Tempered glass protective screen phone

Hi friends, today I will show you how to apply protection and highly resistant tempered glass for your phone, which ironically, is made all tempered glass.
Why should we add another layer of tempered glass?
The answer is simple, for protection. If you break the screen original first layer remain unharmed. If I use normal film, it does not provide protection from falls, but scratch.
Tempered glass is a type of glass that offers many advantages over conventional plastic foils, which are used normally to protect the screen phones and tablets. Therefore and modern mobile screen is covered with a layer of tempered glass.
Tempered glass or secured is much tougher than glass classic, in addition screensavers of this glass are coated with layers which help to increase abrasion resistance, the Romanian, scratch very hard.
An advantage of tempered glass is that it provides added convenience to users, possibly by applying a layer oleophobic, which prevent the accumulation of fat on the screen and decreases adherence, in Romanian, the finger glides more easily on the screen than when using foils plastic.
Tutorial screen protector is very durable and offers great protection screen, while keeping transparency and experience pleasant in use.
Screen film hardness tempered glass has the hardness of Tutorial 9H. Hardness is measured for the glass surface is specially treated.
How hard is tempered glass which is made saver?
How to measure hardness?
Each material has a relative hardness, meaning that each material can affect the surface of another material less or could be other material tougher as long as the surface material is similar. For example we have two material hardness 8H, one flat and one sharp, even if they have the same hardness, sharp material can affect the material with flat surface or be affected by it.
Hardness is very difficult to measure accurately, which is why the term is used relative hardness.
MOHS scale (material hardness)

Talc (chalk writing on the blackboard) 1 H
Gips (medical gypsum, plaster) 2 H
Plastic (foil screen classic) 2 H
Human nail (keratin) 2.5 H
Salt (spice) 3 H
Marble (decoration, pavement) 3 H
Copper (coins, conductor) 3.5 H
Gold (jewelry, electronics) 4 H
Blade knife, scissors (domestic) 5 H
Normal glass (window) 5.5 H
Glasses, glass (glass town) 5.5 H
Steel (construction) 6 H
Porcelain (plate, cup) 6 H
Tempered glass (Yena) 6H
Special steels (tools, mechanics) 6.5 H
Medical glass (tubes, etc.) 7 H
Sand (beaches, air, street) 7 H
Quartz (natural mineral) 7 H
Granite (natural stone) 7 H
Gorilla Glass (composition) 7 H
Gorilla Glass (surface) 8 H
Synthetic sapphire button (iphone) 8.5 H
Concrete drill (head vidi) 8.5 H
Natural sapphire (mineral) 9 H
Diamonds (hardest) 10 H

Tempered glass screen protectors to have a resistance of 7 H naive but on the surface have an extra treatment which consists in submerging the glass in a bath of chemicals that greatly strengthens its surface and make it highly resistant to scratches. It is practically impossible to scratch the screen with metallic objects (except vidi).
However, even the hardest tempered glass surfaces can be scratched. Sand is the biggest enemy of screens. Even the smallest grain of sand can apply on the screen all sorts of "exotic" shapes, which is why you must be careful if you walk with your hand in the sand (buildings, playgrounds, beaches).
Unbelievable is not it? Who would have thought that poor soul sand is tougher than steel?
If you receive more comments in calling for a test of resistance tempered glass screen protector in, I'll do a tutorial in which you test in so many ways this screen protector, gives up. And we see how resilient it is.
As there are several comments which calls it, the sooner you do the tutorial.

Tempered glass "foils" (Romania)
"Foils" tempered glass screen protector (Amazon.co.uk)

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  1. a resistance test foil glass? I'm curious if scratched with a key.

    • Well if you still get to work, I tested several materials.
      If you still get her on the phone, I'm going to do cabbage. Maybe I can get to sledgehammer, of course passing through screwdrivers, drills, keys, coins, spirals vidi, knives and maybe a diamond (if you give me one)
      We'll see how resilient is such a protective screen in comparison to a classic film.

      • florin said

        I am such a film applied on a samsung galaxy s3 and I can tell you that I was not happy with the look of the phone after applying glass protection. primarily as protection foil does not cover all phone screen leaving an outline of 2-3 mm edges. remain small bubbles that you can not remove them and if they come off the film on the screen to another application no longer adheres so well. I do not think any film worth the money available on the market for samsung galaxy s3.

  2. I was left behind, I think, with the technical terms referring to glass. I knew that there is QUALITY glass, glass with a much higher hardness than the one not subjected to tempering treatment. The increase of hardness can also be done by chemical processes. Much better was if the term "tempered glass" was used, most Romanians knowing what "tempering" means. If we are to use the correct term, borrowed from the Italian language, then it should be called: "tempered glass" (tempered glass). means QUALITY. Thus came a term that suggests that it is a "calm" bottle, from "to temper someone or something" (an action, can be tempered… .etc.). Sorry for the comment on the subject, but, honestly, I don't know where we will end up, while "enriching" the vocabulary of the Romanian language with more and more "modern" terms.

    • Who makes a tool for the first time usually gives the name (patent, caliper, Oberliht)
      Who discovers a manufacturing process for the first time, usually one to give it a name (and patenting it of course).
      Tempered glass is something other than tempered glass, which is why it is universally called "tempering".
      Tempering consists of repeated processes of immersion in hot or cold (secret) substances, this giving the "surface" of the glass certain properties. They want to get a very elastic bottle but with a hard surface. Hardened glass is hard in the mass.
      Some things you can not, or do not have to translate: processor, driver, etc.
      Hearing about language Romanian, let's be honest, speak anything but Romanian pure, which actually means just a few words that we avoid using them, remaining words bin all the other languages ​​(French, Turkish, Italian, German, English).
      When it comes to the technical, and not only, not you, language is a dynamic, regularly get lost and added new words.
      I also don't like when I hear words like "starter" "main course" "dish" "plating" at MasterChef, that's really snobbery. There is no snobbery in IT, that is, we have not invented anything in this field, at least not recently.
      Romanian language 50 years ago does not resemble that of today, and today change the language more quickly and 10 years a change, and faster removal due to communication and information barriers.

      • I totally agree with what you say, Cristian! I didn't comment with the thought of the Romanian language, or that you see ladies I would like to protect it, or that I don't like neologisms. I just wanted to say that it sounds like hell: tempered glass! If we take the original from English: tempered glass, and try a translation you will see that we still get to tempered glass (tempered = tempered, treated…). Whoever introduced the term for the first time in Romanian, better use the original "tempered glass" (so how other terms that you mentioned were taken over), or “treated glass” (representing exactly what you said was done with this bottle). To get an idea of ​​why it sounds bad to me , I give you an example of a sentence in which the word temperata appears: "The aggressor's action (….) was TEMPERATED by the appearance of the police". It's just an example. I apologize once again if I offended someone. Otherwise, CONGRATULATIONS for what you do for us, regular computer users or other "gadgets"!

  3. Howdy
    Protective glass interesting this I want to see a test of how resistant it and if something change display brightness, visibility in sunlight, etc.

  4. Alexandru said

    Cristi, I know it's not about the subject of the video but I need an urgent answer.
    How can update the tablet Toshiba Folio 100 from 2.2 from 4?
    Thank you in advance!

  5. Hi.
    I follow the tutorials with great interest and I can recommend you other protection solutions from where I also bought ………… ..edited….
    Good luck still tutorials.

  6. If all you did a OnePlus One videotutorial about how to do root, I would like to see a videotutorial and unroot.

  7. If you install a custom rom all, tell me how long you can record video at 720p and that has the file size in rum stock because you can not register more than 10 minutes and the file has over 1gb.Sa have a phone memory the 64gb and not to put up a so look on notes 2 I had a rum carbon have very good compression filmat.Filma almost 3 hours 4gb a very buna.Ceva quality ideas? Thanks.

  8. And I was amazed at how easily mounted foil temperate compared to the classic plastic. It's a little more expensive, but worth it.

  9. Constantin said

    Hello Cristi, Adrian would like to ask if it is a problem to me or site-by, for I wanted to vat a tutorial of yours (https://videotutorial.ro/cum-se-copiaza-dvd-urile-originale-cu-protectie-pe-hard-disk-tutorial-video/) I tried to google Chrome and Internet Explorer and one I can see it all stops instead on YouTube and can see any video at any resolution. Regards.

  10. Laurentiu said

    Hello ! Cristi I would like to ask you if from this link. you took the Nilkin please I would like an answer as soon as possible because I would also like to order a OnePlus One and I want to know not to make a mistake please an answer as soon as possible.

  11. Laurentiu said

    Cristi, don't you think the product is Chinese? As it says on it. And by the way, your box is blue… 😀 Can you give me the quick answer again please. And thank you for the answer given before.

  12. Laurentiu said

    Cristi From this site has Cyanogen 11S? "Http://oneplus.eu/oneplus-one/buy-original-oneplus-one-4g-lte-cyanogenmod-os-m11s-64gb-black-in-onepluseu-34-.html"

  13. Cristi good! Videotutorial.ro Congratulations !!! A little question! After you have installed the OnePlus tempered glass, did not reach the edges of the casing Ringke?

  14. Hello Cristian
    On the Aliexpres website I found tempered glass of several types with prices from 1 to $ 5 / piece…
    question sunt Are tempered bottles of several types? I mean hardness, strength, thickness, etc
    Is there any difference between bottles tempered sites outside (amazaon, ebay, aliexpres) than those found on the websites of E?
    what do you recommend for a Samsung i9505?

  15. Where can I download paid apps in Google Play for free?

  16. Ionut V. said

    Hello! It's true that tempered glass installed on the phone, leading to loss of signal? Or affect in any way?

  17. Hey. You can put tempered glass protective film over?

  18. Hello! I have a sheet of glass 5 months and formed bubbles around the edges. When to change

  19. shawl. How can I clean dust and lint after the adhesive tempered glass. too new to throw.

  20. I have a question related to this article. Can be cut, adjust it !!! tempered glass?

  21. Marian Kimbo said

    Hello. I read on the net that separates glass sheet. I have personally placed it OK without a bubble all right. It is even possible to come off?

  22. vasicucu said

    Hello. Packaged with tempered glass I found a plastic circular cutouts of different sizes. It may be protective film for the camera? As the camera and the window can be scratched, it would be advisable to put protective film? It would not affect performance?

  23. John Roman Dragus said

    I bought three sheets of tempered glass (safety glass) for galaxy applied S7 edge and do not go, come away from the curved screen! What solution do you recommend? Less wow fix it, which I understand is a sliver.

  24. I have a preoblemă. I bought as a cover glass for the phone, but I cover the front room. It has a problem making some pictures ?? I'm afraid to apply because they do not make me picture quality problems. Get one that does not cover the camera, or is it ok and not a problem if the camera is covered ????
    Please help me with some advice)))

  25. why do not stick on the glass edges? http://imgbugged.tk/?%20di=16151229652510


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