Fix Windows high resolution bluetooth windows (DPI scaling)

Fix Windows high resolution bluetooth windows (DPI scaling)
Fix Windows high resolution bluetooth windows (DPI scaling)

One of Windows's problems is the incorrect scaling of some applications or submenus when the DPI is scaled. We'll notice that as soon as we've increased the DPI to 125%, 150%, 175% or 200%, almost all apps show text, icons and graphics, blurry.

What is DPI scaling?
DPI scaling is mainly used on high-resolution monitors. Normally on an 100% DPI, a high-resolution monitor, operating system icons, text, menus, etc. in the operating system will see VERY SMALL.
To solve problems with displaying too few characters on the screen, Microsoft has provided the scaling option for the DPI. Unfortunately, this scaling does not get perfect results every time, in the case of some applications, we will see blued images instead of clear and well-defined images, as it should be seen on a high-resolution screen.

What's my problem with DPI scaling?
I bought a little one a while ago LG 4K monitor very good, which looks very good. Unfortunately, at some point, this Windows desperates me with its scaling, which is a kind of digital zoom.

Apply resolution, text, blued menus after DPI scaling.
After all, I found a solution, or rather a cloth, that sort of solves the problem.
In the properties of any application, we have the compatibility tab, where we can modify the application's DPI to 100%, no matter what DPI scaling has the operating system.
There are actually 3 options…

DPI scaling options in Windows without affecting applications.

Proprietăți aplicație > Compatibilitate > bifați "Suprascrie comportament scalare DPI înalt

Ce reprezinta fiecare opțiune de scalare DPI în parte?

Scalare efectuata de:
1. Aplicatie - aplicatia alege scalarea DPI optima (asta am ales eu)
2. Sistem - aplicatia este fortata de sistem sa adopte scalarea DPI a lui
3. Sistem imbunatatit - pentru aplicatiile mai noi in conformitate cu noile standarde Windows

.......experimentati si voi pe fiecare aplicatie in parte.....

Reparare ferestre blurate la rezolutie mare pe Windows (scalare DPI) - tutorial video

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  1. Hi, if you're still scaling you can help me, when I open youtube for some time (3,5-10sec.) The image is blurred, blurry, thank you in advance for a possible answer.

  2. Alex Petrut said

    Csgo game, on a laptop with a 1366 × 768 monitor it looks ok but the texture of the models is a bit small (the player's figure) setting on 1024x768 looks blurry but it's better
    Would this setting be helpful or need other settings?

  3. Good is not related to this topic but I want you to help me if possible
    I try to upgrade to windows and at the end of this message (the cant start program because api-ms-win-core-libaryloader-lxNUMX-1-1.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstaling the program to fix this problem )
    Thank you very much

  4. Hello! I have a question about this topic, if everything is perfectly clear how do I know which program has problems? Because that message appears to me and if I sign out disappears. Thank you.

  5. Cristian Nicolae said

    I greet you as from one Christian to another! :). In addition, I want to confide in you: I also like to learn to pass on what I have accumulated! But to finish with the brushing, which in fact was just a simple finding, and I want to ask you to do a tutorial about WhatsappWeb and especially about its problems. For example. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running on an Android 6 (under the MIUI umbrella) and which frequently has a connection problem that has become annoying… So I tried to solve the problem systematically, starting with the firewall settings in Bitdefender, then with the wireless router, reaching up to those described on the official website, but all without resolution,:

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