Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement

Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement.

A few months ago I had some problems with the Nvidia GTX860 Acer V Nitro (VN7). When we are playing any game at any minute 5 block image and mouse and the speakers could be heard humming annoying. After I got it by eliminating all possible causes, we concluded that the video card driver was a bit dubious. But how to be video driver, when was the last available site Nvidia? Just last driver, it's also the best, right? Not always! Latest drivers are optimized for the newest faces and sometimes can make figures on older hardware. Can intervene and all sorts of Software incompatibilities, which will give you peace over his head. It may in a game to perform flawlessly and in another to make only figures.
I finally solved the problem by installing an older driver on the manufacturer's website laptop. I put this problem on Windows account, which was a bit cruel at the time.
A few days ago I contacted a fellow who had the same problem on a PC quite good; and that one year after the launch of Windows 10; then I realized it's not from Windows, but the drivers from Nvidia, which soon will grow larger than an operating system.
Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement
Nvidia drivers come with all my wonders which frankly, one does not really need, but starting in the home and consume resources background, and that's totally bogus.
Symptoms that indicate problems with video card drivers:
1. Lock screen image
2. Block mouse for short periods
3. PC image stuck and unresponsive
4. Sudden exit from the game (stop playing)
5. Blue screen error message followed by restart
6. Suddenly reboot the PC
7. Lock screen followed by the shrill sound speakers
8. Running hard games that went normal
9. Black screen comeback only after restart
10. Games that worked, do not start at all
Solutions to the problems video card driver:
Most often, the replacement video card driver with one older miracles. But it can not do so ... anyway.
Even if you uninstall and install another driver in November, Windows will automatically intervene and put the driver back; So I did nothing.
Steps resettlement correct driver for your video card:
1. We must ensure that the bandit will not re-install Windows. For this go to: Control Panel / System / Advanced System Settings / Hardware / Device Installation Settings and choose not save here.
2. Uninstalling is done Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode (important)
3. Reinstalling the driver is done after restart. It is preferable to download a little old driver and uncheck all the crap you do not need.
1. Display Driver Uninstaller
2. Older Nvidia drivers
If you have problems with drivers recommend:
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How do I backup all drivers with Double Driver
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... ..altele About drivers
Video Tutorial - Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement

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  1. I say again I forgot how it feels to give blue screen errors and incompatibilities win nonsense :)) for the use of Linux 2005 get the win once in a blue moon. driveru problem and if we choose linux owner of the universal. and works perfectly. pt win and not to go into safe mode use revounistaller

  2. fanica said

    I thought you said you did not work with games, it has come to lust over? Perhaps you laptop, anything goes ok.Ai somehow kinezarie? .If So, forget it it's gray !!!

    • Claudel said

      Probably referred to the games just to make the tutorial.
      The laptop is one of quality, Acer V Nitro park

    • Now you know how it is ... all are chinezarii. at least merchandise arriving in Romania. but laptop that 's very good. May 1 drivers give manufacturers the post. nor bother to fix them ASAP. are so many 3, 4 months.

  3. LucianGL said

    Cristii somehow has video driver and Intel? If so, what's a small problem and I greet you on a processor and a more advanced video card to a rog.Anume in my case asus asus offers on the official drivers all, and the intel's with the nvidia beleaua.Pe you can update to the latest version, but the intel driver goes very well on asus official, but if you put the latest intel driver, then the CPU cooler put more air Intel has more work with gender-10 20% more, and switching from intel on nvidia's greoaie.Cu However if you leave old driver can not use wi-di in intel.Ar be something to remember for owners laptop with two video cards (intel + nvidia).

    • LucianGL said

      Completing come with a relative importance:
      I tried many versions (although I can not say there will always something), as I said I have an ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop G750JY-T4036D (link details: ); that I wanted to give screen mirroring on a chromecast but I noticed that under no circumstances go on windows 7 with any driver changed or official (either wireless or intel video) on Windows 10 I solved the problem with driver Intel but did not want the wireless ... but finally I managed to make the connection only on Windows 8.1 official pro drivers, including the Intel wireless. The problem related to drivers this does not just apply to the driver (new or old) but also the operating systems Windows windows.Este very possible that a driver 7 10 or windows to create problems in your Windows 8.1 go perfectly as If meu.Problema solution and mention what is discussed on the official forums please asus without any solution brings concreta.As completing this tutorial Cristi this as very important.Deci creates problems not only drivers but also Windows operating systems .Precizez operating systems used were downloaded from the official Windows (Windows 8.1 official link: ).A nice week

  4. Hmm, I have exactly the same problem and, believing he is the video card BIOS, I burned the plate. AMD applies to this fix, right? And if I have a CD with drivers for your video card, it is recommended to use it?

  5. May saved by a reinstall of Windows.nota 10.

  6. Sebastian said

    What do you think of hostinger for a site ??
    A small site

  7. Stefan said

    Hello Cristi, play WoT?

  8. Hello . tutorials oldest missing?

    not start:
    Server not found: rtmpt: // 80 / simplevideostreaming / mp4: /

  9. ViorelR said

    Thank useful tutorial.

  10. WTF, 1 million visits per month, congratulations! tells us that 61% of visitoirs are from Romania, 2,5% of england, italy% of 5, 6% of Brazos ect ... Well at least that in other countries advertising pays better. Only a small crontab: remove € 1000 with many visite month?

  11. gabriel87 said

    Cristi Hello! I would like to help me and me in an issue not know if I can post this problem. my but anyway ... I was recently installed on Windows PC 8 on 64 bit and although I was told it's not compatible with games fifa yet we managed to install some games series fifa namely fifa 2006,2008,2009 and a period went but yesterday when I wanted to get in one of the games I gave double click on the icon of the game and appeared to me a message like "fifa 2006 Requires hardware graphic acceleration" and nustiu of what can we sought solutions on the net but I found I could solve this problem and I would like to tell me if you can what to do how can I fix? Good day and expect an answer soon.

  12. Ionel Manea said

    Want advice or an opinion. I purchased two desktops with wni.7 home premium included, same model, same configuration, same price, etc. One are functioning perfectly, the other will hear a buzz in the speakers to any movement of the mouse, a scroll of any run-scrolling web pages on any site.
    I Shimba Speaker, I Shimba audio drivers, I tried most of the options found on the net. E warranty, is sealed (I can not look inside), has nothing installed than the operating system, any week since I took. So I teach back, or you go to work?.
    Thank you in advance

  13. Dumitru Damian said

    I have solved the problem with my AMD (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470) I had windows 7, I went to windows 10. No more games and movies, they were going very jerky ..! I installed DDU I deleted the existing draiver and installed one of 09.2012 and it moves very well .... Thank you very much for your girlfriends ...! You are very helpful ...! Keep it so ... .. once again a thousand thanks ...!

  14. victorstoicescu said

    Happy Birthday, Health and Everything You Want!
    I own an AMILO Xi 1547
    Intel 945PM + ICH7-M CPU: Intel® Core ™ Duo processor T7200 (2.0GHz, 667 MHz, 4MB L2 cache)
    Graphics ATI Mobility ™ Radeon® X1800 with 256MB GDDR3 dedicated Video RAM and MXM-III technology - High performance ultra-threaded 3D graphics engine - Advanced Shader Model 3.0 Support (for realistic mobile gaming) - Avivo ™ Display Technology HDTV Ready with HDCP Support - All-format HD Video Playback up to 1080p * - PowerPlay 6.0 for extended battery life.
    I installed XP, WIN 7, WIN 10 (VISTA and WIN 8 avoid them, I do not like).
    Problem appears in WIN 10: video card is not physically visible: WIN 10 goes with integrated video, microsoft driver but slowly (RAM 2GB)
    In 7 win is no problem, which is why I use it.
    Do you have any tips for WIN 10 on this graphics card?
    Major issue to the laptop in discussion: HDD
    I bought it without HDD and did not work with only one Fujitsu; I've put one (actually more) and can not install ANY SO on them. The second HDD can use it for data storage without any problems.
    For upgrading to a higher SSD and / or HDD we only found one company.
    What would be the problem and how can I solve it?
    WHAT'S SPECIAL ON THIS SSD / HDD? for this laptop?
    I know it's morally overcome, but like you, it makes me move on ... (I lose nights, nerves, beer and I'm trying to make a whip ... that does not crack).
    Thanks a lot for the answer, no matter who it is (I, however, I wrong the order between ... beers ...).
    Happy Birthday!

  15. hello i have this problem only because I'm stuck on movies online and youtube can help me somebody

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