Debug network card failure Offline-No connections available (with red X)

Debug network card failure Offline-No connections available (with red X)
Network card error resolution Not Connected There are no available connections
"Offline - No connections available"
A few days ago I received a Windows 10 update, which broke my network card, in the sense that a red X appeared on the network card icon, in fact it is a red circle with a white X inside. In addition to this red X, the message "Offline - No connections available" also appears when you hover your mouse over the network card in the lower right.
I said it was just a bios initialization problem because we had Fast Boot enabled on the motherboard in bios; But I opened my laptop Acer V15 Nitro and so on.

It's not the first offense to Windows 10 that.
The same problem I had and one one year ago… .To be something that appears once a year, when spring comes ???

Resolved for "Offline - No Connections Available" error.
The solution I am offering is actually a temporary fix to apply in case you turn on your PC and the problem arises. True resolution must come from Microsoft as an update that solves the problem. Surely there is something minor that will be solved.

Getting rid of the red X and the Offline message - Are not connections available?

1. Click dreapta pe "Acest PC" sau "This PC"
2. Apăsați "Gestionare" sau "Manage"
3. Pe stânga apăsați pe "Manager dispozitive" sau "Device manager"
4. Pe dreapta faceți veți avea toate dispozitivele hardware, cautați placa de rețea
5. Faceți click dreapta pe placa de rețea "cu triunghi galben" și apăsați "scanare pentru modificări hardware"

That's all, but do not forget, this operation will not fix the problem. Problems may appear again at the next restart, and you will need to resume the procedure described above.

Please solve the Microsoft problem!
Let's hope that Microsoft will solve this problem quickly, because not everyone knows this method of temporary solution; And as you probably know, people tend to go all over the PC, believing that they have done the damage, and during this "repair" process, they do more harm through the PC.
It's frustrating, because some have done credit, to which they have to pay many installments, to buy a Computer or a Laptop, and home the next day, the boom, the red X. This is a real case with a friend who, after making a credit, bought a laptop, after he arrived home he was given the hour of death, that he did not go to his network card; Good luck I could help him.


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Network Card Error Resolved Offline-No connections available - video tutorial

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  1. That's what Microsoft has been doing in the bad bar lately, they've taken on Apple's, I think it's going to hurt some things.
    Skype with each update has more and more problems, I woke up that I can not connect from windows to the skype account… .. on the browser skype works.
    Try to force the world to the windows 10 and their mailing addresses, kicking the face off of the lack of legislation.
    Until they awake like those from "Aplle" with some trials and they will be quiet.
    Resolve to the above:
    1-auto update windows of:
    2-windows backup before update:
    3-uninstalling problem drivers and installing from the hardware component manufacturer.
    Thanks and much health.

  2. They say: Linux to live (it's good, clean and cheap!)

  3. I have w10 for a long time. Now a few months I switched to 1709 version. Then the pc restarts itself. Sometimes a few hours and sometimes on days or weeks. Last week twice.
    Event ID 41 Source Kernel-power… ..
    I have not managed to fix the problem. Many have this problem and Microsoft is doing nothing.

    • Hello I'm the same with the same error (Event ID 41 Source Kernel-power) restarts only in games. My solution was reinstallation of windows 10 ver.1709 passed some 3 months and I had no problem playing any game. I forgot to mention this issue appeared after I made upgrades.

  4. Hello Cristi what DNSs are you using? What public DNSs do you recommend?

  5. Good is not related to this topic but I want you to help me if possible
    I try to upgrade to windows and at the end of this message (the cant start program because api-ms-win-core-libaryloader-lxNUMX-1-1.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstaling the program to fix this problem )
    Thank you very much

  6. Hello, I have a problem, how can I remove all my passwords, folders and so on from the Opera browser in Chrome? I know that tutorial about Mozilla and Chrome, but the problem is that Chrome does not show me the Opera browser to make that transfer, the only transper that I can do is in HTML, but it does not save my passwords!

  7. Hello. Can you help me with a dictate-writing program?

  8. Hello I have a problem with windows 10 with the internet, the net goes but the browser does not work
    so far I've only managed to make firefox go because I've cleared the proxy.
    to other browsers when I try to unproxy proxy is not saved. Thanks

  9. I solved a 404/403 vpn proxy error “http: //xx.xx.xx/~iprevert/r.php? nin_u = czovL3d3dy5nb29nbGUucm8vP2d3c19yZD1jcix” zc2wmZGNyPTAmZWk9d1FtQK = 3D 1D I can safely surf the net on any site.

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