Automatic saving photos and documents safe with SyncToy

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Automatic saving photos and documents safe with SyncToy

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will talk about SyncToy application, this folder synchronization software is produced by Microsoft and does not cost anything, anyone can download from Microsoft's website or on at end of text Introductory video tutorial above.

SyncToy helps us to synchronize folders in different locations on your hard drive or hard drives of our computer, for example you want to NCR all the documents you save on your desktop or in My Documents with SyncToy is very easy to make that, even more, it can schedule automatic synchronization at intervals that Schedueled using Tasks in Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Data sync specific folders puts us important files shelter so our data will be safe because there are two different places, it is best to use hard drives different (if possible) to prevent a total loss of data important in case of a hardware failure (failure hard disk), I actually passed some time ago through such an experience and please believe me that it is not nice to lose in a second database to which you have worked for months personal archives of digital photos or tight in years.

SyncToy application is very easy to use, do not think that will pose problems even for beginners, but instead have to be very careful when choosing the sync option, these options are three in number and do the same thing at first, but if you are careful you will notice that differ in how the application behaves according to the option chosen, these options are:

1. Synchronize. This option synchronizes folders in both directions, you put the left goes right and vice versa, the same is true when you delete or rename a folder or file in the right or left, the same thing happens automatically in the other.

2. Echo. This synchronization is done from left to rights only if you add a file folder on the left it will automatically add the folder to the right, the same as deleting or renaming, if you delete or rename the left and it will happen-n right. Warning, if you add a file in the right folder, it will not go on the left, de-also if I delete or rename the right, the left will not happen anything, that synchronization is only from left to right.

3. Contribute. In this case it looks like setting "Echo" except for the deletion, that everything goes add the left and right, the same as renaming, deleting only difference is, that if you delete something from the left to the right will not wash off. If you add something or delete something right nothing happens on the left, that synchronization is only from left to right, right to left nothing works.

You specified something, I determine the folder that will be the left and right, you'll understand better after watching the tutorial video, whatever your partition layout or folders in My Computer, right or left folders you set them in SyncToy application wizard.

I hope you find this program useful and do not forget, your opinions and your suggestions on the comments section.
Tutorial made in 2009 (I do not recommend)
Download SyncToy
Download .Net Framework 3.5

Updated video tutorial - Automatically save photos and documents, securely with SyncToy

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  1. Bogdan Constantin Dumitrescu said

    and this software is good, though I use and recommend cubby offers free synchronization 5 gb storage in the cloud.


  3. I use google drive. 15 ditch gb enough for me.

  4. It's perfect . Thanks Cristi.

  5. What if I use one drive ?:

  6. RDS storage costs 3 rum - 50GB…

  7. Do you want unlimited storage? "Http://" is from the plonezi but it is without limit, "" is from the Spanish and also without limit.

  8. Welcome old idea tutorials updates. Too bad that some can not be found on the website, although some time ago, in a reply to a comment, Cristi guarantee the existence of (remaining) continuously published each tutorial that can be accessed anytime.
    SyncToy is a valuable we needed but until now did not know of its existence.
    Thanks so much success Cristi and on.
    Could you recommend us a tablet equipped with Android 6?

  9. Cristi greeting program rekindle bad sites hard

  10. Silvius said

    Howdy. Very interesting program and useful at the same time. I installed it too… I understood your instructions perfectly esc thanks… but, as if I missed something or the program… at a comparison in a folder I had 197 files, on the right there were only 194… 3 are missing and I don't know which The program says the sync was ok but… did I do something wrong with the settings? I don't realize. Otherwise, it's ok. Thank you.

  11. Howdy. I have been using this useful program for a very short time. I set the Echo option, I also did automatic synchronization programming, but it doesn't work. In what sense ? If I move a file from the left to another file, it doesn't move to the right… Did I do something wrong in the settings or am I dusted in the computer?… I'm 50 years old… 51 in June, and I've had the computer for about 10 years… Sorry for the inconvenience , and thanks in case of any answer…

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