Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review - the only "S" with Snapdragon in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review review about?

This review is about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone. It is a review that comes after almost 3 months of continuous testing. In fact, the phone has been used normally and continuously for almost 3 months.

A CORRECT review is getting harder and harder to do!

Any site and any channel on YouTube, where there is a review for phones, gadgets, electronics, cars, etc., you need funds for expenses and products for creating the content.

I'm sure most reviewers are well-intentioned initially. Unfortunately, as time goes on, relationships with product distributors who send them items for testing become too tight, and that's not OK.

In many cases, too close relationships end with "marriages", where the reviewer becomes the cheerleader of the store.

The reviewer is faced with several dilemmas, which are difficult to solve.

Accept a "too hot" relationship with the distributor, but you have to say goodbye, otherwise you don't receive products anymore, or you don't receive them first. (20% objectivity)

You agree to make paid reviews with cash or products and from yesterday's passion you start to turn into a review machine. (10% objectivity)

You agree to give space on the site / channel a company that publishes for you and your space is paid as if you were renting a commercial space (you sell, 0% objectivity)

You review many small products in China, as this allows you to buy them and earn from drop shipping (30% objectivity)

You do reviews on something that sells well and earn from the affiliate link (mechanical review, 10% objectivity)

You review good products from China and you earn from the affiliate link. You know you're doing a good job and you can earn some fair money. (50% objectivity)

You review what you bought with your money and you have no interest, you have no affiliate programs, ads on the site or other forms of earning. Scenario in which you do not earn money from the site / channel and do not post much content (80% objectivity, because no matter what, we still remain subjective)

You review your products, bought with your money, you advertise on the site, you have an affiliate link, but still you want to be as objective and attentive as possible to the content you deliver (80% objectivity, because you still have an interest in your world entering the site, channel and buying the product)

I didn't manage to draw the final conclusion even now, after so many years, and it's been over 10 years since I posted.

I try to stick to reviews made of products I bought or good quality products at good prices in China (usually Chinese brands). Occasionally I accept products sent by distributors or stores that have no pretensions, ie I take products from those who trust their product. I don't like being just a salesperson.

NEVER don't think a review is selfless. Wherever there is interest, but you as a content creator must do so in such a way that interest does not affect the content.

There is another problem… .TIME!

In the chase for who posts the fastest, as that will receive the slew of visitors, superficial reviews are made, reading specifications and meaningless truisms. It is not really tested, and here I am not referring to benchmarks, but to spending time with the phone, until you get to feel good.

After a week you can't do a competent review, you can just read the specifications and reproduce the opinions of others who also made a hasty review. We must keep in mind that "review factories" have other gadgets in parallel that they must "test".

I'm not saying it's me!

Each of us sometimes tries to take the shortcut, as is the human nature, in fact this is the brain, always trying to find the easy way. I also gave gherle, and sometimes some of you even caught my eye. Thank you!

The easy way is not the healthiest when it comes to a review. That's why, my dear ones, let's make quality content too; And when I say quality, I don't mean colored lights and the "UnboxTherapy" ambiance; I'm talking about quality content that will be useful to people. Let's make it nice, too, that our Bulgarian neighbors (GSMArena) have shown us that it is possible.

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Why did I choose Samsung Galaxy S10?

  1. Snapdragon 855 processor (better than Exynos)
  2. UFS 3.0 quick storage
  3. Current design
  4. Beautiful, bright and large AMOLED screen (it's better big)
  5. The screen glass is flat with 2.5D edges, not curved
  6. 4500 mAh battery
  7. Fast charging and PD 3.0 support (power delivery, it's a universal charging standard)
  8. Good cameras with optical stabilization on the main camera and electronics on the others
  9. Excellent cellular reception, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
  10. The Samsung software that I now find extremely mature and tender

Where did I buy the phone?

Samsung Galaxy S10 LITE, Dual SIM, 128GB, 8GB RAM, 4G, Black (affiliate link, receives commission)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 128GB 8GB Dual RAM (G770F) ( does not win anything)

You can also upload o_x, but of course with care, as you will also come across herds.

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Review Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

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