PC voice recognition accented with Dictanote

Voice recognition is probably the most interesting method of input into the computer. In recent years we have made great progress in this area. The algorithms used in speech recognition has improved to the level at which the computer recognizes the first without fail (almost) dictating the Romanian language at normal speed.
Gone are the days when dictators one word at a time; Today computer dictator like we have a conversation with him.

PC voice recognition accented with Dictanote

After some time I presented other solutions like voice recognition Keep Google Android or Dictation. Now we Dictanote that allows us to test and edit dictation.
In another advantage of applications / services for voice recognition is support for other languages. For example we want to write to someone in English and we do not do well with writing correct but we talk quite well in these languages; Using voice recognition gained in speed and accuracy of the words entered. Similarly, in French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.
No matter what application or service use, it is recommended to use a quality microphoneAnd the room to be quiet.
Sample dictation unedited:
hi friends my name is Christ now use the application dictate notes by one to go on holiday to Africa to play with polar bears and kangaroos bungee jumping is a sport very interesting although I have never practiced and it just did not sorry
Website with voice recognition service:

Video tutorial - Voice recognition with diacritics on PC with Dictanote

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  1. Nancy L. said

    thank you very, very much for this "tip"; I really needed such an application

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  3. Cosmin Petre said

    Cristi Hello, I have a request, can you tell me how I get drivers for the assembled PC?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Find out which motherboard you have which video card and go to the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard, the video card and you will find the drivers for download. You can find out what components you have in your PC by searching for our tutorial "Speccy, a software that tells us everything about our computer" which you can find using the search box on the top right

  4. Hello. For Cosmin Petre, you find drivers on CD CPC motherboard. If you do not have it, then write the name of the motherboard on google and go to the manufacturer's website, and there select which operating system you have installed and downloaded all the drivers LAN, Audio, Video etc. If you have a separate video card video card and not the motherboard, a start over and write your name and then search the video card. If you do not know how to say like, or video based, are programs like Everest or SIW which are all. Good luck with that.

  5. filelist download DriverPack Solution if you launch it with daemon tools and so automatically install drivers

  6. Hello Cristi. Please answer me if I already have an audio recording of the recorder may use the above application, without combination Speakerphone?

  7. Hello. you could do a Videotutorial about food security cameras through the same UTP cable? I sit at home and it's hard pull wires 2 + current data. and so on 70 meters distance I hear voltage and amperage is lost and do not know what source you use. worth storing on memory card?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. That's interesting. I did dictanote account and micforon ok but when it goes it goes. That is only 2 wrote words and sounds control panel displays the volume of the recording for my microphone is working.

  9. Haralambos vlad said

    Cristi are watching over 3 years I bought myself unPC after your configuration 2 years ago
    I 60 years and do not know English if you can help me (limited time) please faoooooo will not bother you with a question than a week (or less) have much to clarify for me the internet and should be in ro
    Thank Haralambos [email protected]

  10. Michael Ricman said

    All respect for your work and pursue colaboratorilor.Vă tutorials from the start and I can say that if you know what they do know about computers, that you are owed.
    Regards, Michael R. yours

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  12. You are MY HERO
    WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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