Recover files, folders, documents, deleted or modified with the aid of Previous Versions - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can recover music, movies, photos, folders or previous versions of office documents using Previous Versions existing function in Windows 7.
I'm sure not many times you create documents on which multiple edits were made to finally want to return to an earlier version of the document because the last change you accidentally deleted a page, a paragraph, a table. Well this is possible by means of Previous Versions.
What's Previous Versions?
Previous Versions (or earlier) is a function of the Windows operating system 7 makes a copy of the file every time there's a System Restore (point resuarare). If after creating a restore point back on a file and edit it, we will be able to return to the state for files that it had when creating the restore point.
Previous Version part and is closely related to System Restore which in turn is part of the module protection 7 Windows operating system called System Protection.
A System Restore can be done either manually or automatically when you install software that make big important changes in operating ststemul, when you install new drivers for hardware, when you install system updates through Automatic Updates.
With the help of the Previous Versions folders or files can restore corrupted or deleted accidentally changed forever
When and how are created earlier versions (Previous Versions) files?
Previous versions are automatically saved as part of System Restore. If Module System Protection is turned on, Windows automatically creates previous versions of files and folders that have been modified since the last System Restore created. Also, previous versions are made when you make a backup using Windows Backup.
If you make more changes to the document the same day, it will save the state only previous version of the file / folder that it will create a restore point (System Restore)
Why did not some earlier versions for files / folders?
There may be several reasons: the file / folder has not changed much and was not made a backup with System Restore or Windows Backup, System Restore is turned off
Can I recover files / folders that were permanently deleted or renamed?
If you have accidentally deleted or renamed a folder or file, you can restore previous versions of that folder or file, but need to know the location where they were.
In conclusion, we advise you not disable System Restore in today's hard drives have become more efficient, cheaper and roomier and can not be invoked before the old reason dezacativara resort to it. If the time Windows XP disable System Restore resort to invoking the ground hard disk storage capacity than today no longer the case. Hard drives are cheaper as time and storage capacity has increased significantly. Even we recommend taking more storage space for System Restore as noted in the tutorial because you never know how Previous Versions will save dozens of hours of work dedicated to create a document that would stink at a time to delete or edit mistake.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how it works in Windows Previous Versions 7 and how we can recover previous versions of files or folders edited, deleted or renamed.

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Enjoy !


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  1. I welcome you could do a tutorial about DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke)?

  2. You can do a tutorial about the function of the Windows Control Panel 7 Speech Recognition?

  3. Salut de ce nu merge pe sa recuperez fisierele sters the desktop? Am incercat si si cu cu un fisier text mp3 ...

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    Hey, why not go to recover deleted files from your desktop? I tried to mp3 and a text file ...

    Le-ai ai fi fi facut putut INDICATION recupera DACA inainte sa le s System Restore. Eu cred ca am fost de clar cum functioneaza recuperarea destul asta si atat cat in textul in the deasupra tutorialului tutorialul video.
    You can create a document and then to edit the 15000 times, and if you have created a System Restore before you do every edit, you will not be able to retrieve the document in case of accidental deletion and will not have any previous versions for it.

  5. Salut! Extraordinar este un tutorial. Fri putem activa acesta implementa functie sau "Previous Versions" Windows 8 Enterprinse Evaluation pe? Multumesc Va.

  6. Cosmin: Darik's Boot And Nuke

    How To Delete and Wipe Your Data Securely With DBAN

  7. I'm not sure what to do with this ...

  8. Does anyone know a program 7 windows that make the system automatically backs and send them to another computer that is networked with the Windows 7??

  9. Dan Huzum said

    Please make a tutorial about the program: Advanced SystemCare Free.Va thanks.

  10. Adrian Gudus said

    Does anyone know a program 7 windows that make the system automatically backs and send them to another computer that is networked with the Windows 7??

    7 Windows backup software can do this

  11. eliminata pot cum foto de pe desktop recupera cartela have it cos of religion?

  12. Tatian:
    eliminata pot cum foto de pe desktop recupera cartela have it cos of religion?

  13. I recovered some pictures I deleted on hardu it with the help of the python, it's true that they have been overwritten and pictures were not recovered all but those who mattered so much to me I recovered, I recommend otherwise ..... sure to check any before deleting them (from experience :)))))

  14. Marius said

    Hello! I have a peculiar problem: I have a file protected with Free hide folder, the file is on an external hard drive. The computer on which I had installed the program went ... could not be repaired so I woke up with surprise when I connected the hard drive which is the file in question to another computer, I no longer even use the same program appears protection ... there is a chance? Mention that before asking the question, I forgot how carefully I could have carefully archive here seemed most appropriate to post ... I think you understand: I do not know how to get to that file. I'm sorry by now if there is a videotutorial and I saw him not ... With thanks and all the best ...

  15. Thank you with all my heart for saving me !!

  16. Adina Tătar said

    Hi, how can recover photos
    and videos on samsung
    galaxy gt-lite trend s7390

  17. IF WE CAN AM I reinstall Windows 7 recover PDF documents?

  18. Interestingly tutorial! It was known this function, but did not know exactly when anther trigger versioning files. Until a few months ago I activated this function and even if we did not need to retrieve something, I knew its importance.
    I took SSD for system and surprise: the computer on only a few seconds faster. I searched for tutorials and forums on the subject have concluded that the system must be deactivated ,, restore "all partitions, because the computer system to start operating within seconds. Some do (1-2 minutes) service (if enabled) when the operating system logo is displayed to the login menu. I tried to set a system restore delayed startup (and then removed from that setting Task Scheduler) to start the operating system but have no results.
    I would like to make points at my files but you do not use the computer (when it is idle) and not be forced to sit ,, minutes "each time the OS. There are solutions?

  19. I changed the name of the computer to win 10, I restarted as requested, can I return to the old name? THX. anticipated


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