Making a photo collage from two or more images - video tutorial

Hi friends, today a tutorial to learn how we can make a collage of several photos or how we can put two or more snapshots side by side in a single image.
To realize what we wanted we will use Picasa to create an artistic collage and Paint (which comes installed on any Windows operating system) to simply put two or more images, side by side, without artistic effects into a single photo.
Picasa is a photo manager offered free by Google. This will help us create a beautiful collage of several photos. We apply different models place the photos in the collage by choosing from the following presets: Mosaic Picture Pile, Frame Mosaic, Grid, Multiple Exposure, Contact Sheet, we can put a shadow under the photos as they appear tridimendionale, we can apply edges or effect polaroid photos contained in collage, we can change the position and size of each photograph are in collage, we are able to choose the photo from collage to be in the forefront and that photo to be in the background, we can choose a photo as wallpaper for the entire collage or we can choose the background color of the collage to be a choice. We also have the possibility to set the size collage made choosing from preset sizes such as A4 format, the cover of the DVD, HDTV-sized collage, or a collage size digital photo frames. If the preset sizes thank us, we can be manually specify which size collage.
For those less pretentious people who just want to put two or more images side by side, without special effects, borders with drop shadow, I presented a method extremely simple that can be put into practice with the old Paint that comes with the system Windows. When you see two pictures side by side on your computer is simple, open images on one screen and a half sit on the other a sit on the other half of the screen. But what if the two photos we post them side by side (side by side) on a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or even personal website or blog?
Well, for these situations we need Paint that will be extremely easy to work. At some point we have to know something math, specifically operations congregation because you have to gather photo size horizontally or vertically depending on how you want to be placed but who does not know how to do surgeries assembly day from today? For most comfortable I remind you that we are in and you can use Windows Calculator application that comes with Windows to make assembly operations with higher numbers (just teasing you!)
That said, let's shorten the text and move to invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how to make a collage of several photos or as chicken two or more images side by side in a single photo.

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Enjoy !


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  1. victory said

    I can not see video

  2. Good tutorial mrs

  3. Thank you!

  4. hello adrian.beautiful tutorial..I have a test with fb… when I enter with mozila, ie or chrome, when I log in I see the white page and on the left write the name, disconnect… etc… but it does not appear as it appears to me until akm… dak sti it's about help please… I said it's from windows but today I reinstalled it and still does… ms! 🙁

  5. hello I have a problem… I can't log on to fb… when I log in no matter what browser… a white page appears on my left and write the name, log out and a few more things esti daka can you help me with an answer please !THX

  6. stelian said

    Thanks for. tutorials, watching them for years and I have been more helpful! In this case I would recommend PhotoScape, a free photo editing with a friendly interface and functions that make it to be much more than Picasa (you have shown and I). Bottom line: you need, search the archives and find tutorials about PhotoScape Worth! In my opinion ! Sincerely, Stelian

  7. You could do a tutorial about Camtasia Studio 8?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, I really was helpful!

  9. For Adrian.
    First let me congratulate you for tutorials, which are made at the highest level Videotutorial profesional.Sunt a big fan and I really appreciate your work and your followers constantly jumatate.Am year I want to learn a lot of things to you and I can not be grateful for the effort and patience than you manifest in explaining the correct way each of us that use PC and software sites which have done so in prezent.Insa tutorials and behold I I fork PC and please, if you can help fix at least part of the river Photo facut.Este it virtually 5 years of my work I see lost in a moment of neatentie.Am edited software photos with two very popular and very good also in this case with Picasa SICU Lightroom from Adobe, but we have not saved any part, they remain in memory to software mereu.Zilele past due filling partitions (hardware being only 160 Gb) I decided to transfer edited photos on an external hard drive, which would have helped to regain space on disk.Insa not crossed my mind to do first and how backups are not very practical with soft APIs, we exported edited photos from Picasa moving and original cards external HDD, and when I tried to export from Lightroom, surprise, could not find the way to your original photos, as they are moved from partitie.In Consequently I find myself with some 50 Gb edited picture that can not save because I did not own what should my fac.Intrebarea to you is this: there is a possibility to remedy this situation, ie to bring back the status partition with pictures in which there was before moving the cards, given that the manual would not succeed even in a thousand years, considering the huge dimensions of the cards that I would not know where they've got when we moved, so by Picasa, and if yes you can help me to do?
    Thanking you in advance waiting for reply.
    Regards TYB

  10. vanessa said

    My name is Vanessa and her good rugaminte how could you sami know if someone password on yahoo mesenge thousand mio sparto not say how could I have her again ???????? please ajutama I do not have that id but there is one plz ealmeu ajutama

  11. I want to make a collage and photos for edge want to use polaroid edge type. My question is how can I add text that I saw that this option is checked. ms

  12. super tutoriualul, it was helpful, as many

  13. How can separate a video collage dintrun songs (ex- if 5mel united to separate them one by one) can someone help me ???

  14. I saw a photo frame on a site with photos from one activity 3 and 4 century in the frame was inserted and even the video by that activity. With what program can mix (compile) in a photo frame so photos and videos?

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