RAM Disk faster than an SSD and is already at your PC

RAM Disk Faster Than SSD!
RAM Disk faster than an SSD and is already at your PC
Everyone already knows that a fast PC needs fast storage, otherwise it can not be so fast. Storing from the PC at this time is the only component that slows down your PC.
There are several types of memory on any computer, some of which are faster, others are slower.

The PC memory triangle is:

  • 1. Processor Cache
  • 2. RAM
  • 3. SSD or HDD storage

Things are so: The processor needs data to process. This data takes them straight out of the cache. When the cache of the CPU closes, it follows the RAM, which is the cache of the processor as well as the speed. The last memory accessed when the RAM is finished is the SSD or HDD.

RAM is very fast.

RAM is accessed directly by the processor, it must be extremely fast and wear-resistant. DDR4 3200 memories can reach a the speed of 25.000 MB / s.

What is RAM Disk?

RAM Disk is a virtual disk that is made from the available RAM.

A RAM Disk can do anyone

What is the good RAM Disk?

  • 1. Testing very fast SSDs
  • 2. Running frequently used applications
  • 3. Speed ​​up heavy running applications
  • 4. Cache for video and graphics applications
  • 5. Protect your SSD from intensive storage applications

Disk Drive on RAM?
The SoftPerfect RAM Disk is perfect for creating a RAM based disk.

How to Make a RAM Disk?

  • 1. We install SoftPerfect RAM Disk
  • 2. Press “+” to make a RAM Disk
  • 3. We choose a Disk size (about half of what's available)
  • 4. We take a picture to save the disk when you shut down your PC (image on the fastest disk)

Download SoftPerfect RAM Disk

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RAM Disk faster than an SSD and is already on your PC - video tutorial

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  1. Interesting for windows I use ubunu

  2. Dear Expert Cristian, I am a Swedish novelist but older than I admire you and. Congratulations on your excellent tutorials and let me tell you something funny. Two minutes ago I received from you and thank you RAM Disk tutorial faster than an SSD and it's already on your PC !!!!! I had connected (coincidence of thoughts?) A new disk map a few hours ago .. so I was pleasantly surprised by some coincidence… of… communications (why?). I would like to discuss something other than only electronics and ITdaca accept not politics but words, gentle words so between friends. Okay?
    Radu V.

    • Emil Marian said

      Hello! Can this RAM Disk help me improve video game performance?

      • Andrei Florentin said

        Sure, but there is a gotcha.
        1. You have to have a big ram for modern games (over 64 of gb in total).
        2. Gaming performance will improve ONLY if reading speed is what limits you - SSD is usually enough

  3. Yes, Mr. Cristian is the good tutorial as always, which is why we thank you.
    It would have been nice if you installed a program on this drive as a demonstration.
    I wonder, can this disk be made on a virtual machine (I use that)?
    Secondly, I installed RemixOS in win 7 on virtual but does not want to work in full screen, it remains
    Only in that square can this problem be solved or not?
    With thousands of thanks and pleats for what you do. Keep doing so.

    • Andrei Florentin said

      Which virtualization system do you use?
      VirtualBox - Guest Additions installed
      VmWare Player / Workstation - install VMWARE Tools
      Hyper-V - I don't know exactly but I'm sure there is an extra package

  4. Hello
    how can I use an 3G / 4G stick on a tablet without rooting?
    I used ppp widget but did not log in. why?
    how can I call a tablet or phone demo life unit using a gsm stick?

  5. Thank you!

  6. Interesting and useful, however, I have no doubt: after creating this RAM Disk, usually for current tasks, the system will only use what remains of the former RAM capacity (that is, the RAM Disk portion will be dedicated) and not the whole how it was before creating RAM Disk ??? In other words, is the RAM available for the operating system available?
    Thank you!

    • Nicu Bordânc said

      Yes, it's normal for that to happen…
      If you have a four-room house and you rent two, it's normal to stay two for the other activities.

  7. Stelica B. said

    Congratulations on everything you do!

  8. Nicu Bordânc said

    In fact, at filehippo there is the commercial version, which is currently 4.0.4, in the tutorial there is a link for the latest free version, namely 3.4.8.
    And from my point of view, this app is the best free alternative, though there are others on the money.
    MS tutorial, I will also download that version because I had via PC 3.4.7.

  9. Ion Tomescu said

    Hello !
    Congratulations and thanks for your work, very helpful and welcome.
    Next, I leave you the link where I installed for linux for a long time, it can also download for windows.
    Thank you,

  10. Hi Cristi I have a problem I mounted 3 monitors on the pc but during the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can only see the monitor 1 not the other 2 monitors all have the same resolution 1920 × 1080 you could make a video tutorial it doesn't work on any game

  11. hello cristi, I recently installed 3 monitors on the PC, the problem appears when I enter the game, I only see monitor 1 and not the other 2 monitors, all 3 monitors have the same resolution 1920 × 1080 monitor 1 is connected to Display port of 2 monitor on HDMI and 3 on dvi-d port a video tutorial would help me

  12. hello… many of us use IPTV on our laptop when we are gone… .I would be interested in how to add the EPG in kodi for example… if you think it is worth it ..can do a tutorial… thanks a good day

  13. Thank you, I'll try for the browser for the time being.

  14. Generally, no. I'll explain why, you have to put the whole game on that ram disk and the modern games are now easy to play by 10-15gb, even if you have so much ram in your pc all you need is to have your pc running you can not sacrifice it all for that game.

  15. I suspect that CPUs with the larger cache of 8 Mb will soon appear on this idea !!

  16. how do i delete this disk? i installed it wrong. i want to resume.

  17. cristian dogaru said

    Hello… interesting application… but I see opening your link that it is free only for 30 days after which I suspect that it must be purchased with money. How much could it cost to see if it was worth the effort? Thank you

  18. cristian dogaru said

    hello, i need help… .lm tested, ac click now i want to delete it… if i click on the uninstall icon it asks me to close it first (which i don't know how to do)… it doesn't work with delete either, the option that is in the application does not seem active… so?

  19. cristian dogaru said

    hello, i need help… .lm tested, ac click now i want to delete it… if i click on the uninstall icon it asks me to close it first (which i don't know how to do)… it doesn't work with delete either, the option that is in the application does not seem active… so?

  20. MAXIM VASILE said


  21. MAXIM VASILE said

    I've done less with chrome

  22. I.Corneliu said

    Hello ! I tested the application and I was "left" without about 1,5Gb of RAM. How do I return to the initial state ?! Thank you!

  23. Good Found Cristi and Many Years 2018! I'm George and I've been the subscriber of your site for many years. From you I have learned a lot of things, so now at 62 for years I can boast that I'm doing very well in computers. I appreciate the very good video tutorial above, I had no problem like the people who expressed their opinion in the comments and that's why I thank you! But I have a great deal of interest in you. As long as you have enough time, please make a tutorial about how to use it
    Win ToHDD Professional. I downloaded it from a site that I also learned from you from the tutorial "How to download free PRO programs with a perfectly legal license" and I can't figure out how it works.
    For this and for all your work and your colleagues, I thank you in advance and wish you a great weekend!

  24. Cristi can do a tutorial how to uninstall it, I can not get rid of it now, Thanks Anticipated!

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