Rainlendar, desktop calendar synchronized with Google Calendar and Android - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial video will be introduced to an application that helps us manage your time in a more efficient application called Rainlendar and is available for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu or other distributions, in addition Rainlendar is a free even the pro version.
Maybe at first glance resembles Rainlendar Rainmeter but I assure you that is not the same program, however if you searched for a tutorial Rainmeter can say that we have one, you can watch it by clicking this link: Rainmeter, the ultimate platform desktop widget for Windows 7, Vista and XP.
What exactly does Rainlendar?
Rainlendar is a calendar for your desktop with which we can manage your time more intelligently, we reserve meeting certain intervals, we can mark certain events, plus you can bring your desktop or on the phone at a certain interval: daily, weekly, monthly or annually. The best example is the annual auto insurance program, which must be done every year at a certain date and you sometimes forget to renew.
A big advantage of Rainlendar is acelaca can sync with Google Calendar, this means that we can synchronize appointments between your desktop and phone and can work with colleagues, employees and friends on the same calendar. If you have a secretary, it can reserve certain slots open meetings and you will see live that you made reservations.
With a little imagination we can use Rainlendar in many applications and domains, especially as we have it clude integration with Google Calendar and other services / applications.
Besides Google Calendar, Rainlendar can be synchronized with other applications or services such as CalDAV Calendar, Calendar shared network, Microsoft Outlook, Remember The Milk, Toodledo.
Even if you are not a businessman with time on the "edge", you can use Rainlendar to streamline your activities or to better manage your time. For example, I use Rainlendar with Google Calendar to schedule my bill payments, not to forget certain appointments, or to manage certain tutorial topics.
No matter which way you use Rainlendar is shown to synchronize with a cloud service like Google Calendar, so you receive notifications at any time and information about appointments and meetings, whether you are on PC or calatoariti.
We must recognize that human memory is subject to errors and we often forget certain things, some of them very important, so we can end up paying more money to the bank because we were penalized for non-payment of installments on time or we can wake up with the net cut because simply… .I forgot!
Now you have no excuse to forget!

Download Rainlendar (I recommend the pro version, you do not pay)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. Alexandru said

    What about Google Reader, what do you replace?

  2. edy 13ani said

    Off-topic question… do you think it will answer you?

  3. I I want to make a tutorial and more advanced settings Rinlendar community.

  4. Alexandru:
    What about Google Reader, what do you replace?


  5. Dan: http://feedly.com/

    You ruined my surprise, I just finished the tutorial with Feedly. Tomorrow I post it.

  6. I have installed the test I put an event on tel. I'm not occur on the same Google account on your phone. I enabled sync on pc but nothing! what to do?

  7. kosmin:
    I have installed the test I put an event on tel. I'm not occur on the same Google account on your phone. I enabled sync on pc but nothing! what to do?

    Give a refresh in Rainlendar and will appear in Google Calendar appointment. To defend your phone you need to install the Google Calendar.
    Some phones use their own calendars (Samsung, HTC, Sony) they always syncs well with google calendar.

  8. Mircea85 said

    May Cristi Congratulations, you're great, the true tutorials, picture excellent quality sound, hats.

  9. Sun in Greece I go hard (discontinue).

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