Safari for the windows platform, an interesting browser - HD video tutorial

In the video tutorial today we have the opportunity to try browser Safari that made a shift to the Windows platform on Mac os coming where it is browser Default (main).

I was surprised to see how well it moves and how beautiful are the effects that we have become accustomed to the Apple on their laptops, effects that were implemented in the browser.

Since the first start strikes you lack the Home button, but it is something that is remedied easily by just a few clicks, it would have been better if they had put them on the interface first this button with Windows users are used from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

The remaining controls are pretty few, but seemed not to be more, in case you miss something you can solve by customizing the toolbar.

On the right side you can see a button that has a beetle on it, this is for "bug report" meaning to report certain errors so that Apple can fix them, in case you encounter some errors do not hesitate to use that buttons.

What amazed me was the coolest moment Safari passed the test with 100% ACID3 while Mozilla Firefox scored only 70% in this test, I have to say that 100% is the maximum possible test ACID3.

Finally I recommend this browser for the moments you do not want to use the core browser and even when you need better loading speed.

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. marfaăăă.

  2. Congratulations Cristi I am writing from safari to know that very quickly brother, load the page with the speed of light, if it had the "power" to customize the firefox it would be all a user could want !!!

  3. @Adrian:
    Firefox because of that win is extremely flexible, it's like a kind of modelino.
    Eventually when chicken plugins cam slows Firefox, speed is not everything after all.
    It is important to have a lot of "tools" because you do it every day.
    I'll make a tutorial on at least some incredible plugins running on firefox.
    Eventually I believe that exchange alternative browser until now I work, but I think I'm moving on SAFARI worth.

  4. @Cristi-admin: I had secondary IE8 (I don't know what I got) basic firefox and 3 Google Chrome… Now after the tutorial Safari secondary and basic firefox and 3 all Google Chrome remained… I took out IE8 !!! That's the power of firefox, you can "tune" it to the maximum brother… while the others are fast in vain because… you don't have much you need !! For those who just browse and visit sites and I warmly recommend safari and Google Chrome about which I will make a tutorial tomorrow and if Cristi has time he will upload it tomorrow! I did it but I forgot to mention something very important and I have to redo it 🙁

  5. I set cun primary and secondary browseru ???

  6. From the browser does's settings (options) or it asks you at startup. I gave one myself not to start those on micvrosoft as passionately hate IE.

  7. rccatalin said

    why nam minimize and maximize the safari we only x?

  8. rccatalin

    Problems arise from the poppy ws.

  9. rccatalin said

    zimi more detailed and if you can solve the problem?

  10. @rccatalin: What windows do you have? I have xp sp3 and I don't have this problem… probably because of this…

  11. @rccatalin: States do not know what you got there but I and minimize and maximize.
    Who know what you did there.
    If you look carefully, I did tutorial that.

  12. rccatalin said

    I sp3 xp lam me and wiped the revo

  13. rccatalin said

    see a small black stripe up in the other I ko shadow from side

  14. See which version you get (system, CPU, betta), uninstall it and take the version on the official site not on other servers.

  15. I posted about the same time and now I see your last message.

    It means that there is given not to the normal size, try to use them happens to other proframe remain blocked, but after clicking recover, if you do not do as I said in the other post.
    I wait to see how it goes.

  16. rccatalin said

    nam problems with windows only on safari

  17. Then try to make a version for your system really does not work if you still do not know what could be asteadin know that problems arise because it's mac and ws

  18. Very cool tutorial and I think I'll try it myself on Safari. I can not help but notice the Antec backround. Do you have a link where you can get?

  19. @Retex:
    You can find wallpaper with Antec on their website officially, I I found while I was looking after a shell server, Antec are the best enclosures for desktop my opinion, I am casing from AMTEC and almost I did not even realize that going PC although only 3 housing has her fans, one of the 12 92 two.
    Antec have very solid and very quiet housing, but are heavy badly, if you want to move the PC from one place to another break your back.

  20. Lessons Learned said

    Thanks Cristi. Already I want to report a problem in your safari. I can not login with a username and password on some sites: trilulilu. youtube etc. Write and pass give user login and enter or not enter into account. Whitened fields in place and that was it. There is a problem in settings?

  21. Hello very interesting although it does not have use of user no date for the work congratulations greeting

  22. Cristi I kinda cleared safari! It's good if you open a page Instead 5 when you want to open any tabs crashes. On Firefox and Opera can open tabs and 10 has nothing works perfectly!

  23. @Andrew:
    Knowing that depends on the computer, I used pretty much safari and I noticed this problem, do not contradict possible to have some bugs untreated but basically has good pedigree.
    I trust this browser but I recommend it for use as a browser based.
    Firefox is still king though it is a bit slow with many plugins.
    Try Chrome that made Adrian a very good tutorial.

  24. It seems to me very fast Safari browser, I liked lam acuam used until now but I refocused chrome.Frumso tutorial and background very nice: P.

  25. very fast and this browser but I have a problem with it when I open I opened more than 3-4 tags and click on one of them it loads it from top to bottom as it displays it from top to bottom on a picture…

  26. how to download pictures by phone on pc please tell Sami and me

  27. @sanda: You must have the phone box with a CD or DVD software required for data transfer, unless you have such a drive and need to download the drivers from your phone manufacturer's website.

  28. @Cristi-admin: Besides the software that you have said and Cristi need a special data cable for your phone model or a Bluetooth stick !!! (if your phone has Bluetooth)

  29. I installed Safari before you read this article, but I can say I was a fan I like mozilla mult.inainte now use Chrome and Safari, you feel the difference and obisnuesti quickly.
    It is a good tutorial

  30. thank you for all the tutorials I try safari and even good luck.

  31. thank you for this tutorial and use safari osa

  32. I installed, reinstalled a few times with kits from multiple tracing out. SAFARI and the problem is not my button appears TOP SITES. I just SHOW ALL those bookmarks Bookmarks and Links otherwise nothing.

  33. CosminCJ said

    Very cool tutorials, keep up the good work. I can say that Opera has 10 100 3% test ACID TEST and is quite customizable.

  34. radu32 said

    I find Firefox safer and more flexible. Maybe secondary to put it but I don't think Chrome is better. What I like about Safari are the 3D effects…

  35. After a test chip, Safari was the fastest browser tested them.

    I do not like how it shows.

  36. zalmoxiss said

    Hello strong people, please enlighten me, I don't understand where it is or how to take steps to import a list of bookmarks from another browser in Safari?!… I don't see an import option anywhere !!!!. Thank you

  37. Adrian said

    @zalmoxiss: You cannot import bockmarks from any browser in Safari !!! For example, Google Chrome does not support importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer !! However, there is a "converter" that converts Firefox bockmarks to Opera and so on… the software is free and is called Transmute

  38. zalmoxiss said

    Excellent Adriane, I knew I could count on you, thank you very much for the answer. What I noticed now is the fact that in Safari version 3.2.2 from which I am now writing from another computer has the File buttons, Edit ……… .etc, and the import of bookmarks from Firefox went, while at the last Safari to them on the site like the one presented in the video tutorial they don't have such a thing. Here is the mystery that it seems impossible to me that a browser does not have this option to import its own bookmark, or maybe I don't know where to look yet :) ). Thanks again and keep in touch.

  39. Wolfyz said

    if you know what extended it uses the browser with which you want to import your bockmarks… you can export from the current browser and you don't have pb 😀

  40. Saki Dennis said

    Ii cool browser Firefox that I thought only give them good is seen as more and safari and opera

  41. Cristi man merchandise ejti most concrete

  42. still :))… I don't really notice big differences .. they all go pretty well… however I'm undecided…

    anyway… Cristi, congratulations and good luck!

  43. I have installed, reinstalled a couple of times Safari and the problem is that I do not appear any remedy SITES.Stiti TOP button /

  44. @EMIL: It's a bug from them, the cause is unknown… for some it's all perfect for some not… after all apple produces software for mac not for windows… it was to be expected! Maybe in the future they will release a working version… if the above comments did not help you, you have no other solution but to use another browser… or to use it like this, without TOP SITES…

  45. sailorriver said

    It's good, it's fast, but look how much memory it uses… the Top Sites button doesn't appear on me too… thanks for the tutorial!

  46. sailorriver said

    Even eating well enough memory to open a tab jumped 100 Mb


  48. Yes and rather interesting tutorial tutorials made by them've watched you all I will give a simple piece of advice I downloaded all kinds of browsers and we have tested. Why do I say this because I see some still say something about each browser is specifically want to get the idea of ​​putting question

    Which browser is fastest?

    We follow now to make Firefox is one of the most known and used browsers in the world and wonder why? Because it can be used to multte Chichi linked with plaginuri and etc.
    Now everyone uses as browsers
    There will test all browsers to have a bigger connection to the net and then upload pages vedezi as browsers difference is very small and for those who have a weaker connection to the Internet will recommend OPERA
    Firefox is the browser and continue 1 number in the world as noted above, not only is the best browser browser online games here goes everything moving play online browser games at this level suggests Firefox is the best

    And rest with Google Chrome and Safari are also pretty good but my opinion does not deserve and IE not to offer maximum safety vb not I say that is the tail

    Use Firefox and Firefox only and only if you want a second browser will recommend OPERA

    But I repeat will not beat for speed Opera is really the number 1 speed but Firefox is the best browser on any Internet

    I for one do not use CAT FIREFOX honest I did not any of 2 browser century ago remain honest I did not need the attitude everyone

    Firefox is my opinion and remains the number 1 the world

  49. make a tutorial and Mac

  50. in my google chrome and opera took acid test 3 100 \ 100

  51. hello I have a question I unchecked Bonkour not to install that but when I finished I went and later I opservat that I installed the Apple update can delete it or necessarily should be kept?
    Thanks much I appreciate what you do with all

  52. Bogdan856 said

    I can do in Safari, translated by right-clicking the mouse as they do in IE. It can?

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