Remix OS, Android PC, almost like a Windows

Remix OS is an operating system based on Android, which looks very much like a Windows or better, with an operating system designed for mouse and keyboard.
On the basis of Remix OS Android x86, which I did a tutorial. However, compared to Android x86, Remix OS is easier to use on the PC, that supports multi window; virtually every application running in its window, just like Windows.
Ever since it came on the market, Android OS was wanted on PC. Unfortunately, up until now Google or other hardware manufacturers did not bring Android's PC. It's a shame, because Android is an ecosystem of services, applications and cloud storage, which would give value to any PC, and would balance the market, where Microsoft is leading.

Remix OS, Android PC, almost like a Windows

Android PC is now a reality with Remix OS. Although not perfect, it's working, but it is a good start and appreciated.
What we need to run Android (Remix OS) on your PC?
1. A quick stick, Minimum 20MB / s write.
2. Remix operating system OS
For those who External Hard DriveInstead of stick, it's best to use application RufusInstead of USB OS Remix Tool application because it does not recognize external hard drives.
Preparations Bios
Make sure that the Boot Menu is activated and deactivate “Secure Boot”.
Options during bootup
Resident Mode - how to save sessions (installed applications, browser history, accounts, etc.)
Guest Mode - live mode, where no sessions are saved
In a few days I will show you how to install Google PlayStore Remix OS. If you do not have patience until next time, find here Play Store app on OS Remix (GMSInstaller).

Video tutorial - Remix OS, Android for PC, almost like a Windows

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  1. Remix can be dual boot OS and Windows? how?

  2. I tried to install and before you post and do not understand why when you install and operate completely when I give restart not go, it's like they get in bootloop, I still imagine remix and pulsates so on imfinit. Why?

    • Exactly the same thing happens to me, only it works for me only in Guest mode, in Resident mode it doesn't start at all, the image remains with Remix OS and that's it…

  3. Dual boot installs in any linux.Se download remix, legacy or EFI version and unzip utility Unetbootin.Se RemixOS.Se Open UNetbootin and select the ISO image from the archive RemixOS.Se choose your C: drive (hard disk) and is installed automata.Se restart your PC or laptop and choose how Unetbootin.In the 8 sec is allocated to choose one of the 2 variants (with trousers or guest), choose one of variante.Eu have chosen guest for test.In 2-3 minutes of ROS installed and ready to lucru.In same way Android is installed and x86 (there's no discovery) .Spor Android x86.Daca want to stick it onto the same method only choose USB instead of C : Runs very fast.
    PS If you uninstall dual boot's and files installed by ROS actually go into C: and give the executable UNetbootin.

  4. Works on 32-bit system?

    • Scorpalau said

      Yes, it is actually android x86, that 32-bit puzzled why you think you probably did not know that it actually x86 bit and x32's 64 64 bits.

  5. Cristi, a tutorial differences between OS and Android Remix x86?

    • axelluny said

      I'm telling you… .Android x86 was rotating and you could hardly bring it horizontally. There are applications that only want to work vertically and that's why you get there. Android x86 has all the applications from Google already installed, while RemixOS must be installed. I think a variant would be to download them from APKMirror.

  6. Goporicky said

    Hi Cristi, you can tell if a ram lenovo 10gb S3-2 can install OS remix. I mention that netbook has USB 3.0

  7. I don't know what you have to do with this bone remix idiocy. Why you want him I don't understand. What should I do with him? I install it to look at it, you don't have android phones and you want to see how it is? Maybe I don't realize why people keep looking for him. they still want to install it on computers hear….

  8. Coco Moll said

    Hi, I also discovered the Remix a while ago, I am quite excited about this operating system, which although it is at the beginning I hope it becomes powerful enough to be used as an everyday OS. I have the following problem on an Acer Aspire with 4G ram: when I start the Remix the screen is not fully lit and I have not found a way to make it fully lit. I can't find anything to help me in the settings, and the combination of FN keys + right arrow, which in Windows would increase my brightness, in Remix locks my system and I can only restart it. Do you think there is any possibility that I can set the screen light to maximum in the Remix? Thank you…

  9. If someone manages to put content that ISO images in RAM than USB Stick in place that would move that we have a thousand times faster.

  10. I have a problem with bone remix, reaches the detector and reset android x86
    PS: It was installed with UNetbootin and so do

    Why bone remix?

    You have access to almost all the Application from Google Play, do not consume many resources he is just picky storage as said, and Mr. Cristi, in addition to Windows 10 that jab pc u Sexy or not update active and you spy a good idea unless you want to go to linux

  11. salll I have a question if I install the OS on the external HDD remix I wipe him that I would not expect a good night response

  12. Yes, Rufus formatting the hard disk when you put remix to make it bootable OS
    It would work if you do a second partition on the HDD and set the boot there is something tutorials

    Before you do anything you can do a backup in case something hdd

  13. Hello Cristi, it would be interesting to show us how it's done as root and expands the internal memory

  14. Hello Cristi and I am o.propunere for a tutorial, what do you think plugable USB 3.0 10 / 100 / 1000 Gigabit Ethernet Lan Network Adapter ms with esteem, respect for the job done.

  15. yuck trivia bone or e linux pc or e pt pt phone. and so if it will be for PC will work perfectly when you put it

  16. It has many bugs and works very hard not recommend

  17. I did dual boot and you do something more complicated (gaming and multitasking) blocks can not move my mouse and PC must pull the plug and would like to know if something happens you do.

  18. I tried but it does not work at install. I do not know what to do anymore. I bought a usb stik 3.0 SanDisk. I tried all USB jacks. It's a big mess

  19. Cristi hello, thank you and Adrian for tutorials offered.
    What do you think about Phoenix OS? And who do you think is best, Phoenix Remix OS or OS?
    Thank you!

  20. Hurme danut said

    Cristi are pleased welcome all faci.Cristi I have a question why not open my android-x86 5.1 have a stick (Intenso) older versions goes like 2.2 and 4.0 and android-x86 reaches the android image and there is not an answer merge.Astept thanks and hello

  21. Chat Geanina said

    Too bad it doesn't work on all PCs…. I have a fujitsu siemens system without usb 3.0 the right ones .. amd athlon 64 x2 processor at 2,1ghz with 5gb of ram and video card you have with 1gb dedicated… The problem is that, with their usb tool, my stick is not recognized- as bootable… I did it with rufus which seems to be the best program in the matter… I choose resident mode, it works and reaches at some point the "creating data partition" part then "verify date" and then at some point the screen turns black and so it remains… Recently they came out with the installation on hdd directly with usb tools… I installed on hdd and… Exactly the above problem… I tried both variants… And 32 bits and 64… Both the same… a variant "phoenix os" very similar to remix os… But at least that's where the emblem appears… But… It still doesn't work…

  22. I installed the store but it doesn't let me install anything from it da it gives me an error… is it because I'm booting from the stick….?

  23. Place made an edit button as if we can not correct something wrong.

  24. It chokes on 96% of what?

  25. It can't be compared to windows, at least as long as it's not written for him "serious software such as the commonplace Microsoft Office, Autodesk Autocad, 3ds max, Photoshop, Multisim, Camtasia, etc.… At the moment there are a lot of distributions of this kind, which is not based on android but on ubuntu or debian… (finally android has its roots in this "family"). I tried Zorin OS, Deepin and I would like to I praise the last one. If it had at least Photoshop and MS Office (it has Kingsoft office - very similar in design to office 2013 only it doesn't have all the functions yet) I would have given up on windows forever.

  26. Dorin Romulus said

    For now go play! But I Gues resident only mode! and no secure way! Why / how do? sSstemul is installed on HDD! Thank you

  27. leontin said

    Hi Cristi !!!

    How can I install "Remix OS" but FĂRĂ_Dual_Boot ???
    So the Laptop DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER OPERATION SITE, but only use "OS Remix".

  28. leontin said

    Hi Cristi Cismaru !!!

    A few days ago I asked you:

    How can I install "Remix OS" but FĂRĂ_Dual_Boot ???
    So the Laptop DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER OPERATION SITE, but only use "OS Remix".

    And I added:

    I knew this thing from this link:

    daaar I would like to install “Remix OS” because it is newer, and it is made very similar to an Operating System,… daaar as I said, I would like to install “Remix OS” WITHOUT_Dual_Boot, so without yet another OP Sist in addition to “Remix OS”.

    Thank you in advance !

  29. Hi, can you test a Deepin 15.5?
    I left the windows because of the virus as viruses are becoming more and more violent, the viruses seem to be unable to see them and lund an anti-virus from microsoft was full of viruses that it is because we did not want to move the win7 even in 8 and in 10 I never found it and I found this Deepin by the Chinese but it is elegant and functional. What is my problem, I want to know exactly what I can and can not add.
    The linux tutorials do not fit all preinstalled and playonlinux and wine and cross over and even steam.
    It seems that it has everything or so I see that I don't know how? It has a calendar, it has a clock and so almost everything I would find through tutorials doesn't work or things that I can make graphically simpler… .I'm sorry I wrote so much I just hope you have the patience to read and maybe you can advise me a little.
    thank you

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