Repair unrecognized USB stick PortableBaseLayer

Repair unrecognized USB stick PortableBaseLayer
Repair unrecognized USB stick PortableBaseLayer

About PortableBaseLayer usb stick repair tutorial?

In the video tutorial Repair Portable USB Stick Unknown PortableBaseLayer you will see how to solve the problem of a USB stick not recognized by your computer and displaying the text PortableBaseLayer in Disk Management.

How does the problem of USB sticks that display the PortableBaseLayer message arise?

When inserting the USB stick into the PC, the PC does not recognize the USB stick.

When entering Disk Management, we notice that next to the stick we have a blue icon in place of the disk, and instead of the volume we have the message "PortableBaseLayer?

When trying to do some formatting, delete letter change, etc., we notice that the stick has no active option in the context menu, neither for disk nor for partition.

Why PortableBaseLayer appears next to the USB stick in Disk Management

It seems that the main cause is the use of the new Windows Sandbox. Thus the stick is locked as long as Windows Sandbox is enabled.

How do we fix the problem with unrecognized USB sticks with PortableBaseLayer error?

It's pretty easy. We need to disable Windows Sandbox.

Disabling Windows Sandbox is made of:

Control panel / Programs and features / Activate or deactivate Windows features - and here uncheck Windows Sandbox and press OK

What do we do after disabling Windows Sandbox?

After deactivating the sandbox we will see that the stick in My Computer has not yet appeared. So, we have to go to Disk Management and allocate a partition letter, eventually we can do some formatting.

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Video Tutorial - Repair Unknown USB PortableBaseLayer Stick

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  1. Good evening. Can you perform a similar action in windows 7? I didn't find Windows Sandbox here. Thanks.

  2. Interesting as always. I suffered many times this and even after trying to restart, with changing the port and if I still could not succeed ... change the PC. We put it in another PC and in the end we sort of solve it. This at work of course, because at home I did not happen.

  3. I followed steps but the Windows Sandbox option is not active! I mention that I have windows 10. I tried an external hard drive that the system does not "see". What to do in this case? Thank you!

  4. wool expensive rib said

    Insert the usb stick into the computer and right click on it to restore to default and format it in full ntfs after complete cheese the stick will work very well as a new one will work

  5. Good evening, stik sees it in device management and my computer does not see it ... ????? Does anyone know dc?

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