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Hi friends, today you will be introduced to Oneplus One camera on a phone very cheap and extremely hard to find. The park is a bottle of oil Ceausescu.
One Oneplus phone is a rarity, it is sold only with invitation and if you find the free pay much more than regular price (USD 300). I amluat him in Romania and amplatit 1700 lei for him.
Today we have a full review for this phone but a camera review. One Oneplus's presentation I made some time ago and those who have not seen it, I invite you to watch. Also, if you already have this phone and want to make them as root to install one of the 1000 the official ROMs, you can view One Oneplus tutorial rootarea.
Room One is based on Oneplus Sony 13 Megapixel sensor model Sony Exmor IMX 214.
Specifications room
Sensor size = 1 / 3.06
Resolution = 13MP (rear)
Resolution = 5MP (front)
Aperture lens = F / 2.0
Group = 6 optical lens with autofocus
28 mm equivalent focal length =
4K UHD = 30 fps
4K DCI (cinema format) = 24fps
1080p = 30 and 60 fps (Shlomo)
720p = 120fps (Shlomo)
JPEG and RAW photo formats =
Video Formats = MP4, H264 and H263
Dual-LED flash =
This sensor is truly incredible, full sensor readout HDR (Spatially Multiplexed Exposure), this sensor gives me the impression that DSLRs are in the stone age, black magic…
Even if the sensor is top notch, there is still the optical block that must focus the image on the sensor jewelry. For the most part, the optical block is executed correctly, with one small exception, in video the focus is not so good. You have two options, either you give up autofocus and tap to focus, or you choose continuous focusing that drives you crazy with "hunting" back and forth, even if the subject stays still and moves only a little.
Now we're done with the negative side, let's get to what's in this room bright, Clear Image mode.
The first time I used the phone I had the impression that the Clear Image mode is nonsense, meaning a way to take a picture and it is automatically deleted (I thought so). I was misled by the Romanian language interface of the phone, which translated "Delete Image" instead of "Clear Image".
Clear Image Mode is incredible, I have never seen such a call detail 13 MP.
In tutorial see in detail the difference between a picture taken in Auto and one in Clear Image.
What is Clear Image mode?
Due to highly advanced sensor can be made to 10 30 pictures which are then processed and finally one picture out clean, clear and no little noise.
The function is found on mobile OPPO where instead take a picture of 13 MP, one of 50 out of MP Camera and HD mode is called.
Cyanogen is more elegant implementation and the result is spectacular. We compared the picture with one of DSLR do while Oneplus One detail and won. Now of course the details are not everything, and aesthetics remains that a small sensor does not come out.
Pictures of tutorial
Application for comparison is called FastStone Image Viewer
OneplusOne shoots at all known human resolutions, from CIF (320 × 240) to 4K DCI (4096 × 2160).
Frame rates are also varied, from 24 fps for 4K DCI, up to 120 fps at a resolution of 1280 × 720 or lower. At 1080p you can shoot at 30 or 60 fps and automatically the shooting is slowed down if we use the 1080p 60fps or 720p 120 fps mode.
Details are excellent as long as you have enough light. When light falls fleas begin to appear in the image and when the light is very weak, noise occurs with fleas.
This is normal behavior on small sensors. It is preferable to have a flea but we stay and details, so that the Samsung and LG disagree, they aggressively applying noise reduction until all details are lost.
The sound in this phone is very well recorded during filming, internal noise preamplifier native is very small and the sound is captured with great sensitivity.
In one test we got on a tripod frame 24 fps 4K DCI and may seem slightly jerky, it's because you can not manually set the shutter speed to 1 / 50 as it should (maybe in the next update).
In two test action takes place in a vulcanization which is located a short distance from the road, the background is a compressor that breathe (no noise).
Sample video:
Test gradual exposure and eventually banding (color)

Test details, sound and auto focusing (focusing continued) background compressor flex and machines and voice

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  1. How can you compare a smartphone to a DSLR? Maybe your apartment is entry-level or you have a cheap lens, but otherwise you can't say that OnePlus One takes better photos than a DSLR. I'm not even in the same league…

    • See it's a zip to download all files analyzed tutorial. You can do your own comparison. You can check and photo's EXIF ​​data to see what has been done and what settings.
      Nikon DSLR is a D5200 and the goal is a premium 35mm F / 1.8 800 cost only he lei.
      Maybe it's hard to digest but phones have advanced greatly in recent years and is very close to the cameras.
      DSLRs have a few aces up his sleeve like ultra fast focus, light metering, low light capabilities and bokeh characteristic of the large sensor.
      If we talk about the details, then Oneplus One win when used at maximum, in good light in a controlled environment, tripod Clear Image mode.
      Check in zip files, they speak for themselves.
      DSLR I and I and Oneplus One, not one or the other side.
      Technology has advanced a lot and have to admit that. Sure DSLR has the ergonomics and speed of work, something that a phone will not ever have, but for a picture in a hurry does a great job and a telephone.
      I bet, if you put Oneplus One skilled in the hands of a photographer, you do not even realize what drew so good it is.

  2. Rooms from mobile marketing remains an anchor.
    The situation is still valid. The higher the camera's resolution, on a "tiny" sensor (compared to a DSLR), the lower the quality of the final photo. Basically, 8/13/20/50/100 MP… are much harder to process (at high quality) by a small sensor (basically 13MP are processed on a much smaller sensor). Specifically, an 8MP camera instead of 13 on this phone would have taken even higher quality pictures, but the market pressure dictates.
    A DSLR needs good lenses so you can really squeeze out what its sensor can do, be it non-FF. Basically, comparing a phone camera with a DSLR is still irrelevant in most cases. Lighting conditions must be similar, similar optics, tripod use etc. etc
    It's really just that now the picture quality is far superior to the phones of the past, and soon will di somewhere of an entry-level level.
    However, if you take your phone to become a photographer (that's cheaper), not at all a good choice! If you get a phone with a camera, not to whom DSLR for you can be a great idea, but then DSLR can be sold as is useless, because photographing is more than just a hobby.

  3. So if Uncle Oneplus One is comparable to a DSLR then Nokia Lumia Nokia 1020 808 or PW is better than a DSLR?
    Let's be serious….
    Get a 1020 808 and see what sensors are and do a review coparativ between all 4 (Oneplus One Nopkia 1020, 808 Nokia and a DSLR).
    Anyway, the thing with 50MP out of 13MP is marketing on bread, to get the eyes of the ignorant…

    • My comparison is based solely on the image detail captured in a controlled environment.
      I clearly said that DSLR is perfect ergonomics, which is essential when you're on the field and want to move quickly.
      With Oneplus One or any other phone you can not focus fast, you can quickly change the settings, you can make custom white balance, you can not change too much exposure settings.
      However, if you compare the photos of the zip which is above download them, you will see how good Oneplus One, that we should not forget, has a small sensor and tiny lens.
      Oneplus One thing the software does, and does it very well.
      One more thing, the technology for small sensors has advanced much faster than for APS-C or full Frame sensors. Only a few months ago Samsung released a device with APS-C sensor with back side illuminated, technology present for years on small sensors up to 1 ″.
      When any DSLR that can shoot 4K, mirrorless few sites can do that.
      Even chapter phones are better processing, HDR is on the Fly, while DSLR needs to stick 2-3 seconds exposures.
      About HDR in video not talking.
      I bet that if you do some pictures side by side vs Oneplus One DSLR (without bokeh), most people will choose pictures taken with your phone as beautiful.
      Again, no fanboy, I and DSLR and Oneplus One and say what I see.
      After all, "the best camera is the one you have with you."

      Zip the picture.

      Check the pictures….

  4. Hello! Who has this phone bunt tutorial. Unfortunately used only in terms of amateur photography. Please tutorials to the price you are asking or be more helpful. Good luck!

  5. Costelina said

    Eventually "the best camera is the one you have it in you."
    I agree with Cristi that is so dear (look how many === see happening in the world of diaspora elections) and many situations that were filmed with mobile phone (tel firm does not matter) and which were also taken from TV

    • If you do a side by side shooting DSLR and Oneplus One Oneplus One will definitely get better and details. Maybe you do this test in the final review.
      In the meantime if there is anything that interest you tell in comments and I include in that review to Oneplus One.

      Another one:
      "It doesn't matter the camera, the photographer is important"

  6. Vlad Andrey1456 said

    Hello! I would also like to express an opinion on your tutorials. I have been following every tutorial that appears on the site for a few years (sometimes 10 times: D) and you do a very good job! Thinking about how I could make some money in my free time as a student, the idea came to me how you, the video tutorial team, could make some extra money… so what I mean is that I should add an English subtitle for each tutorial you have, or at least the most important ones. I heard that "outside", quality tutorials (like yours) are very well rated and to be honest I don't see anyone, neither from Romania, nor from elsewhere, to have so much patience and to explain every detail as you do it in your tutorials. You would probably have even more visitors, that would be a long-term advantage.
    It's just my opinion, and I hope that does not bother anyone, on the contrary, I would love to know as a trivial idea, I helped someone!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, you know we thought of that too. Unfortunately we do not have time for their translation, but
      If someone offers to translate from English to Romanian tutorials, we expect an offer.
      There are about 1300-1400 tutorials.
      Look offers!

      • Hi,
        I got here by click-in-click, starting from your 2009 tutorial :) for web domains & hosting spaces & all the rest.
        Seeing Vlad Andrey1456's comment and his answer… I thought I could do something about the win-win idea; more precisely, I can help you with the translation of tutorials in English and Italian, on a voluntary basis; I haven't translated technically until now but, considering that for almost 2 months I've been 'on all sorts of information & tutorials' of linux, bash, processors etc (you name it, I've probably gone there out of what seems to be an endless curiousity - which I started, in the end, slowly to… order) - and most of the information in question is in English (and in Italian and English I worked in customer service) - I suggest you tell me, what you would like to translate, in the first phase and… let it roll. If the idea makes you smile, let me know - my advantage is that anyway, I'm learning something new and I'm practicing English and Italian in a technical field :); otherwise, increase in good things and beautiful soul

        • If you want to translate the tutorials, you should translate exactly what you like to watch yourself.
          There are plenty of tutorials and among them you will definitely find something to make you happy. This way the translation goes easier.
          Eventually we find a method to reward, even if you do it with pleasure.

  7. I can not open archive photos, I think it is corrupt

    • I can open the file and view photos without problems. Try to download another browser.

    • Marius L. said

      And I had the same problem. I downloaded archive with photos and Chrome, and Mozilla, and not open at all. The first error as it would have been corrupted. I thought only my problem, but I see that there are others who encounter this problem. To my surprise, after I downloaded with Internet Explorer, I managed to extract images.

      • Most often the problems come from the plugins and the google cache.
        Every website has some scripts, css sites or fonts need to be loaded every time or once in a while. In Firefox plugins that are blocking scripts that are no longer loaded, causing interrupt thread download.
        In Google Chrome proxy cache is used for speeding up loading google unfortunately sometimes display errors if you change something in the article the author upon publication. On page but the cookie files is to download here have cookies and cache kink Google Chrome.
        Internet Explorer is the most correct (unforgiving) browser, if you make a mistake (as a web developer) in a site, Internet Explorer worst punishing you, other browsers overlook errors in html, css or js.
        It would be much to say about websites and how they are seen on the web in different browsers and different operating systems. If you ask people, I will make a tutorial about web optimization, as just doing this for years.

  8. Give us advice on how to shoot with this phone but the rest telefonelor. Acceptable to see, is not the 1000GB etc. from your experience. The Criticized I!

  9. After I watched the pictures of both cameras conclusion is that the camera on the phone is really good, and pictures with d5200 are almost no better, but I think who did photos with d5200 not really have to photographing and so do not really know how to remove photos d5200's real value is not very good but a DSLR but aoricand surpasses any camera on the phone or tableta.In rest Aroca talafon only good light and many photo with your phone.

  10. Greuceanu said

    I did not manage to complete download archive with pictures, I tried different days in 2 3 different browsers, and a few times, partial discharges, then interrupt the download and no longer resume where it left off!

  11. Hello. So you are already exaggerating too much with this phone that you are glorifying as if it were an alien device. Really OPO almost DSLR ??? this is a good joke, first of all it has no MEGA LARGE optical stabilization minus in the second I think you are alone from all over the world who support this. Most even say it's a mediocre room for grandma, and you… ??? . As a user said above then Nokia Lumia 2 or Nokia 1020 PW are over a DSLR according to you, right? I'm afraid to ask you how the cameras on the LG G808, note 3 or Iphone 4 plus are, I think you say that at 6… ..

    • Do not exaggerate with Oneplus One. It is the only Android phone that you can flash uiesti what you want without losing your warranty.
      It is the only phone that does not excessively pictures and video processing.
      It is the only phone that filming 4k DCI to 24 fps.
      It is the only phone that 4k HDR shooting.
      The list could go on
      I had many phones, and Android and Windows Mobile as well wp. Up to this phone I had a degree of satisfaction so great.
      Sure, Oneplus One small fancy has fortunately can be eliminated easily.
      In the review I will be more complete and I think you will understand why it is so good Oneplus One.
      As an idea, Nikon D4s any prime lens is not stabilizing .., and is the leading DSLR.
      Sure stabilization is good, but if not, does not mean that Oneplus One does not have a camera.
      Samsung is good but exaggerates sensors with reduced noise and I do not like it.
      Nokia phones with cameras equipped some very good, unfortunately the operating system is so popular.
      There are many excellent camera phones on the market, some better than Oneplus One unfortunately does not come bundled with what comes Oneplus One.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We all have the right to an opinion on a product. Each of us does the job better or worse. Some are only superficial and when they do not test a detailed review but go to the other device and copy the ideas and impressions that you express them as review sites such as opinion / their opinion and do it just because they are superficial and the waiting list are many products coming and that data for review. Their interest is often not properly inform but to make money selling their verticality and sincerity for a very very small percentage they receive mentioning his name that he gave to review your device.
      Some simply have nothing to compare, not a DSLR.
      We had attempted to present the products offered but when the entity offered are seen as objective and honest and aggressive kiss no product to sell so they have ceased to work. Precisely for this reason we do just to own procurement reviews not to offend anyone and most importantly, to have enough time to turn the device on all sides so that you make an opinion about it and not just for those who copied views I give you products for testing and it leaves a very limited time.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        One is to test a device with mental and spiritual relaxation, the device is yours and you have all the time in the world to test, and another is to do tests and benchamrk Quick Links under stress and pressure return!
        Although it may seem trivial, it's much you can test conditions to relax, be yourself and act normal with him, to make your tascurile, your daily routine on a device that is yours. You're more relaxed, relaxed and often, with time gives head put him to all kinds of crazy, compare it, to get informed, to analyze, to see if X or Y can work. Things just come to light because doing nothing forced, under pressure and return the other reviews that have to do quickly because you have many other devices on the waiting list who unfortunately are you a limited time

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Personally I did a survey among some members of my family and some friends.
          I showed them side by side photos and asked them to choose who they like best and why.
          Everyone chose OnePlus One motivating (ATTENTION!) That "it's more pleasant"
          Now "more pleasant" is not equal to better. Ordinary, technical people are not interested in the complexity of a DSLR, they for a device (in this case a phone) point and shoot, fast, easy to use without complex functions, they do not want to deal with manual and complex settings but with simplicity, quality and speed.
          All treabuia to understand this tutorial is that some photos do OanePlus One more pleasant and that does not mean it's automatically better than a DSLR but enjoyable for all users who want

  12. gabicuhandicapfizic said

    how that program is called to account in which data
    I mean when I want to do to defend my account directly?

  13. All these comments have no phone sens.Nici matter what brand will be and how many MP will not take pictures at a DSLR parte.Nu do whatever class you take pictures even at a compact.Asta of course if the camera will be in the hands of the building fotograf.Un camera is made to take pictures in a telephone exchange is to transmit and receive voice messages or written, the rest is marketing many things and I entuziasm.Şi smart phone a samsung note3 and photos I've done with him so to see about what can be done with a phone, the conclusion is that not too many in which the first fotografia.În not very convenient to shoot with a telephone, has dedicated buttons for that, then there may be no settings too easy, and I mean the exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture and not least downgrade that is most phones so that tactile and having the view that stabilization as the screen moves by pressing the phone and the picture will be mişcată.Deci phone is not thought to be COSTRUCT camera, you can make him acceptable photographs to speak, put on FB to the forums and much else.

  14. Support the comparison in vain… as mentioned before the versatility of a dslr and the settings you can make on it can not be compared with the auto mode of a phone with a sensor as big as a needle. Secondly, the white balance on one plus is horrible as well as the color reproduction, resulting even from the picture with furby. When the pictures are printed, the colors will be even worse.

  15. Does anyone know an application "camera" for Android that displays date and time instant in the picture?

  16. nick5roo said

    Only can comment carcotasii performance of this phone, because it does not hold. I think if you have only hand 1 week, do not want another phone.
    I have this phone, we showed photographs taken, shooting, friends and all were and are delighted with their quality.
    The phone's price (lei 1380 gave variant 64Gb) slow motion filming to 120fps / 720. On cyanogen working to make slow motion to 1080 / 10 fps.
    In particular, video and photos on various occasions, I have a Canon EOS D500, has many settings, but you get the quality you want, you have to make dozens of settings. The One setting Clear Image, reach the same quality made by Canon, without further efforts.
    Cupryan open room (tick the settings) displays the time, date, compass (photo orientation to north), location.

  17. nick5roo said

    A correction of typing: 1080 / 120fps

  18. Hello Cristi.
    Look, I still see on Facebook more friends that they have some kind of "" virus if you could make a video tutorial.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Write up on the top right search box: Removal infection posting our Facebook automatically, press Enter and you will find the tutorial. The virus is different but the principle is the same!

  19. Razvan Anton Militaru said

    Hello ! I know it has nothing to do with this topic, but I want to recommend you to do a Tutorial on how to install games with SDdata + apk for Android OS and where to place the files on your smartphone or device before installing them. With respect and respect, MRA & Keep it up with this field of activity. It's very, very interesting.

  20. Marian Mihalache said

    Hello! First of all congratulations for everything you do, I have a recommendation for a tutorial: how to install windows on a device Android.Cu 7 esteem.

  21. Hi,
    I came into possession One plus One less than a luna.Fiind away on holiday I used a stick Self front room and from that moment began making trouble in that picture is blurred by many stripes ..l f quit use the stick but the problem persists, the camera can not be used practically because aceasta.Primesc from the early days of telephone usage message that chamber It stopped here talking especially spate.Ma room can help with advice, Why would you do? Do you think it's a software problem? Otherwise I have not noticed any other problem and I am so pleased anticipated telefon.Merci


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