Protect against copying a USB stick, SD card or external disk

Protect when copying USB stick

What is it about in the USB Stick Copy Protection tutorial?

At your request, which you addressed in the comment box, we searched for and found a USB stick copy protection software that helps us protect usb stick copies, SD memory cards or any other device. external storage. Thus, no files can be copied from a USB stick.

Why do we need to avoid copying files from memory stick?

The main environment in which this method of protection can be used is in the business environment, when we do not want the files on a storage medium to be copied.

Similarly, this method of banning copying from memory sticks is useful when lending someone a file stick, which they can see but cannot copy or modify.

What is the method of blocking a USB stick when copying

After doing some digging, I came across a commercial software that offers five days of unlimited trial and works very well on Windows without the need to install software on other PCs.

The program is called USB Copy Protection and works by creating a container to which access is made based on rights.

In principle we can have three users plus administrator, who can access the files and who have different rights. For example, user 1 can only view files, while user 2 can copy or delete files.

Bonus, you can use the stick normally

In principle, it is easy to use the USB Copy Protection application, and in addition you can use the stick normally. That is, you can put the files in the container, and they will be covered by protection, but you can also put files in the root, next to "executable", files that will not be affected by this application, rights or container, but you should know that the files you put “next to” the container, in the root of the stick, will be able to be deleted and copied without problems.

Where do I download the USB Copy Protection software

Download from the official site

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  1. Hi Cristi. I really appreciate the work you do. A few years ago I bought a laptop and thanks to your tutorials I learned to work on the laptop (before I didn't even know how to open it because I didn't have a PC). please if you can tell me how to make an iso image of the system to put it on a usb stick. Thanks a lot.

  2. I use AOMEI Backup and it's very good…
    I saw that there is also a tutorial on this topic…

  3. Iulian Durdureanu said

    For the SanDisk USB stick you can use the SanDiskSecureAccess application that does exactly what you described above with the USB Copy Protection program and the benefit is free. I do not know if it goes on any stick or is only valid for SanDisk.

  4. How can we display the size of folders in win10 without installing additional software (such as Folder Size) What settings should be made? Or how can we put another default application instead of Explorer (or My Computer) that also displays the size.

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