Recover accidentally deleted photos and files

Recover deleted files and photos

Recover deleted photos or files is a serious issue, especially nowadays, when any digital document is stored on a hard disk, SSD, CD, DVD or USB stick. Sooner or later each of us to make the mistake, to accidentally delete important files. Fortunately, deleted data from a HDD, SSD, stick, not permanently deleted, they can still be found in that storage medium, and can be recovered with specialized software in data recovery.
Recuva is a free software to recover photos and deleted files, software about which we talked on another occasion, but it is worth to remind about its existence because this program really does its job, and I can say with conviction that go better than in the past.
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How to use recovery program Recuva pictures and files?
After installation, you will have the desktop launch shortcut. After launch, you will have the wizard mode, which will take you "by hand" until the recovery process is complete. Following this wizard, you will be able to select the exact type of files you want to recover (pictures only, video only, etc.), after which you will be able to select the location (hard disk, ssd, label, etc.) , from which you want to save. You will also have a deep scan option, which will extend the scanning time, but will find more data for a possible recovery. Finally, you will be able to select the files to save and you're done.
How good is data recovery program Recuva?
Recuva Besides, these days I tried other recovery programs, but none amounted to Recuva. It can find files to recover, even on drives formatted; Which help in recovering data from drives formatted.
Download Recuva (Free program recover deleted photos and files)

Video tutorial - Recover deleted pictures and files

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  1. adik you marked erased disc have not been deleted. would have wiped you write something on the stick, you had to do without quick formatting format checked. or play with eraser
    I do not think Recuva is a good recovery.

    you did something with those files encrypted virus?

  2. cristi1973 said

    PhotoRec a very good program for recovering data. That works on Windows and Linux, and is Hirens BootCD.
    Videotutoral Congratulations!

  3. miam 2zile good right now deleted a partition 184GB inadvertently Recuva honest I tried but was not able to recover so much space is excellent for a stik instead we tried the following program
    EaseUS Partition Recovery 8.5 100% and we recovered partition music programs including movies folders that time took about 4ore
    greeting cards for tutorial ………….

  4. Hello! And I would like a budget laptop buying guide (1500-2000 lei), ideal for studenti.Sa be good for office, multimedia, business, and maybe a bit of gaming ocazional.Nu focus on gaming, but still dedicata.Va have at least one video card thanks!

  5. Ionica Popescu said

    Mr Cristian 73 years and I do not really know how to make settings optica.Am pt.dvd unit installed pro win.10 with prog.insider, but then does not work the DVD, although I had before win. 7 and worked perfect.Introduc ultimate disc in the drive, you can hear how it works but I can not see what the disc.Am a bunch of disks including with my grandchildren or memories that they can no longer vizionez.Nici player VLC or Windows and no bs player will not play discul.Va thank f.mult.

  6. A few weeks ago I recommended Recuva to a lady who had accidentally deleted the stick with the pictures taken during the last vacation. She was very happy that she managed to recover everything she had on the stick. I don't know what the small utility does for large HDD partitions, but for "Down with the hat!" Sticks.

  7. Daniel Zuzuka said

    n works and Linux (Mind 17,3)?
    or,… .what good recovery program is there in Linux?

  8. constantin said

    Hello everyone, Cristi I come up with a proposal for that today we have free domains and free hosting you could start a series of tutorials on how to create a web page how to manage cpanel, of installation and Recommendation plugin wordpres for example pluginu-on videotutorial countries that will use them. and the list of requirements would continue, or use Putty, etc.

  9. Cristina said

    Good evening, I also have a problem, I accidentally deleted my photos from my iPhone 6plus phone, in the albums I created some new positions besides the classic “movie reel”, and today I cleaned between the pictures in the movie reel album, and after that I wanted to empty the basket with pictures and mi or ster and the pictures from the other albums. How can I get them back. Thank you

  10. Hello Cristi, crossed my mind an idea, I have someone in that province in the country has good internet, ii ff go bad sometimes has ping-400ms 999 in games.
    Is there any way to give you internet computer in his home to his work better, I net pretty good. There is something to give the home net via the router remotely to another computer?

  11. Cristi.Salut can say about you that you are a guru it's for me, I learned a lot from your tutorials, they pursue much I liked especially those with and about SSDs .de by 2012 I ssd bought a tutorial following your training == === OS to SSD .What bothers me? .Explica me what my life have e-mMC sites tablets laptops etc given that no controller -e trim, are more durable than nand sites on SSDs? SLC-MLC? Anteleg to as an e-MMC devices is doomed in time? I have not found anywhere informatii.Multumesc anticipated.

  12. sorry I posted here

  13. LucianGL said

    Ander in your case exista.Doar not that person to change their internet provider.

  14. Hello, do you know how I can recover from Mozilla Firefox history. I accidentally deleted history about an hour ago and now only found a page that had sought before. With this program I did ..

  15. Ionica Popescu said

    Mr. Cismaru sees the job as a reply with advice only to those who know you courting all sorts of nicknames and forget that we who we really need a technical advice and we do not have so much knowledge about calculoatoare, we can not wait to give us a raspuns.Va pt.intelegere and I thank you give me an answer about DVD rom in win.10 that no longer work, such work before win.7 ultimate upgrade

    • The problem is more complicated. Several factors are involved in the game. Maybe that's why Cristi avoided answering or maybe he didn't see the comment. If you say that on Windows 7 the DVD ROM worked and on Windows 10 it is not the first time that comes to my mind the idea that maybe the DVD ROM is not supported by Windows 10. If you have a laptop it would be helpful to tell us the model. If you have a desktop tell us the name of the manufacturer and the model of the DVD ROM. To find out this you can use Speccy. A program that analyzes the computer and gives you information about its components. There is a tutorial on the site about this software. You can find it by typing in the search box on the top right: "Speccy" (without the quotes)
      Another question I understand that VLC or another player you do not see the disc, but it appears in My Computer?

  16. For Ionica Popescu -it seems to be a bag of windows. I also suffered something like this, which was solved with a new reinstallation of windows 10. I have 2 computers, and one after I installed windows 10 clean (with formatting) at the end of the installation the dvd-rom was unusable. It appeared in Windows, it even showed me the disk space, but when I accessed it I could not see what was on the disk. I reinstalled Windows 10 and the surprise — the DVD had become functional.

  17. Ionica Popescu said

    Dektop computer and in Speccy I say I: DT soft BD virtual CDROM reader power-ful Runing Random access support Removab-CD, CDRW, cd rom, dvd rom-loaded Media, false-Status OK.
    In partition G says to introduce a disc in the drive and instead play appears as VLC could not open the MRL.
    VLC is present in the files in C, but Microsoft DVD player is Start but C does not appear when the disc intoduce not even something comes when they click play.
    Maybe eventually using DV-great DVD-ul.Va will work Thanks a lot.

  18. Hello, I've recovered and I deleted some pictures after partition have been recovered but many can not open, it appears that the file is damaged or too high, what can I do in this case, thanks for a possible answer.

  19. Say hello, can you give me a software to permanently erase all data, not to be never be recovered?

  20. Pt Adi Parted Magic can absolutely wipe all data on the hard drive and re-energize it and can no longer be recoverable files

  21. Alfred Einholcz said

    Yesterday I wanted to reinstall windows 10 on an SSD, but I inadvertently formatted a 1TB hard drive 🙁 and lost everything I had on my PC, a lot some kind of restore to the entire partition doesn't exist? 🙁 I tried Recuva, but it doesn't show me in folders what and how, out of 70000 files it was hard to find what to restore

  22. gabriela Tatomir said

    Good, I deleted the pictures from samsung accidenatl I download Recuva but sees my phone. I can do please, thank you: 0

  23. marinescu77 said

    It aims for a long time and are best BRAVO

  24. good, I can recover after I reset the factory, posts on whatspp or telegram, thanks

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