Troubleshooting Windows Error Messages - What is Visual C ++

Resolve error messages on Windows
Resolve error messages on Windows

What is the troubleshooting video tutorial on Windows?

In this video tutorial (Troubleshooting Windows Error Messages) I will show you how to fix Windows errors.

These problems, similar to those shown in the tutorial, occur more frequently due to the fact that Visual C ++ redistributable packages are not installed.

What is Visual C ++?

Visual C ++ is used by programmers.

Visual C ++ is a programming environment that allows developers to quickly create applications in the C ++ programming language.

In Romanian it is like a kind of "toolbox and materials" with which developers make programs that we can then use.

But to use programs created with Visual C ++ we need Visual C ++ Redistributable, otherwise the programs may not work.

What is Visual C ++ Redistributable?

Visual C ++ Redistributable is one or more programs, depending on the version, that users running programs written in Visual C ++ must install on their PC; Otherwise I cannot run programs written in the Visual C ++ programming environment.

Why are zyx.dll errors like missing?

Sometimes you may experience more serious system errors that could lead to deletion of certain files. Fortunately, in most cases, when you receive a message like I don't know what dll is missing, it may be due to the lack of Visual C ++ Redistributable packages.

Example messages:

the code execution cannot proceed because msvcr110.dll was not found

the code execution cannot proceed because vcruntime140.dll was not found

the code execution cannot proceed because msvcr110.dll

the code execution cannot proceed because msvcr120.dll

the code execution cannot proceed because msvcr140.dll

These massages and the like occur because you do not have Visual C ++ Redistriburable packages installed.

Where to download Visual C ++ Redistributable

Download Visual C ++ Redistributable all versions on one page

Download Visual C ++ 2013 - the link I used in the tutorial

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Video Tutorial - Troubleshooting Windows Error Messages

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