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Automatic answer calls caller name

What is the caller name autoresponder answering tutorial about?

In the video tutorial "Automatic answering calls to say caller name", you will see how to set the phone so that it can say the caller's name and answer itself when we have headphones or a bluetooth headset.

Saying in the speaker or headphones the name of the person calling us

When we have both hands busy, but we have a bluetooth headset or other type of headphones in our ear, which have a microphone, we can choose to hear in the headset who is calling us.

The phone will say, in its robotic language, the name of the caller as it is written in the address book. This way you will know who is calling without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Automatic answering of calls after a few seconds

As in the example above, there are cases where our hands are busy or dirty and we would prefer the phone to answer itself.

In just a few seconds, we can activate the automatic answering option.

We can choose even after a few seconds to answer automatically.

Thus, from now on, whenever you have a bluetooth headset or headset or wired, connected to the phone (that's the only way it works), the phone will automatically answer after how many seconds you have chosen.

How do I turn on automatic call answering and caller name?

For phones Samsung (for now)

Phone / Settings / Answer and end calls - check the options here Read aloud caller names and Automatic answer

In which cases the auto answer and caller name settings can be used

  1. You work with both hands and you can't answer the phone
  2. Your hands are dirty and you don't want to get your phone dirty
  3. You are at sea with your hand full of sand and you do not want to scratch the screen
  4. You're at the gym and pulling at the machines with both hands
  5. You are a cook, a deliveryman, a driver, etc., etc. and you have your hands busy most of the time

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Video Tutorial - Automatic Answering Caller Name Saying Calls

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