Making a simple template for a website with adobe photoshop cs3 - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial, how we can introduce or modify a template with Adobe Photoshop cs3, which we will use to create a site

This video tutorial will be presented by a debutant in all that is called Alex and proving to everyone that at the age of 15 years and can do beautiful things.

Alex is a talented boy from web design and others that demonstrates to us all as a boy 15 year choose to spend their time doing extraordinary things through the computer and not losing time just sitting messenger or play counter

This adobe photoshop video tutorial about cs3 may seem difficult for some of you but if you are careful and follow him on Alex, you can learn many useful and interesting things that you can use on other occasions.
by Alex Chirigiu

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  1. Super tutorial !!! Congratulations, but I think you should try and show us things commonly used in Photoshop because many people do not have templates for websites but simple things. My guess is that the tutorial you mentioned that one with business card would be interesting. I hope to do tutorials on Photoshop because they do not know much about him but I'd like to learn!

    A tip would be to try to do things more slowly tutorial because you are at more advanced u May beginners and others did not realize many things look.

  2. Very interesting tutorial… but the first time you should have put some basics… but the tutorial is very good…. I assume you know how to work in 3dsm;)) I'm waiting for a tutorial… photoshopu 'I think the best graphics program my opinion;)) to as many tutorials as possible: P Good luck further…. I can also convince an Olympic friend in the country in computer science to make a tutorial about something he likes and it is useful for us too !!

  3. A good idea Smyley! Please make made a tutorial about Google Chrome, Ashampo or BitDefender.

  4. mia not liked how you axplicat

  5. Bravo maestro, respect!
    I look forward tutorialu` with business card!

    Ps: 1. when doing tutorials are trying to work more slowly
    2. linked to such talk / explain the example of Cristi ..

  6. Adrian pop said

    Do not increase natural

  7. Thanks criticism and acclaim

    1.Vad that many want to see a tutorial on cards, will be the next
    2.Prezentarea's PS, I hope to be uploud-ata on site until tomorrow, Exit already
    3.O to talk and work more slowly in the future
    4.Daca not understand something, give me timecode of when the problem occurs and you try to explain

  8. I congratulate way encouraged him not to criticize. (like the first) congratulations.

  9. @Alex: I would connect with you too… but I'd better leave it… or let me take it anyway, speak louder, clearer… less often, you speak too fast, you also move too fast, I think that first notions of the basics of photoshop only then such an advanced thing! I honestly didn't have the patience to watch the tutorial is too long and I'm not very passionate about web design. Anyway WELCOME TO THE VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO TEAM !!!

  10. I did not liked any way you explained, I have seen many tutorials very good on this site explained in a simple, easy, calm, for everybody, and here I refer to Christ who by the way do a job to note 10 + .Imi'm sorry you're in the beginning and I would not want to upset you or disappoint you, but that's my opinion.

  11. boby_admin said

    gyony respect your opinion but let's think about what we were doing to 15 years
    I was playing …… the sand
    Let's encourage them that it is not as easy as it seems to do a tutorial in particular that made longish
    I am convinced that a refine because it has great potential

  12. Congratulations and I expect a videotutorial about cards but with an introduction to the material and to be understood by those knowledgeable in the art how less is Cristi.

  13. @boby_admin: or Cristi see the tutorial you 121 minutes after reaching at about half again resume tutorial, I like your installed wrong or 2 times, and occupy space in vain, for it is a rather long tutorial! You can check soon arrive at about half again resume tutorial, it's virtually 2 times!

  14. boby_admin said

    Yes you are right I love Adriane're very vigilant
    You can solve how fast I think I know what the problem

  15. Adrian said

    @boby_admin: I will change my nickname from Adrian to Plesuv Eagle or The Guardian :)) I noticed it a long time ago but I thought it had 2 parts, I saw that you have too much… yes I said that avea it had 2 parts and when I unfolded further in the middle I realized that in fact it was repeated, the words, the images were the same! As a conclusion, I love you and I care about you, that's why I'm vigilant, I don't think it's about vigilance but rather a developed spirit of observation observ Hello!

  16. Useful tutorial, greeting cards, with your help more understanding of key shortcuts :)) hope to achieve and different kind of photoshop tutorials related and why not dw.
    One suggestion, maybe you should slow down a little rhythm, although it is assumed that when you've heard of photoshop, you have notions about him somewhat.
    Good luck!

  17. Cosmin said

    Guys help me and me explixati me and ask me how to cometurile avatar that you do?

  18. smiley said

    Click Gravatar and do what Itzi says there;)

  19. andolis49 said

    Congratulations for. tutorial! And as many. He came to tank!
    If possible I'd like a tutorial mse can climb a Joomla site on a free subdomain .com. It is not managed to
    Good luck!

  20. Thanks Smyley I made an account and I put a picture but I do not realize yet how to put on videotutorial here.

  21. @Cosmin: Here you do not set any picture… on the account of the engraver you upload your picture and an e-mail address… but here when you put a comment you see k also asks you for the e-mail, they the e-mail you put here when you give comments must be the same as the one on which you also put on the engraver's website

  22. I hope now you go

  23. Man goes I put the same address but all in vain

  24. Ready to go! Thanks much for your help.

  25. Katoxy said

    Yeah looks like you're good but a little faster, not everyone knows friends rarely photoshop, and for some like me who are just starting in're as complicated explanation ,, ctrl ctrl such shock. and so on
    Anyway it's something not appreciated VBA age, but it would be helpful to explain some May tzarani for me.
    Good luck in the future.

  26. beb3_mykk said

    yes it's good it's pretty ok but rarely is room for improvement for beginning is ok: D hunt them in you: D

  27. Adrian said

    @Katoxy: If you don't know how to use the keyboard, it's not the boy's fault! I've said it before and I say it again if you didn't have a mouse you would die with the PC in front of you! In all programs CTRL + C commands copy, CTRL + V commands paste, CTRL + Z commands undo (ie one step back) CTRL + F commands find (find, search) CTRL + X commands cut (cut) and the same… why do you have the keyboard not to use it? The boy used shortcuts, this does not mean that only through CTRL + C you can copy an image but also from the mouse, but it is good to learn shortcuts, functions and keyboard shortcuts! CTRL commands are not only valid in photoshop !! but in all applications! hot keys as they are called or shortcuts, search in Google and find! I would advise you to follow the tutorial on copy paste write up the search "how to use copy paste" or "how to make copy paste" or simply "copy paste" write these up in the search on the right of our page give enter and you will find! You will laugh and you will say that you know how to copy paste. I bet you don't know all the ways you can copy paste! On the occasion of the copy paste tutorial you will learn to use the keyboard to make copy paste and not just the mouse! shortcuts, keyboard functions that you can use in any program!

  28. The tutorial is quite successful anyway, at the age of 15 it is to be appreciated this thing that he does. My opinion is that photoshop is not the simplest and easiest to use program… it has many commands that simply make you dizzy… How did you learn photoshop Alex? Good for you!!!

  29. I'll talk less, I never realized it too fast, but will be rather lengthy tutorials
    Andrew, on youtube, then simply writing tutorial on google photosho

  30. @Andrew: I add those things that Alex must know something English for most tutorials are in English!

  31. I would like to make a turorial about how to make a banner if possible and when I bother to do that and I do not write out more than one test and buttons just be nice to please textul.deci do I need.

  32. Check here 2 of my creations


    They are made by me in GIMP photo editor free that I like very much !!

  33. I did not understand anything???????? .Tutorialul Has approached sfarsit.Tema input and is very Inters

  34. bv nice totorial small mistakes but it's ok most jumped with their mouths…. k is not bn too fast for mn it was ok for others too fast true but u the one you criticize at 15 what were you doing you played CS :)) k mn probbil so respect

  35. Nicu, do not understand what needs input from him. It's a simple website. How to have no end? The tutorial is led until the last Acct.
    I understood that I was working too fast, the next one was working slower… I usually work faster and I didn't realize.

  36. @Alex: I think he referred to the fact that you did not explain what a template is, what it is used for… what I would ask you to do in the future, to see a little about what it is, what it does, what it will use what you will present, you have to take into account that some are worse with these English terms like template, brush, cut… undo etc. and now for Mr. Nicu template it means in babesti terms: theme, skin, the way the web page will look, the facade… how do you change the skins at winamp or yahoo messenger and so on the web pages, you can change the way you fit in the page, theme, colors… if I made a mistake in explaining this term, I ask Alex to correct me! Template means Template

  37. Adrian, you were right, it's a web layout. I thought not to explain what will happen, but I will. Thanks for the idea.

  38. MRcrispy said

    Wow, I love it @Adrian of 2 the picture is rather see pixels
    As photoshop, I and many others still have much to eat danonino can put more Photoshop tutorials

  39. george21 said

    I did not get anything for you do not know how to explain coherently and Cristi is boby celalalt.Imi sorry if you feel offended but these videotutoriale be more explicit to understand everyone !!

  40. I do not feel offended, however, not see why I be more explicit, when you see what is happening before your eyes.

  41. resumption said

    layout`ul is simple and beautiful ..

  42. Where is it copied from? The one from which I measured dimensions was made by me, but if I only filmed the source I don't know how many understood something. If you saw them on the ps forum, in RO, look at the name of the user who posted it, at the age… it's put by me there.

  43. @Martzy: Try to make a banner with a program called banner maker 7. I tried it these days and I liked it it is very easy to use and has clear commands… much clearer than photoshop

  44. radu32 said

    Congratulations! It's a bit difficult to keep up with you… you can see that you worked a lot with the program. I hope you do other tutorials about web design. They are useful

  45. Prince said

    super hard .. not exactly new in the field but some things do not still think it's pretty well done tutorial only for those who do not really have to understand photoshopu not too great thing for those who know even the base is perfect

  46. Roxana said

    Alex, I did not until now to realize how you brought a template panel on the right from where you started tutorial. I would be happy if you could tell me how to bring in the workspace template.
    Thank you.

  47. Roxana

    Now I saw posul and I will answer.

    To bring a picture or any format supported by PS, you can press Ctrl + A or the Open File tab. Then the panel to be editable layer must double click on it and ok, then you can change. If you still do not understand enter the chat and talk there.

  48. Goods tutorial but more specific please.

  49. Shumudik: Goods tutorial but more specific please.

    Photoshop tutorials do not learn from web design. And as a tutorial to find and other ps is made all the speed, believing that work quite slowly. Anyway as I said, I think that being free are very good.

  50. I welcome you could do a tutorial explaining how to use silence tool and how to create a website with pictures cut with silence + css and html! ? Expect a msg or e-mail!

  51. Hello! I made a website in Photoshop but I have no idea to register on Google. I do not know how to enter scripts SEO and Sitemap. The site is just explaining where the platform supports WordPress plugins of this type.

  52. It kind of speeds at which shows this tutorial. It would be wise to show detailed how does Christ. Thank you.

  53. Alin Lucian said

    If you make a template and save HTML, and `l do like you, I can` change it to HTML?

  54. daddylovesyamost said

    nice, although there are simpler methods of plagiarism with Photoshop .. anyway congratulations for your patience

  55. Geambasu said

    more Alex, you're not good profesor.explici as f.bine already know Photoshop and I still have a few of them teach you. learn to take better what you did, how could click a web ui?
    congratulate Crystals: D

  56. I saw the whole thing about 2 weeks ago. it's cool but it doesn't have an end…

    I come back punctually.

    in other news: Make it short. Divide into pieces 15 min max.
    For each thing you do make a microturorial. I believe that those who have no clue of Photoshop [I never] easier to understand.
    Anyway congratulations for what you do. keep going

  57. The tutorial lasts 60 minutes, then repeat ..
    I work in Ps Css 3 for some time and I know many things, but I never made templates, so I can say I learned something nou.Multumesc Alex!

  58. costelutz said

    I didn't understand anything honestly, I don't know who would understand the CV from this tutorial…

  59. it is to have imagination and renders the buttons and images and you do it, the more I care for wordpress how to encode?

  60. razvan: It is to have imagination and renders the buttons and images and you do it, the more I care for wordpress how to encode?  

    Razvan ae're right I learned a lot about web design this tutorial (even if working for a long time in photoshop) but really it would be neat if Isere learn how to code in wordpress and also to continue the series of creating a website. I offer my sincere thanks and respect.

  61. Excuse me for some misspellings di commentary above.

  62. I'm sorry but I do not really understand anything

  63. very skilled alex, 10 note for him, but I can not give much for the tutorial because Alex does not make the difference between a quick overview of the software and a tutorial that addresses the often those who do not know much about the program. especially when it comes to the caliber of the program presented. congratulate you for the effort but intent and effect of this tutorial is minimal. I hope you take it as a suggestion and not something else. Thanks for all the tutorials which can really learn.

  64. thanks for the tutorial but its efficiency is almost zero. alex hurry, do not look DECTA quick clicks and confusing presentation of complicated software with a videotutorial. Congratulations to all those in the rest videotutorial, thanks for the effort

  65. very good tutorial, Chiam managed sa.mi make a templates for my taste, I have not worked with photo shop, but please do a tutorial on what follows from here and there, how can edit text in templates, activation keys, etc.

  66. Hi, congratulations for the tutorial. I made a template in photoshop, I know the program well enough, but are new to web design, and I understood concretely template after I give the save for web devices .. as do the links between pages, action buttons, etc.. Works with Dreamweaver?

  67. While a new tutorial on dreamweaver CS5?

  68. virgilmm1 said

    Hello! I have a contest and I want to present a video (I chose Sony vegas). I want the first image to be more "special" - I would like to make it in photoshop. Can someone help me ? Yes, please contact me id: gil_parazitii or e-mail: [email protected] . Thanks in advance!

  69. I do not understand anything in this tutorial for a tutorial is not explained well, it's too fast. Anyway gj for effort

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