Program remote control and remote assistance from LogMeIn tutorial video

In this video tutorial we will demonstrate how to control a remote computer through a browser using the company's services and program free LogMeIn (free) all of LogMeIn.

For this it only requires valid email address and complete a simple form, after its completion will receive an email containing a confirmation link to complete the account validation.

If you use Firefox browser, will be eligible for an extension to help us better control of the computer you want to control it remotely.

This software can also have a darker face if they are in the hands of a "friend" does not just mean well, just so pay attention to the tutorial.

Someone with bad intentions and some IT knowledge "escaped" to 5 minutes alone with our computer can take control of the remote's computer without us realizing it.

In conclusion, you have the opportunity to learn how to control a remote PC, and how to guard against malicious person can try this.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. You can download these tutorials??

  2. boby_admin said

    Why do you want them to come in when you can download on the site and see them for free?

  3. What reason do you have to download them?
    Let me do the hard space?
    Either we pay server for everyone!
    We guarantee that this site will be free forever!
    And anyway you should always released every day tutorials as us!
    What are you afraid we did not find?
    Do not worry we have non-stop!
    And if you ever come only to gain!
    Or are fond proverb what lying not in mine?
    Stop being so lame our dear!
    Let Romani mentality behind!

  4. Download them all to see them at home with my little brothers!!

  5. Are you afraid that crumbles website and do not grasp tutorials?
    Read to give one to reach everyone!
    That standing in line not grab anything!
    From tomorrow tutorials are given only on the basis of relationships!
    From tomorrow we enter only bribe!
    Who does not pile not enter this site!
    He shoved marfaaaaaaaaaa!!

  6. Why sit Lord queue?
    What gives here?
    They put fresh tutorials?
    Keep me know its neighbors!

  7. Fucking soy Lord gives tutorials!!

  8. Let's shoot the guys that keep us hungry dictators tutorials!
    Sir there are no tutorials in this country because they steal!
    Look at these villas thieves!

  9. man so I do 2 tutorials words a day is something I never vz so in Romania (actually not much to see in Romania) are very hard explain everything step by step
    I think way out of the money with this website that I vz no advertising anything on this site so it does not remove money from the charity thing so if I can call it so, do you (speaking of publicitae I found this site now torrent 2 days looking for something on Google and I found I did not know much about your tutorial torrent but I can handle them now, and you're in the store address bar. nustiu public should talk to the kind sites Music downloaders and to advertise each world to know you in this regard you have more visitors and help even more people, in my opinion)
    Are you strong hold it all as if you

  10. Cristi You are the man! =)) I've never laughed so heartily ft long .. you know what I really look like you're tough, and everything was well laid out and once you know the altii.FELICITARILE MY! Now to comment on something ... it's very much about the program but many steps until you get to someone compounds by this method! I have used and still use TeamViewer! it is much easier but I do not know how professional! Otherwise the program is very ok! PS and I still just say google! pronounce it how to write! sounds Paramore Romanian and google say something in a song and so say gooogle pronounce it how to write!

  11. Dad tells giogle or jogle =)) die laughing ... you always make me entertain ft to pronounce and hard!

  12. Gelu Andries said

    I entered this site by chance and I left an impression buna.Felicitari! A
    program you use, similar to LogMeIn is TeamViewer.Poate make a tutorial on el.SUCCES!

  13. Gelu Andries.
    Teamviwer really is our waiting list.
    Thank you and expect yourself.

  14. boby_admin said

    Thank you very much for the kind words MCD
    Your messages give us strength and confidence in everything we do
    When you do something for fun and see that your work is appreciated and the money is now the 2

  15. very interesting ... I've worked with a program like that ... but I find interesting

  16. I do this job with teamviwer but that have more optiuni.daca you could do a tutorial realVMC is a program that makes a kind of hamachi LAN and can be done all such file sharing.tinetio

  17. MCD!
    Yet in Romania companies do not think they are too well-organized for online advertising real, based on analysis and statistics.
    Besides this website may be posted advertising thousand euro for IT products.
    Romanian companies choose to put advertising on the websites where visitors stay on average 10 - 20 seconds and those visitors arrive at those sites tagged with: pi .. yes, p. Has, chicks, relieve plugaru , silicones, porn and others.
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    If I get a shop manager pc components would choose a site like based on traffic data sources, but they decide to do otherwise.
    Or until they awaken, and we give pocket money, this is it!

  18. Bravo Cristi I love it when you're so determined and cut into flesh :))

  19. For several days thinking about how to make my "spy" child (7 years) in real time to see where the "browsing". I know there are programs that restrict access to certain sites, but not enough (I think).
    I watched with interest and I think this videotutorial approaching what I watch.

    Question: Is it possible that when (and throughout) connection to not be detected as "watch" from elsewhere (ie to be just a spectator to what takes place on the screen - without necessarily cursor control)? (I saw that warning window top right)

    ps course important that we understand the potential of this program, and I will surely use the remote if my parents who have pulled the net a few days and need massive aid

  20. Traian if you want to spy on somebody is gonna sound interesting Cristi made another tutorial about the program all in one keylogger Look for in section spy site.'ll Try to pastor a link to find it easier:

  21. boby_admin said

    For Traian
    If the program do not mutumeste give LogMeIn you'll have a tutorial like this but all the little complex but a little hard to use but I'm sure it will help
    Thank you for your comment and I were waiting for us

  22. And a few words about this program: programas interesting, thanks Cristi is a response to a long-standing demand of the mea.Am impression that, with this program an online service to do and, if you request to see as such: to some computers come in and do some chestii.Aoleooo they do not want to give them ideas ...

  23. bl sit quietly outside the remote idea ASISTANCE is money, there is more and it's in fashion, and now that you mention it, I do remote ASISTANCE free! Who wants to give me an email to [Email protected]

  24. Corleone said

    Teamviwer is best generated code every opening! OR ....... 3.0 remote control .... but this in no code and no right of access, thus violating privacy, I use my PC only work when we are not as to spy but to dawnloadez something from my PC, without having to bother the kids or anyone else.

  25. Corleone the most forgotten once the tutorial, the program you want it to be how you describe it! bankruptcy would give mankind such a program without code and without right of access, I know what you did this summer if they had no right and no access code =)), do not be naive! Never looked with great attention!

  26. Corleone said

    Teamviwer say is the best! But good remote control will enter without anyone, only auto server installation, you do not see the PC's, and have total control, but it is violation of privacy if you use someone without his approval!! Probably :))

  27. Corleone only nonsense gets head! :))

  28. Corleone, even all in one software Keyloger's all baby! be they are all spy programs, anty spy, hack, crack, are called programs or apps as you wanted to say.

  29. Memo Valcea said

    SUPER ..... yes it hecarasi mistoo where they learned to do all sorts of things??: D??

  30. back with a problem:

    I installed this program just like the video, I managed to get into my calculation, I see "forever", I install and firefox plugin, only ... when I come automatically logez explorer window and instead https://numele I calc https://localhost ...

    asked me to allow intranet to work, but warned me that it's not safe (do not know if this is imp)

    probl is that this filehost not always let me go (say it uses a security certificate incorrectly)

    Question: Why do I automatically go to LogMeIn firefox, although it is set as the main browser

    ps for those f advance, please excuse my ignorance and naivety

  31. Corleone said

    May remote control that's something like that I itzi give something if you open it, you can always go to the PC, it's made with Visual Basic. you put a server in your PC. condition is that you must have that person in the list mess Do not send other data Meil ​​ip, ip we are talking in MES, with another simple application that does not instaleazaVezi >> I use it only on my PC not to bother you go (so the kids can play and I take what I want from your own PC!

  32. Corleone.
    That is "silliness remote" or "remote harneala".
    How come you give lu ala something, that's stupid to click on what you give him?
    If so stupid, you could find interesting in his pc?
    Remote control is really made for those who want to control your PC remotely.

  33. Corleone said

    Just the ones I use in my PC just does not bother you go! With help them with Teamviwer.Sant prietemii nonsense but rest assured I have no time and no pleasure to make my complications!

  34. cool tutorial.

  35. very cool

  36. if it was about tamviewer filmuletu only take a minut.E easier with TeamViewer and do the same simple and to the point!

  37. We'll Teamviwer and tutorials but also with other programs in the field of remote control and remote ASISTANCE.

  38. I like explaining and making it brilliant idea
    By the way if you click on the "r" in that area to go directly to romania countries (or words r)

  39. Thanks Cristi!
    The program installed with your tutorial, I is
    great use.
    On one PC, and the first reboot after installation,
    gave black screen with no taskbar or other controls.
    That's without even trying to connect to that PC with LogMeIn
    (Up here using team viewer for bringing that on my pc)
    In safe mode could not do anything to restore drivers
    video, so I got a reinstallation of OS conducted by phone

  40. Enter LogMeIn I made my mind, one that is free but eventually only works 30 days, I downloaded and installed the required including Pentre mozilla, I gave confirmation to the email came from them and of course I I have connected to me to see what's the trick with asta.Dupa program that I disconnected and when I tried to connect again shows me that it can not connect to my PC is offline and I was working height it.
    And this program is the question ui static ip??

  41. @bl: if you have dynamic ip's normal not to go, go only if you have static ip! had a different ip when you made the account for you probably have a dynamic IP ... advise you to use TeamViewer requires no login on any site, you can run the program and no installation is simple and easy to use I use it a lot and I love it!

  42. @bl:
    It has nothing to do with LogMeIn dynamic ip, check your firewall settings or disable it temporarily.
    We should also always run that program from them and to install Java Runing Enviroment.

  43. Do not make a tutorial with TeamViewer?

  44. If I connect to the computer, either log in or TeamViewer me and this computer is virus might infect my computer?

  45. @bl: depends on the encryption that uses this fear that to connect to someone ... depends on how "smart" is the virus, what virus it is basically ... yeah ... yours can become infected and if that's where viruses come ... but I said depends ...

  46. @Adrian: I started using TeamViewer and interesting so I intrebat.E programasul this and it's pretty easy to use, I like it.

  47. @bl: Yes, and I use it a lot ... it's much simpler and easier to use compared to greoiul Logmain's very handy and useful! you must not do any account ... just run it ... By the way you can run without installation ... without installing it ...

  48. @Adrian: And that's how it's done?

  49. Hello

    Good site. I liked the make. Bravo to you.
    Give an email to me with a banner to put it 468 × 60 on Cartiere.RO. so I'm tired of people from BizooJobs.


  50. most countries
    please make a tutorial made for example as you realize that someone is in your pc or does not reach many of you have problems with "Romanian hackers who is the most kkt" I want a program does not reach nobody in my pc and when I entered and Anuta ousted plis help me>: D <

  51. @Remus:
    That's what firewall and antispyware programs, but on top of that anyone coming in your PC need to give you permission.
    If you go on all sites and open all attachments from mail is likely to come to you without problems.
    Curiosity killed the cat ....!

  52. Bravo Cristi liked my tutorial presented seems really cool thing LogMeIn ... keep up the good work.

  53. dumitru munteanu said

    wow people should acst at NASA are very good work bro! mati left shoe! I worked with a program that sort of thing but that kool my Pear expires and that's not very much, Cristi I'd like to do a tutorial
    how to install windows alpicatii sites to htc sites that do not get along too! and I am a qtwk s200 pls ajutatima you have no idea of ​​its acmincerc give headaches when doing a tutorial anuntatima pls!

  54. @dumitru munteanu:
    Mannnnnnn, not ever leave your site or email addresses that you'll turn into a target for attackers, I mean, one is to put mail in a registration form and the other is to leave it so be it on a website
    For windows mobile sites are different, it's about Windows Mobile, we do not have tutorials but we'll have something soon, we have made some parts of our colleague symbian Luci.

  55. dumitru munteanu said

    Ms to answer man with advice! I will do so ! Aaaaaa related tutorial man do a tutorial with this program on 2 pcs like suncer do not know how to work with it and it's program merchandise! Ok guys succces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then let's do a tutorial how to install a ppc on htc k successful boys at all what you do! I sincerely want what's best for you! I salute with respect [Email protected]!

  56. After several days of searching I came here and I think I finished quest: p
    We provide 2 computers and started to play with the program already. I like it so far, very helpful.

    A sure thing I have not found how / if it can be done - how to remove the tray icon? Not sor'mea expert, but it's pretty obvious at this point that is a program in addition to caluclator. I try to find the solution, but if anybody knows ... I appreciate tips

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  57. @Sugar:
    LogMeIn Instead we can use TightVNC Desperate and a tutorial, it works on a different principle and better suited to your work evil.

  58. Muwahaha: p Thanks a lot, Cristi!

  59. is more difficult with this ...... take teamvierwer program is the best program in k to get into other pc

  60. @LeX: It tutorial and about TeamViewer ... you find the right search site up!

  61. Madalin said

    can and see if we get one step which has viruses and if we can help with debugging ..... ms

  62. @Madalin: Normal as you can ... if you know and look after it is installed ... can I do and Cleaners ...

  63. You guys are so cool, I've never praised, I would like to fall in flattery, but when someone makes what you do, especially in today and do you wonder if you can believe that there such. again much respect!

  64. I learned a lot throughout respectful

  65. with this program you can control from my caculatorul another Windows installation can mean just asking stupid!!. ms

  66. @ciupri: Get your little tired little eyes and read my comments earlier this tutorial to see once I explained the answer to your question asked by another!

  67. @Adrian: Do not go for that when installing Windows is not running services reta / internet ... than instaleru that you install windowsu ... you can run the Windows user interface software ... more explained in the tutorial about TeamViewer you find him in the motor of Search the top right ... write TeamViewer you enter and you'll find ... where I explained why it does not work!

  68. Super cool program .... bv .... so on

  69. Mafia Underground said

    make baietzi made a video tutorial on dreamweaver and where dowloadeaza

  70. I see no point in using this prog ... it's much better team is aceeleas and primulrand stuff and not have to register and it's so much trouble for guess who wants to control your PC have to explain and that's what's up here than the simple tareba team ... good luck greet and we still may find something interesting here otherwise lacking ... sorry about the evil that is present but is for beginners ... maybe in the future I learned greet

  71. @Luku: It tutorial and about TeamViewer but it must look! I do not think you've seen all over 150 tutorials! write up the right to enter and search TeamViewer gives you'll find ... I'm sure you're not as skilled as bragging ... just ... you ... you're so great, that all priceputii but if you ask what IP or PPPoE or NAT ... have no idea!

  72. grinder georgeta said

    I'm curious if it's good

  73. Cristi Bravo, excellent, just a question I have, other computer that should assist him must install required software or just create an account on LogMeIn??

  74. Very cool site!
    Keep up the good work, you have interesting tutorials!

    S'auzim only better!

  75. The [X] said

    But I do not use Team Viewer?'s Easier to use and you put the password you want. No deposit anything and it's free. Here is the site where you can download

  76. @The [X]: We have long tutorial about it ... really think so we do not know k? Just good people to know more solutions to make this not just a method! Have more tutorials on remote if you're interested ... write up the search for the right "remote" hit enter and you will find tutorials linked on this and the related TeamViewer!

  77. danutzz said

    yes you are so hard trying to make about the remote control to find information on google :)

  78. dumitru32 said

    @danutzz: What did you mean by that?

  79. too much talking

  80. I still do not understand how I can get on someone else's PC with LogMeIn, why do I need and where to put him, or by the IP address of the mail

  81. daffodil said

    Hi ,
    I followed the tutorial above (the one with log me in) and I have a question:
    When I made my account I had not seen this tutorial and I chose free. I think I download Log Me In Pro.
    Everything is going well so far just do not get rid of a message on the computer "watched" when I connect to it. A message appears above the center of the screen "LOG ME IN - Remote session". How to get rid of this message?
    We looked through the "Preferences" but I could not.
    In your tutorial presented in Preferences you have several options including Apearences, something like that.
    I have only three options: General, Security, Advanced. I've checked - unchecked and still can not get rid of him.
    Thank you and look a clue.

  82. Through a radical decision, unexpected, those from LogMeIn free version no longer exists since January 2014 and within DAYS 7 all those with free accounts are notified that you have to pass the money options. It's their decision, that is, all their products are now on the money.


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