Samsung (any model), return to stock Android

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can return to an older version of Android or how we can remove the root, custom recovery and custom rom on your Samsung smartphones like Galaxy S2, S3, S4, and S5 even S6, Notes 2, 3 Notes. 4 Note, Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
I decided to do this tutorial I received many questions about "How do I restore Android KitKat on Galaxy S5? I did update to Android Lollipop and I do not like "
The process is as simple as can be. All we need are Samsung device USB drivers, Odin software with which we flash-ui stock ROM on your smartphone stock Samsung ROM. If you wonder where you take all these "tools", I said in the video tutorial!
Some tips before you get to put into practice those shown in the video tutorial:
- make a copy of messages, photos, calls and other important data for you on another device. During the process of flash ROM harassment of stock, existing data on the device will be lost. If you do not know how to do this, we already have a tutorial on saving SMS and call logs. The tutorial you can find using the terms "SMS Backup" in the search box at the top right.
- Sscoateti micro SD card in your phone before starting the whole process.
- Try to use the original data cable
- Disable antivirus and firewall before you install the drivers Samsung and keep them off the whole process of returning to the stock rom.
- Do not use USB hubs or other extension / intermediaries to connect the data cable from phone to PC or laptop
- If you can, use a laptop in this process. If a power outage will occur during the process of flash-uire, you will end up with a useless smartphone
- Do not connect the cable to the computer via USB ports front of the computer, use the USB ports in the rear panel are coming directly from the motherboard.
- Do not cancel the flash-uire not forcibly close the application window Odin and not deconectatii cable during data flash uire.
Now that I am aware however go further and install SAMSUNG USB Driver. Then download Odin and Stock ROM of sites mentioned in the video tutorial. Further we have to put the device to Download Mode by following these steps: turning the device off, press simultaneously keys Volume -, Power and Home and keep them passed to the message "Warning!" Then press Volume + to enter download mode Mode.
Connect the cable to the phone and laptop computer, run Odin with administrator privileges by right clicking on it and then click on "Run as administrator ...", click on the AP interface Odin, give way to file "... tar. md5 "represents stock ROM, uncheck the box" Auto rebaptized "in Odin interface and click the Start button in Odin and aspteti software interface behaved as the flash ROM harassment of stock to reach the final.
After the flash-harassment ended, simultaneously hold down Volume +, Power and Home until the phone into Recovery mode (stock recovery). You navigate with keys Volume Down to order "Wipe cache partition" then press the Power to control the selection, select and order "wipe data / factory reset" all volume keys, press the power to confirm the order, select the command "Yes - delete all user data "and confirm everything by pressing the Power button volume. After waiting a few seconds for the phone to delete all data, select the command "reboot system now" and press the Power button to confirm.
Carefully and patiently came back I reinstalled or Android KitKat on our Samsung smartphone. The same method can be used to eliminate the root or unroot do to eliminate or remove custom recovery ROM custom rom in order to restore the stock. A good tutorial and easy to put into practice before you go Samsung device warranty.

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  1. Anderson said

    I have two devices that have received Lollipop 5.0.2 and it works very well, it is a tablet LG SONY Z2 G3 and compact.
    I mean G2 moves much better and no longer heats games and so much more you and stabilized battery and GSM + Wi-fi signal.
    SONY tablet moves a little faster, compared to 4.4.4, and you more battery, plus it has the function Move SD Card applications, which 4.4.4 there, plus improvements to the camera.
    I am very pleased with how it moves and optimizations made LG and SONY- the best.
    !!! Samsung always hurry and always take "the drill" even S6 I saw an article that would have trouble multi-tasking, it would work with the LAG. Daia changed my producer and I had problems with Samsung through the Service.

    • Hello, I before android 5.0.1 on s4 but if I eat fast bacteria and thought that a return to 4.4.2's solution for the problem, actually heats up and do not know why so goes bacteria ... my question is: I could to cast his android from s6 ie 6.0.1 to s4? I asked him and 7.1.1 but had some bugs ... bravo for anyway. tutorial even 2017 May

  2. Welcome back, Adrian! Excellent tutorial, as always, a pleasure to watch you.
    I know someone who complained of Lollipop, especially battery life on HTC ONE (M7). I put a custom ROM from XDA and now is satisfied. You recalled the times when he was using Odin to flash uire also page Sammobile has been a while since I had a Samsung smartphone, I forgot username / password to the website Sammobile . Watching the tutorial if you beat me I thought to buy a Galaxy Alpha, I like very much how it looks, plus it has no display exceedingly high. I'll see if I decide to buy me one or I'll wait a while.
    Greetings and tutorials as many new and useful things from which we learn!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I had a Galaxy Alpha few days and I can say that I was pleasantly impressed. I felt Fasnet to S5. If anything disappointed me, it was the battery that has a very small range.

      • Hi do you know how to do root Samsung tab3 T113 without changing its original interface miss superSU bag and as no other rums

      • Mirela said

        Hi. I have a samsung 2 and is decoded for sim lite. If you download new green facility decoding Softer I lose my senses.

      • Hello! Sorry, not good .. I know if I post a more serious problem related to a soft edge s6 .. you do with it? You know someone who has ideas dealing and what they eat? ie who met just kind of rpobleme not to teach mine

  3. Laurentiu said

    Howdy. I have a question, I have a S3 and lately I noticed that move slower than the beginning. I tried all sorts of applications would have to "clean" your unwanted files ... But this step was in vain. Do you think a return to the original software as we present you could make my phone to move at first? Thank you and expect an answer from those who have succeeded Reset phone.

  4. a galaxy note that 3 9005 I have 4.4.2 ROM factory in February 12 appeared a few months 2014.dupa ROM July 4.4.2 28 2014 from (the problem is that this ROM is faster download battery) .I tried to return in the factory stock by Odin, but the problem was that no normal walking at stock (the camera does not work properly, I had no sound ...) .precizez that are not rookie to do that and I even tried to install more More ori.e because knox 2.0 or may issue stock return of ??? ms.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You wipe cache partition a given and wipe data / factory reset of the stock recovery after you watch flash ROM?

      • I did after I installed ROM stock.

        • wipe cache partition I did, but I gave wipe factory reset after installation stock ROM, but I did degeaba.precizez process at least 2-3 times and no longer works properly.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Since skip steps (wipe cache partition) thinking that you know very well you do, you are a beginner.

          • Hi I got a Samsung s6 replica and neither walks nor netul wifi card to install ajutatima please wait pinpoint the address mail.multumesc

          • If we talk about Samsung Galaxy clone S6, I must say that I have no idea.
            Clones are like Kinder eggs, you never know what you find.
            Probably they were used the least efficient components, and perhaps optimization software components on this clone Samsung Galaxy S6 missing.
            Do not try to install any official ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 on this clone, because it definitely hurt.

          • I have a galaxy alpha, general reset after losing signal strength, it appears and disappears?

      • laurentiu said

        Here and now I'm trying to do and ieu ieu software on a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and I do not know how to help you and me how to make my advice and ieu software on the phone? Ieu that want an Android 4.4.3

        • We're helping you with the donation, you go to school, you do not know how to write, and you want to put the android on the phone. If that's the case, I'm going to put an android on the phone to a jungle monkey, it's just like you, she does not know how to write, but she knows how to put the android? He first learns simple things like reading, getting out of the house, Romanian classes, After moving to advanced stuff, like closing your mouth, and putting software on your phone. By the way, he watches the clip that the man explained.

  5. decebal12345 said

    Any chance at a tutorial of its kind for LG?
    I have a G3 that I did root. Now it has a crack and I want to send him to guarantee but I read on a forum that a user who had the exact same issue was canceled because they found the security to take root phone.
    The user said that eliminated the root and did not understand how it was found.

    • It was detected after this custom recovery. The man being pulled root, but forgot recovery.

      • Bogdan said

        Cristian Hello ... can you telling me how out-ul..ClockWorkMod ..elimin recovery Recovery from a mini s4 samsung ... say that I have in warranty ... I read everywhere and not a response reusesc..multumesc..astept

  6. Dan Gaitan said

    go and samsung tablet or just s1-s6?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Merge and tablet. The process is identical except that the ROM to download specific device.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Read and written instructions in the Download button on SamMobile (shown in displaying tutorial) there is written and what version of Odin be used for flash-uire.

      • For Samsung GALAXY Tab4 7.0 3G SM-T235 "no drivers www.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          SamMobile drivers but does not provide stock ROMs, be more attentive to the tutorial. I have found them easy searching on the terms SamMobile only SM-T235 with nothing in front or after

  7. Pop Bogdan said

    Hi. I have a problem. I have a Samsung Note 3 with CCS Morocco, bought from Altex Romania. Any idea if it would be a problem to install CCS Lollipop with Romania? Esteem and respect

  8. Victor said

    I welcome what you do with more respect!
    I have a galaxy of England s3 purchased on eBay has 4.3 android logo at startup has Q2, I guess that was decoded from the network if risk does not pass the original rum to wake up the phone coda in this network?
    Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It depends decoded as if it was unlocked by IMEI then you reflash the rom-ui smoothly. An unlocked phone will remain unlocked by IMEI whatever he do. If decoded by software more "exotic" then you risk to become again coded if you pass the original ROM. The phone will root when you purchased, you were kind Galaxsea Unlock applications? If so, that is tricked / temporary decoded region through various applications and to stock it can encode revenireaa

  9. Ionut said

    Adrian have the same identical phone and got everything in Italy and I want to return to andorid kitkat, Tell me please how you battery from the last version of 5.0 instalato and if you respond quickly lafel multitasking key.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I was pleased with the last update for 5.0 phone moves very fast and the battery is fixed.

      • Flavius said

        Pff all this NEBU started when I gave updates for lollipop. Then I said to return to KitKat. I do not know which version should, I searched and found that necessarily needs to be romania. All good just installed an old (or different: and4) but was csc'ul in Romanian. Then I chose to install the version of Anc1 but was Italy; of course I realized that I have not installed the correct firmware for the rest of Odin phone is lit in Italian (or Romanian language was not installed in it). Then inquiring me better than I learned the correct firmware Romans (who I've attached above). Believing that lastly I managed to give him head, surprise! : My phone is with Hungarian (scs HUX site; even have Romanian language installed). But still rubs me the whole time that song when I "circuit" that to give me the phone upside down, and you say this, for I had a problem with be updated. I think the mistake I did and mouth when I set this goal and recommended firmware right for you, but I checked the CCS AP not to instaleze..oare what I did, good or bad :))?
        The phone now goes ok; everything is original in him as factory / official. But I do not know why CSC is not in romania as it was when I purchased even in the country at the average galaxy and do not know why that messed everything I did was right ... Maybe I'm in firmware wrong when I put on the language then all the italiana..dar of Hungary !!! I do not understand where and how: / ...
        What did I do wrong and how to change csc on rum?

  10. flo13 said

    Hi, I have a question please ... I have a s3 and I would like my bag and I 5.02 version nameless (on XDA). I did root the phone can enter the recovery smoothly and we then custom-made menu, all good but when you get to put instlez rom although the archived version (+ gapps) in the phone memory I do not see anything there. and if you put sdcard sees begins to install but at some point locks (error). and remains locked in recovery. the problem is I do not see why the archives of internal memory? Thank you

  11. Vallentin said

    An excellent tutorial. Thanks Adrian!

  12. Vallentin said

    A very good tutorial. Thanks Adrian!

  13. Mihai_NSD said

    Good evening. I have a phone E-Boda V38 Sunny, with Android 4.2.2. I would like to know if this phone can be installed on Ubuntu LTS 14.04.

  14. Hello videotutoriu very good, I have a small question, I do not find that csc on site .I got a Samsung s4 in Switzerland, my csc tele appears. Best regards and respect ...... 9515AUT1B

  15. aurel said

    Hi Adrian you can make (you or Cristi) to make you a tutorial to Root Samsung tablet 4 T235 galaxies tab to install applications on the SD card, because his memory is small, special interest me in GPS, Thanks!

  16. Thank you most beautiful country

  17. Hi everyone! A tutorial on solving the problem at Lenovo S860 signal?

  18. Flavius said

    I'm glad we have a novel like you who help us through these tutorials :). I am extremely useful.
    I appear with a problem .... I installed this morning and I 5.0.1..mare mistake :)) .. on my galaxy gt-i4 s9515 .. I searched but found only s4 galaxy gt-i505..maxim so to speak .. and my csc's something to also did not find any that .. eventually seeing what tremendous velocity is small choices we chose to download for gt-i 9505 with another csc .. I specifically chose romania and chose 4.4.2 version of course. My question is: has anything if I chose my i9505 the gt-gt-i9515? ... To finish firmware deacarcat much hope you help me
    With esteem and respect!

    • I found the official firmware for GT-I9515 here: . Although not see notable differences between 505 and 515 (at Hardware) I would advise you to flash the ROM dedicated uiesti your device (GT-I9515) if all I found, Flash-uire a rum that is not for Your device may result in its brick-uire. Brick-Brick. From here you draw your own conclusions.

      • Flavius said

        Thanks Alex. But which ones are compatible? Ie see that there are several versions (I mean 4.4.3) kind ANC / what's there ..

        • All are compatible with your phone (Samsung Galaxy GT-I4 S9515 Value Edition). See what you csc csc choose the appropriate version of your site. As was shown in the tutorial you will learn what csc.

          • Flavius said

            Pff all this NEBU started when I gave updates for lollipop. Then I said to return to KitKat. I do not know which version should, I searched and found that necessarily needs to be romania. All good just installed an old (or different: and4) but was csc'ul in Romanian. Then I chose to install the version of Anc1 but was Italy; of course I realized that I have not installed the correct firmware for the rest of Odin phone is lit in Italian (or Romanian language was not installed in it). Then inquiring me better than I learned the correct firmware Romans (who I've attached above). Believing that lastly I managed to give him head, surprise! : My phone is with Hungarian (scs HUX site; even have Romanian language installed). But still rubs me the whole time that song when I "circuit" that to give me the phone upside down, and you say this, for I had a problem with be updated. I think the mistake I did and mouth when I set this goal and recommended firmware right for you, but I checked the CCS AP not to instaleze..oare what I did, good or bad :))?
            The phone now goes ok; everything is original in him as factory / official. But I do not know why CSC is not in romania as it was when I purchased even in the country at the average galaxy and do not know why that messed everything I did was right ... Maybe I'm in firmware wrong when I put on the language then all the italiana..dar of Hungary !!! I do not understand where and how: / ...
            What did I do wrong and how to change csc on rum?

  19. Or if you did update to Android, and want to return to the previous version, which was the phone came an easier method would be direct return to the factory settings. (For setting or POWER + HOME + Volume Up)
    But if you do not lose any data backup phone.

    • Do not go. Once you do update, rum is overwritten with the new version of the operating system.
      When you factory reset, you'll have everything new system at the update.
      The original system that comes with the phone is rewritten.

  20. Andrew said

    Hi, I can not find the ROM S3.
    CSC is I9300XXUFNL1

  21. Andrew said

    Hello, I do not find the stock firmware S3
    CSC is I9300XXUFNL1.Multumesc

  22. N u is obligatory to take csc ROM to your site as long as your model, only better. I mean, if the ROM is for S3 (GT-I9300) has CSC does not matter if Austria or Italy. But I think the rom you are looking for is this:

  23. Flavius said

    Good. Now see who is leery :)). I changed the last time csc firmware with rum. When Odin finished the job, I had a surprise to me HUX awoke with CCS. : /. How can I change the phone to have the CSF original ROM?

  24. Odin them a virus, I had to disable Eset Smart Security 8 then install it filled me with commercials and gender executable W8.exe, and I made sure I download from the site showed the video u. I got rid of the program and viruses with AdWCleaner

  25. Cristi said

    Very good tutorial. I managed downgrade to a S4 them 9515 from the first lollipop at KK.

    Thank you very much

  26. Dear Mr. Adrian should seek advice if possible and time permits, the discovery and remediation of a soft mini-pc Urz purchased 0193 1 year and which features should work according to the possibilities of a phone or tablet with the same facilities.
    4.0.4 android operating system, but I think initially had 4.0 and was updated by the seller, making sure that you go if you are not satisfied bine.In can return to the original program, as did a backup.
    As manifested in the present mode it is to launch the application periods with repeated reset and loading f. Cumbersome sites. However some videos, even HD YouTube runs perfect. Well but using for. BSPlayer play in order "Share ..." which makes me think that somewhere is incompatibility.
    Not being versed in this area, we appealed to companies dealing with computers, but I was refused.
    Watching this tutorial I tried to find that the initial backup and return to that program. In "settings" I have only the command "factory reset" and that applies not bring any improvement.
    Your courtesy call on for. to try to give him a mini-PC utility and thank you in advance, will also appreciating the great work you and your colleagues Your.

  27. Lucia Constantinescu said

    Hi, how are returning to a Sony Xperia android z1 previously, those from Sony said that this is possible and refuse to believe, I installed lollipop and e cabbage

  28. Adrian Gudus said

    Find details and information on XDA Developers forum on how to revert to a previous version on your phone model. Why do you say that Lollipop is cabbage? If you have problems with him but not the fault version that updating to a new version installed over the previous version, generally causes problems. Recommended is to do a Google account to backup photos, contacts, applications. After update go to Settings> Backup and synchronization and give a "factory reset". Once your return from the reset, login with the same Google account that you had in the previous version of Android and restore backups made to Google

  29. Good I9515 and we samsung galaxies appeared to me to phone him the lollipop 5.1 actializez what do you have to stay in old rum or switch to the new one ???

  30. Teodora said

    I have a problem. The Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G901F is, Why do not you found on model Also csc.ul is G901FORL1 ... which again did not find him. What I do? Thank you in advance!

  31. Hi thanks for the tutorial I have just returned from a galaxy a3 kitkat and not activated knox's like you said are very good .mersi

    • It and the same problem is halted and download software updates automatically downloaded via wifi but (update lollipop 5.0.2) and makes me give install, how can I get rid of them and do not automatically update ??

  32. Hi, I can not find my model on firmware. I took a free S5 and CSC is G900HOJV1BOE1. I found, but different countries, and only 5.0 version, and I want Kit Kat. I fear that if they take another firmware will not work in Romanian.

  33. USB Debug be checked before installation and firmware ???

  34. I welcome Samsung SM-G5F galaxies s901 .If a model to update the Lollipop and will not return to 4.4.4 I like the Kit Kat is now? Where to get I reinstated the image of Kit Kat phone?

  35. I mention that I had a hand s2 2 was when we enter certain data found myself Recover mode (eg April 23.) With images saved there and reinstall android out there that now I do not know if we want telefonu was rotated. So I want to do and if you do not like lollipop s5 get into RECOVER mode and install 4.4.4 can somehow? How do 4.4.4 image to go there reinstating her

  36. Barascu Mihai said

    THANK YOU!!!!

  37. I stayed at the lollipop after all, I have a galaxy A3 and even now I am happy days leading 8 5 battery in place, noting that use it less and move as well as before and I think it depends a little phone . good luck

  38. serban nicoleta said

    Hi Adrian! Nicoleta in Buc and I'm a galaxy S4! Kit Kat and I had made me give him hell lolly pop !!! I return to the firmware kit kat but dust in terms of technology !!! I would like to contact you so that I be the one to change that problem !!! How can I contact you help me ?! of course if you like to help me !!! Wait for response! All the best!

  39. Valentin said

    Recommend to me went on S4 i9515

  40. I have not found CSC for Samsung Galaxy Core android Prime 4.4.4 on sammobile

  41. Where can I find a firmware for s5.0 SM G5FD 900 lollipop ... in Romanian? What we have now installed version for Russia's ...
    Thank you in advance!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not know if you'll find an official version in Romanian or English language. But you can install a custom ROM CyanogenMod or MIUI like. To do this, you have to flash a custom recovery uieşti with Odin as TWRP Recovery and then download the .zip archive that contains the operating system CyanogenMod or MIUI your model for your model. Boot your phone into recovery mode and there uieşti flash CyanogenMod.

  42. cristina said

    I have a samsung a3 and wanted to get rid of lollipop. I followed the instructions in the tutorial and all well and good until the flash-ROM uire the Stock final. only after that I did not go into recovery mode to Resus. my samsung logo appears on screen only and does not know what to do ...

  43. Matthias said

    It all makes a note 4 and figures like "dual clock stopped" and so do most of the applications ... and everything had dowload Odin not only sees my phone!
    What would I do if this ?!
    Thank you!

  44. I can do this and raw core?

  45. Sorry! I find CCS: I9300VFGGMJ5 on SAMMOBILE
    Thank you!

  46. Alexandra said

    Hey. I VfV, and I have only android 5.0. I want to return to the 4.4.2 but I would not leeching him for my phone model. Can you help me?

  47. Hey! As CSC gasec that suits me? I mean thanks n9005oxxgboe1 country (region)

  48. Adrian hello and ask you for help. I rooted a Vodafone Smart mini king root 4, 4.2.2 I am flashuit recovery.img android android with boot.img 4.4.2 and 4.2.2 and will not boot. Can you give boot.img and recovery.img from 4.4.2 and instrctiuni to install so I can give unbrick? Ms lot.

  49. Hi

  50. I got a Samsung Galaxy s5. I did update to Android Lollipop and I do not like to get rid of the ELCA I go hard and I do not know tel .Please help me thank you

  51. Hello! Adrian, I have an alpha galaxy ... I stumbled on the installation to 4.4.4 5.0.2 ... if i try to write software 4.4.4 with Odin you can brick your phone ui ??

  52. I have followed all the steps in S $ and I have a problem now. It no longer sees SIM card. I schimbato with another and want. What to do?

  53. Elena, Adrian did not specify what must be done before making Downgrade the phone ... ..
    EFS backup to be done first .... if you have problems during the phone IMEI null / null, or the signal neiregistrare
    Adriana. . ...

  54. Hello, I have a Core Prime G360f that I did upgrade kit kat 4.4.4 with CSC-CNX (Vodafone) to Lollipop 5.0.2 not liked how it moves and I'm back doing downgrade kit kat 4.4.4 using Odin v .3.09 with the same rum from Vodafone that you had before and I got on SamMobile. Tel.revine the performance appears normal but I VD2 CSC / Germany / DE instead of CNX / Romania.
    Tel. It has many CCS needs to be done to return them CNX CSC / Romania. I definitely put rum Vodafone CNX / Romania.

  55. Hello . I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 i 9300 and I want to make a downgrade from the 4.3 4.2.2 but Versions appear only 4.04, 4.1.1 and 4.3. Where can I download a 4.2.2 that works on my phone?

  56. Good evening, 4.4.4 not find the firmware version for CSC that appears G850FVFGCOE3 I mentioned that my phone Samsung Alpha was received as a gift, so I do not know the country of origin. If you can help me? Thank you !

  57. good, I have a note 4 910v version that is America and I want to change the software with one of Europe or Romania
    I tried as in tutorial and we did gives error
    I do not give any CSC nor any other commands that you give, such as to check credit * # 123 if possible a little help

  58. Hello,
    I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 model number SGH-M919 US and Baseband Version 4.4.4 Android version M919UVUFOH3
    I would like to ask him but the Sammobile Lolipop not find any phone and do not receive, it can ask him a different version of the I9505 or another?
    I want inspections to be moving to Lollipop phone menu it in Romanian. Can you help me with some advice?
    Thank you, all good!

    • Daniel Radu said

      Install CyanogenMod, but lose the guarantee on the phone, and you lose everything, take care not to install a different version than your phone (ie CM Galaxy Galaxy S5 S4) you can get it brick-uiesti

      • Hi Daniel Radu,
        Thank you for the advice! I looked on Youtube and frankly I do not like CyanogenMod menu in appearance, prefer to wait and who knows? may those from T-Mobile are directly upgrade to version 6M. :)))
        Thank you and I appreciate your answer!
        All the best!

  59. HELLO I have a PROBLEM THANK not find AM CSC I9505OXXHOFI

  60. Dorin Corzan said

    Hello! First I send you all my gratitude to hard work in achieving content of this website. My problem is related to a CCS I4 S9505 NEE, the update to Android 5.0.1 namely we fail to make a downgrade. After we did the other day update to the latest version of Android, the phone shuts down, restarts or the battery dies in a very short time. I do not believe in coincidence so large as to be a physical defect appeared perfectly synchronized with the updates made by me. What could be the cause for not letting me go back to a version of Android inferiara. ODIN error occurs immediately after giving START writes very little soft, then I FAIL appears in red in the upper left box. Go to rewrite not only android 5.0.1 other. Thank you in advance

    • When the recovery of the stock does not let you do your job, you must use a custom recovery, and reset everything.
      Of course, it is quite risky if you do everything right.
      Login on XDA, find the best recovery:
      1. Install Custom Recovery
      2. Make a full wipe
      3. Now you can flash-ui wanted Odin rum
      4. After flash, a factory default give him and ready.

      Be careful !
      Save all your photos and documents first.
      Do not cry for me, if something breaks.
      To be sure, do some digging on xda-developers. There are smart guys who are very good.

  61. Hello. I have a s4 9505 i5.0.1 and since I did not hear during the call, the one with the talking nor he me. I gave reset the factory and no problem was solved. This anomaly occurred immediately after I installed 5.0.1

  62. Hi I have a samsung not3 Romanian language does not have Android installed lollipop model Corean.Merge Romanian language?

  63. Hi I did return from the 5.01 4.42 lollipop and no longer sees IMEI: IMEI null what can be done? I followed the steps above, the phone is Orange

  64. Dorin Corzan, you solved the problem?

  65. CSC found on G360FTM1BOI1 not want to go back to the old softare more who can help me thank you in advance

  66. Hi. I have a small problem. After flash harassment, my phone (Samsung Galaxy Alpha) seems to be blocked. Does not respond when you press the "Turn Off". What should I do?

  67. I recently purchased a Samsung Salut.De s6 taken from Vodafone to hand write terminal blocked 2 the box but the phone goes in any retea.Telefonul is rootat.Daca him to the original software and give updates on network risk remaining stuck? It can unlock the phone by root?

  68. Hello. I recently made updates to Grand Prime. He 4.4.4 and now has 5.0.2.
    We only problem with him is a joy reboots, crashes, go harder.
    The model SM-G530FZ can put on SM-G530F room or SM-G530H? Or the Value Edition model that has 5.1.1 android?
    Or make them android stock 4.4.4 by this method? I never used the room's or as they are called, are used by iOS and I had no problems with it, just update when I receive from Apple and that, without problems.
    Thank you.

  69. Hello
    I have a problem at a Samsung galaxies j500
    After root king put him in a few days if I close communication and I want to open it occurs FRP custom binary block and recover by way stop going to do anything
    The only solution is to put Odin and rum and
    How can I fix this?

  70. hello I have a samsung note of 3 2 days are no longer registered with any network found my network and give it to register when I say network is not available how can I solve this problem "

  71. Alexandra said

    Buna.De few days I bought a Samsung Galaxy s4 again. I9505 model black version. When I first opened 4.2 android .I have walked on it and it was a little hot in the back. After a few minutes I saw it was an update of android available. I did update. Then I came and I made some 3.Pana total reached android 5.1. After the update, I gave the factory reset. But continue to warm. When watching the net or talk to him. What can I do ?

  72. tucarazvan said

    Hello. Have not you lost your IMEI? or you did backup kies?

  73. After an update to Android s3
    4.1.2 4.3 from the
    He has not even read signal and a signal card can not make or receive messages and apelluri
    before it can be due encoded versions of Android or phone

  74. Hey, can you help me somehow,
    I have a ZTE Blade G Lux, rum and e cabbage 4.4.2 stock's hard to go back, iam upgraded to 5.0.2, excellent move but I do not see the SIM card, what's the problem

  75. I did exactly what it says in this tutorial I downloaded the necessary firmware on I put in Odin to flashuit and when I walk in down mode (button up power_home_volume) Snap logo appears and remains so. Every time I try to get in down mode probleme.ce same happened greet someone can help me

    • Hello
      I had the same problem, when you get down mode in not taking your finger off the power, try doing it by holding down the power button selection ... I came out of me when you release the power button down mode

  76. Hello.
    I have a SM-N3 galaxies 9005 notes ..CSC: csc N9005OXAFNF4 and this is not found in the list of the "SAMMOBILE"
    What would be the problem?

  77. You are super hard, and I managed to reach the 4.4.2 and Beavis and IT. Thanks a lot !

  78. Good!
    You think you can put on a S3 I9300 4.0.4 software (ICS) ????
    Thank you in advance ! for your answer

  79. Good evening !
    I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 and I gave the software update, since I updated to Android 4.4.2 the lollipop at least once per day closes, something can be done or must they put in place androidu 4.4.2?

  80. Hello. I have a s4. I managed to pass under the 4.4.2 tutorial. Now I want to move from the 4.4.2 4.2.2. I followed the steps and gives me error aceeiasi? From what could be? They must bring lollipop and then go to 4.4.2?

  81. Andreea Alexandra said

    Can I do the same for a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

  82. How AFUL CCS Galaxy S2? When you type * # # nothing happens 1234

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Search app in the Play Store. Writing in the search box on the Play Store: CSC

      • Hello Adrian and Cristi for me. I've been following you since I was 7 years, now I have 24. You are the best and I'm glad you managed to make me see my mobile site without YouTube.
        Now take a piece of question.
        I have a Samsung s3 neo i9300i galaxy that came from Hungary saying the one I exchanged with a huawei p8 lite because I did not like the huawei interface and I felt the lack of samsung with its simplistic menu and snapdragon. It came with android 4.4.2 and I did not like that I can not move my apps. I downloaded the cyanogen mode after Cristi's information (it just came out) just as trouble with the camera and the phone looks like Allview. I was playing fluid and the maximum performance battery. Nothing to say. But after looking for YouTube with 5.1.1 for samsung s3 neo. I have found something that I now have it just looks like a Samsung interface and a j5. I do not like it anymore and what you mentioned is ok. This stuff solves and unroot and has android stock in it? I want you to answer me quickly after you see the message.

        • Not waiting long to answer that I did not speak correctly to understand the rectifying question.
          I have a Samsung s3 neo that I made root to install cyanogenmod 14.1 also went with 6.0.1 but the room was a problem. At 5.1.1 in cyanogenmod it was all ok just that I was a novice and I was scared that it was fake (I had forgot about the gapps) and they passed many zip and cyanogenmod prime it after I found that with 5.1.1 of samsung that looks and works just like j5 but with the weaker technical room.
          the correct question is.
          what did you present in the video solve root and android 4.4.2 that came? I mention that I wrote that cgc that is through # * 1234 # and I copied it after the firmware and gave me s5 neo from Brazil. Strange. Do I take that one, or I know it's from Hungary to go straight to the one with Hungary with i9300i firmware? And just update to 5 lollipop if you buy an old phone with 4.4.2 turn any phone into paper. They are made for 4. You know the phone and android limit. 4.4.2 does not let you kids on that card. Solve this pc. I'm not saying 5's bad. But it's not the original one I have.

  83. Hello! How am AP, CS, CSC if I did fail to upgrade firmware and can not open the phone?

  84. good and I have a problem with a galaxy alpha-g850f sm ... ..l tried to bag ROM with application Odin, everything went well until near the end when up there in the box appeared to me and FAILED to process tried several times with other ROMs but degeaba.acum can no longer light up my phone as something comes mesaj.te Please help me with some advice.

  85. Hello lose if they can guarantee this phone ??

  86. Sakut if doing so may void the warranty ??

  87. Howdy. I have a Xperia z2 and I have a problem, you call somebody goes off the screen and no longer potdebloca only in a certain position of the phone, from what I understand is the fault of the gyroscope, I must say that if you call and select the call on speaker or if I connected with handsfree headset it does not happen but everything goes as normal. It is true that this problem may be because I update my android to 5.1.1 ?? As it says it must be calibrated gyroscope and p d android version can not. What can I do and how ?? I tried to start it and stuff to keep the volume down but fail to get any way I can to reinstall another version. Please give me an answer much! Thank you!!

  88. Hi I have a lg g3 that has made root now I wanted it out I saw somewhere in supersu it was an option full unroot ... I came there I do not have supersu and I give the root cecker tells me not routed ... but can not return to factory settings ... gives me an error after deachide no longer until the battery out and put it back ... write a boot on error

  89. I must have necessarily the same csc?

  90. Adrian Stan said

    Adrian Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus GTI 9060, I have a question does not go to the android version 4.4.4, USB OTG what can I do to my usb stick recognize

  91. Hi Adi. I have a tab4 Lte. T235. Orange is blocked. How can I unlock? I rooted it with the king root and unlock Galaxsea goes. I've tried different room-ri stock. Now I 5.1.1 France. I icercat and unlock client but I found the model. Moreover I can not turn on the light to physical keys, I do not anything about it appears in the menu and no power saving is not enabled. Softuletul galaxy with no lights button does not.
    Any ideas to solve them. ms

  92. S6 not find firmware for Samsung ... CSC's G920FVFG3DPB8 ... thanks

  93. Hello. I have a question: any of you tried to install the software notes notes 4 5 by Odin? It may seem a crazy question, but boredom and lack of patience in expectation of marshmallow, I beat all thought ...

    • Not a good idea. Even if in appearance are similar, these phones are quite different.
      If you really want Marshmallow, you can install Cyanogen CM13.

      • Thanks for the response. There is something disturbing CM 13, I noticed that "steal" of screen buttons (home, back) is moved on the display. True?

  94. marian said

    csc n700mbclt1. I do not know what country do not find it

  95. donisan said

    Hello, I give home not start resetting. Press the Start button and nothing ..

  96. Hi I have a Samsung GALAXY A5 (SM-A500FU) and I followed exactly the steps in the video, but then does not want to open or enter into recovery mode VRO cv idea?

  97. Andrew said

    Hello. When I write Nand start giving write home. What can I do ? I remain so no longer do anything to press a ...

  98. I greet me somewhere and I ate my phone instalatpe nexus GSM (Samsung) 12.1-20160424-nightly-manguro version android5.1.1 good. It works perfectly except one can not download anything from google play and no download instslao performed on Google. Amobservat not recognize my google account (password and mail myCluster) .Varog much if you can help me I tried all possible settings on the phone and we did.

  99. Errata. It works perfectly except one can not download anything from google play and no installation dumping on google. (Msaj that can not open the file)

  100. I watch a flash version S5 6.0.1. on t-mobile Germany, following all the instructions necessary for this demers.La end of the process but the result was FAIL.Am recovery made by kies no problem, but do not understand what went wrong. Possibly because I checked the options USB debugger developer?
    Yet Odin recognized the phone, upper left port is present in the blue box.
    USM is obligatory ticking debugging? I did like other flash-uiri without this check ...

  101. I have a mini s4 not enter recovery mode ... died while doing the software update and then only can we start, any idea something?

  102. Hello. Did anyone downgrade from the 6.0.1 5.1.1 Samsung S6? I would like to I do, but a "specialist" from a GSM service told me it's very hard. Moreover he said that it might not go after this test I can use my phone as a paddle tennis ...
    If you do downgrade, losing my warranty?

  103. Bogdan said

    Very good tutorial! And very explicit!

  104. Cătă said

    Hello all you've worked ..A explained! perfect. But I face a problem ... Install KitKat4.2 on S5 ..functioneaza perfect until I connect to wi-fi ... moment in which he made the first time in Lollipop..apoi update to v. 6.0 ... .Of course that I uncheck the settings -> About device -> software Update -> Update and automatic Wi-fi ...... Only ..Chiar more ..tot in settings -> Security -> Update pole. Security -> uncheck => Automatic Updates! ... And the Galaxy Apps application on me ... connecting data services (not WiFi) self-actualization .. I Disable Automatic Update Samsung Galaxy Apps and applications ..
    Although these when they connect via Wi-Fi ... do firmware update to the latest version 6.0 ..
    Please solution ... idea ... not to make updates yourself ...
    Thank you

  105. costyn said

    After completing the sal close flahsuire can not answer merci notes 4.ast what to do

  106. Hello please tell me I have a t235 and now has installed android 511, 442 want to return to, if possible, than ms

  107. Good if you want to know: do backup android (4.4 KitKat-original), then do update to Lollipop (and go lagu) can revert to the original version ???

  108. I have a question partition is required to defend my phone in my pc because I am not there, but it's ok restu

  109. Hello . I have a problem with 4 notes. SetupConection remains blocked. ie not get over it ... ..

  110. I have a s4 i9505 Vietnam and do not know what to select and install drivers How to please help ...

  111. Hello, I have a problem intriguing to me. I 2 3 10.1 tablets Samsung Galaxy tab "16Go 2 days .Now we performed factory reset mode: Power + Volume up, wipe wipe ,,, reboot. After started receiving messages: Services google play stopped, the stopped, I tried everything I could from empty net cahe sites, deleting data, everything.
    I found the tutorial then you. I did everything exactly. The tablet starts, then erori.Services same google play stopped, the to oprit.Am tried to connect with different accounts 3 google play. fel.Nu to know what to do. I almost forgot, the firmware unzipping I had 1 error, so wrote. Firmware is correct, Vodafone Romania. Sorry, I do not know what to do.

  112. Unpack error with 7zip Warning: there is Some time after the end of the payload time

  113. I rezolvcat: I uninstalled or turned off all applications coming from vodafone, preinstalled, and then I did the thing with google services dib deletion, went Merci

  114. Valentin said

    Hello Adrian. I have a S5 and had android Lolipop after came 6.0.1 and I do not go mark, I tried to put my a custom room, but when looking at sommobile shows me that there is only firmware 6.0.1 ... I phone the Netherlands, I can do ?

  115. mihai ionescu said

    I have a S4 and CSC = i9505PHNPOL1. Can someone help me and tell me your country?

  116. Hello, I have a S6 Edge and from what I understand is rooted, is the software version 5.1.1. and ii can not update, this might spoil if they like video? And if you follow the steps can update to the latest software? Thank you.

  117. Hello . I did what you did in the video but when I loaded my firmwaer site in Odin write down only connection setup and no longer doing anything ???? I did something wrong ??

  118. Hi I have a problem with s3 my, bag card in it telekom shows me that I have a signal but when I want to appeal shows me unregistered networking with other cards I go but telekom not any coded not have android 4.3 please give me an answer thanks

  119. Hello! I have a Galaxy A5 2015. I ate somewhere to make him the marshmallow lollipop update from me ... and now you maximum battery 16 17 2 hours of the day and something was holding me as before. Does anyone have any idea if the above method works and Series? Thank you

  120. Hello ! I have a problem a few weeks ago I did update the software (original, that I got nice phone settings then software upgrade) to 4.4.4 kit kat I S3 galaxy with i9305 (version S3 4g with 2 GB RAM). After the update I had all kinds of errors, one of them as "Samsung account stopped" it appears to me very often and not only once but 1 2 times ... then sat connsecutiv more states and dinou appear. I decided to give up on factory wipe. Said and done, until I reached the is why as if you open a new phone and puts you follow those steps Ehh, I click "next" and I appear dinou error and told me to stop I do not know what thing and I could not move on that step. Then I searched the net that I could do and I came across your tutorial, that as you soft reset or do downgrade etc etc ... Odin program. I followed all the steps ... the problem is I do not know that I is that CSC ... and always knew when my phone lights appear ORANGE and I fraanceza selected language ... and I thought maybe if they choose firmawaer'ul for France will go ... I followed all the steps, I came home but in the end instead of "PASS" and I defend my Buckets show "FAIL" and red ... I want you to help me and tell me what I can do ...


  122. Hello Adrian. and I have problems with a phone SAMSUNG A3 2016. I started the procedure downgrade from 5.1.1.lollipop after your tutorial but I can not find the csc site. The phone appears to me A310FOXX2BPI8 CSC. I took the emag in May this year. If you do not find the csc, there is no way to downgrade?

  123. adrian greeting I have a samsung model s7 edge and I forgot that I made and forgot to google account and play .I tried to reset but go figure what can I do ???

  124. Hello, I have a samsung galaxy s6, I did a root and not go after all no longer illuminates the cause can do so?
    I look logo and stand a few seconds and after turns itself off

  125. Alexandru Anghel said

    Hello, it is all very well explained, but I did not understand what we need and SAMSUNG USB DRIVER from the beginning? What about him? I saw that you put in just FIRMAWARE Odin.
    I hope to enlighten me. Thank you, good luck!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Look more closely at the tutorial. Must install the PC to communicate (to recognize) phone.
      I already had them installed and for this reason, they've installed (which I mentioned in the tutorial but if you look on the piss / rewind, no longer my problem)

  126. Tibor Szava said

    Hello! I have a prblema. I have a mini s4 galaxy. I followed the steps in the video everything went well began to install new rom but it finally gave me error. one had any 10% approximately. I did ok and I turned off the phone and now can not start it any way to get the download.
    You can if you kindly help me? Thanks. Tibi

  127. I tried to download the android after sammobile and apparently no longer free

  128. Is there a problem in flash uirea rum if we wiped knox site? The phone is no longer under warranty and is rooted.

  129. Hello, I gave reset the phone samsung core raw light and it shows me that updated software, but I left a night imtreaga and everything did not go all the way I look akm how should I do?

  130. Alexandra said

    Hi, I gave reset a samsung phone j3 and now it asks to initialize telefonu but it asks contu google that I connected the first time on this phone. But I forgot email contu for google. What can I do so I can use it again telefonu?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You anything, unless you are more technical and you are good to put in place on tutorials that you find on YouTube or Google searching "FRP J3 bypass" or "FRP bypass J3"
      FRP stands for Factory Reset Reset protection Protection ie, they have all smartphones come with Android Lollipop or newer.
      The solution to such a thing does not happen again is to remove before you reset your Google account (which you can no longer do)
      If you can not handle, go with him to a GSM service

  131. Claudiu Tudoran said

    Only one problem ... .I do all the steps and then finally by "reboot system to load ,, SAMSUNG logo flashing blue and remains so ... do not open further.
    What can I do in this case?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I told the tutorial if you looked head-tail without having to scroll, know that in this case, and enter the recovery key combination mentioned by you and wipe factory / data reset

  132. Hello, I purchased a 3 korean Notes (SM-900S), it is possible to convert the international version (SM-9005)? Thank you

  133. Ion bird said

    I unsamsung galaxy edge..toate s7 well and good until requested an update How can I get back to the previous one? thank you..

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Well just what this is about in the video tutorial at hand. Give play video and learn how you can switch back. I recommend you still give you a return to factory settings for the system to settle better. If after doing this step, you still have problems, put into practice what we have shown in this tutorial.

  134. Can return to the current version of Android if you do this?

  135. Hi, I have a Xperia m4 Aqua and I made the mistake of going through the Android 6. How do I go back to android 5.01? Android 6 is a nightmare!
    Thank you

  136. Hi, I have a Samsung s6 edge and stopped again on eran appeared the samsung logo and it got really hot. I pressed the start button combination, the small volume and the lock and wanted to follow a tutorial to come back so I pressed the volume down button again and went into odin mode, but now I'm afraid to do it, I'm getting worse and I do not want to do anything to him anymore. Something going wrong if I leave it until tomorrow when I can get it out? thanks

  137. Gabriell said

    Hello, but if you give it a simple reset, that is, returning to the factory settings does not return to the old android?

  138. Arteni sorin said

    Hi, I have a note, 4 for sua and does not have the Romanian language I can do and how the csc code is tmb

  139. Alexandra said

    I have a 4 note and I'm sure I've tried all the ways I could do it? Thank you

  140. Bogdan said

    How long does installation take ??? For example: I'm at the samsung logo of 20 min. (Samsung galaxy A5-stock rom)

  141. I have a notes 3, SM-N9005, ANDROID 5.0, KNOX 2.3. Since the last update, I have a hard time answering my commands, when I want to see a picture after they do it, it takes a long time, when I get out of my contacts and give the "back" command the same, it answers hard. What do you advise me to do?

  142. It appears to me Download bone and so stay at samsung s7 edge. Do you solve something?

  143. Hi, I would like to return to the Android stock of the Huawei P9 Lite, I know it's not Samsung, but can you help me please smoke with advice to come back from android 7.0 to android 6.0. I actually want more to reinstall the android how to install the windos on my PC because I have some viruses from those wonderful linjs that can send me a good friend and who opened it alone when I put hand on my phone ..
    Thanks in advance

  144. Hello, seeing answers and even solutions on this site, I have a problem you want to guide me on.
    At the samsung galaxy s6 I can not find a solution. It re-turns itself over and over and over again.
    Factory reset, clean memory cache, Odin root, I've tried. If you know other solutions, please give me a guide.
    Thank you.

    • ticu buhoci said

      Hello ! It's harder to give away the verdict ... It takes a test on the motherboard. It can be the video chipset or something from the power side. If it's in the loop, it's possible
      Do not install the operating system correctly. and always restarts ... Still trying to reinstall with another version or another Android download right on Samsung firmware or XDA developers

  145. ticu buhoci said

    Yes! ...
    When I read here, I'm glad we have a lot of extraordinary young people, with serious concerns, who do not sit around or beat the boulders on the chute ... You dear ones, you are my hope and the future of Romania.
    I have 63 for years and over 45 I'm dealing with electronics and about 37 years of computer science.
    I hope in all your heart to have at least my satisfaction in these concerns !!!
    I wish you well and thank you for being !!!

  146. Shawl. How do I put kitkat on samsung note3 sm n9005 after updating to lollipop? He does not want with odin, I tried with your tutorial. Can not make downgrade to 3 notes?

  147. Super tutorial, thank you, but I can not download rom stock from the samsung site, when I get to the download page (REGULAR DOWNLOAD or FAST DOWNLOAD) and try to log in, take me to the front page of the site and I have to press again I logged in and logged in with my log, but did not go back to the download and lost everything :( I tried to log on initially, but if I go to the firmware page, it automatically de-login me.
    I think they have a prbl.

  148. Hello Cristi! I've been a fan of S4, MIUI, all went ok but gapps got me wrong. I gave it a reboot and everything works ok but I do not have a play shop, etc. How can I reinstall gapps again? Or another way to access the mag play and google store

  149. How do I solve: send failed server .. to a gt-9060i dual dim grand neo? Thanks. So i can not send email, yahoo or gmail.

  150. lucian said

    I did exactly the same and when it ended, I got the samsung logo and it stays like this ... it already has 30 minutes. what I have to do next

  151. lucian said

    I say it is a s4 galaxy

  152. Hello ! Why can not I access csc? In fact, I can not see any code.

  153. Marius said


    If I took the phone (galaxy S6) to a service to decode me (blocked Vodafone) and they used an unauthorized (flash) method, and now no more health and automatic software updates, they can return to the original software and then can i decode it?
    I specify that if I give them a look for update, they say they used an unauthorized method (from what I saw they changed the bit in 00 in 01 or vice versa ...

    Thank you!

  154. Adrian Gudus said

    Those at the service have tripped the Knox. You can return to stock but I think you will lose unlocking (if it was not made on IMEI). If it has made you a software decoding (and not IMEI) it is not definitive and is lost when you return to stock
    See that there are sites and services that make decoding on IMEI.

  155. Xtronik said

    Howdy. I have a Samsung S7 Edge model SM-G935F, today the software has been updated and after updating I no longer have an 'automatic adjustment' command to change the effect of the photos. Can I get back to the previous software version to have the 'automatic tuning' command again? Thank you in advance !

  156. Hello!
    I understand that Samsung has blocked an update from the beginning of the year downgrade from 7.0 to 6.0. It's true? Can anybody do something ???
    I tried to return from 7 to 6 with a delay and did not give me permission. I have a s7. SOLUTIONS?

  157. taras florin said

    will greet who can help me and I have a phone call galaxy j7 I gave ebot system and lit my downloading device under it writes do not turn of targetce I have to do

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