Fusion Ringke housing with very good protection for smartphones

Hi friends, today I will present a case that gives the phone a very good protection. The casing is produced by the company Rearth (USA) and is called Fusion Ringke and is available for many types of phones.
This is the second case Ringke fusion that I have, I first bought it Nexus 4 and I was very crowd. You know what they say, I went on things tried and tested.
If your phone out of your bag Nexus 4, which still is a best buy, Like new, time has not left its mark on him, being very well protected casing.
Turning to housing Ringke Fusion OnePlus OneIs model black smoke, which is more transparent than 4 Nexus housing. Transparency on the back is full while the edges are slightly darker. This desing let its personality still feel compared to other enclosures that fully covers the natural color of your phone.
The housing fits nicely on the phone and ports are precisely cut. I had some emotions because OnePlus One is a bigger phone but I relaxed. As usual, Ringke Fusion is a quality product made with spirit of responsibility and that protect the phone very well.
In the tutorial you will see that the engineers who designed this housing have thought of everything.
If the phone has a curvature and back on the table is still rise if you press on one side, with the cabinet sits perfectly on the table without moving. It even has two legs that help protecria against impact, shock dissipating housing, not on the back of the phone.
Using other enclosures will see that they cover the phone and can not see anything in his personality. Besides other enclosures offers protection from scratches, and falls not.
Fusion Rungke casing provides protection from falls on the face, back and right corners, with a profile corners emphasized able to absorb the shock.
The back is very tough and is made of a very thick and perfectly transparent polycarbonate, you think as glass.
I ordered the case from amazon (you have the link below) and with this I bought a screen protector (screen foil) made of tempered glass, the same type of glass from which the screen protector of the phones is made, but I will present it in a future tutorial where you will see how to mount the "foil" made of tempered glass.

Cases Ringke Fusion for more phone models (EMAG)
Cases ringke fusion for several phones on Amazon (Amazon.co.uk)

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  1. I do not support one type orce covers mobile phone covers are those who use some fearful that they will scratch the smartphone.
    A smartphone, be it Note or I don't know what S5 or iPhone, are just mobile phones, which should not last us a lifetime…

    • Everyone does as they see fit!
      I'm pretty yawn and shake the phone quite often when I'm out of the car falls down because it put him in your lap and watch him.
      I have no problem to use pouch, screen protector and newer tempered glass (next tutorial).
      If you do lose your phone, you probably do not have housing or protective cover.

  2. There is such a pouch for the LG G2?
    I searched and have not found.

  3. There is no model for. Xiaomi third phone maker in the world. So drive your horses.

  4. Cristi write this greeting today coment 23-11-2014 post where you think there yet today when I opened pc ami not go any browser that is google search engine 2 times I formatted the PC but not working The niciunfel say ami all chrome: connection is not private and Mozilla: Server not found in reading the data chrome says something like an attacker attempts to falsify site google.com Infinite support you need to understand anything do ????? CAN exchange in bnig.com search engine goes smoothly

    • Try to check your computer's date and time.

    • Lately, more and more people are facing this problem. And I'm one of them with my work PC. I want to mention that I only saw this error on xp. That's what I have at work… .. xp sp3. I also looked at the date, firewall …… I kept looking for answers on the net… but I didn't finish it. That's why I'm currently using firefox.
      Sorry to comment since the topic is not

  5. I tried well do not know what to do

  6. Cristi Hello!
    An excellent cover for Oneplus another, all of amazon.co.uk is this:
    TUDIA Slim-Fit Dual Layer Protective Case for CYGEN OnePlus One (Black).
    Presentation link here:

  7. Howdy !
    Thank you for tutorials!
    I want to say that you are a great help in choosing your products and helped me choose the reliable stores where they can buy.
    Now I live in UK and do their shopping on Amazon without any restraint because I had such you.
    Searching for a while was I buy a GPS navigator for trucks but honestly do not know what criteria to choose and do not know what brand is more specialized in this because we had a gps and not doing well at all I always misplaced or thinking several minutes to give an answer.
    I want one that is very good to be a gpsurilor the iPhone.
    And I want to thank that we can finally see the tutorials and the iPad.

    • Even during this study for two topics:
      1. Navigation devices GPS / GLONASS
      2. Saved DVR video camera for video traffic / parking
      Once you gather information, buy products they will recommend and I will review.

      • I eagerly expect and tutorials on board recorder and GPS

      • I bought a snooper Sc 5700 here in the UK said that all that is best in gps truck moves horrible but I despair.
        And I gave £ 350 el.Cred as well take a TomTom, I'll just go intersection Simek

  8. I use a protective pouch and a screen similar to that shown in this tutorial, for over half a year on a Nexus 4, and still has no scratches. I mention that I spared no phone: falls, dust, lam kept in pocket along with other objects, etc.
    I highly recommend such a system protection and display of the phone.

    • That is exactly my experience with Ringke Fusion and the Nexus 4, saying that her new out of the box and I can say that it took dozens of good falls. Once I removed the mud and apparently was perfectly protected housing.
      However I must say that the Nexus 4 not have any screen protector. On OnePlus One we have already applied glass screen protector which will introduce you next time.

  9. By the way guys do not do something or a wireless Bluetooth headset tutorials about?

    Thank you!

    • They seem some very successful models and it's about what if I order their position in the top 3

      1. Jabra ROX Wireless Headphones
      2. Plantronics BackBeat GO 2
      3. SBH-80 Sony Stereo Bluetooth

  10. You have a very pretty picture

  11. Hello.

    I myself this Nexus 5 and are super excited about how the phone looks and feel to it.
    I mention it's acquired from emag, so are found in Romania. I consider this extra glass sheet that we put a sufficient and I Needless to cover myself and screen.
    Until now I have never used such covers and I could not classify it somehow, but my first impression is that the phone is safer than without anything on it.

    Good luck.

  12. Andrei Telteu said

    I'm curious how it works with fees when you buy something on Amazon. I knew there was something about duty or what? Tell me Cristi, you pay only the cost of international transportation shown on amazon? Or have you paid and other fees? (What other fees? How much did you pay?)

  13. I saw that there is a site in Romania that sells these cases. ..........
    He says there are made in Korea. Are they original?


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