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Hi friends, some time ago I explained how do I get some software (viruses) strange in our PC and especially in browsers. Then we showed how we get rid of these troubles and remained manual to show you how we do this automatically.
Today we have two applications that will help us to prevent their installation and eliminate them if these misfortunes are already installed.
Manual cleaning is effective only on the surface, because the registry entries still remain such software.
1. Unchecky, an application that "hits us on the shoulder" before we do crap.
2. ADW Cleaner, an application that helps us remove already installed dirt. You will be surprised how much "dirt" code is hidden in your PC.

Addresses for download:

Download Unchecky
Download ADWCleaner

Lest you go head to install SweetIM!

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  1. Michael Alexu said

    Hello! It's very useful this tutorial, however, I would be interested and one about installing Windows 8 or 8.1 in UEFI mode, what are the advantages and disadvantages, whether deserved or not to install it in the way UEFI, if this type of installation is best for those who SSDs, and what we must do in UEFI settings before installing and another misunderstanding I want to be covered in the tutorial that is also part of the subject, which is deal with the need for a Secure Boot.Am in this tutorial to enlighten me and know what I'll do in the next installation.

  2. Super loud congratulations tutorial.

  3. I am confronted with another miracle: to be redirected to other pages! Frequently happens redirecting ILivid (from what I read as a kind of virus) and to another page that says I need to update Windows Media Player. It is extremely annoying that no 10 seconds to load the desired page does not move and are redirected to something else. I have read and manual methods of cleaning (deleting the registry) and automatic (Malwarebytes) but the problem persists. Of course the solution as a clean install of the OS but do not have time to make it so!

    • I will study the issue and come up with a solution.
      A somewhat similar problem we have mobile phones. The problem occurs when you visit certain web pages across the entire page appears a popup with all sorts of nonsense, usually stuff that scares you, you know not violated the law, you have to pay not know what a fine, etc. These are called scareware or ransomware and can be extremely annoying for some even cause panic attacks.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Check Extensions section (if you use Chrome) or Add-ons (if using Firefox). Dezinteresează eliminates or what you suspect or have dodgy name, which do not recognize. Typically these extensions cause this behavior (or redirect to pop-up ads)

      • This version I tried it the first time: there is no dubious extension in Chrome! I tried registry changes (as recommended websites) then application Malwarebytes (who cleaned something) but the problem still persists. Indeed the problem only occurs when accessing certain web pages! You can find a solution would help greatly. Thank you!

  4. mihai1307 said

    Interesting tutorial Cristi! Do you have any idea what I can record the webcam with (I need a Logitech C920) and I want to make some videos… Thanks in advance.

  5. gigolo_dan said

    Hello. I installed the software 2 and ran adwcleaner. and it has done its job but I deleted a program namely youtubedownloader.

    • ufffffffffffff I finally managed to find a program to get rid of all the shit on the net super loud congratulations sir bvbvbv

  6. Very useful to prevent and eliminate these programs from PC to unwanted programs that slow its speed.
    I use two programs for some time and I can say that even deserves to have made them.
    Cleaning besides adwcleaner I still use and Adware Removal-Tool, often found other stuff that adwcleaner not detected.

  7. Super cool. Thanks for the tutorial.
    I I had had another problem. I install some extensions in Chrome. Even if you uninstall reappears. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test the software recommended I gave a Total restore the partition. However lucruriile that happens on your computer without my permission were very annoying. Surely you install the software.

  8. I 55 years and I can only ask you to continue, because your tutorials really helped Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Christ is Risen!

  11. Christ is risen ..
    Keep it that way… you are the strongest
    I also had a problem with a quiver… and I got rid of it

  12. Thank you, continue.

  13. Mihai_NSD said

    Good evening. Please tell me if ADW Cleaner does not "stumble" with BitDefender Free, which is already installed. (I have Windows 7 Pro OS). Thank you in advance!

  14. Nelutu75 said

    you must remove all keys from regsitri (if you know how reach them) related to ilvid, like it was current run verioson

  15. I have never laughed so much in a tutorial made by you, Cristi. I belly laughed hurt when you do not enlightened when and with what came ala software installation, dementia!
    PS- I think a child 10 years can err like this

    • caisinDonici said

      if you laughed it means that you are happy, do a video tutorial and leave us speechless, if you know enough the computer you were not on this site, but you were a competitor of Cristi, what can I tell you… Christ has come

    • viruses from PC you can get them out, it's harder with that which was installed on your neuron [email protected] tabs from….

  16. I installed the latest version of Windows 10 1041 build but in the end asked me username, but any name writing is invalid and do not understand cauza.Versiunea build 9926 installs perfectly, can not install the latest versions.
    Please tutorial or explicatie.MULTUMESC

  17. 3 days of trying all ADW Cleaner and Cleaning give you all locks (not responding)

  18. Peter Barsan said

    Interesting tutorial and I even used the suggestions in it with very good results. I would like a tutorial about the video editing program "Wondershare VideoEditor" in Romanian. There are enough on the Internet but in other languages ​​that I do not master. Thank you!

  19. We have found torrents video files with the extension .TS, if possible some tips on these files, which are (all containers like mkv) containing or you can add them if Module. Thank you.

    • AxelCris said

      MPEG-ts, television-specific "transport stream" video files (including 3D)
      Dedicated receivers (eg Dreambox) satellite TV / cable with recording function save recordings in this format… Digital video (SD, HD or FullHD).
      (stereo audio or DDig.5.1 where applicable)…
      VLC player also saves in this format
      You can do Demux (separate audio video in TSMuxer soft), remix the sound in Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge e.g. from stereo to 6-8 audio channels… to dolby digital, dts, dtshd (with DTS MAster Audio Suite or Minnetonka audio softs…
      Relive the sound thus remixed in TSMuxer and you get AVCHD or BluRay Iso (disc even on DVD!)…
      Using mkv go, you can easily get mkv video…

  20. Seara.Imi good SSD can recommend a good (not very expensive) because I work hard enough computer. .Multumesc This tutorial very helpful !!

  21. AxelCris said

    … In TSMuxer you can also add chapters and subtitles… it's simple!…

  22. AlexCris Thanks to these details, and I'll try to see what I can do with TsMuxer and mkv Merge.O good day.

  23. Cristi greeting 16 years and I am your installed programs and I would like to ask if you get on a page, or install a game viusata virus in good uncechy programs or adwcleaner?

  24. Cristi Express files but how can you get rid of an unwanted program? Files Express installs a Cidu and tells you if you decline is not good.

  25. Viorel boscencu said

    Good evening, I want to ask how you can help me get back to the old version of Google maps, I did not understand at all with the new version have internet Explorer, Google Chrome and I put, I installed Windows 7 twice I took it from head without agiornamente installed as I opened my internet 10 all just opened in the new version and I can not get rid of it please if you can do anything any tutorial or an old version of another version of maps thank you very much

  26. mihaig said

    hi i used ADWCleaner and now i can't use filelist yes Error522 / Connection timed out… Can someone help me with an answer. Thank you

  27. Thank you. Again, with your help, I did something. This time I cleaned.

  28. After I scanned ADWClnear can not install YoutubeDownloader to me and wiped !! I can do please help me !!

  29. Please help …

  30. Sergiu said

    Hello! Adwcleaner and if I have a virus? I mean to ruin somehow PC?

  31. Silence said

    I only used the test program and it found absolutely nothing, it just told me to check what I want to delete but it was nothing, test on windows7 x64, I admit that I have an antivirus eset 7 smartsecurity set well to take action without to bother me as a user except in exceptional cases. The system has been working well for 3 years with windows 7 ultimate x64 installed, and I install something every day, defragmentation every month but this is what Q&Q defrag monitoring does anyway… this program reminded me of an old adware that was incredibly good for removal malware, spyware etc.… in the time of Penicillin :)) Beautiful tutorial, always like to visit your site.

  32. Thanks so much for the tutorial, very helpful, I solved the problem but I OF THE adware appears on an upcoming scan a file like windows / system32 / roboot.exe is still a malware something, or it can be removed without any problems?
    I am waiting for an answer,
    Thank you.

  33. I greet you! I have a problem with google google chrome I open the site to look on the net I see a particular site and search files and pre sometimes I May and each time looking cv but does not appear to load the desired page me and return back to site search ala pile, maybe you can help myself or even a solution to fix the issue you give me.

  34. The latest version of Adwcleaner has a keylogger !!!

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