTION. HE GIVES ME ANY MORE PROGRAMS …… THANK YOU

  31. @Dany 75: Right click on the respective program, or on the respective kit, or on what you want to run, and choose from the context menu Run as… and then choose Administrator!

  32. do you have any idea what it means? :( spybot & destroy active x distribution unit key added entry {149E45D8-163E-4189-86FC-45022AB2B6CP} if I give info there is no information :( thank you very much

  33. @ioana: He says he added a keye to your registers… now it depends in what context he gave you this message? when did you do what

  34. and another thing you can install Windows through team viewer? or just in front of your PC?

  35. Well I got nothing or games on the big fish: (

  36. @ioana: It is impossible to install Windows via TeamViewer because when he installed Windows is installed in the BIOS, stop all running processes and functions and works just the way you install the Windows! Take it logically if you hang up I hear you? When using TeamViewer basically you're connected to the internet and other such processes through the Internet and run the TeamViewer you have access to that person! So when you're not running bios no trial, you can listen to music with winamp when you're in the BIOS? or look at a movie when you're in the BIOS?

  37. hihi thanks adrian for a little prickly response if I ask not good at: D but I understand thanks :)

  38. ahh how happy I was as avg and kasp I don't see this keylogger… ..

    about ioana…. although technology has evolved a lot but women always want much more ……

  39. Spunetimi if any keylogger program that you deexemplu sal through a cintek mes to install and to drain all write the keyboard by email or FTP?

  40. @Sergei: There is but he learns on his own, a real hacker does not shout out loud that he is a hacker! If you want to choose this path, it is best to learn on your own! Read my comments above, it was also said We don't teach anyone to hack, pishing, etc. because it's illegal, whoever wants something like that has only to search for himself, on google you can find "teachings" that you never imagined as there is!

  41. If you have Kaspersky Internet Security, I could put my Spybot antispyware software? There might bicker, adik to see each other as potential danger.

  42. shark_of_tornado said

    Please make a nice tutorial about spyware doctor

  43. @Andrew: You exaggerate, and you get paranoid… Kaspersky is more than enough !!!

  44. Georgian said

    I have a shawl baffled about that program spy, I'd like to know even work?, or just like to be in business ...

  45. Georgian:
    I have a shawl baffled about that program spy, I'd like to know even work?, or just like to be in business ...

    Hi Georgian. The program works, but if you don't have a license it only works for a few days, it seems like 7 days. No, you can look in the tutorial, see how it is configured, how it works, what tricks it has, etc. But if you have installed it and you do not know where it is located to uninstall it, then enter the menu "Start" -> "run" and here you write "msconfig". After you have written "msconfig" will appear a window titled "system configuration utility", and you will see that it has several menus. Choose the "Startup" menu (I think it's the penultimate) and here you have to uncheck the box (not all the boxes found there), but only the box in next to the mxrsbv option, which is actually an executable file. I had two of these options. You should notice that to the right of mxrsbv is a phrase that shows the location where this program is installed. It is somewhere in Program Files .After discovering its location, go to Control Panel - >> "folder options" and activate the option to view files and fol hidden files from the operating system. Enter the "program files" again, access the directory where you saw that this keylogger is installed and uninstall it.

  46. Georgian: I have a shawl baffled about that program spy, I'd like to know even work?, Or just like to be in business ...

    You think I do a tutorial on cool?? Cate tutorials in joke you seen videotutorial.ro??? How many tutorials have you seen lying here?? It's a joke site, is a site where you learn IT, a website where you learn to use your computer, not doing tricks! We have tutorial and about Keyllogerul presented in this tutorial! Write up on Search: All in One Keylogger, you enter and you will find the tutorial, please read and comments on that tutorial!

  47. very good site for a long time I know I learned a lot that are fond of doing. further inj luck!

  48. Howdy,

    You said in the Romanian language tutorial. It would be extraordinarily funny to find "translations" and put them on a page with funny stuff. For example, I found a program that passes the image of installing an operating system on a USB stick (USB drive). Guess what guys translated smart little program that created the expression usb drive… well… usb driver :-)). Funny is not it?

    What do you think? Put into practice the idea mentioned above?

    Spore to work on.

  49. I'm curious…. Is Avira as good at protecting and removing spyware as this spybot? Or is it worth me to install this one too and if it is worth it it will conflict with avira?

  50. I installed and found 57 problems, question: how the hell they got to my pc? believe a reformat your computer.

  51. I gave him solve problems, then again a scan and did not find anything, you advised me to do?

  52. I see that there is no interest in this product although it is exceptional. Used with Avira Free and a free firewall (Comodo, Outpost, Online Armor, Zone Alarm, PcTools, etc.) you get protection that rivals that offered by an "internet security" program for a fee (in some cases even better). The advantages of this program compared to others in the same category are: browser immunization, active protection, registry protection, very good disinfection of infected files.

  53. I installed Avira free edition computer with Comodo Firewall and I want to install this program just to give it a scan to see what I gaseste.Ar should I uninstall antivirus and firewall to do this?

    • francisc said

      cosmin: I installed Avira free edition computer with Comodo Firewall and I want to install this program just to give it a scan to see what I gaseste.Ar should I uninstall antivirus and firewall to do this?  Cite me

      No need to uninstall your antivirus and no firewall. On the contrary, even work well with Comodo Firewall and Avira Free (now depends on the resources available to your PC) providing superior protection.

  54. drshomeboy said

    Besides Spybot, I recommend having Malwarebytes close by. Got me out of shit lots of times

    • francisc said

      drshomeboy: Besides Spybot and Malwarebytes recommend that you close. Got me out of shit lots of times ...  Cite me

      If you want, yes. But not necessarily. Depends on what antivirus you.
      - if you use Avira (Avira includes antispyware detection, not a special engine) then Spybot and possibly Malwarebytes work;
      - if you use Avast! 5 you don't need Sybot (Avast uses an antispyware engine - if I'm not mistaken from Gmer - which is very good) and possibly Malwarebytes.
      And so on. No need now to recharge our only PC security programs. After all there are tools great for disinfecting and there is the possibility offered by most manufacturers online scanning serious security programs.

  55. Hi guys, I also have a perplexity: maybe the second time I scan with Spybot S&D it won't stop scanning my files already scanned and immunized the first time, but only those installed / downloaded later? If so, how do I do it? Not for another, but so as not to waste time an hour or better while the scan lasts.
    Thank you and congratulations to the tutorial, keep up the good work

    • francisc said

      Hi guys, I also have a perplexity: maybe the second time I scan with Spybot S&D it won't stop scanning my files already scanned and immunized the first time, but only those installed / downloaded later? If so, how do I do it? Not for another, but so as not to waste time an hour or better while the scan lasts. Thanks in advance and congratulations for the tutorial, keep it up   Cite me

      It is not possible. The program scans and immunized whatever it takes, and then focuses on new files.

  56. What can happen if I do backups? Do not quite understand the back up with that?

    • Cosmin: What can happen if I do backups? Do not quite understand the back up with that?  

      Write in the search box on the top right black border: Acronis True Image and hit enter, or write: how to do a backup, and hit enter and you will find a lot of tutorials on the subject.

  57. cosmin.help said

    I add crystal or a cooperative admin / my friend adrian messenger id [email protected] More ... Please I have a problem that we discussed in particular

    • cosmin.help: I add crystal or a cooperative admin / my friend adrian messenger id [email protected] More ... Please I have a problem that we discussed in particular  

      My email is at your disposal all the tutorials made by me above each tutorial made by me have written small red "Adrian Burlugeanu" then right click and choose Copy writing Email Address then you paste in your mail client in box "To:"

  58. mam Adrian looked at them, I saw that the driver double parked yes if I do a backup, what helps me, I do not really with it, I have a lot of questions

    • Cosmin: Mam Adrian looked at them, I saw that the double driverparca, yes if I do a back up, what helps me, not really my thing, I have a lot of questions   

      Man, did you come from the moon? In the tutorial about Acronis True Image or Paragon (which you can find with the search box at the top right by typing Paragon and giving Enter) it was said / explained what a backup is / means, what it is used for, and when you do it, when you restore it… play video clips, video tutorials and head-to-tail views without scrolling if you want to understand something… In short if you now install your Windows drivers your favorite software and make a backup (an image of your operating system put in a archive) Later in 1 month 2-3 maybe your pc will start to run hard, maybe you will get viruses, maybe you won't be able to boot into Windows, well here the backup is saved… .i give restore and not you will have to lose 2 hours and something with the installation of the system from the beginning, with the installation of drivers and software, restore and in 10-15 minutes you have windows as it was when you made the backup, how come you go back in time, then when the windows were clean, it worked fine, you had no viruses. Another use of backup may be for trial software. It is known that some trial software once installed on a PC, after the trial period has expired, you can no longer use the software on that PC and do not use it. you can reinstall without buying a license or without reinstalling your Windows, because the trial software leaves some files and some registers, and so I know if they have been installed on that PC, well you restore to a backup in which you didn't have that software installed and voila… you will be able to use the trial again.

  59. Hello! I recently discovered this site and am excited by the possibility of learning the computer to solve my problems with your presentations.
    Thanks and best wishes from me!

  60. Hello I am pleased that at least some people can help beginners to use antivirus programs.

  61. Excuse me, but Avira can be used with other antivirus?

    • Adrian admin said

      Mihaela: Excuse me, but Avira can be used with other antivirus?  

      Yes and no. You don't have to keep antivirus in PC 2, it doesn't make sense, or you keep one or the other. No 2 firewalls or 2 antivirus are kept on the same PC. Why? Because they come into conflict, one wants to do something another something else, they will "argue" with each other, your PC will move harder

  62. I use the earth http://www.zemana.com


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