Tenda AC10 Router Review - Pleasant Surprises

Review router Tenda AC10

Review router Tenda AC10

How did this router get to me?

First of all I have to tell you that it is not a sponsored tutorial. Tenda AC10 Router I bought it personally.

My brother asked me a few days ago to find a router that can be stopped at night, wireless on the button.

On many routers, it is possible to program wireless switching off and on, but he (my brother) wanted a router to turn off the wireless signal from the button.

I have cast an eye on the market but have found such a function (wifi switch on the button) only on expensive routers.

When I was beaten, I found in an Altex this router, and I said to try. I knew from the box that he had this button (wifi switch on the button), otherwise we would not take it. The router is called the AC10 Tenda and also has a brother named AC10U, which also has a USB port (AC10 does not have a USB port).

Now how good is the AC10 Tenda

I got home with the "sucker" and put him to the tests, without much hope. I first tested the button that turns off the wifi, and it works, but you have to press more firmly, at least the first few times, until it releases the button.

After I'm convinced that the wireless shutdown button is fine and even goes, at this price I just could not believe it, I passed the tests.

The configuration routine is a breeze, and the best part is that on the back the router has a unique password for each device. It's not like "in my time" when all routers on the planet had the user and password admin / admin.

Wi-Fi signal on 4 antennas, which actually works

When I saw the router for the first time, it seemed to me that it was an Asus 2-3 years ago, with its stealth hunting plan and 4 antennas.

I had the impression that at least 2 antennas are butaforous, but they are not.

All antennas work, plus Beamforming + technology (looking at 160 by lei?)

Wifi coverage is excellent on 5Ghz, even better than my router, and coverage on 2,4Ghz is very good, similar to my routers.

It feels the presence of Beamforming + technology that directs the wi-fi signal in the direction it needs, using the antennas.

VPN server bonus and scheduled stop of the lights

If it was not a good business, Tenda AC10 has a VPN server (PPTP) and the possibility of stopping the lights.

Many can sit near the router and are disturbed by the roulette lights, especially when the lights are out.

The VPN server is extremely useful when you want to access your internal network, surveillance cameras, ftp server or home printer without exposing your network with port forwarding


Let me tell you, this router even surpassed my expectations, and I do not talk badly.

Now it has to be a trick, it's so cheap.

The trick is that Tenda is a relatively new Chinese brand and does not have marketing costs like other companies. Exactly on the Oneplus, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc., which have cheap and good products.

Perhaps if we put this router in a set of load tests and thousands of connections per second, it will not last like a Mikrotik, but for ordinary people this router is more than enough.

The man normally does not connect more than 10 devices to the router, and therefore I say that this router matches the needs of 99% of users.

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  1. Hello, Cristi
    Congratulations on the tutorials you are doing.
    At 10 I'm writing to you and still watching your tutorials and learning a lot from you.
    Best regards and congratulations for all the work done all this time.
    Yours sincerely, Rathoiu

  2. I'm telling you what does NOT have this router, a function that I know on your Asus router: WOL (Wake on LAN)

    • It is not essential. WOL you can do with port forwarding, or via the VPN server, which gives you access to the private network.

      • I didn't say that… I answered your question, from the video, “what else could you want from this router”… and I, I answered you strictly, to the question, this is also about what I want (and) I from any router: WOL. Unfortunately, WOL on the router is not enough if the computer does not have the necessary settings, once in the BIOS, and in the second, the Windows network card.

  3. Hello
    How to use IPTV?

  4. Hello I have a question, what speed do you have on the 2,4 ghz band
    I have a TX AC15 and 2,4 ghz 90 of Mbps at 1 m of the router.
    And another question, which band has better cover than 2,4 or 5ghz because the 5 ghz tape covers almost all my apartment and 2,4 ghz not.
    Thank you in advance'.

    • The speed on 2,4Ghz depends on the 20Mhz or 40Mhz channel width, and the device's network card.
      On my phone I have 72Mbps and 150Mbps laptop on 20Mhz, and on 40Mhz I have 150Mbps on my phone and 300Mbps on my laptop.
      The cover I also noticed is that it is better on 5Ghz, thanks to Beamforming + technology, but in open field it is better to cover 2,4Ghz. One advantage of 5Ghz is the huge volume of data that can be transported. On my phone I have 433Mpbs on 5Ghz vs. 72Mbps on 2,4Ghz.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, even yesterday I recommended this router to a knowledge. I have a great prayer, how can I connect this router to an ONT from RDS? Thank you!

  6. Cristi .. ..I have Tenda AC9 what I wanted to do …… .. a VPN server… but the connection is unstable, you can't create a connection of any kind..please try and tell me if at the same can happen to you
    I have the latest firmware installed I do not know what to do next.
    we have entered all the correct data.
    the problem is the following: if PPTP client connects to the PPTP server, the 2 sec.dupa connection is made and the PPTPserver allocates another IP and it keeps it infinitely

  7. Nicu Bordânc said

    Hi Cristi, I also have a Tenda AC18, and I don't know (if it allows) how I can activate IPv6 on this router. Only the normal IP appears in the interface, ie in the form "".

  8. I have a big dilemma I know you made a tutorial about ip tv I bought a device to install smart ip tv (alphawise android 8.0) I installed the application and then I asked the provaider the channel list up here everything and nice just that when I enter a TV program a whiter band appears and when the program starts it changes my brightness to TV, I mention that on the same list I have movies, and when I give the movies the perfect problem is only on TV programs, if you could give me some advice, thank you, and more tutorials.

  9. Hello, Cristi
    How can I use the vpn on this router with an android phone?
    On windows it works perfectly!

    • Go to the router to: vpn / server vpn and enable the server, then enable MPPE encryption and down you make a user.
      On the phone go to Wireless and VPN networks and create a new VPN connection by pressing "+" at the top right. Add the public ip address, username and password and you're done, from now on you can connect from anywhere.

  10. Thanks a lot!

  11. Can you access the files from the ftp / stick or hard server via ftp and modify them as well? Thanks!
    Then, at vpn what is pptp security?

  12. Hello everybody! I also bought this router please someone if you can help me connect it. I mean connect it as the main router to be, to me is a Netis router as the main but I want this Tender AC10 router to be my main can anyone help how and what should i do to avoid problems between them? Thank you very much.

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